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Cody (Kachow) Ahchow.

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I've played 64 as of writing this comment 

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after working on an actual high score system for glitch climb I beat my own record 


this is my second jam as well and the first I completed. And I 100% agree with your post. I look forward to seeing you at ludem dare later in the year 

i guess I just had poor or good luck depending on how you look at it, at some points I was zipping around and other others it was quite slow comparative. And it was quite hard for me to adjust to the changes. Very well done however, good game 

I wasn't really able to work out how to play for a while but when I finally worked it out it was pretty fun.

quite hard but in an enjoyable way. Sound and visuals are good and the music slaps 

clever mechanics just a little complex for my liking, but really well done 

thank you so much for rating my game. I haven't seen some of these games yet so thank you and I'll be checking them out soon 

actually, it was made in gamemaker 1. I don't have the money for gm2 yet 

thank you for checking out our games. Here is my game

brilliant video, these games all belong in that list. If you'd like to check out my game the link his here

thank you. Your game was awesome.

of course I have time. Your game was really enjoyable to play.

really enjoyed your game. 

well done for your first jam. Most people I know cant make this quality of game on their first jam, really well done my friend. I really enjoyed it.

really creative interpretation of the theme. The spray was super fun as well. 

really fun. Maybe some tweaking to the sounds but it was a really great game.

I loved it. My only problem was not having a button to buy bugs in bulk. other than that little tidbit, really great game.

oh my gosh, thank you so much.

I played your game and rated already. It was a great game.

If you want to check out mine here's the link

your the closest so far :D

that's the plan. :D

It does get harder the higher you get. Most people get around 1600-1800, no one has as of yet beaten my 2512 score yet. Haha. Your game was awesome as well

very cool

shall do my dude. 

how have this many people not played this yet? It's awesome.

hey guys. Work has gotten in the way of me rating your games. Could you send keep links and when I get time tonight I'll rate them all i would also be very happy if you could rate mine in the mean time.

Thank you and happy jamming.

played and rated.

It was quite complicated to get the hang of. Well done but just very complicated. Good work.

gamemaker studio 1. And GML.  because it was what I'm most familiar with and I don't have the money to buy gms2 yet. 

It's not impossible, you will always get a white dot somewhere. It does however get extremely difficult. That was how I enjoy playing games, hard mode for life. :D

thank you so much. I did try getting sound and music but it caused to many problems and by the time submissions came around I didn't have time to fix them, so I opted to remove them, at least for the jam version.

I tried making it so the balls glitch out more the higher you get. Start out mostly fine and descend into madness the higher you get. I guess I'll need to tweak it slightly for the full thing. Thank you for playing. 

thank you for the feedback. Expect the full release to have more features like that. :D

once I get the chance, full version will be coming to mobile

thank you. Yeah I'll rate yours.


guy I don't want to alarm you but... WOWIE