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Share Your Progress! Sticky

A topic by Second Dimension Games created Dec 17, 2020 Views: 1,933 Replies: 106
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Welcome back for 2021!  This is  the traditional sticky thread to share your progress throughout the jam.  You can also use the hashtag #FFSjam on Twitter, or share in the Progress channel of the jam Discord (invite link is HERE). Feel free to post screenshots and videos of your progress once you get going, or even post what you have now as a starting point. If you're not sure how to host music, videos or images then you some starting ideas are:  YouTube for videos, Imgur for pictures and SoundCloud for audio.


Hello, I have teamed up with speak23 for this game jam. Both of us are intermediate python coders who use pygame library. I will make the art, but we need a good music producer for the game we will be  making. Anyone who is interested please reply. Good luck to everyone! 

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Hello everyone,

this will be my first jam.   I always have a lot of game ideas I never finish . I recently started to work on a card game and I hope this jam keeps me motivated to at least implement an early prototype.

This is what it looks like so far:

Good luck to everyone and  happy holidays!

Deleted 83 days ago

if you want to get into games with at least 2d graphics, i would suggest a public game engine, such as Unity. Unity is a good game engine for people of all ranges of skill, while also having options for 3d or 2d games, which can be built as a downloadable, or an embed for a website. depending on your creativity and skill when it comes to C#, you can make games using Soft-body physics, Rigid-body physics, gravity, VR, and with enough effort, Non-Euclidean games. if you dont know what that means, then i would suggest this video by CodeParade


@Sarainia Thank you soo much! I'm struggling so hard with the graphics, because I'm a dev, not a graphic genious...I don't get much feedback on apps/websites either, but I think the most important thing is, that you have fun while coding/creating and learn something new every day :) So keep it up!

@DiamondGames2020 For me, personally, unity was too much as a beginner. I'm a web developer and all the tools and UI were too complicated to concentrate on my game itself. I recommend simple HTML+Javascript+CSS for a total beginner. Maybe in combination with PhaserJS.


Yeah, i get that. when i first started it was a little overwhelming, but i also had tutorials on youtube to help me with that.


wowie so cool


I remember a while ago there was a jam that had the theme multiple genres and it had the theme multiple genres and I had the idea that I could make a game that is a mix between a typing game and a topdown shooter where you have to press a random button on the keyboard to shoot but I missed it so I made the game a little bit and then I stopped because I found a bug. But then this years mix and jam had the same theme but I was doing game off so I wasn't able to do it. So im going to make that game for this jam and found some good tools including the ones here, and ive started remaking the game. I hope im able to make it better this time.


My origin prototype got released in december of 2018 with the motivation "wanting to get it released before 2019 starts", to be exact also with reference to christmas, so I guess the date got fixed for 23.12.2018 there. Later I've started 2 additional versions, fused them and designed more features within each of them (still wasn't suiting as I was expecting them, so I combined a third version with both of them and it's approx. similar to what I was planning to share). It's about groceries, farming, animals.

The first game's type were some type of supermarket and funny roles for players like "cashier" / "restock manager" / "security guard" / etc. wit drag&drop-attributes, while this thought got combined with the suggestion of urban-exploring, which got inspired by a pal.

So I've kept on coding and my first game got released (first platform stopped supporting webgames, second one replied that my game being too textbased, a third one didn't reply and a fourth one was even more graphical-based), my game will get some sequels as file-uploads while even including parts that I like in movies: timeloops. Anything that sounds surreal and looks cool as effects, just texting those lines than scripting them visually.

The latest release being also published about xmas and end of 2020, while in that case especially on a date that refers to the guy which inspired me to include urbex-parts. I'm also planning at least one sequel with references to its origin game, while another suggestion came in mind: coding a game about pollution and litter, getting rid of waste and featuring minimalism.

Probably if this jam exists for 2022, maybe my sequel getting published or I'm still on re-designing it for the perfect shape, banner or title.

If I'm planning a game, it's possibly first the coding and if every path could be reached, also expecting the player either clicking any inch or just spotting the right moment. Titles getting adding when completing my game, same for the banner & just the description/control-keys staying similar there.


