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Nice! Thank you very much! :D

aaa why are the comments spinning i cant eve n read thme

Heartwarming to hear! Thank you. :)

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Shameless plug ahead: My newest and most ambitious game will have mobile support aswell. :P

Yeah, definitely not a bug-free game. :P

Thanks for letting me know!


I appreciate it! Thank you! :D

I'm stunned that this got so much attention considering it was made in 3 days. *_*

Masterpiece, still waiting for Blue Paint.


I found the horse step sounds to be way too loud. :)

Very elaborate and fun for a game jam game, but some more polish would be needed. The sound mixing is a bit off for example, but other than that, I enjoyed it! 

Thanks! :)

Thanks! I will.

Thank you! :)

Thanks! An updated version with a boss fight and a new enemy will be uploaded in a couple of days. :)

Thanks! I will! :D

Thanks! I really appreciate it!


Haha, thanks! I don't think I will, but there already is an improved version with 2 new enemies and better balancing on newgrounds. I am going to release it here in a couple of days. :)

Thanks! I am going to release downloadable Versions after the Jam. :)

Oh, right. I forgot about that. ^^

Thanks for telling me. I implemented that last minute haha.

Thanks for the feedback! I am still going to work on the game a bit and those are definitely some of it's biggest issues. :)

Thanks! I totally agree with that! It's not all that accurate to the theme at the moment. :)

I have to learn how to make these pages, this is on another level

Thanks! :)

Nice work! You're already better at the game than I am! :)

Arcy Logo and Rally X theme? EXPECT A LAWSUIT.

Jokes aside, this is en expertly juicy game and plays great! Everything fits together extremely well.

Great work!

Thanks! ^^

Time management could be a lot better though.

Thanks! Im not very good and the game aswell haha.

Thank you! But it was close and certainly nerve clenching. :D

Thanks! Construct works really well for me.

Oh my god, great job!

I didn't think the limit would be this high. :D

Thanks! ^^

Thanks! I probably shouldn't've placed the life Orbs that close to the safe spot. :)

Thanks! :)

I didn't even know you could get anything above 250. :O

Haha, I should've probably left out the lives, not only from a gameplay perspective. xD

Good idea :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)