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It's Springtime! (Well, not quite yet, but it feels like Spring. CLOSE ENOUGH!)

There is nothing quite like expressing the glory and splendor of nature in art. From poetry to novels to paintings, Mother Nature has entranced humankind with her beauty for as long as we've had the capacity to appreciate it. She's just waking up again after Winter, so let's celebrate by creating art in honor of the things that keep the Earth alive!


1. The submission in question must be related to nature in some way. This can be broadly interpreted. Feel free to expand the idea! Just connect it back to nature somehow. 

2. There is no limit to what can be submitted. Art, Writing, Twine-games, Visual Novels, Platformers, you name it, it will be accepted!

3. Content is preferred to be SFW, however NSFW submissions are also accepted. Just properly mark such content. 

4. There's no pressure, because this isn't a competition! No judging will be happening here! Pick up an old project! Start a new one! Finish in an afternoon or finish the day before!

Submissions open March 1st and end on March 31st. Let's get started!

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