I am currently working on a sudoku game, and here is a screenshot for the fifth level of this game. And I would like to share this game's demo through this jam. Thanks, much love for you all.


Hello everyone! i really like the idea of this jam. I will be finishing a game I started for another game jam that lasted about 12 days. The game is in a prototype state but needs lots of work. Its playable in its current state.

I will try to do some character animations but I might be looking for a musican who can do some lo-fi game show sounding music.


sounds great

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I plan on finishing up my game "out of my mind" I made for the GTMK Jam, which was extremely rushed and I made it  5 months ago when I was pretty new to game dev.

I just checked my project files, and I'm having second thoughts about continuing, and instead choosing a different more recent projects. I don't really like the mechanics of that game and any new ideas I have don't relate to that game besides aesthetics. Maybe I might come up with something before the jam starts. Hopefully...


I have made some progress since the jam began, I made the basic movement, although it's not complete yet. I also made a tileset for the game, but as you can see I made a few errors on the road pieces.


I really like this art style!


I just want say, I over scoped. So originally the game was gonna be a wave shooter, but I had the "epic" idea to make into a roguelike. I have never made a roguelike before, so I ended up spending most of my time learning instead of making. I recently joined the BlackThornProd Jam, and I went for my original idea of wave shooter and it's turning out so much better. I'm gonna probably gonna keep working later on the roguelike I'm making, but only as a learning project instead.


This is my first game jam and it seemed to fit me perfectly. I've always had problems finishing what i started. I recently started a game where you build civilisations on small planets. You start on one planet and after a while, you can expand to the next. I don't have the whole idea yet but i have my hopes up. I've been a part-time game developer for over one year now, and my skills are not that good, so I don't think one month is enough to finish the first version.

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I remember hearing  once that, if your MVP(Minimal viable product) can't be finished in a month, you're probably doing it wrong(Believe it was a Youtube channel called "Extra Credits"). Working on graphics, or expanding mechanics, or adding music, etc. It's okay if you don't want to release your game without polish or nice a nice art style or such. But it's important that you get a jist of your scope, and can see your core machanics in action, before anything else. It's even okay to decide at that point that you don't like your game at that point, because you will have learned something, and gained new skills from the experience. Fail faster, and you will see improvement.


I'm learning working on Deepnight's gamebase and Pixel Frog's Pixel Adventure to recreate a puzzle game very much similar to the demo in his Itch page.
Can I submit it or it's too derivative?


I think if you make all that clear then there's no issue. It's fine to use this jam as a learning experience. The rules are some of the most relaxed around,  to help people at all different levels and stages in their process 


First big project!

Still lots of work though


Really like the colors and the    simplicity!

Thanks alot 


I'm gonna be trying to make something out of my FPS Prototype  I already have a downloadable version that I made before finding out about this jam:


Im trying to make a 2D game, not much progress so far so there is no point in adding a photo

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Hello all!

  • Last year I challenged myself to release my first game on Steam in 1 year, and I did it yay!
  • For this jam my goal is to finish a PROTOTYPE of my 2021 project game!  I will also release this game on Steam by December :D
    • It was such an awesome learning experience, so I want to do it again and make an even better game!
    • It is a more ambitious idea than my first game, but I think I've gotten the skills to do it now.
    • Check out my YouTube where I post Devlogs about making my games:
  • New Game is named HEATSEED!
    • This will be a Farming-RPG set in a magical world where there are Heatseeds that power steam engines :D (Think  more simple Stardew+Magic+Steampower)

Yo Bro, your Super Neat Cat game looks great man, and also all your devlogs are inspiring!  Looking forward to your prototype!


Gonna be working on making a vertical slice demo for my roguelike Runelite!  Currently its missing some systems such as character progression, some things are too generic such as equipment, and I'd like to add a boss to end it with too. 


Looks cool!

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sadly I've  only got the idea so there's not much to show

Hope you're still at it. Whether or not your idea turns out well, I hope you learn from it and grow!

