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Step by step bringing Spring into my existing Game

A topic by joc-wi created Mar 29, 2018 Views: 82 Replies: 6
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In the spirrit of 

[...] this isn't a competition! No judging will be happening here! Pick up an old project! Start a new one!

...I am working on an existing project of mine, trying to populate it with trees and plants. Progress has been incredibly slow - mainly because I do (at the moment ) not take an easy solution and any pre-existing Tree-generator or Tree-prefabs, but do code it myself. But even that cannot account for the time I invested up to now :-D

So since I am missing some conversation here, I am gonna post my progress, starting with the first screenshot of simple, randomly generated, but evenly distributed trees:

There is sooooo much still to work on... but it is a start :-)


This is awesome!

Progress is progress, even if it's slow to come. I know the Jam is nearly over, but I'd love to keep seeing your progress! Also, I know the focus of the screenshot is on the trees, but that mottled ground texture is really drawing my eye too. I love how it breaks up the colors without losing its subtlety. 


Nooow we are getting somewhere:

Submitted I committed it :-)
Not as big of a variety as I had hoped for, but certainly an improvement :-)


I say nice job! Thumbs up! :D

Stoked to see this submission!  Bug me of you want some more models for your project homie <3


That is a really nice offer! What kind of models would you enjoy doing?