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Anybody who wants to play drop me a message: I will gladly run a game if we find three players!

I like the look of the ships.
I have a vague plan to create some steam-punk-joystick setup one day... I always wondered which game might fit that kind of look - and your ships would fit fine! So if you should decide one day to make a full game out of it, I might be interested :-)

If you are looking for some feedback:

1. The used, weathered look of the surfaces is good. If you want to improve that: think where you might want to concentrate grunge, sot, dirt and wear. Perhaps the exhaust or engine is dark from it's own fumes, perhaps the gun-barral is discolored, perhaps there are a few hits by meteors or missiles vissible on the surface.
2. The windows give a great sense of scale on the bigger ships. 3. Consider rendering an Occlusion map in your 3D-program, and bake it onto your existing textures.
4. putting one or two sound-sources on specific (!) locations of your big ships would add a lot of athmosphere. Imagine hearing a dark rumble getting louder when you get near the engines!
5. The thing with the purple "wings"? That is great stuff!
6. I like the fact that there are "themed" design-elements connecting different ships
7. Many of your big ships have places where a small flyer could fly "through". Maybe encurage that (by making those a shortcut, by making them easy to navigate at typical "fighter"-speeds, ect.
8. You have a certain cylinder- or mill-stone-shaped design element on many ships. Consider animating that - perhaps simply by a shader instead of animating it with a script or within your 3d-tool. Same goes for those great purple wings!
9. Can we get a big ship with purple sails? That would be soooo coool!

I am looking forward to it :-)
Your answer did not say if you would like that stuff... So I put it here:
(I would have put it in a private notice... but I think this place does not have private messages... so if anybody else would like to use it: feel free to, but let me know if you want publish :-) )
I fear the game-design notes are in German - but I guess you already have enough ideas for GameDesign and do not need mine :-)
The people are NPCs to give quests and one with a movable arm to explain the interface I planned :-D
(My original concept was a lot about cross-breeding roses - this bit is a different :-) )
Have fun!

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Oh, it took me quite some time to find out how to plant these.
I love it!
Some years ago, I was thinking about a rose-game myself... I experimented with it, as well. I think I might still have some quests and or additional 2D-art... If you are interested and want to expand your game, I can dig these out.

Good choise to name the roses after famous women... I did some research about rose-names back then - and it turned out that most of today's roses have trademarked names, and the companies "owning" these names will be very agressive about them D-:

Please continue making nice algorithmic games like this - you did a great job!

Looks good. I am impressed!
I wonder about the mechanics of the Detail-generation and the stairways.

That is a really nice offer! What kind of models would you enjoy doing?

Impressing graphics. I love the landscape! (And I certainly like hex-based games :-D ) I committed it :-)
Not as big of a variety as I had hoped for, but certainly an improvement :-)

Nooow we are getting somewhere:

@angelbait: Do you have problems getting graphics for the new one?

In the spirrit of 

[...] this isn't a competition! No judging will be happening here! Pick up an old project! Start a new one!

...I am working on an existing project of mine, trying to populate it with trees and plants. Progress has been incredibly slow - mainly because I do (at the moment ) not take an easy solution and any pre-existing Tree-generator or Tree-prefabs, but do code it myself. But even that cannot account for the time I invested up to now :-D

So since I am missing some conversation here, I am gonna post my progress, starting with the first screenshot of simple, randomly generated, but evenly distributed trees:

There is sooooo much still to work on... but it is a start :-)

Looks interesting!
When she was in Scottland, my Sister saw pink(!) sheeps from time to time. A little girl explained to her that those were male sheeps, and the color was used to find out with which female sheeps they mated.

Instead of shooting the sheep, you could be a male sheep making female-sheeps pink - or the other way around. Might make more sense than shooting the sheep :-D

(being a sheperd's dog and trying to turn the sheeps around might also be a nice angle.)

I currently try to distribute lots of nature in an existing game of mine - will find out if that works :-)

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Hi, I would like to continue working on The Longest Walk. I am not aiming to win one of the pizzas, but it might seem unfair if I update the game before winners are anounced.

Should I wait? Simply write it in the description? Or are you and your mother already done with looking at my game?

Also appreciate feedback from the comunity of course: There might be some sort of ettiquete on that I am not yet aware of :-)

Edit: I decided to upload the continuing work as a separate project. Can be found here, if anyone is interested.
Thanks for this nice jam!

*pling*, *pling*, *pling*, *booom* :-)

Nice Grafics!