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Ye, I had initially wanted it to android as well. but I couldn't bother really xD so I felt that I wanted to show what it would be like if it was a mobile game^^

Ye sure, So you need to beat the enemy before he beats you.

Green ones give bonus dmg.

Blue ones fire the gun

Red ones are a trap so it's a bit harder.

good luck :)

This is good, no need to say more

Confused me at first, but i like the art

Pro tip: Download winzip/winrar/7-zip its free! alot of games zip their files to compress space! xD

Hey there,,, we intended different ending but couldn't manage it because of a git-hub problem,, and the way to crash the game is with while(true) :))


your voice mate, it's so sudden xD

You scared the shit out of me. twice..

Hi! We tried to make it in a different way with the healthbar. The color of the map changes when you take damage, seems that was not visible enough, Thanks for the feedback!

I like it, took me a few sec to figure it out cuz i just skipped tutorials. but very interesting and a great idea! /Nuwn

Damn i do not have the memory to play this monkey IQ test XD 


Yes, we tried to make it as good we could during the time frame we had, and try as well as possible to avoid getting people in trouble, but still give them a fright. But hey, if people hide NSFW files on their desktop, well lesson learned! :D

Hey people,

I'm Harut and I'm one of two beginner devs from LazySolutions.
Short introduction about us, I'm from Armenia and my friend is from Sweden we met about 2-3 years ago in a game and decided to make games ourselves.

The game you see in this video is a small prototype that me and my wife are testing. We wanted to show you this because we are unsure if it can be fun for you (we enjoyed it quite a bit), so a small feedback will be awesome and if you like the idea, we would be glad to add more stuff in it.

Dev-log :

Our Discord :

Our Website :

Thank you

Cheers Harut