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Hehe I managed to Win and GameOver at the same time. Really cute art style. Love the background. Prob should have removed Z axis movement as it wasn't required. You can do some crazy long jumps holding space and right :) Nice work!

Really cute!

Controls are a bit Janky, artstyle is super CUTE. Great work!

Thanks for making this game for the jam! Some controls and a how to play would defs be nice even just in text :)

That was one sad frog. Really nice work!

Unfortunately I could only move down and to the right. I am not too sure why, always ended up in a corner

I was warped back to the overworld!

Nice work making this game!

Really nice work! Loved the hand drawn art style and animations :) Gameplay was really cute

I managed to break it by getting stuck on the corner xD I managed to get some catnip :) Nice work

Oh Nice! I honestly prefer Unity, though I'm pretty sure a lot of the issues we ran into were due to using an alpha version haha. This was my first time trying Godot, nice to do something different

Yeah true, this is usually what I do with bigger game jams to refine what to play and get above 20 required reviews at the same time. Yeah defs no requirements on the actual rating hahaha


Surprised I haven't seen any of these threads yet. You play and rate my game and I'll do the same for yours! Though I'll prob end up playing everyone's over the week

Includes windows and mac builds (unfortunately GODOT 4.0 didn't build to webgl)

Post your game in the comments :)

Thanks I will take a look at yours as well :)

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Haha PS13 has a super immersive experience. Also the blood rain was super creepy. I ended up getting stuck in the infinite rooms, where you can choose from 4 doors (including the one you came from)

Really nice work!

Interesting take on minesweeper


ooh, started playing but realized I'd like to wait to play this one with my partner. Immediately engaging, well written

Nice work!

Cute! Good job making this game

Nice work! Enjoyed it :) I only found one small bug. clicking e to open a door often closes it as well immediately before you can walk through.

Really enjoyed the mechanic and use of the theme! art is nice and clean as well! the mouse movement felt very slow for me in the browser version. I had to move back and forth a few times.

Great job making this game! Interesting how you can check which enemies are real and which aren't. Controls felt a little bit janky when fighting enemies :)

Ahh there is audio when getting damaged, though I think the music is maybe a bit too loud and drowns it out

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The third (and final) level is a bit of a cheek, the paths that show double pathed are actually single pathed. I realize this is way too challenging now xD (there is a hint with the actual path in the game description)

Really impressed that you pulled this together in one week. This aesthetic is really cool, feels like an old PC. I like how everything is useful, gave some escape room vibes. I had to use the walkthrough as I couldn't make out the stars on the sticky note (and I was a bit dumb hah)

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oh that's so weird, can you try full screen and then click once on the Window? I also had to disable Vimium (browser extention) on my side to play the webgl builds otherwise my controls didnt work 

Ahh this one is not browser based. I will play it tomorrow, just need to setup the sandbox environment for .exe games

Thank you! I'm doing non-browser based games tomorrow and will plays yours then as well :)

Hey there! The idea is that the game shows you a path that then disappears and is replaced with a fake path, you need to still follow the real path to get to the end of each level. If you die, you are shown the path again :)

Hello! Got a few hours to play some of the games, prefer browser based for tonight, will setup the sandbox and do DL games maybe tomorrow. I will comment and rate any games below :)
Here's mine so we can exchange ratings/comments: Thanks! :)

Good fun! :)


I made it!

Fun little game, like the art style and sound quite a bit. gameplay was interesting and good use of the theme. Overall really nice work!

Really nice! Really embraces the theme as well, utter chaos! I think maybe the life bar could go down a little slower, took me a while to figure out that was killing me haha. Anyway, amazing you pulled this off in 1 week. Game looks stunning

Love the visuals! Some clean dynamics with with the light, fear bar and health. I think some instructions in the game (knowing you have to put the light down to attack) would be super helpful! Great job!

Very nice! Liked the idea of using parts of the space ships as weapons. Would be cool to have some sort of disadvantage to using the same part for too long

Great game! Really nice work, ended in a draw haha

I liked it! Lightning spell was amazing. The play menu was great! Great Job!