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Thanks! I really enjoyed watching you play, thanks for the feedback!

I love the little details like the ambulance folk carrying you over, and I like how it all feels very comical. Good stuff!

Really like the mechanics and overall game-feel of this one. Good job!

My highscore is 121!

The controls feel fun and well tuned, nice work.

Took me a while to figure out the game was trolling me a bit xD

This was actually alot of fun. Controls were tight and felt good to shoot them crap out of baddies.

Great work! :D

I like the gimick of how getting hit not only slows you down, but screws your movement. Makes it feel more realistic.

I had fun playing! Great job :D

I love the unique 2D to 3D touch. The graphics and sound is great, but I find the controls a bit buggy and hard to use properly.

Innovative mechanics, well done.

I actually had fun playing this! The puzzles were interesting, really good work!

I like the idea of "getting hurt makes you stronger", had fun playing! Nice work

Very cool concept, puzzles were fun too. Great stuff!

Very neat graphics, and the music is good too.

Controls were a bit unclear at first, but after figuring it out, the game was pretty entertaining. Good work!

I love how you have this sense of "progress" going on, kind of feels like Zelda in that sense! The boss was really fun to fight, was challenging but fair. Had fun, but the only thing that bothered me was how I didn't quite understand when the slimes move or attack.

Really digging the bass jam music hahaha, concept is fun too, had a good time playing. Nice work!

Hey lads, I'm Rain and I'm here to play your gaems.

Post them here!

And if you're a true chad you can check out my game too, Coma!

Great graphics, and the gameplay felt fair and fun. Nice work!

I love the theme, art, and music. It's all super tight and great. The lack of checkpoints is the only true oversight here, but aside from that it's lovely!

Cool game! my highscore is 221, what's yours?

Damn, thank you for the kind words! :D
I'll check your game out too!

Thanks! I actually wanted to make it so that there would be gaps in the floor in the present, and they would be gone in the past.

Alas, I ran out of time.

I'm glad to hear you had fun though! I like your game alot too :D

Very cute game, made me laugh. Stuff got real intense at the last level, but it still felt fair! Good work

Great game, I love "who dunnit" stuff like this. Very creative use of the theme ;)

Great stuff dude, I had alot of fun playing this. Mechanics and controls felt tight,.

I liked the overall game-feel and graphics. Warping around felt fun! Great stuff

Really damn good!

Yo! Here's our game, hope you like it!

Yo, here's the game we made!

Thanks alot! Your words really make my day :D


Thanks for the kind words! :) 

Indeed there aren't many levels because the whole game was very much rushed at the last second, sorry!

I really like how although the game lies to you about its rules, but the rules of the game are still clear and consistent. There are a bunch of other platformers in this jam that have unfair level design, and although it makes sense because "you're being lied to", it's not a fun experience. In this game however I feel like you nailed it because the game does lie to you but the game still feels fair, and I never got frustrated! Well done!

Game design aside, the graphics and audio are very juicy, it get's a 5/5 from me.


Having the game adhere the theme by making the game unfair isn't the funnest thing to play, but I gotta give compliments to the visual style. Nice work!

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