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You only had to collect 30 and I wanted to add more so people wouldn't get stuck. 

Looks like I didn't make that obvious. Thanks!


That happens when the game slows down too much. You could try lowering the graphics quality for now, but I have an update coming that fixes that once the jam is over. :)

Thank you! I decided to implement that last second! :D

Thanks! I'm happy to hear that! :)

Thanks! I definitely will!

Probably, but before then I'd have to finish another Project im currently working on. :D

Wow, it really seems like people want to see more of this! I might expand on this in the Future! :)

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Wait, I already did.

Thanks, I will! :D

Thank you! :)

I fixed it! I am going to upload the new version after the jam is over!

Thank you! :)

Thanksss! :D

I might work on that. :)

Thank you! :D

Thanks! :)

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Thank you!! But it was technically made in 2 days. :D

Thank you :D

Thanks! By the way, your game is a lot like a scrapped prototype for a submission for the GMTK Jam 2019 I once worked on. The graphics look very simular!

I rated your game!

This is just a lot of fun! I love the particle animation and the subtle details like the screen turning red! Well done!

Here is my game :)

Here's my game :D

I have fixed that in a new build and I am going to upload that once the jam is over! Thanks for telling me and yes, I did get some inspiration from Geometry Dash! :)

Thank you! I like to hear that you enjoyed it!

very well done! 


Thank you for your kind words! I definitely will keep on keeping on!! :D

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Yeah, I  polished the "bug" a bit too much. :)

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks! I actually spent a lot of time fine tuning the effect!

Thanks! I honestly appreciate it! :)

Thanks a lot for the comment! This happens when you press jump shortly before landing and even though that could be fixed with some extra code I didn't really have time for that.

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Thanks! That happens when the game starts lagging, so you should try to lower the graphic settings which should hopefully fix it.

Thanks! :)

Here is my game:

Thanks! Here you go!

Done! :D

Done! :)

Here is my game:

I hope you'll enjoy it! :D