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I'm trying to finish the unity tutorials to be able to code for a downscroller adventure game. I'm hoping that I can get it in time. It's not my first jam, but it IS my first time coding with C# hence the tutorial training.  My main goal is to get it mostly done by February. Once college is over next year, I'm going back for a programming degree to help with learning coding for professional use... God-willing!


One of the problems I'm facing is deciding which game to finish! I actually have it down to 2. One of them you use arrows to complete levels, and the other is also a NES-inspired platformer, but you're unable to jump or fall from heights. However you're able to summon blocks to help you get around.


Go with the blocks one bro! That seems like an interesting mechanic!  Looking forward to reviewing your games!


One part of the game is done but still barebones :

Much more to come


I'm going for a puzzle / logic type game, themed around a detective environment. It will be based on the game 'Chocolate fix' by Thinkfun.

Do you remember me?

Hi :)



I'm submitting a game I started as an entry to a previous 'A Game By Its Cover Jam' . It's called GoD:ARENA, you can play the original prototype on my page here. After a pretty long break to work on other stuff, I just started development again. The most current prototype is up at; it has better movement, but no plants. 

My next steps are to put the plants back in and make some enemies. Once that's done, I'll update the version here with those improvements.

I post updates to instagram fairly frequently, follow me @bunnybreaker if you want to see development as it happens.


Might be picking up the project and making a finished start


hi! i'm making a little coming-of-age(ish) kinetic novel called "always & forever"l :)
there's not much to talk about gameplay-wise, but i still hope it 
can impact someone in some nice way.
i'm trying to make it all by myself (the full game would have original music, art, writing, etcetc - all, ideally, made by me) so it's a bit exhausting and hard to work on, but i'm hoping i can get to finish a demo for the deadline~!
this is both my first game AND game jam, so i'll see how it goes! thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. ; v ;
i hope all of us can have a good time.♡


Hello everyone!)

This is my first game jam and I decided to share the progress of my 2d game, which I started making 2.5 weeks ago.

The goal of the game is very simple-collect as many gifts as possible. A weapon drops out of each gift. There are still enemies that hinder you

Please play and rate :)

P. S I have a Telegram channel(DevLog) , but the posts in it are in Russian


Happy New Year!

In this jam I want to release a mini game that I've started making last year but I'd left it for long time. This is something like memory game being originated from a continuous performance task called N-back task. Its main part is already done so I'll add title scene, tutorials, another mode, and so on.


I already had a looong journey. I started on 1.1.21 with a 3rd-person-shooter. But I never was happy with the game idea (it just isn't the kind of game I'd like to create). In last year I've created 15 games and most of them are game-jam-games. Now I think it is the time to grow in some direction. Like focusing on rough genres and building up an asset-bundle which is used by more than one game. 

The 3rd-Person-Shooter-Theme would've used the right bundle BUT it isn't something I'd like to grow to. I wanted to do something tycoonlike and ended up with "ok - lets do a shooter instead". 

And yesterday evening I restarted my project with the right game idea! I haven't got much sleep this year and usually I stop working on games latest by 22:00. But at about 23:00 an idea hit me. I jumped of the couch , ran to my whiteboard. This is the outcome:

I had to start immediatly with my project. At about 3:00 in the morning my fiancee was a little bit surprised. Usually I fall asleep latest by 0:00 but I the project was more effective than any coffee or energy drink could be :D. 

And of course an ingame scene


Hi everyone!

First, Happy New Year to everyone. This is my first jam after a long time, I'm aiming to make a snow-themed game in this month. It will be a small RPG that can be played solo or locally with more players. Still a lot of work to be done. :)


I'm done

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Hello everyone!  

This is my first jam and I'm really excited about it. I've got the bad habit of not finishing my games, so this game jam seems to fit quite well for me. I started development of my 4 player 2D Shooter in late 2020.

Here is whatI've got so far:


Everyones games are looking great! I wish the forums had a like button for posts.


I think you can upvote a post with the little arrows, a bit like 'Liking'


Thanks! I never noticed the arrows


Hello, Gang!

This will be my first game jam. First of many. 

