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I did have a controller plugged in so I guess that makes sense. How do you detect in Unity that a player has a controller plugged in? I've seen some games switch between suggestions based on the last used input.

Hey, I enjoyed your artwork! I didn't get very far. Not sure if I missed the section with the controls but seemed I needed to use a controller (hints bottom of screen) but the pause menu button and the spray water button were both bound to the same key so every time I tried to spray water or  retract arm by the tree it would pause the game.

I liked the tree models. I was also stuck in the bottom right hand corner after I clicked "go fullscreen"

They executed you. The end. Restart

Very cute. I figured you could skip the wind by moving the mouse really fast left from the match box and it would stay alight hehe.

Some audio would have been great. Overall I really enjoyed the various puzzles and finished the game :)

Nice game Jam. Good work!!

I enjoyed the sounds and the camera angle as well as the battery concept and the overheating

I would have liked to see a different effect for when you shoot without battery. At first I thought it was a bug and I could just shoot as much as I liked. It would have been cool if the difficult progressed a lot faster and there was a score.

Looked interesting. I couldn't figure out how to get anything but the hammer material. Scouting didn't scout the fog which seems a bit strange.I overworked all my people to death.. Those lazy buggers couldn't even get wood.

Music went well with the game. Sound effects and particle effects when hitting the mines would have been a nice touch. Graphics are good. Would have liked to see some sort of win screen :) Was a tad too easy as well but a nice experience. Good work with this jam!

Nice work. A few more levels would have been a nice touch :) It was smooth and simple. 

Was a fun game. Made it to day 100 but I didn't win. Opponent started spamming tanks -_-. Almost had him though. Would have loved a bar showing when the cannon was ready. + auto aim homing rockets :P

I enjoyed the sheep sounds. Cute how they were all different. I got stuck in the bottom left and had to retry. Not sure if i'm missing something but some ledges seem impossible to get up :)

I enjoyed it :) Got to 50 coins! It started to get really hard though with those little iron enemies. I like the sound effects, were they home brewed? pew pew pew

The bus and the bridge looked very cool. Good thing he didn't take the bus to school.. Also school might be canceled. Cute little game!

Very funny :D

That was really awesome! We played for ages! It was lots of fun. I loved how difficult the controls were. Had us laughing like crazy. Had to stop playing was laughing so hard. OMG the pans are a red herring <SPOILER> The only way to get anywhere is to abuse the knife. The cookbook was really well implemented.


Interesting concept. Got to the dollar question. How do I submit it? ^_^

Enjoyed the creativity!

Very cool. I can tell a lot of work went into this. Enjoyed the music and sound effects. The game plays smoothly and there's a large number of different platformer mechanics. Really well done man. Art style was trippy! 

Enjoyed the art and music.

got to 60 stars left! Those snails are so mean because they push you in the air and the run under you and gang up on you.

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Music was good and suited the game. Got stuck on level 2 with the big water ^_^ 

Jumping in mid air was a fun discovery

Very cute. I liked the intro screen. Fire eyes and broken heart.

I enjoyed the story as well. "WTF" :_) Why is Hooman growing poison mushrooms though? Hasn't cleaned basement in a while?

Nailed it.

Very cute!! Jumping got a bit repetitive quickly. It could have gotten faster a little quicker :) I Liked the environment around the hamsters. Gave it a nice ambiance

Got stuck on floor 9. Girlfriend was the mouse. I was the keyboard. Lots of fun.

Holy Pizza that was crazy! Was quite fun but really struggled with the potholes. I liked that the cart was like a massive weight which would sway you in different direction. I wasn't able to finish it :(