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Thank you so much :)

Thank you :)

Thank you, that's much appreciated. Uni is starting for me now but if I have time I'll add them :)

Thank you for the feedback. hahahaha, Yes I did voice act it. I'm not a voice actor but I tried my best

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing and letting me know of that bug

The game actually is completable but it evidently isn’t very obvious where you’re supposed to go. I’ll work on that

Thanks for the feedback 

Sorry about that, if you look at the ground there is a more sandy texture, these are the paths you can follow

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback, to lose you must get zero stars on restaurant because of unhappy customers but due to bad balancing it is very hard to not fail very quickly. Win condition is just trying to get the highest score

Thanks for the feedback, I agree, the game is badly balanced due to the lack of time

Thanks a lot for your feedback

I completely agree with you, in the end we were too ambitious and so the game doesn't really feel complete. I had ideas to make the restaurant feel more out of control but again there was not enough time. Bad decision on our part but thanks for your constructive feedback.

The movement does feel a bit clunky, but I enjoyed the game. Like others have said it did also remind me of jet pack joyride 

Despite the bad visuals (No offense) the game was actually pretty fun and game play is more important than graphics . One of the funnest I've played this jam so far actually. Well done! I enjoyed.

Thanks, I'll rate your game soon

Nice job at finishing your first game jam game! Visuals are simple and clean, its too bad that you lost 2 days of work as it would've been nice to have some more content

Thank you so much :)

I got stuck behind a red wall once when I accidentally pressed R, maybe have it reset to a checkpoint rather so this doesn't happen. I liked the visuals, nice to see some 3d games. I also liked your take on the jam, brought me back to my nostalgic half life days. Well done!

Thank you :)

Nice job on completing your first game jam game! The abilities felt original and fun. Suggestion: Killing the locusts did feel a little clunky so maybe make it more obvious how far your cave man is hitting? Overall well done!

Thanks for the feedback!

I don't know who did that music but it was very nice. The sounds and visuals really helped to make the movement of the character feel "juicy". Suggestion: When you die the music does not reset or quiet down but rather keeps going if that makes sense. I think it will help the game to flow better when you die. Nice job!

Thank you man!

A short but polished and fun experience. I liked this game a lot. Well done! My only problem was that it was a little short but definitely think quality over quantity 

Thank you, I agree completely with what you said. Maybe for let me go 3 hahaha

I think it is because you pressed right click, right click makes your character aim and causes the camera to rotate further in front of the player. Just press right click again and it’ll bring it back to normal. You can also zoom out the camera using the scroll wheel

Nice job, the game is well polished and was a solid entry to the jam. My time was 4:01 but I'm not really a speed runner anyway. Personally I would've liked it to be a bit harder but I can see you want to put more emphasis on speed running rather than big challenge.

Thanks a lot :)

Well done for completing your first game! I remember being in your exact shoes not too long ago. I was kind of confused as to where and what I was supposed to do at the start so perhaps some explanation of my goal at the start would have been nice. Nice job

I liked this game, you could tell effort had been put into it. Well done. Glad I could help the black fur ball thing remember he was a bunny :)

Nice game! I love your more literal take on the topic, funny premise. The bug particle effect looked nice. A simple game but well executed. Possible suggestions, as others have said I thought the character looked a little out of place and a little more variety in game play but I understand time can be a constraint. Nice job!

A simple game but one with good visuals and a decent amount of polish, nice job :) My high score was 910

Thanks for the feedback :) I'll check out yours soon

Thanks :D

Thank you :)

I was a little confused at the start also. Still a good game!

I was a little confused at the start also. Still a good game!

I sadly got the one where thingie was the answer wrong so I got ending 2, then on my next play through I just answered all the questions wrong and got ending 6