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If you insist :P

Feel free to send me an email;

Controller support was considered, but it wouldn't work well with a lot of the game's mechanics

Ayy, nice job! That's no easy task! :)

That's a bug, try the downloadable build instead. :)

They hold a grudge against you if you've robbed a store before. :D

Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'll patch that in the next update. :)

If you scroll down there should be a downloadable Linux version, but I haven't tested it yet

Just a little detail :)

They are in key with the music

I used Famitracker for the soundtrack and the el pato potion spawns a duck. :)


It's tempting for sure but you put it pretty well, I'm pretty much done with this xD

Thanks! ^^

There were supposed to be modifiers for each cosmetic option but I scrapped that because it was way too ambitious. Haha

E. g. the broken skin combination would let you play a hard mode of sorts where you'd only have one hp bar and one item slot 

They are purely cosmetic :)

Thanks for letting me know! That will definitely be fixed soon! :)

That's creative :O

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Aww! Thank you so much! Not a ton of people stick around for that long but I'm happy you're one of the few to make it to the end! :)

A lot of very insightful feedback here! I'll be releasing a new update soon that should adress most of the things you mentioned. Should be out by Saturday.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, the Donet thing is a donation machine. Whether you get something or not is pure RNG, but filling it up multiple times will grant you a special chest in the forth level.

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I've thought about that too. You can expect an update that will improve on that soon by forcing you to click the pop-up to see how many bolts you have. :)

Sorry, it would lag like hell and controls would be awkward. :/

Yeah, linux support is definitely a bit iffy. :/
You can always try the web build though:

The weapons are randomized in name, looks, stats, type, modifiers, sound, ammo and other aspects. The randomizer tries it's best to adjust these parameters to make weapons that are balanced and fun to use. :)

Glad to hear that you're interested in trying it! :D

Sorry, but I won't be adding mobile support. Performance would be a huge issue as the game would lag like hell and a touchscreen would make it near impossible to play.

Update's out! You can remap controls in-game now. :)

It's called "nw" on Linux and OSX

You have to right click on an item to drop, I know I didn't make that entirely clear. :)

Thank you! :D

I'm really busy atm but I'll look into it as soon as possible!

Hey, now that you died to it you know. :P

You learn from experience.

Tysm <3

I can't promise anything just yet but I'll try my best. :)

I'll see what I can do. In the meantime I'd recommend changing your keyboard layout before and after playing. :)

Just released an update that makes the difficulty curve a bit more reasonable. :)

That should make it at least a little less punishing. ^^

Thank you so much for your extensive review! It means a lot! :D

I've been thinking a lot about decreasing the game's difficulty (Or at least the difficulty of level 1) I 'm still very much conflicted on this but there will probably be a patch addressing this very soon.

For most people it took around 5-10 hours to complete their first run, which is definitely a lot of time to ask for and since you learn most on the first level it's where you'll be spending most of your time, which can definitely  make the sense of progress diminish. Of course I also do want people to see as much of the game as possible so striking a balance between difficulty and accessibility is a challenge.

Thank you! ^.^

Construct 2 :)

That's weird, I'll try to fix that with the next update.

Thanks for the insight! ;)

Just uploaded a new build, you can try again and report back if you like. :)

Thank you so much! ^.^

Could you elaborate on the soft-locking thing please?

Sorry. :(

You can always try the web-release over on Newgrounds;

Loading can fail, try reloading the page. :)

Not to discredit other entries but this is by far the most beautiful game of the jam! The difficulty curve and overall pacing are great in my opinion and I just couldn't get enough of that hit sound. :P

Unfortunately the game doesn't really take advantage of the full arena or incorparate movement that much so you mostly remain in one spot, but that's my only complaint.

You three make an excellent team!

Thanks ^^

I'm a fan. Pulling off a successful combo feels great, everything is snappy and tactile and the hearts mechanic is really well thought out! I do find the game over screen a bit out of place with how silent everything gets haha. Great entry!

Very juicy, well paced and well balanced. I am surprised by how well this idea works and how well you managed to execute it. The player's shoot sound being in key with the music is a really nice touch and adds a lot! I was a bit confused when I died the first time though because there isn't any indicator that you died but other than that, great work! :)

Very fast paced and fun! It can definitely feel impossible to dodge some of the spikeballs though.