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This game was harder than I expected lol

Really nice idea! Felt good to play, and the art is appealing! Well done :D

Fun little crafting game! Well done :D

Cool concept! I found myself going backwards after completing areas too see where I went! Well done :D

Really cute little game! Well done :D

Cute game! The colliders and movement could be really frustrating - especially the airy jumping, but with a bit more polish in this area this idea is really cool! Well done :D

Really awesome game! Felt good even just messing around with the parts :D

Cool game! Well done :D

Fun little game, good concept! Well done :D

Cool game! A lot of reading necessary with the tutorial, a more interactive one would be nice, but apart from that it's really good. Well done :D

Funny little game, and it feels really nice and responsive! Well done :D

Thanks for playing! They are all intentional mechanics to make the game more challenging, and real cats usually don't do exactly what you want them to :D

Thanks for playing :D

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Ah, I'm guessing you were playing in Firefox? It works in other browsers, I'm going to fix that after the jam. If you can, try it in another browser :D

*would appreciate another attempt, this is only an issue in some browsers because of css issues*

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing and the feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! And I'm gonna fix it for Firefox after the jam :D

Thanks for the feedback, I can definitely make the game progression at the beginning a little gentler :D

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! I'll look at your when i can :D

Thanks for playing! And i might revisit the moment a little bit after the jam :D

Thanks for playing! 

Cute game! Well done :D


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Thanks for playing! And yeah, I plan to make a few adjustments after the jam to hopefully make Luna a little more predictable...however making her cooperative is a whole other issue :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah that's quite a common comment, I might work on adding some indicators of her next movements and slightly changed brain chemistry after the jam :D

Cool take on the theme! Well done :D

Thanks for playing! Yeah, after the jam I'm gonna adjust Luna's brain a bit :D

That's a shame, are you using firefox? I wasn't able to test this across browsers so I think there is a bug in the CSS.

After the jam I will try and fix this, sorry it didn't work for you! (I suppose this is one of the pitfalls of not using an engine lol).

Thanks for 'playing' :D

Wow, such a cool game! I really like the main mechanic and the movement feels amazing, so smooth yet chunky! I also love the pixelated option, really cool. 

Deserves more ratings, really awesome game!

Well done :D

Thank you for playing :D

Cool concept, with some polish this could be a really cool game! Well done :D

Cool idea, nice little game! Well done :D

Really interesting game, though took me a while to figure it out :D. Well done!

Cool little rhythm game! Well done :D

Cool concept, nice graphics! Well done :D

Cool little game, well done :D

Cool game, interesting idea! Well done :D

Cool game! Well done :D

The skip button and the restart and all of that felt really good, very smooth and responsive :)