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Thanks for playing :)

I liked the game but it suffered from floaty physics. When I let go of the movement keys my character would continue to move for a while after. If you make the physics more responsive I think the game would improve greatly. I liked the idea of the game though and the jokes about commies kind of came out of no where but I still chuckled

The ship felt good to control and the game itself is pretty fun, nice job!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed :)

I know a lot of other people have said this but I too found the game really hard. If you can try to get a friend or sibling to play the game before you release it, as being the developer you can make the game way too hard because you base it on your skill alone (A mistake I have made in a few of my games). Still, I liked the game. Maybe add the ability to upgrade towers too 

Its an original idea and the game made me laugh a few times. I'm gonna be honest though, I can see why most games require you to use more than one button to do everything hahaha. Well done! Solid entry!

Despite what other people are saying this my personal first time of finding a game with 1 dimension and I found the concept to be extremely original. The narrator dude sounded really creepy so nice job on that. I found the game quite difficult and it took me a while to finally understand what I was supposed to do but still, nice job!

I really liked the sound effects in the game, they sounded like actual lights. The game is quite difficult and I found the controls were a bit finicky at times, nothing too bad but if you continue to work on the game I would suggest making them slightly more responsive. I personally managed to get to level 7 but didn't manage to complete it so perhaps you could make the game take a little longer before it gets hard as the difficultly curve increased quite quickly. Also so particle effects and sounds effects when jumping and landing could help the game to feel a lot more "juicy" and satisfying to play. These are only suggestions though. The game was well made and had a good and original concept which are increasingly hard to come by so well done!

I agree with your comments, really appreciate the feedback 

Thank you, this was really helpful feedback. I’ll be sure to return the favor 

I liked the game, only problem is that the enemies would sometimes spawn very close to me making me die a bit unfairly, perhaps some sort of particle effect to show where they are spawning would be cool

An interesting idea, using your fellow cubes for protection took me quite by surprise, nice job!

Cool concept, good take on the theme and well polished. I can't really provide any constructive criticism as I don't see anything obviously needing improvement in the game. Well done!

Thank you, appreciate the kind comments

I really like the idea. Nice job!

Oh, sadly the sound effects seemed to be turned off by default for some people. You can enable them in the main menu.

I don't think the ghosts really posed much of a threat as my character would always be inside the light, making them ineffective. Maybe you could boost their speed to make it  more difficult or rather slow them down in the light than completely stun them. Still I liked the concept. Well done!

The game definitely reminds me of those old arcade games I used to play, nice!

Quite difficult if I am honest but I like the games idea

Thank you :)

It would've been cool if the waves had got harder as time went on but the idea is pretty good

The game was a little hard to understand and I wished there were some kind of sound effects. Well done for submitting though!

Cool game, I liked the wide variety of attacks. The players hit box isn't 100% clear though as sometimes I could walk through the crabs projectiles but still good

Apologies for that, are you pressing Q accidentally by any chance. That sends you back to the main menu. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing

Here are my favorite games from the BTP 2 game jam that I just wanted to share with everyone :D

See my comments on these pages for a more in depth review by me.

1: Fire Hell by Aurise Games 

This is the game that I spent the most time on by far. Very challenging yet addictive and with an intriguing idea.

2: Planet Defender by siwrx

Simple yet fun little game.

3: Universe Maker by Kaish 

Cool idea in a well polished game.

Thank you, hahaha

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Nice job! 

I found the camera movement quite clunky making it quite hard to move around. I liked the music and how well the gravity on the mini planets worked too. The black edges around the objects were a little glicthy and I could often see through them. I must say though, the head of the character being see through was very creepy hahaha. Overall good game :)

I would appreciate if you rated my game too :)

I actually manged to finish all 10 levels :) (Don't know if I'm the first :D )Once I figured out that you could look at one orbiting planet and shoot when it reached a certain position because all the other planets had consistent positions relative to it (if that makes sense) the game became easy. I liked the music and sounds effects especially. 

I found a bug where a an orbit would go green but the planet would sometimes be destroyed or go off orbit slightly, this happened especially on the inner planets.  Also I know you were going for a minimalist design but I would've liked to see at least some simple patterns on the planets to make them look a bit more pretty.

The game play was simple and fun. Nice job!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing :)

I liked the game, I agree with everyone else, giving each arrow a different colour would really help to see which key your supposed to be pressing. Nice work on the dancing animations and I loved the fact I could customize my character. My suggestions to improve would be adding more music and adding more dance animations

Would appreciate if you checked out my game :)

Liked the game, espcially the rainbow trail around the turtle, only problem were the glitchy collisions but I think other people have pointed out most things wrong with them already. Nice job :)

Would appreciate if you checked out my game

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Very nice game! I really liked the idea of this game. Alot of games in the jam I feel are just copies of other games but I've never seen a game like this. The idea is very innovative and I love it. Just a few months ago I published my own first game ever and I have to say you did a way better job than me. Well done. My highest score was 98 :) Would appreciate if you check out my game too.

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This game delivered exactly what it promised, 2048 but with planets. The game was quite fun to play but I would've liked to see some kind of twist or interesting mechanic added into the mix as it felt like I was just playing a re-skined 2048.  But the game worked with no bugs  expect for a lack of a game over screen. Well done!

Edit: Forgot to add,  despite being a clone of 2048 it sounds and looks much nicer

Yeah, the off text screen is due to the resolution your playing in. I sadly forgot to fix the text scenes so that they work on any resolution. They only work on 1920 x 1080 unlike the other scenes. Also the text scenes are the ones that tie in the story to the theme of the mini planet. Thanks for rating it though!

I liked the shaking of the camera when you shoot, makes the bullets seem very powerful. On the second level though I ran out of  planets to shoot, nothing happened though, no game over or anything just couldn't shoot. Also personally I think having a separate button pressed while moving to boost would have been better as double tapping can be a bit finicky.

I managed to get a score of 300 after three tries. I like the shooting and the planet lasso. One thing I would like to see added though is you have to click another button to get the lasso to retract. I really enjoyed swinging around planets to kill enemies rather than landing on them so if there were an option to make the lasso make you stay the same distance from the planet before retracting I gather the game could be made even more fun. My favorite part of the game was swinging round planets at high speed so that's why I  suggest the swinging lasso