So this is great, and probably something that many noobs can learn from my mistakes. Let me explain

A little about myself:

I first started learning code in 1998 with the intention and desire to make games. I was fourteen. I spent years learning C++ and programming trash (lol) . Right before I turned eighteen, I found myself doing freelance work for web development, and that stint lasted for twelve years. When I turned thirty, I decided I was done doing slave work for others, and decided I was going to only work for myself. I took a break from code for a while, fell in love and got married, had a couple kids, ... it was awesome.

Two years ago, I downloaded unity and started dinking around. I called a friend and said "lets make a game" and then we come to the here and now.

My friend, Jake, is a gamer , and the game designer for the game. He is a great guy, super father, and a good friend. So when I explain this story, don't think I am talking down on him. Life is just tough, and it is hard for anyone to have a side project, even myself. So the major lessons here:

1) We never really designed the game. Crazy, right? Jake had an idea, we slammed around ideas rough and hard, and I just started programming. After 10k lines of code, certain things that may not have been solidified, are now petrified in the game - to do it differently would just require a lot of lost time.

2) The game idea is huge, and probably not the best idea for a two man team to take on, much less a game I should have taken on without design.

So the unity project was started in March 2019, the blog was started  in May 2019, and the first lines of code were written in June of the same year. The project is a year and a half old, and it is driving me nuts. The code is not the cleanest, but it isn't bad. I have been able to keep at it on and off for quite some time. All of the design has literally been done by myself, shooting from the hip, just slapping it together, not realizing that it might not be the best idea, and doing more code around it, making it harder for myself to contemplate changing it.

I was actually considering just giving up, for about a month now. I started to consider doing another jam, and then I found this. Perfect! Lets just do it. Cut the fat as we get closer to the dead line, play test the crap out of it. The plan is to get it as good as I can before the dead line for the jam, check out any feedback, implement anything in the feedback, and rerelease two weeks after with critique changes. 

So the project blog is

The game is called "wild realms"

I currently do not have a playable prototype up, but I absolutely will submit one for this jam by months end.

Here is to progress and finally finishing something in 2021!!!!

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Hi, this is my first jam. I participate with the second game I started as side project. It will be a rail shooter inspired by the starfox game from the Nintendo N64. 

I have all the main features implemented like the rail movement  (I use Unity3d Cinemachine for that) and the shooting/health system. Now I focus on creating art assets and building a prototype level. Here are some spaceships I designed over the last days. The grey one will be the player ship.


Hey all, I'm just coming from from my second game Jam. The first was kind of a disaster due to planning, but this one almost came together.. Until I deleted my most important script. I'd like to use this game Jam to help me have an excuse and a deadline for not only fixing what I couldn't before the deadline, but also expand my original idea beyond what a 24 hour scope could have afforded me. I'd like to polish it up, and finally have a full game published. Then maybe next year I'll come back to finally finish a long-term project that I've been chipping away at for too many years now.

As for actual progress. I've already re-added an enemy waves script to my game, and I made a lot of visual improvements. I'm part of the way through working on the Ai, and I caught a few bugs that unnecessarily ate up memory. Still a fair bit of work to realize what I'd imagined at the start, but I've got a much more reasonable scope than I've had in the past, I think.


I made good progress in the past days. Today I finished the basic AI for my workers and zombies. They now can detect each other and will fight until one dies. Besides that workers will look out for spawned organs. Once there is one a worker will move to the grave, pick up the organ and bring it to the sellbox. (But they will interrupt this at any time in case when they detect a zombie. Killing zombies has the highest priorty)

Some parts of this you can see in action here (the video is from yesterday and doesn't show the latest ai):


We are Uploading our new Build to Steam, there has been alot of Changes and Adjustments aswell as Bug Fixxes. This Version gets close to the Final Release Version.

We still testing our Heart out of our Game!


