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This a is a simple fortune teller like app which tells what 2 people are, it does this based on the letters in both names. The given answer is going to be one of the following: 






Secret Admirers 

The idea of the app/game system isn't mine I just thought it would be cool to create a digital version of the game that my classmates played back in school.


We need a writer to join our team even though you say free will pay if you want more details you can contact me here:  Red Alpha#5609

Revamped my old design, will be building soon in godot then flutter

just did

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Are you still available

Red Alpha#5609

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Project name: Fannoying

Searching for : 2D Vector Artist

Project description: Submitting to a game jam I've been working on it for a while, but thought this game will be better if I had an artist on board. Initially the game was not going to be submitted in a game jam but a universal game jam was being hosted so I am using that as a deadline and to get playtests and feedback. The game is a 2D multiplayer up to 10 players in which you and your friends play a bunch of annoying mini games to see who gets  the highest score. 

Job to do: Create game art and animations

Payment: None, but if there's revenue then it will be shared 

Contact: Discord: Red Alpha#5609

Thanks alot 

One part of the game is done but still barebones :

Much more to come

First big project!

Still lots of work though

Hey i am looking for someone who can do vector art and simple animations for a project for free.

If you're interested you can contact me here:

My Discord: Red Alpha#5609

Hey i am looking for an artist to work on a game/games so to say my and limited color palette is very much okay discord: Red Alpha#5609 if you're interested and want more detail

Just played your game bro congrats on finishing it and great work i just found it to be hard though but nice work

That's great man send a link to my discord when you're done

Thanks bro really appreciate 

Wow really great game,  nice music and amazing animations well done

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About if you make your game playable with only one button 

You too!

Hey looking for help in the wild godot game jam starting tomorrow only 2 members on the team right now an artist and programmer looking for music and Sound composer 

By the way been trying your email but didn't respond 

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Hey thanks for the help man but we already have someone now but thanks, but I'll refer to you next time again thanks 

Hey heres my discord RedAlphaStudios#5609

Have an idea for a game to make already have 2 joined today and we need a music composer 

Note: Just asking for help not paying thank you

I think it's okay to interpret it in anyway as long as its relates to the theme

Okay cool no prob

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Hey I would really need some checked out your tracks really nice 

Thanks so much I really appreciate 

Thanks alot  I appreciate and I'll do something to improve the sound and music

The controls were a bit hard but cool concept and I know the game can be alot better 

Mind checking out my game

I read most of your review and comments and i've taken them into consideration 

Bug fixes:

-Added Game Pad Support( Shoot Up = R2,  Shoot Left Or Right Depending On Direction Youre Facing = L2)

-Changed Player Sprite To Show Visually Were You're Facing

-Fix Scene Switching Bug

-Fix Spark Bug

-Can Now Close And Open The Power Menu With The Same Button 

-FIxed Closing Game Glitch When Projectile Hits The Bottom Platform

-Show Some Info On What To Do At The Begining Of The Game

-Changed The Control Layout


1)You can Practice controls and The Game If You Go To:

Help > Controls

You'll be able to play without dying and get to know the Controls

2)Each Power Up Has A Video In The Help Section Just To Help You Understand What They Do

3)If You're Having Bad Perfomance, Lag Or Just Want To Smooth Up The Game Go To:

Settings>The Paint Brush Icon

Thanks For Helping Improve The Game I  Would  Like If You  Re Rated The Game Based On Update:

If Any One Else Has Made Game Improvements Don't Be Shy Post Your Link And I Will Re Rate Your Game  Thanks

Okay thanks will definitely add game pad support

Okay thanks for the feedback will make improvements

Game seems alright but needs alot of improvement but nice to see pinball i almost forgot about it 

Check out mine when you can

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Cool game and nice graphics 

Check out mine when you can

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Cool game and nice remake 

Check out mine when you can

really nice and funny game love the voices. That astronout is kinda distracting but great game

check out mine when you can