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Really nice little game, art sound and controls all on point, well done :]


Wow, this is an incredible game. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the music and sound design is absolutely fantastic. I love games like this that leave room for interpretation by the player, and I am genuinely mesmerised by so many of the transitions in this game, and the shaders are unreal, let alone the wonderful colour palette throughout the game

Well done!

Super awesome graphics and a super original game, well done :]

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This game looks AMAZING! Your graphical style is just incredible, and tied with the incredibly interesting levels and gameplay, this has to be one of my favorite (if not my favorite)  games of the jam. You should be really proud of this game, well done :]

Cool idea, I like the art and really like the difficulty level, fell into a nice equilibrium. Nice job :]

Although the controls were a little bit sensitive, I really enjoyed your entry, well done :]

Really cool concept, and I love the execution as well. I really like the art style, sound effects and overall gameplay + good use of the theme to come up with something really original. Well done :]

Cool idea, and with a little Polish, I could see this being a really cool game, well done :]

This is Incredible! I love so much about this game, the artwork, the levels and the amazing game mechanic! All the elements of this game synergize so well, and with a little music this game could be even better! Well done :]

Nice graphics and overall cool game, well done :]

Really interesting concept! I LOVE the visuals, simple in the best way possible! I would love to see more, nice job!

Cool game :]

Thanks i will fix that :]

Thanks :]

A little rough, but a decent little game.

Well done :]

A cool game, I really like the aesthetic and the sound effects are very juicy. 

Well done :]

A cool puzzle game, I like the aesthetic and the puzzles were good.

Well done :]

Thanks for playing :] 

Sorry to hear that, if i worked on this further i would definitely try and make the directions more clear. 

Thanks for playing anyway :] 

Chilled out little game, I like it.

Well done :]

Thanks :] 

Oh no, did you listen to the tutorial? Thanks for playing anyway and for the feedback. 

Thanks for the compliments and criticism, there were a few issues (such as the ones you pointed out) and if i was to revisit this game i would change some things. Thanks for playing :] 

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback, there are still tonnes of bugs and gameplay bits and pieces to iron out so i know what you mean. 

Thanks for playing and the voice acting was from my teammate - i think he did a good job

Had a lot of fun playing everyone's games, if possible here is mine and's game and leave it a rating :]

I believe he is a cosmic entity made of donuts and mayo. This might sound silly, but his existence is a government conspiracy and we are being led to a dark future with no curly fries and lots of prune jam.

Or something, I don't know...

A fun dungeon-crawler.

Well done :]

Sorry that there is no web-build. I was planning on making one, but they kept failing and the game would break so I ended up just leaving it as a downloadable. 

A little confusing (to me at least), but a cool game anyway. I liked the isometric viewpoint.

Well done :]

A little rough around the edges, but a fun concept.

Well done :]

A fun and funny little game, main criticism, however, was the controls; they made it very hard to move around, and if they were a little lest fast and slippery it would have made the game even better.

Overall, though, Well done :]

I really enjoyed the way the visual elements went with the music in this game, and there are quite a few levels for a game-jam game.

Well done :]

I got stuck at the beginning of the game, I am not sure what happened but I can't play it :[

There is only the .exe file here, not the full .zip so it is impossible to play... Wish I could play it :[

An interesting concept, but was a little confusing (to me at least), but the controls were quite nice.

Well done :]

Not what I expected, but a fun little game nonetheless.

Well done :]

An enjoyable FPS game. My main complaint would be with the lack of crosshair/cursor on the screen, but I am sure that could be fixed and didn't matter too much.

Well done :]