We also started to write Devlogs and Informations about the Game, Game Design and Progress:

Aircraft Sketch Shooter Improvements - Aircraft Sketch Shooter by Stusse Games (

Restart of Aircraft Sketch Shooter - Aircraft Sketch Shooter by Stusse Games (

Upcoming Changes 0121.03.1 - Aircraft Sketch Shooter by Stusse Games (


This is a video of the fifth level of my sudoku game


Alright, my first game jam, my first time working in pygame or python. I tried using unity a few years back but never really got into it. Since then, I've been doing a lot of PowerShell at work so python seems like a fair choice.

I'm going to use this jam to make some tools for some isometric 3D projects I might do in the future, but hoping that, by the 31st, I can put together a really simple farming sim. I think I've made some reasonable progress so far since I haven't worked a lot with these tools. Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

Here's a progress update:

(3 edits)

Decided I hate this game and didn't want to finish it. I learned a lot, but it's for sure not "fun", and I wasn't having fun making it anymore so I'm doing other game dev projects instead.

I'll make the code available on my github if anybody thinks they'd like to use any of it. 

Full disclosure, You can pick other tools but I never wrote code to change what they do.

Farm For Your Life!- on GitHub

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My second game jam (my first was the last ludum dare). While I start a lot of projects I can't say I've ever really finished one (something I've been trying to fix lately). This jam couldn't have come at a better time.

What I'm working on is a two-color spaceship game in which you attempt to survive as long as possible (and collect points).

I'm working on a twin stick shooter where you pilot a mech and kill evil robots. I've spent the last day blocking out a level for my game and trying to make things look pretty. I've made a timelapse of it here:


Red Alpha, I guess including bottles in-game sound rather  unique, while I like its design there.

My personal progress of that planned sequel including some recoding like "class" being re-tagged as style with onmouseover/out. "onClick/display:inline" being scripted as style-tags depending if they appear more efficient in that way because either one of both seem to quite fadein some random line, not sure what causes it because it's somehow when that tag won't be even planned to be visualized at this spot and just happening at "input"-sections.

Still some "small"-defined text will be normal "font" there, possibly because of the dark background rather white/gold/hotpink/lime sounds quite okay for text with slightly edited "opacity"-references. The lines for its gameplay being kind of scripted, while another feature being hidden for now & a "slider" won't work as expected if it refers to "if/then"-tags there. So it got removed (tagged as comment, like some additional thoughts when coding, which could be edited if it fits there).

Dropdowns could be included with especially a colorpicker-feature and especially a tribute to its main-game version which parts get a deeper role, more paths getting unlockable, e.g. that building which was about interactions with optional skipping-lines, affected by the player's choice.

Technically it could get a pre-release in january, in case of the game's story's duration and if I get the recently planned banner as image, so far it got in mind when thinking of a title, which is approx. fixed too & same for the pic that should represent this sequel's version.

At least there seem to be years after this jam, so if my game will be completed later I could somehow share it to the 2022 "FFS"-jam or just independent of dates, because mainly the first game took quite some time to find a fitting community which is rather not that graphical-themed and also offering textbased games. While different platforms could include visuals that appear in a bit not that expected way, depending on its browser, device's system, etc. (I generally prefer the option here of finding gametesters and collaborating with users, which keeps motivation added and progress closer to its goal of being completed either as mod/new game/inspiring projects)


This game jam is really helping me to finish my game! already put in a lot of work!

Promo idea


I finally finished my Finally Finish Something submission! First ever jam, first ever game.

I've been wanted to make a game with a little spaceship that handles in this particular way for a while.

It didn't take long to get the handling like I wanted but man, designing levels takes a long time. Like hours to create  something that can be completed in seconds.

Also it makes you wish you'd made your game easier (or were a better gamer!) when play testing, as making sure some of the levels was a big time sink too!

Anyway, I hope people enjoy it.


Hi guys, this will be my first jam and game ever.  I started working on a game early january and decided to keep it small and finish it by the end of the month thanks to this jam ! Here's some my progress so far.



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 3D render art!

Lisa was the first character to have a 3D model and more are coming soon! This models will be used for promotional material

Muiltplayer test

Multiplayer will play a big part in game( these are testing bots but the multiplayer is working swimmingly!

Resource showcase

Wood and metal are the stuff you need to survive!

