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Bon gamedesign et réalisation propre. Un jeu original . 

Quel concept ! terrrrrrible.

On se laisse porter dans ce trip immersif. De belles mecaniques mises en places qui relance toujours l'interet et pousse à continuer. 

Incroyablement bien polishé jusq'au moindre détails, un univers unique. 

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nice !

beaucoup de mécaniques de gamedesign trés interssantes. le jeu est bien pensé pour les plateformes tactiles (mobile devices).
bravo .


Congratulation !
I like very much what you've done . 
it's original and fresh .
perhaps you will try our entry ?

Nice ideas everywhere in the game! Music is great, but it's a really strange choice, didn't really fit with the action. Congrat's to the team.

Minimalistic and clear realisation, i love that ! congrats.

Thx for these feedbacks!
Perhaps you will enjoy more this clavinet-edit of the main ingame theme ? :

I agree . i work with this team , and they are very organised. So it's a comfortable way to work because you know exactly where you going at any time. A real steamroller ^^ .


Nice soundtrack too. follow this guy on soundcloud , it's an advice. 

yeah this is a good idea. and now you have a nice top down engine to work with future projects!

So this is a real good game . bring it to the top man !
All is good in there. i'am so fall into the strange mood . thx for this moment.

Great writting. The concept fit very well with the theme . 

Great audio and visuals . good production. Quality writting. Well done , i was transported in your universe. 

Iike this humour. good concept and writting. Gameplay was a little weerd.

intersting work .

Controls are frustrating, but i love the mood of this game . 

it was weerd but your visuals skills are very good .  congrats!

It was a good time, playing your game. Visuals are great !

it's intersting, but speed is too hight for me ^^. 

Good visuals !

it was fun !

Great concept / even if don't get it at first. need a tutorial , i guess ^^.

i recommand to get some free sounds over the internet and modify it with Audacity to match with waht she want . export in ogg format is good choise. 

aramosg, i'am already with 2 teams , i 'am afraid 3 teams  will be too hard for me ^^. sorry . ask your composer to make sounds perhaps? 
anyway , good luck for the jam !

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Your work is awesome ! i'am in ^^. 
I think Joygamer has find another musician because i have no news from him.
In any case i'am ok to work on 2 different projects. 
see you !  

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Visuals are great !
The game concept is smart but very fustrating for me... good for superplayer i guess^^

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yes for sure !
i've seen your game on your page . it's really impressive . you've done it alone ?
visuals are really unique and nice, gameplay is clear . awesome realisation. 
i just create a discord we can use for the jam :

Hey . I'am looking for a team for this jam . I've made some soundtracks for indies : ( many moods/styles)
misc works on soundcloud :

I know how to work with a team, and along a jam.
(optionnal) : i can also make some sound design if needed, i've made all audio on this game:

Un jeu parfait !

Drôle, court, plein de bonnes idées. Je suis fan !

I've worked on severals projects until there  for exemple:
other OST for indies :

Just tell me if you need some original tracks for your porject, i'am pretty open to partnership

Also i would like to add some new music packs to itch; but lack of time , you know ^^...

Anyway, iI wish you luck, courage et fun , making your games!

Eeally good execution!
i've enjoy my ride . 

Play Hyperdrive Hazard

The concept is : a game feeting to a soundtrack.

Really fast , semi-controlled, stoboscopic action .
it's a 2"35 minutes game , playable in browser , so you d'ont have any excuses to not try the experience.

Hope you'll enjoy !

Bon concept, jeu trés fun !
La réalisation est excellente . 

thx! exactly what i want to give to the player : intensity^^. 

Visual and general update : Done . Waiting for the next jump^^.