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Dont worry I could only deliver a couple pizzas.  Thanks for the feedback though!

Thanks a ton for the feedback!

thanks man ;)

Thanks ;)

Manually modeled.  Thank you :)

Nice game with a nice classic art style!  Very cool and pretty original game mechanic.

I love everything about it! Fun, original, characters, and an amazing story with impeccable art.

Great art!  Love the hand-drawn style!

In love with the graphics!

Amazing atmosphere!!!

Great atmosphere!

I can tell you put a lot of effort into the AI!

Special effects are really cool! Also check out my game!

Really cool concept

Graphics are amazing

Nice game, cool atmosphere and art.  Could you also check out my game?

Thanks,  I'll make sure to check your game out too

Thanks for the feedback and I will give your game a try thanks!!

I am so glad to hear that. Thanks for the feedback on the speed.  And we had a reset scene button once you completed delivering the Pizza but a bug happen an hour before submissions.  Sorry!

Thanks a ton for the feedback, really glad you enjoyed it!