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I'm glad to hear that! ^^

There won't be any updates unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I lost the project files long ago.

As a cat person the wolf (and human) murdering gameplay felt silky smooth, with animation work so expressive and impressive that it almost distracted me from the overwhelming spectacle unfolding in front of my very eyes.  Every small detail from the smudge filled screen illuminated by the enviroment to the violent metal pipe sound effect on each reload gives the game so much character and personality that it makes me feel insecure about mine. I did experience a softlock in one of the first rooms which let me fully take in the stunning visuals reminiscent of having your tequilla soda spiked with psychedelics at a german nightclub. The music complements this of course, with an appropriately intense beat narrating your every move.

The gunplay is snappy and responsive. Enemy behaviours feel fair and predictable, while also complementing each other nicely to create fun and interesting scenarios. The central elemantal mode mechanic adds an element of strategy and replayability to the game, although I often found it easier to stick to one and hold down the left mouse button until something explodes.

Nevertheless, I do have some, albeit, minor criticisms. Through its bombastic appearence JOHN MUST DIE sacrifices readability and clarity, I often wasn't sure what I was shooting or if I was hitting it. The HUD could also be a bit more readable overall. Death being sudden and unexpected could be seen as a nod to real life but I found it frustrating more than anything.

These are of course just minor setbacks to another amazing game. If you keep honing your skills at this rate I am certain that you can put a man on jupiter by February.

It's available as a paid download at the bottom of the page


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Awesome game as expected! The vast variety of enemies you can possess adds a lot of depth to the game, with how each one has its strengths which can come in handy during specific encounters. I especially like the clever touch that the husk of the enemy you previously possessed explodes to hurt enemies! The presentation is on point, shooting and hitting enemies feels satisfying thanks to the tastefully excessive visual effects. The artstyle and perfectly fitted music makes this unrecognizable as something that was made in just two days! With that being said I did find the slow down after each kill to be irritating, especially with the emphasis towards dodging bullets in order to preserve the little health you have. The pause between enemy waves has also caused me some annoying deaths.

Stellar work! ;)

Sorry, there's no other way to switch guns. :(

Wonderful game, it oozes with style and I could listen to the music all day (I am begging you to upload it somewhere). I do wish there was a way to increase the FOV beyond what is considered acceptable though.

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Yes it is! :)

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Glad to hear! :)

Construct has a handy feature that allows for save states, so it basically does most of the work for me. xD

Thanks! ;)

You can listen to it over on newgrounds!

Sorry, there are no plans for that at the moment :(

Hi! I just added downloadable builds since multiple people reported the game not launching. :)

It's out! :)

soon :(

I'm really busy at the moment so it is probably gonna take somewhere around two months. (No promises though)

I was going for 50 but that wasn't gonna happen xD

I'll definitely be changing that, thanks :)

That's weird, I'm gonna have to look into that

Try the scroll wheel :)

Thanks! I'm hoping it'll be more coherent once I tweak the balancing and pace a bit more. ^^

Ayy, thank you so much! :)

The floor skip cost is a common complaint, that is definitely going to be changed in the full release.

Thanks for your support! ☺️

I probably won't linger on Dynacore, but you can expect new games soon that are just as exciting.  Although there are some good ideas you mentioned that I can use in those! :)

Thank you for your Arcy™ certified review. Very thorough as always. :)

All of these are valid criticisms and I'll be addressing all of them in the full release.

Thanks! ^^

 It dragged a small part of my soul into the abyss. 

What exactly do you want me to change? :)

Thanks! Means a lot! :)

The money thing sounds like a great idea, I'm definitely gonna implement that once I get around to that. Same with increasing the player speed.

It's whatever you want it to be

Thanks! ^^

It's a miracle that this game has any semblence of balance consider how little time I had for testing. xD

Beautiful in every sense of the word. The sound design makes me feel unspeakable things.

Yeah, thanks for that xD

Thank you so much ^^

I'm excited too! Planning to add A LOT more content to this.

Feel free to DM me :)

Haha, thanks xD

Any score is good as long as you love yourself

If you insist :P

Feel free to send me an email;

Controller support was considered, but it wouldn't work well with a lot of the game's mechanics

Ayy, nice job! That's no easy task! :)

That's a bug, try the downloadable build instead. :)

They hold a grudge against you if you've robbed a store before. :D

Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'll patch that in the next update. :)