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Le concept est trés prennant. c'est assurément une trés bonne base pour un bon jeu !
Je suis impatient de dĂ©couvrir la suite . 

Go to your "purchases" section and clic the download button. not the one with the price on it ^^. 
if you don't have a itch.io account send me an email (contact at kayugames.com).

Using itch client will be more simple. 

Rob'n Run community » Alpha acces · Created a new topic Alpha0.13

This is the first Early Acces version. 

what's inside :

  • 5 worlds, contain 8 levles each
  • world map
  • online leaderboard
  • lot of work and some love
  • PC 64 bit compatible

What's not inside:

  • worlds 6,7,8
  • local leaderboard
  • options menu
  • endgame scene

Where goes my money ?

You bought the Early acces , so you will get:

  • All futures updates
  • Full game at release
  • OST at release
  • A pass to the gamer paradise, and eternal gratitude

First funds will be used to

  • Put the game on steam
  • Create the company
  • Hire decent server for leadeboards
  • Move to the game conventions and do the game promotion

Feel free to write something here about this version. You can also report bugs, make feedbacks or requests in the matching topic. 

Rob'n Run community » The game · Created a new topic Leaderboards
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The Alpha TOP 100


Demo TOP 100


ambiance +++ trĂ©s cool . bon concept , mais la nuit n'as pas d'autre utilitĂ© que de gĂȘner le joueur et je n'ai pas trouvĂ© que c’était une bonne idĂ©e. 

j'ai adorĂ© le concept et le gameplay . point negatif : au niveau de la balle malus qui traverse tout et rends le jeu frustrant. 

réalisation trés propre. j'ai bien aimé la musique faites maison. le jeu est agréable à prendre en main et fun . Bravo!

simple, efficace . j'ai bien aimĂ© . 

il y a un gros travail a faire sur les commandes à simplifier et la physique des objets qui rends fou , mais j'ai adoré le concept.

simple et efficace.

Réalisation trÚs propre, concept accrocheur dans ce jeu de mémoire hanté ^^. on ne se fait rapidement aux commandes qui sont un peu surprenantes au debut .

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Bon concept que tu as eu du mal a maitriser car les approximations de collisions donnent beaucoup trop de frustration quand on lache les cube/piĂšces sans le vouloir. J'ai apprĂ©ciĂ© l'univers et la prise de risque. 

Trés bonne ambiance et concept . légÚrement trop sadique ^^. bravo pour le coté technique.


gamesidestory review! great !

exellent! bonne idée la lumiere pour pouvoir shooter les enemis.


nice interview.

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I like the way our game make youtubers fustrated, then satisfied ^^.

Also lets take a look at the Almondschoice's channel . it's fresh and fun !


We enjoy a lot your vidéo and we've share it on social networks. Thx to you .
your chanel was a discovery and we now whatching what you'll done in the furture.

ho and the last gold pouch can be grabded, i swear .^^

Resmosys, Xor, Squale, Anata and others have entered the leaderboard while the challenge has run. That was a cool experience and we do it again soon.We've used https://multistre.am/ to share multistream, it work perfectly well .

Updated leader board is now :

See you while the next challenge!

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Hi all,

We're proud to introduce Rob'n Run demo . This a one screen platformer in wich the caracter can cross the edges of the screen to reach the opposite side and avoid dangers . Pick all the gold with the best time to reach the online leader board .
Download the game and practice to be ready for wednesday challenges.


"you must try this, but a can't grant this is good enought"
the baker

"This game is the only thing my son has succeeded in his life"

"retweeted by indie game bot "

Fell free to comment and give us your opinion to help us making this game better!

Pour fĂȘter la sortie de la dĂ©mo de Ron'n Run nous vous invitons Ă  dĂ©fier les autres joueurs pour accĂ©der au top 10 du tableau des scores.

Les joueurs pourrons s'entrainer avec la démo jusqu'au mercredi 12 avril.
Nous organisons un Ă©vĂšnement ce soir lĂ  Ă  21h00 ou les gagnants pourrons remporter des prix. Nous rapellons que pour acceder au tableau des score il faut ramasser toutes les bourses dans chaque niveau.

Created a new topic Wednesday Challenges
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While launching the demo Of Rob'n Run we invite you to challenge others players to reach the TOP 10 of the leaderboard.

Player can download and play the demo and train until Wednesday, April 12th.
This day we will organize an event at 6PM . the winners will be able to win prizes!

Special thx to :
Evil Window Dog
pixel perfact camera Asset: Assetstore.unity3d.com

Missing 'app.info' in Data folder .

this is the error message when launch the HDTD Windows.exe

what is missing in our game we have planed, but not done:

- more levels ( actualy only 2...)

- speedrun timer

- stats screen at the end of a level ( score, time ...)


Thx to the team it was great expérience and long live to the

Weekend Crazy Jam 2


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erf we have submit at -4 second. can we have some god hand help?


je suis scandalisĂ©, ce jeux n'est aux normes d’accessibilitĂ©s! je n'arrive pas monter au delĂ  des premiers escaliers. c'est une honte ! (joke)

exellent! le gameplay est original.