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Thanks for the feedback :D

I tried to play the most i could, i think that i played in total 50 games, but it's nice having people like you in the community that really are doing the best that you can :D

Cool, haha :D

Wow i really liked the menu mechanic, never expected that hahaha. Tha graphics are really cute. Nice game :D

I liked the game, it has a nice idea that fits the theme and the character movement feels really nice. Very simple but cool, Good job :D

The wall jump is a little inconsistent cause i made changes to it some minutes before the deadline so i didn't had time to test :p. But thank you for your feedback :)

Yeah, almost everyone said about this collision problem. Maybe after the jam i can post another version of the game corrected. Thank you for your feedback :D

Thank you for the feedback. Since the game needed to be make in one week it was hard to make the narration, i dont have money to spend on a mic just for one project and i didn't had time to write a script, so it was all improvised, while i was making i knew that some parts (most of it actually haha) were cringy, but i left it cause i wanted the player to feel that the narrator is just some person just like the player. Most of the days i spent programming because that's the only thing that i know what i'm doing in this jam and almost all the rest i did in 2 or 3 days. The part with the big block you can wall jump in it while holding it with the mouse hehe. But thank you for giving your opinion :D

It was the duck's turn but he did nothing and Just stayed there. I waited some time, pressed all the keys in the keyboard but nothing happened.

Learn a lot about Unity2D, i knew nothing about it before starting the jam, just made somethings in 3D. And also made my first completed game hehe. Also i got more aquainted with the Unity API . I just need to train more the parts that don't envolve coding, because i'm a programmer so i try to run away from most of the things that i need to use the unity interface, like animations and some other things hehe.

The game is really cool congratulations, i liked the idea of being a virus hehe the firewall and all of that. Just couldn't find where did it fit the theme. Congratulations for the entry :D

Thanks :D

I understand people that just post their games everywhere. Evveryone is desperate for rating, i myself am a little desperate cause i wanna get to 20. I dont know how the karma works exactly, i think that the comments idea is really good if more people tried to support the ones who played their game.

I loved this game, wow the idea is fantastic, its really funny, super simple but its fenomenal, i didnt expected it would be that way. Congratulations to you, this is one of the best entries so far haha.

I must say that i really liked the game, my problem with it is that it's too slow and too buggy. When i was fighting the duck turtle the game bugged and i didn't want to continues cause it has so many random encounters that take too much time and has some other bugs that pissed me a little bit. But al that said, i'm impressed you managed to do it in one week, this game is really good, with some polishing it could be one of the best games i played so far. Congratulations :D

Thank you for your feedback, yeah the last part i made harder because i wanted the game to have a challenge hehe :D

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Hey guys, everybody is saying this already but the community is filled with rate for rate topics, i think these posts wouldn't be needed if everyone played the games of people who comment in their games. I have commented in over 40 games but i have 17 rates, of course there's some games with a bunch of comments and this makes it hard to play everyone of them, but i have not a bunch of ratings and until this point i played every game from the people who commented mine. So try to play the games of the people who gave you feedback and maybe the communnity wouldn't be filled with rate for rate topics.

The graphics and the audio of the game are really cool, i thing the movement of the character could be better but overall is a great game :D

Your game has a nice idea but the controls dont feel too good, i could jump in the air some times and the horizontal movement stopped when you jump. Overall it's an ok game :D

Thank you for your feedback. The graphics are not my strong part, i'm a programmer hehe but i tried my best with simple geometry.

The game is really crazy kkkk. I couldn't understand anything but i couldn't stop playing, the game is really beautiful and really crazy. A great entry :D

The game is fun but it lacks information, you can hide some information from the player in games but if you dont tell anything to the player we wont know what to do, the map and the stats windows help a little bit but in order to open those windows you need to press a button that you dont even know you can. And also even with the stats window i couldn't understand exactly what was going on, what made the deadline timer go up down, why would i need trust and somethings like that. I really liked the concept of the game and all the different dialogues are cool, overral is a nice entry :D

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People said about getting stuck in this door. Thanks for the tips, i dont know anything about audio so i didn't know what to do hehe.  Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you for your feedback! You are not the first one who said this, the collisions in the game are a little weird, i should have made the collisions continuous but i didn't know that is a thing before, if i continue with this game i'll fix this issue.

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Hahaha, thank you for the feedback friend, i tried to do the walls less sticky but it was in the last day so i hadn't much time. Thank you for the feedback, good sleep dreaming with my voice kkkk 😆

The game is really cool, the movement is nice and the voice acting is incredible, i was starting to wondering where did it fit to the theme but then i reached the end. Really cool game congratulatios :D

WOW, this game is fenomenal. The graphics are gorgeous, the sound is perfect, the character movement is super nice. The only negative part is that it could be longer haha. Really nice game, congratulations :D

No, it crashed before :/

I understood where you wanted to go with the theme but i'm sorry, it didnt fit. The game is simple but it offers what it promisses, maybe you could add some more movement to the main character and some difficulty. Overall its a nice game that you can kill some time playing :D

Congratulations for the game, it is really cool and really well made. Aside from the enemies getting stuck bug, i killed the boss but it didn't die, don't know if it's intended or not. Overall a great entry :D

(1 edit) I would like a detailed feedback and rating if you can, no need to be afraid of being sincere in your critique. I'll play yours as soon as i can :D Try mine if you can, i'll try your as soon as i can

The game fits the theme very well, and the level design is really cool. congratulations :D

Wow the game is really cool, congratulations, super simple game but has a innovative concept :D

The game is really fun to play, but the controuls feel a little weird, sometimes the jump and the shoot doesn't work properly :D

The game is really good and it feels nice to play, the transition is great but i couldn't go through the full game cause it kept crashing on my computer :p

The game is fun but it could be longer, congratulations :D

The game is really good, congratulations. Just think that you could make some invincibility frames when the player get hit :DD

I really liked the game, but it is hard to play because there's no way of knowing what you can type, maybe you could place somewhere the commands that you are able to type or something like that to help the player. But overall it's a nice entry :D

Thanks :D You're suposed to grab the golden key to the golden door then it will open