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Wahoo 17/20 dinner guests!

I really enjoyed your interpretation of the theme. It was really original :)

Would have loved a little music and sound effects :)

Great work!

Well that was really really weird! Very innovative, I liked it :) Definitely utilized the theme really well!

Well that was actually really fun. Great work producing this during the jam. I personally found the music quite good and went well with the game play and art style. Real pity about the bug, also no pausing while shopping is a little rough :) I enjoyed the barrier tower, nice addition.

I think you  did a really awesome job here!

Interesting use of the theme. The graphics were cute. I noticed that sometimes your projects wouldn't kill things when they were close by, it always seemed to work when they were further away. Overall I liked this one. Great job with the game jam!

This is an impressive amount of content for a 1 week game jam. I appreciated the simple art style of the characters an enemies. I think it is an interesting take on the theme. I got quite far before the enemies started spawning. Watchtowers were good until the dogs came out.

I grasped the concept quite easily, but an RTS is risky business for a game jam :) I really like that its not another platformer. You could make the UI more minimalistic without sacrificing any information and maybe show the tutorials with pictures of the buildings. 

Really enjoyed your art! Music was decent, and I liked how the houses popped off when you hovered over them :)

Awesome! I'll try tune in :)


Hey I'm about to go for a walk but I'll tune in when I get back :)

Awesome, I'll try tune in.
here's mine:

Loved the art!

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Thanks for making this game! :) Interesting use of the theme. I think that the controls changing can be a bit frustrating of a mechanic at times.

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Nice work! I didn't notice the theme though. I died to the boss a few times before realizing there were other battles

I enjoyed your game :) I got stuck at the level in the screenshot, I was trying to not get any of the coins or kill any enemies but I couldn't figure out how to not get that 1 coin (the one when you're at the bottom and need to jump towards the red enemy) :O


The art style as really cool. How did you implement it? Some sort of edge detection algorithm maybe? Very cool. The music at the start is very soft, so I turned it up and that coin sound was soooo loud! The controls for the camera are very slow.

Great job making this game for the jam! The choices were a little confusing :)

Lots of features :) Nice work on the game jam! I didn't feel the theme too much and some background music would be nice but other than that solid work man!

Thank you!

You definitely need to do the training first! :)I think a few more levels would be awesome! Nice work on the game! 

I made it to the end and got all 3 keys! :)

Entering text seemed super glitchy, I had to press escape for my curser to appear and then I could click on the box and type :)

Thanks for making this game! It was a huge laugh, enjoyed your jokes during the narration.

The character was really cute! Thanks for making this game, you did a great job! :) There seem to be a few bugs, the hearts didn't seem to disappear?
Thanks :D

Thanks :)


Nice work! I didn't get tooo far as every time I died it took me a while to get back to where I last died. I think the theme was embraced quite nicely, I really liked how the underwire of the game looked through the search mechanic, like an editor of some sort.

I didn't realize the search had a cooldown until trying to figure out why there was this bar at the top of the screen. If you hold the mouse button it ignores the cooldown :)

If you hold the mouse button the search area never disappears and you don't have to worry about the cooldown, this helps a bunch though probably not intended :)

I really loved your game! The ambiance is awesome, the music is on point and the loud and sharp sounds are jarring. Lighting was really nice as well! I haven't gotten to the end yet. I will have another bash tomorrow :)

I fell through the game world twice ^_^

One was when I walked towards the doll house and the other was when I transitioned to the third level, had the gun but was outside the level.

hehe Lucky for you there is a windows download already on the game page :D

Thanks for the awesome review!

Will take a look at your game as well! :) Nice work making a youtube video as well!

Got this one on my too play list. The art style looks so cool man!

Here you go! :)

Will of course take a look at yours too :)

Very interesting and unique art style!
I didn't realize you could fight until I got to the boss, Kinda just ran past all the enemies :D

Though I destroyed that boss while he attempted to eat the wall!

Oooh I like it! You guys did an awesome job. There's something to be learnt here about producing a short polished game. I like the play on words in the name, very clever! I like all the little tricks. I must say I fell for the bridge one but none of the others :) Music is well done. Art is lovely, the faces in the trees are cute. Following you guys, excited to see what you produce in the future! :)

Haha thanks for playing! Glad you found the shirt, it can get pretty cold out there :O

I hadn't really tested the webplayer build much and have noticed the camera can be a bit finicky. I wish you luck in getting past day 1 :) As a small hint, once the timer reaches zero you can enter the house, it's the only way to get the spiders off of you (The "shake it off" feature got discontinued)

Thanks for playing my game man!

You should consider editing your post to include a link to your game to make it easy for people to play as well :)

Ok cool! I'll give it another bash :)

Thanks a bunch! Of course I will check yours out as well!

Ooooh that tempted me to try again