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Brainteasing endless runner. Don't lose focus!
Submitted by Charu Tak (@charu_tak), devanshutak25, runvarunrun — 6 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#293.8003.800

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Interesting and fun :)

Check out my game as well!


Nice game. Fairly challenging. Could see this  being a good mobile game.


my review:

5/5 lol

the game is just so innovative and fun. I had so much adrenaline playing your game ;D

it fits really good to the Theme too!

The music, soundeffect and The graphics were just awesome.

I think you could maiby try to publish this game on andoid or IOS it would be a very nice game.

the concept is very nice!

Keep up the great work dude!

would love to get a review too on my game.


Love the music! Also this is one of the best concepts for this game jam that I have seen so far!  Great Job!


By sheer luck I managed a highscore of 6. However, the game is very difficult. I wish that you showed the word on the left (without coloured text) and had to match it to the colour on the right (with wrong colour name). The art and post processing were nice, but the music was a bit repetitive.


Rated! I really liked your game! Unique idea!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Hey, that's a dope game. 

Audio part is great, graphics are very clean, and the gameplay is very innovative to me.  I just don't consider this as a "lie", I mean the game is giving misleading indications to make the player confused, but there are no lies.

Also, I'm not sure but I feel like sometimes I'm losing a life even if I'm passing through the right door because I started to enter in trigger with another path but changed my mind before passing through, which is very frustrating to me haha. Could you double check this point to see if it's the case?

One extra note, very little one: since the gameplay is fast and focused on the keyboard Up/Down, you could also use the keyboard in the main menu to select "play" and press enter to start your game :D That's a little thing, game is still pretty good imo.

Well done, nice one!


A banger soundtrack! Solid gameplay and nice graphics. Messes with your brain quite a lot but I like that.


Definitely one of the better games I played so far. We had something similar in mind based on the mobile game "not not". Maybe you know it, if not give it a try ;)

So, back to your game. The music and sound effects were perfect and also the theme was fulfilled very well. For the other categories your game is also on the better side.

I had to cut a few stars (2) from the game design and fun section because the game was too fast as some others already mentioned. There should be a difficulty curve. The first word is super easy, because you have double the time before the "gates" appear. But for every next word the next gates are already appearing when the last ones just left the screen. You have almost no time to think about the next color and check the gates for the correct one, especially when there are obstacles in the way too.

It would have been really nice if the game would start with a higher time between gates (like start and the first gate) and decreased it by some fixed amount after every CORRECTLY executed gate. Maybe even increased the time a little bit when going through a wrong gate, just to give the player a little more time after they made a mistake. And the obstacles should also only appear after 5 or 10 gates, to help the player understand the game and get used to it.

Right now you are bombarded with gates, and sometimes you can't even react in time. I got lucky and focused really hard and got to a score of 17. But the fast pace from the start demotivates me to keep going. Sorry.

I hope my feedback helps you.


Very great game! I wouldn't have thought about something like this for a "game is a liar" theme and it fits very well! Though, since I'm a little bit colorblind (red/green), some colors look too similar even though I can still see all of them. Green and yellow are WAAYYYY to similar when they are displayed on a screen. If I don't see a clear seam between them, then I don't see the difference. Either that or I'm not the only one thinking those two are too similar.

Apart from that, excellent entry!

If you've got some spare time, come try and rate mine! 7 different endings, a hilarious narrator, worth checking out!


Thanks Mickyelloow, good point about the colourblind thing. Should have had a colourblind-friendly mode for sure!

I checked your game out, really funny stuff! Must have been a lot of work recording all that voice over in such a short time! But it was well worth it in my opinion :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

This game tickled my mind. The highest score I managed was 15 after that I had to stop before my mind exploded. But overall this is a fun and well thought out game, the music is really kool in this one. Truely enjoyed it. My brain is still tickling.

Edit: Forgot to add the image


Thanks for the kind words Kamran! 

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Top notch execution, guys! Requires some serious mental effort to shuffle around the text and color in one's head and overcome the obstacles. Fits the theme perfectly :)

I'd agree that a tutorial level with lower speed would help.


Thanks for your feedback metaLudos.

I really liked the use of narrative in your game btw!


Thanks :)


PERFECT GAME! I rated all 5 Stars. Graphics were nice and simple, Audio wasent annoying and it matches the theme perfectly. 


Thank you very much NotTofuFood!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Really fun idea, I would love a difficulty select or tutorial area to get acclimated to playing it. It's tricky to get good in the moment. Good job overall though, and great presentation :)

Time to rest my brain though.


Thanks for the feedback Mystical_Pidgeon! A difficulty setting would have definitely been a good thing to have.


it's intersting, but speed is too hight for me ^^. 


Thanks for playing our game Kayugames :)

perhaps you will try our entry ? 


Loved it! rate^^

Do consider playing my game too!



Loved your game too! Really cool interpretation of the theme! Rated!!


My brain hurts :D Highest score was 9. It's quite fun to play!


Glad to hear you enjoyed it Tharky :)


a really nice game thats super hard to play!  my best score was 3 xD 


:) thanks for playing thedarkmagi!


Very fun and well executed game and idea. Even though it's hard and frustrating as hell it still is fun! Beautiful graphics and nice audio


Thanks for giving it a try kovalok!

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