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Beautiful aesthetic and story, good job, I thoroughly enjoyed this :]

Pretty fun game, and good presentation :] well done!

Interesting take on the theme, and fun game :] well done!

Very cool game, and beautiful graphics - nice job :]

I will play it as soon as possible :] 

Thanks for playing, and sorry about the dizziness 

Nice game! I think the tower-defense aspect is very interesting when the control is taken partly away from you, good job :]

Thanks for the feedback, I will check out your game as soon as possible :]

Really cool idea, and it's very "out of control". Really good idea and execution - good job :]

Really interesting and well executed concept, I especially like the levels :] well done!

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Thanks, im glad you liked it :) 

Nice art, nice sounds, nice idea, nice coherence to the theme, I think this game checks all my boxes! Well done, this game is great, you should be very proud of your beautiful creation! P.S. amazing name :]

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Wow, this music is both fitting and endearing! I love the atmosphere of this game, and very impressive considering only 48 hours of development - well done :]

Pretty cool game and concept, and it fits the theme :] nice job!

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Pretty cool game, although I wasn't the biggest fan of the UI, as the gradients on the buttons and the default fonts didn't seem to fit the rest of the game. 

I'm also not too sure how this game fits the theme, as there really isn't much that is "out of control"

I wish the art was a bit nicer and fit together more, but the level design was pretty good

Well done :]

Very cool game, and one of the best "out of control" concepts, well done :]

These levels were designed really well! Well done man :]

Wow, thanks for this in-depth feedback, it means a lot! I will take all this to heart and if I revisit the game I will change these things. Thank you so much for playing :]

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the feedback, I will be sure to think about that if I revisit this game :]

Cool game, and very nice graphics - well done :]

Cool idea, the only thing I would say is that more polish would be good, but overall; nice job :]

Very cool game! The only thing I would say, is remove all movement other than shooting, but wow, really nice game man, well done :]

Very nice game, well done to all of you :]

Fun and hilarious game :] well done!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the in-depth feedback! I think all the points you made make sense, and if I carry on with this project after the jam, i will be sure to change them :] 

Thanks for playing, and the constructive criticism :] 

Thanks :] 

Thank you, im glad you liked it :] 

Quite fun, but very difficult very fast. fits the theme well, good job :]

Although extremely frustratingly difficult to play, fits the brief well, and is quite fun. Well done :]

Very nice graphics, it reminds me of crossy road :]. Well done, very chaotic!

Cool game :] the only thing for me is that although I understand the random variation in movement is so it is "out of control", I feel it makes moving quite difficult, but well done :]

I'm really sorry man, I wish you could play it :[ If you would really like to play it you could try use wine but that may not work. 

Once again very sorry. After the jam ends I will try to create a Linux build. Until then, sorry :[

Are you using chrome?

Cool game, nice graphics and interesting game mechanic - well done :]

Cool game, and very nice art style, nice job :]

Well done, very cool game (even though I never won it) :]

Cool game, nice :]

Cool game, the only thing I would say is that it is a little hard, but maybe I am just bad at it :] well done.

Cool puzzle game, and nice graphics. Well done man (even if I am not very good at it) :]

Nice art, and cool game. My only problem is the UI, but i'm sure in a future version of this game, that would be fixed. Good job :]