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Mission is to beat your enemies! Check full page for more info.
Submitted by Lazy Solutions (@Lazy_Solutions), DestAnnie, Zumwani, NaroXo, Charmatataa — 48 minutes, 50 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#2193.2503.250

Ranked from 36 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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our games are pretty much the same!!!

I really liked the way the shooting works and the effects were so beautiful

and i really liked the music

amazing game and amazing job!!!!

It would be great if you will check my game too


Again, graphics and music were amazing but I did unfortunately get lost so only know the twist based on peoples comments haha! It's really hard too- like some checkpoints wouldve gone a long way. Still, the game hold up strong- its got a nice feel to it with all the particles and the diegetic healthbar was cool too :D Congrats overall!


The graphics and music were nice. There were also lots of nice touches with things like the camera movement. However, there are quite a few things that could be improved: the key bindings aren't great, there are no checkpoints, the melee weapon is useless, enemies take too many shots to kill and enemies also attack you when they're offscreen.

So let's talk about why I'm not a fan of the key bindings:

  • Move with A and D; that's fine. Perhaps add left and right arrow as well, but maybe that works already (didn't check).
  • Jump with Space, but dash up with W + shift; should be jump with Space or W and dash up with either one as well.
  • Melee with LMB and shoot with LMB + RMB. Why not shoot with RMB or equip weapon with 1 and 2 (use weapon with LMB)? Perhaps you can just remove melee and have shoot with LMB.

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Nice game


In terms of design, the camera movement is a bit too sharp and quick in my opinion, and the melee weapon is pretty useless. However, I love the visuals and the gameplay is fun! I like how you tied the theme into the game, made me worry at first xD Great job overall!


Nice game, I really loved the design and enjoyed the game!


Loved the aesthetics of it! There's some really nice small details like the camera zooming in or out depending on mouse position and the background color changing with health that I really liked!
Id say the melee weapon is a bit useless, at least for me. I always referred to the gun.
Love how it deletes files at first haha, it got me genuinely subconsciously worried when I saw it delete important projects and videos XD.
I killed the beetle boss thing (relatively easily, he didnt really seem to have any attacks I justs tood still and shot him) but then my game froze and I had to call up task manager. Was that normal? If it was, pretty cool, if it wasnt, then im here to report the bug.
The music was nice with a loop that wasnt too noticeable and it wasnt especially frustrating. I like the electronic samples.
In terms of game design and innovation I wouldnt say it's great but it has a few little things that make it a relatively polished entry (if you overlook the inconsistencies that come with dashing).
Godd job!


This game is a masterpiece!

I am amazed by how much you managed to create in just a week.

It was a bit hard to understand but it fit the theme perfectly, great job!


cant open it ;( dont have 7zip or winrar, im very sorry


Pro tip: Download winzip/winrar/7-zip its free! alot of games zip their files to compress space! xD


I dont want to intall winrar or 7zip srry :D


Rated - First time I've seen the type of zip file.  (had to DL another program).  Cool mechanics here, and all the effects/animations are cool!  Great job.  I also tried my hand at my first melee game, please check out mine if you have time.


Melee attack seems useless and game was to challenging when there were chunks of enemies. Dash doesn't feel polished. But graphics and audio are pretty good and overall game looks really polished.


Good use of particles overall, gives the game a fluidy feeling, like it has it's own physics. Very polished, would have loved some health "refillers", so I could risk using the sword more, otherwise it's easy to snipe the enemies down from a distance, not to get damaged at all. 

Annamaria did a swell job, thanks for asking her to make the game's art! 

You also managed to tune in the audio wonderfully to match the art style!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you so much :) It was my pleasure to be part of this journey


Ok the plot twist after you quit the game really changed the idea I had about this.

First of all, the graphics are really good as well as the animations.

The soundtrack is cool and fits the atmosphere of the game well.

I didn't understand what the levers did so I stopped pulling them, maybe thats the reason why I didn't managed to explore all the enviroment. Also I think the melee attack is completely useless because of the nature of the enemies. I found the commands a little challenging, especially when you have to jump and dash in mid air.

The "recover files" part was clever and surprising and gave the game a nice twist.

Nice entry! Good luck for the jam!


The game is really good, the character movement is very nice it feels nice to play, the only thing i would change is the ability so see some kind of health bar (Maybe the game even have a health bar but i couldn't see because of the resolution of my computer)


Hi! We tried to make it in a different way with the healthbar. The color of the map changes when you take damage, seems that was not visible enough, Thanks for the feedback!


It was visible, at least for me, since the first damage, when the background started fading away from red


Nice graphics and audio. The game is fun. Good job !


Wow... amazing graphics, cool idea and fun gameplay. Unfortunately game crashed after beating the boss :( If I haven't got all my hidden files always shown I'd be really frightened, but I giggled imagining all those terrified people who played the game :D.
Managed to figure out the twist right at the beginning but anyway idea itself is pretty impressive.


Thank you for your Comment

That game crash was on purpos because you "mess up you game so bad that it crashes".

but i'm glad you like it :D


Ah, those artistic, experimental games xD And I tought I'm missing the ending after playing whole level and beating the boss :D still one of best games I've played so far :).

One more thing: "Restoring files" option didn't restore files from folders on my desktop. I had to restore most of them by hand.


Hey quick question, how did you force the game to crash in unity like that?


Hey there,,, we intended different ending but couldn't manage it because of a git-hub problem,, and the way to crash the game is with while(true) :))



In love with the graphics!


Wow, great game! I love the graphics and the audio, good job :]

if you want to check out my game~

(+1) way to format the desktop <3  :D

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