This is my first ever game jam! My Game ''Team survival '' is not ready for the public because its in its early prototype stages of development, but the game is playable and console controls are in testing to. The game is a Survival building game where you collect resources like wood, metal and bricks and you have to fend of aliens that took over the earth! Multiplayer is a feature that will play a big part in the game.

"it mario but lava" but this looks really fun! can't wait to check it out in the month-end submissions

(1 edit)

thank you so much! The engine had only two backgrounds ,one was day time and the other lava! Thanks for the support! The game is a team based survival game and you have to fend of aliens and  collect resources!


What engine are you using ?

(3 edits)

The engine is called platform maker. Its only on the Amazon since I make team survival on my tablet. Im working on a Xbox and Nintendo switch version. Iworked of all the controls on each consle. Pc controls are in testing to!

your game looks fun!


Oh I didn't know platform maker. It's cool you're entering the jam even on a tablet ! 

and thanks, you can play my game on my page. It's my first one  :)


this is my first game to!


Congratulations :D

Deleted 65 days ago

Ok, so mine cannot be considered a game since it has no clear objective, so take it as ‘Windows 95 / 98 if it was released for Gameboy / Gameboy Color’. I made crazy progress thanks to the jam. It still needs some fine-tuning and more features, but most of the planned stuff is already done.


Looks interesting :)


Thanks! :)


That's very unusual! What was your motivation for creating an o/s simulator?


In high school, I had classes teaching how operating systems worked on deeper levels, and since then, the idea of making my own has been hammering my mind. It was originally supposed to be made for the Atari 2600 but I figured that the Gameboy would be a much more fair choice.

Submitted (1 edit)

Do you mean that I can really have your Windows 95 simulator  on my gameboy, if I want?


Yeah, if you put the ROM on a flashcard, it’ll work.


If you like this kind of challenge, Pico8 seems interesting (it use Lua language, and they have special offer for schools, that could interest your school for the price) and to try some little pico 8 games . one last questions did you use GB studio? And is it easy to learn?


I checked Pico8 already, even though I never got myself into it.

I did use GB Studio for this project and it is incredibly easy to learn, since it uses drag and drop programing.

Making decent progress.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

I'm almost done with my dice-rolling perfume game! It features a local multiplayer mode (2 players) as well as a single player mode. It's about buying different scents (with your dice) so you can make perfumes. At the end of each round there's a random event that you can choose to do (which impacts gameplay for the next rounds).

This was made in pico 8, a great tool for game jams as it forces to keep your scope small and simple :)

this is adorable

Progress is slow but sure.


Hi, everyone! This is my first game jam and my first game i ever made. I've started learning Unity and creating this clicker about 2 months ago but take very long breaks. I've found this game jam and decide that it's good incentive to "finish" the game. Despite the simplicity of my game it's kinda fun to play (at least i enjoy it). Hope someone will play it and enjoy too :).


I Finished and submitted my Game and here's a little video i made detailing the whole story behind it 


hi again! seems like the deadline is only days ahead now, huh? time passes by too fast~

finally finished the page for my game, always & forever. the game structure is finished too i think, all that's left is to work on the remaining backgrounds and character sprites (sadly, i don't think i'll make it for the deadline, so i'll have to put in some placeholders for the time being).

just a reminder: always & forever is a little coming-of-age visual novel about longing for the past and about being terrified of the uncertain future. it's about thinking you've lived your happiest moment already and about believing there's nothing for you in the future.
the game's page:

here is some of the art i've worked on c:


Hey everybody,

i found this Game Jam in mid-January; with only about 18 days left to finish a project and submit it. i didn't have any big ideas at the time that I knew i could (fully) finish by the due date, but i'm happy to say that my first published project Gladiator is posted and submitted. it's not super high quality (i took a project that basically only had a first-person character controller in it that i started, like, 2 years ago) but being able to say that i'm a published game designer means a lot to me. And now that there's something in my dashboard to show off, i feel more incentivized to keep improving it even after the deadline is up.

i wanted to thank Second Dimension Games for hosting this jam and giving me a reason to dedicate this much time to designing Gladiator. Hope to have more games to manage in the future!

