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Check out my game and I check out yours

A topic by Cody (Kachow) Ahchow. created 76 days ago Views: 77 Replies: 10
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I play your game you play mine and we give honest votes on it. Hope you enjoy it

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Going to be playing lots of games today

I hope you enjoy mine too


Hey, hope you enjoy

I'll play yours now :)


Check out my game named THE BALL 


Check out my game

Really loved your game. Hope you enjoy ours


Here is my game:


Mah game


Check this out!

It's always you being attacked by yet another virus. If only there was a way to control it...

In this fun, yet simple game, you play as a computer virus that tries to destroy every last PC on the planet. The only problem is: some people are smart, and have installed an antivirus software. However, it's your job to make sure that the bugs don't get caught and destroyed. Can you do it? If so, try and beat your best time and comment it in the comments section of the game!

This game had a lot of effort gone into it and I would greatly appreciate it if you were to rate it. Thank you :)


Downloading your game right now.

Here is mine(well we were 3 to make it):