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I will play your games if you play mine

A topic by AfterSchoolDev created 72 days ago Views: 87 Replies: 16
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Hello there.

I'd be really happy if you would play and rate my game. Some feedback would also be very much appreciated. 

Want me to play your game? Just post a link to it in this thread or leave a comment on my game's page.

Here's my submission:


Hey, I've already played your game! If you haven't already it would be nice if you could try my game


I played yours a couple of days ago. Left a rating and a comment. Was a fun game



hi so this is my game :

So if u played it then remember to rate AND LEAVE A COMMENT so I know to play yours after I got home XD thank you!


just played and rated your game. it was really great


I played your game and rated already. It was a great game.

If you want to check out mine here's the link


Here's mine:

I'm going to play yours right now ;)


Very cool. Will play yours as soon as I get home


Played your game, it was fun. Here is my game: Thanks

Hey there, played, rated and commented on your game!

Here's ours

Enjoy :)


Just rated and commented on your game as well! Here's mine:

if you could play it it'd be super cool. i have this super silly personal goal of 100 plays and i'm only two plays away!! haha


just played and rated it. your game has a very cool concept. it is definitely the most unique game I've played so far

Submitted (1 edit)

hey thank you!

edit: just broke 100! WOOO!! thanks for helping make my dreams come true~!

Submitted (1 edit)

just played it! Here's mine!

You'll be my rating #50 which is my personal humble goal !

It's always you being attacked by yet another virus. If only there was a way to control it...

In this fun, yet simple game, you play as a computer virus that tries to destroy every last PC on the planet. The only problem is: some people are smart, and have installed an antivirus software. However, it's your job to make sure that the bugs don't get caught and destroyed. Can you do it? If so, try and beat your best time and comment it in the comments section of the game!

This game had a lot of effort gone into it and I would greatly appreciate it if you were to rate it. Thank you :)


just played and rated it. it was really cool.

I would be really happy if you could check out my game. this was my first game jam and I would really appreciate some more feedback and ratings