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Really nice! Really embraces the theme as well, utter chaos! I think maybe the life bar could go down a little slower, took me a while to figure out that was killing me haha. Anyway, amazing you pulled this off in 1 week. Game looks stunning

Love the visuals! Some clean dynamics with with the light, fear bar and health. I think some instructions in the game (knowing you have to put the light down to attack) would be super helpful! Great job!

Very nice! Liked the idea of using parts of the space ships as weapons. Would be cool to have some sort of disadvantage to using the same part for too long

Great game! Really nice work, ended in a draw haha

I liked it! Lightning spell was amazing. The play menu was great! Great Job!

Thanks for making this game!

Great job!

Great fun! Got stuck on a rock for a while but after that those Zombies didn't stand a chance!

Nailed it

Nice work! Especially with that intro :) Would love to see some particle effects and background music :)

We loved your game! Really enjoyed the take on the theme :) we thought the white coffee was empty at first hahaha, spam clicking wondering why nothing is happening. Really good work

Good job making this game! Would be cool to have some more diverse movement from enemies (instead of running right at you :))

Had to come check this out after you wrote such a nice comment on my game :)

I spent most of the time trying to figure out how to edit the HTML to get free infinite score ;) Deleting the character worked but then I could never end the game hahaha. Nicely made using just JS

Oooh that's such a nice comment! Thank you so much :)
Glad you enjoyed, the tunnel was meant to feel a bit trippy with distance being a bit tough to tell to tie in with the theme, though definitely a fine balance between that and frustrating gameplay haha. I'm also really happy with how the breaths came out, we were thinking of making movement available in 2 dimensions but the simplicity of left and right won out in the end.

Really nice! Clean and polished and fun! The corners are the worst, kept juuuuust touching them

Thanks for making this game! I couldn't quite figure out the controls to make the second player shoot, adding in a controls page would be super helpful (even though it is more chaotic without) :)

Oooh looking forward to this one, looks super interesting

Thanks for making this game!! Those damn meteors -_-

Haha, I enjoyed all the little features you added like the files box moving around the screen xD Nice work!

You made this in Scratch? Haha that's impressive :) The shooting felt way better than the melee weapons. Thanks for making this game!! You did a great job

Haha I actually had this one open to play already, really enjoyed it

Ahh I played and rated this one already :) Though looks like I forgot to comment

haha before I made the game end I would reach the end and just swish my character around in space for a while, was quite soothing

Awwwww yeah!! Thanks for playing

Thanks! 100% agree, if I had a few more days would have focused on polishing the game with lighting and tidying up the graphics.

Yay! One of our team members made all the music and sound effects :) I really enjoyed both the menu and game music as well. I tried to make music myself in a previous Jam and didn't come out so good

Nailed it! Well I think I at least made one tent, not sure what the blue thing was for hahaha. Love these kinds of games for game jams, very original! Liked the main menu :) Would have been cool if the music continued into the game as well.

Nailed it! Definitely fits the theme ;)

Nice game! I really liked the concept of pieces of your character being left and used during your next attempt. The Jump felt a little delayed, was that intentional? And the tutorials were barely visible on my screen, might help to add controls to the game page :)

Oh very nice! One of my favorites so far. Loved the potion mechanics, spiraled out of control very quickly. Took me shamelessly long to realize you could double jump. I thought my jump height was bugged and was spamming w and the up arrow at the same time to get extra height hahaha

Finished all the games on my last thread, send me some more to play and rate.

Here's mine:

Great game jam game! Loved the atmosphere and colors! Throwing the weapon was a nice touch!

Very much CHAOTIC! My brain just struggles trying to flip the controls around hah, the top right controls definitely helps. Artwork was very nice :)

Thanks for making this game!

Thanks for making the game! I can see heavily inspired by Overcooked! Got my brains eaten a bunch of times. One thing that would be useful would be to combine the "E" and "F" keys, I kept pressing E by mistake when I needed to combine

Liked the graphics and particle effects! Some sound defs would have helped the immersion. Thanks for making this game!

hahaha that was amazing!

Thanks for making this great game! Managed to get through to the end on my second try :) Bomb defused!

Thanks for making this great game! Managed to get through to the end on my second try :) Bomb defused!

Love the graphics and feel! Art is really great, especially the monster chasing you and when you die from the monster. The game felt a little tough when starting and every time you die you have to replay the whole intro again which was a little rough.

Thanks for making this game!