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i got 19th overall, 3rd in graphics :]

I'm glad you like it! I did think about changing the text colour ar night, but when I was testing it it didn't feel right. I think if I was to have more time I would have done more testing but thanks for the rating and critique 😊 

Here's mine, I will rate yours!

Hope you enjoy

solo game

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Thanks man! I played your game too, good job! 

I didn't have that in mind when I made it, thanks for playing the game :) 

Sorry that it isn't very well optimised for lower end devices, but I'm glad you like it either way 😊

Playing yours now :]

Hope you like it ~

I learnt that aiming for making a story based game in a game jam isn't easy...

Sure :]

Hope you like it :]

I love the art for all the characters, but I don't think they fit together. I think if you picked any one resolution of these characters and ran with that then it would work better, but other than that its a pretty sick game :]

I'll try it now :]

Thank you so much! It really means a lot! 

Hope you enjoy :]

Where? if you tell me I can help you :]

Thanks! although this was actually a solo project :]

Hope you enjoy :]


cool little game! well done for first game jam :]

Good job :]

I'll be sure to try it out :]

playing now   :]

Cool game! (just a side note not related to the game, if you have the unity fullscreen button then you don't really need the one)

playing now!

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noted! I was going to add "lying" in the mechanics, but I knew a lot of games were going to use swapped controls and hidden platforms (and I couldn't think of many original mechanics )so I personally felt that adding it into the story would fit better, but be open to disagree :]

Also I love your game!

Glad you liked it!

unfortunately at this time there is only one ending, but if I was to keep working on this game I would add multiple endings :]

Also thanks for playing :]

good job :]

played it :]

Fun game, but it is a bit to hard for me :[     I wish there was a way to see what things are bad if you get what I mean..... Good job though! :]

Playing now :]

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Awesome game! I love the polish that this game has! I am amazed in what you can accomplish in a week! well done fire totem games :]

Also it would be super cool if you checked out my game :]

Super cool game! I love the graphics and the overall atmosphere. I'm not too good at these kinds of games but man, piles of respect!

I'll try it now :] and thanks!

Thanks for the critique

Here's my game ~