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yeah love and cyberpunk!

ok i will answer that ^^. 

thanks !

nice and fun game !

Quel humour ! j'adore. 

merci Billo. tu as pris du niveau de ton coté c'est chouet . j'etait allé voir ce que tu as mis sur ton discord il ya un moment et j'ai trouvé ça trés mature globalement. 

It's ok . no problem Dae. you can use it on your github. 

The licence is CC BY SA , you can use it in your porjects and share. I don't give the project source file.

thx for the feedback and credits. You game seems to be great. 
feel free to contact me for your future projects if needed
some of my work :

great ! very fun and nice universe.

Great moment! thx you . 

Great !

Good to know !
Feel free to post here about your work when you've something to show ^^.

exellent et pleins d'humour. Il me rapelle vraiment ecco the dolphin sur megadrive ausssi . 

J'ai beaucoup aprécié l'écriture . félicitation, j'ai trouvé ça trés maitrisé globalement.

wouaw! quel taff .

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Hi all , 

I'll be happy to join a team for this jam . I'am experienced game-jamer and i work fast ( and try to do my best most of the time^^) . 

Here are Original soundtrack i 've made for indies:

And misc or jam work:

Even if you don't want to work with me i've made 2 scifi cyberpunk packs full of music loops. You can use it freely, i hope it will be usefull for some of your projects:

See you ...

Great !

Awesome work . if you need musics for your next game , just tell me.  I will be happy to help. 

After the succes of the first pack i i found the strenght to publish a brand new pack :

Please comment and credit me if you use it. Even if it's free , there is work behind these asset packs. 10 musics loop for your games in ogg format. Ambiant, combat and events stuff. I think this pack is more suited for RPG / strategy than the first one, but you'll tell me. 

Feel free to send me some link to your games in wich you used these musics.

Enjoy !

Here is a free pack for any sci-fi / cyberpunk mood. 10 musics and ambiances sounds for your games / jams. 

Just comment may page if you use it for support my work .

He we are!  On   Welcome to everybody we hope you like our project.
Huge Enemy is a brand new shooter game made by gamers for gamers with a lot a features and very big bosses! 
Have fun into the Epic adventure, custom your game style, unlock weapons, levels and more bosses in hard mode. 
Do not forget to dodge to avoid to be hit by enemies and bullets ;) 

And most off all, HAVE FUN !

Bon gamedesign et réalisation propre. Un jeu original . 

Quel concept ! terrrrrrible.

On se laisse porter dans ce trip immersif. De belles mecaniques mises en places qui relance toujours l'interet et pousse à continuer. 

Incroyablement bien polishé jusq'au moindre détails, un univers unique. 

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nice !

beaucoup de mécaniques de gamedesign trés interssantes. le jeu est bien pensé pour les plateformes tactiles (mobile devices).
bravo .


Congratulation !
I like very much what you've done . 
it's original and fresh .
perhaps you will try our entry ?

Nice ideas everywhere in the game! Music is great, but it's a really strange choice, didn't really fit with the action. Congrat's to the team.

Minimalistic and clear realisation, i love that ! congrats.

Thx for these feedbacks!
Perhaps you will enjoy more this clavinet-edit of the main ingame theme ? :

I agree . i work with this team , and they are very organised. So it's a comfortable way to work because you know exactly where you going at any time. A real steamroller ^^ .


Nice soundtrack too. follow this guy on soundcloud , it's an advice. 

yeah this is a good idea. and now you have a nice top down engine to work with future projects!

So this is a real good game . bring it to the top man !
All is good in there. i'am so fall into the strange mood . thx for this moment.

Great writting. The concept fit very well with the theme .