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I love the visuals and the audio very much. It was a bit hard for me for the first attempt but I truly enjoyed it as I used to it. Maybe would be better if you can control the game with keys instead of mouse clicking. Very nice entry :)

Wow there are a lot of interesting games! I do my best to try them and leave some feedback :)

This is so beautiful! I can't believe you did this in only 1 week. I really enjoyed it, thank you very much for this game :)

I really love this little puzzle game. I hope you'll expand it :) It's simple but very fun to play. Very good entry.

Please put this rock music on YT or Spotify :D

It is a really really troll game, I just kept smiling while playing it. Thank you for it, I had a good time.

This hand painted BG is beautiful :)

This is a game created with soul. I really love the voice narration, you make a direct contact with the player which makes a friendly atmosphere (despite it's a troll game haha). Maybe I would make the searching circle a little bit bigger :) The animations are simple, but I really love them.

I hope you enjoyed the game jam and you'll make more games in the future, please keep up the good work.

For first game jam this is a really fascinating work. I love how you handled the "turning", simple but visually great :D The music is catchy, fits well.  This game is a true troll so it perfectly fits into the theme of this game jam. 

Well done, I hope you'll participate in other game jams in the future too! :)

Thank you so much <3 I played and rated your game:)

I really loved the tutorial part. Unfortunately there is only one level, but it was fun to play. The movement is too complicated I think, with mouse selection and targeting would be better, but I understand that there was a time limit :)

As others mentioned earlier, the UI was off on some screen resolutions.

Impressive work, especially it was made in 1 week, I hope you'll expand it with more levels and polished game mechanics :)

It was not clear at the beginning what should I do. I brought the same package again and again to the same guy,  variated when do I press "Lie" or "Truth" but sometimes nothing changed. I see that the level bar above the NPC getting lower, and in the end he won't talk to me again, but my Lie Bar doesn't move at all sometimes. The black screen wasn't clear either (until I read the comments). I could not get to the ending unfortunately :(

I love the artstyle and the music, it fits well in this world.

If you polish the tutorial part, I think it could be a really good game after all, well done! :)

Oh the good old narrative games! I'm really enjoying these kind of puzzle games, the end is really depressing tho :( Very good entry, I hope you'll expand it :)

I really enjoyed playing this game. Little bit hard for the first time, but I easily used to the controlls.

I'll check every game as soon as I get home :)

Unfortunately not, It is crucial to play this on Windows

Yeah, "Note: You need at least 20 ratings to be considered for winning."

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Hey there! First of all I'd like to congratulate to everyone who submitted a game to this game jam. I'd like to try out your games, feel free to post it in here :)

Our game had difficulties during the development period, but fortunately my teammates could handle it last minute, so I'm super glad that we could submit.  I hope you'll like it,  please leave your opinion about it, critics are always welcome. :)

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Thank you so much :) It was my pleasure to be part of this journey

Hey :) I definitely try out your game, I love the art style right now. If you want to take a look at our game here it is:

It was my first game jam too and I enjoyed it a lot! 

Hey :) Thank you so much, here is our game:

I really really love the art style and it was really fun to play, thank you for this! :)

Thank you! Here is our game :) Hope you'll like it.

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Thank you! :) Our game:

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Very kind of you :)

Here's ours:

Thank you  <3