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Fun title dude!  Couldn't beat the boss like a scrub lol.  Thanks for the game!

I'd also like to add the og artist of the thumbnail in here:

Really cool model and animation, I smashed darn near every available input to get a reaction so I'm not sure if this is a game or an experience.

SUPER interesting, I really sucked at the fights hahahaha!  Thanks for the game!

Completely solid title and MAD tough to get a hang of!  I SUCK at this lol!  Thank you for the game!

Sneaky use of the theme there dude, thank you for the game eh!

Playing through all these games makes me question everything now, and this game's theme was perfect, loved the art too!  Thanks for the game!

This is a pretty solid platformer entry, I felt like the game was hiding things from me more than lying about it, and a harsh crack in the music mad it hard to beat: I cant remember how to fix that but I've run into it before.  Thanks for the game dude!

Thats a bumpin soundtrack!  I had fun trying to beat it!

Overall a completely realized idea!  Thanks for the entry!

Really cool title dude!  Grats on the hard work!

Pushed up my first playable build: lotta //TODO: in there but I got some menu's running properly and a music manager with placeholder tunes....

This post is underrated lol.  My "help" will be hearing about my newly built anti-trust issues <3

Got the chance to smash over the weekend but now I'm back to the 9-5, gotta plan my evening dev work to max efficiency!  GLHF <3

These guys know whats up, get your team to focus down harder on what makes your ! mechanic really cool <3

I don't think there really is such a thing as a "bad theme."  They all take work, and thought, and chewing of the cud to get what you want outta it.  GLHF guys on chewing our cuds ;)

I dont know what impulse I needed to fulfill making one of my enemies into this... but here... ?  Lol

Little dudes so happy to not have negative homies around to stab em...

The gist of the engine so far... about time to get something actually happening to the dungeon.

Yaaaasssss this is awesome so far!  That cricket(?) that hops in on the left and is like "Nope" and peaced made me laugh.

Yeah this already has some mood to it!

This is so great! <3

A bump to get more people into streaming their work!  And to say that my day 2 streaming has started GLHF yo!

There's a reason why "theme" is only one thing to rate a game on in jams like these homie!  I tend to end up making something I want to try to make a SHOEHORN the theme in lol.  GLHF dood <3

Beware the aquafers...

Bump, I'm interested if that is considered NSFW as well.

Hope to pop in when I'm brain farting or need some R&R

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Right on!  I might check it out when I'm needing downtime!

Lay IN the floor!

Get DEEP into it homies, it will come.  

I will be streaming as much as I can!  GLHF jammers <3

Full candy guide required.

Thanks for the host of this game jam!  I just finished LD41 making 4 months = 4 games!  I couldn't have pulled it off without this jam.  Thank you for your time <3

Stoked to see this submission!  Bug me of you want some more models for your project homie <3

Thats a pretty adorable reason for pink sheep joc-wi, sadly there will continue to be a mini-gun in this; though you did remind me that I wanted to post a gif of the first version of this game I did almost 6 years ago now in Game Maker.

I had so much fun creating it and its always stayed a part of what I wanted to release onto a mobile title.  Remaking it in Unity is a challenge but its been keeping my head in a good programming space.  Here's an update with where I'm at now

Some juice added, lots more still needed; but it makes me nostalgic to see the game coming together a little.  Already testing its deployment to the phone too and it runs with rather smoothness! 

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Spent the better part of the day getting my other main elements going.  Jump functions on the mouse clicks so that I can build a mobile version.  Pink stuff for the win!

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Wanted to get something done before the end of the weekend, so I got the parallax in place.  Its an endless runner and making setting that kinda thing up felt important.  Plus now that the programming for it is out of the way I wont have to touch it again till I have new art.  The GIF does not loop properly but that just to keep it small, trust me it works fine in game.  Ran into a funky issue while coding that caused a gap between BG assets early on and only just came to a mid break realization that I hadn't tried reorganizing the code a little and it fixed it.

Howdy Springish jammers.

I really wanted to keep my One jam a month 2018 streak going and will use this jam as the platform for my March run!  So thank you for the opportunity to jam with ya'll.

I'm pretty sure I will be trying to remake an old project of mine about ornery farm animals in Unity instead of Game Maker, but I'll solidify my work process tomorrow.  Today was just trying to find the right jam for me.

Happy March and I'm looking forward to playing some games at the end of the month <3