 Link to Gladiator, if you wanted to try it out.


My sequel's story being quite more based on phone-users than just computer/laptop gamers, still even being less about riddles (more storybased) & re-coded many parts, fixed some lines, fused additional ones ...especially when its about the tribute/reference to the main-game, including animals, food, plants, a focused building and mystery sequences.

Planning to include more food-types and about that building's room. Having an approx. suggestion where it could fit/fade-in, appear & get some hidden easter-eggs revealed if players know (played) its origin version.


Hey, I'm making my first game (yay), lol. So I think this game jam is great! :D This has been good motivation so far.  Since there's only three days left and eight more levels to go, I doubt I'd make it but maybe I can make a late submission? :o

Cover image of my game

Well, this is what the game is called, haha. I plan to make it a web game (if it works anyway, hopefully it does it's not a big game) and you can optionally download it (if the web game is laggy or so or if you just want to). :) It's a simple color platformer where the player has a color which can be changed by orbs (the ones shown) and you can go through the same-colored tile (reasoning behind this was like a key to a door) and stand on it if you're a different color. It doesn't only apply to tiles, though, it also applies to hazards which will kill you if you're a different color. Then there are teleporters and switches which you need to be the same color as to use. There are a few slightly-difficult levels and some puzzle levels.

A lot of these games are great, though! :D Hopefully we can finish our games by the end of the month!


I had a game idea but I had to abandon it and made a really good game in my opinion.


finally released 'always & forever: a ghost's promised' today~! feel free to check it out c:

3D render art showcase!


Please check out my FMV game I made for the jam


Check it out! Can you beat the sqaure? Grab a friend and find out!


I also managed to finish my prototype: feel free to try it and please leave feedback in the comment section. I surely play your games as well!

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Probably I'm releasing my sequel after "FFS2021" ends, because 28th of feb was its planned date, while I'm excited to get it published earlier & still with a backstory to its date (first 14 days = valentine's day & next ones being the last day of the month in a whole year, which won't be 30 or 31 anyway). I've scripted some more lines, also possibly adding sounds later for (sequel 2 or 3+) I guess, also fused some thoughts e.g. referring to parts of games that didn't have a title or banner, both of them will get shaped like when coding the last sequences.

Also its theme rather won't fit to "planned for sharing since some time", rather just scripting my visuals as text and maybe another game-jam will suit or optionally just the upload-area/playlist-section on my itch-profile will be cool too. At least I like how my version seem to have different results, e.g. rather playable on laptops/computers than mobile-devices like touchphones. Still being open for teaming-up with testgamers and assisting in translations, while my game will refer to hovering = german description, visually mentioning its english lines there.

Recently also collaborated with itch-users who tested my game and double clicking on a mobile-device states to hovering with a mouse's pointer, while text-effects in colours will just appear as clicks. So if I script something as double-click or hovering, it varies how players would progress, same for input-sections & interactive lines which requires a keyboard. Still its codes getting updated as in-game paths during this jam being active and it refers as sequel to it's game that's released on "FFS 2021".

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Here's a link to the prototype I've created over the course of the FFS2021 jam.

When it's eventually finished, it's going to be a fort-defense game where the player defends their base against waves of monsters each night, while daytime allows the player to gather resources and place simple traps. Due to pathfinding issues that are still being worked on, the monsters don't do anything yet, but the user interface is complete and the player's units are working as intended, able to move to wherever the player left-clicks and shooting at any enemy creatures in range.

The screenshot shows the fort as it currently exists, along with the user interface and the tutorial / hint / advice thing. One of the basic enemy types is hiding just below the alert indicator's text box. The GUI is still largely incomplete, evidenced by large parts of it being greyed out, but the code for it is entirely in place, I just need to develop the features the buttons will interact with and complete the border outlines. All selected units are represented by a little icon in the large box below the tab buttons, and they display their stats in the empty area below that.


hallo everyone!!! this is my first jam and my first game!!! I am very happy becouse I finaly finished it. I started learning programming at the time of pandemic so I am begginer. 

Let me introduce my game ___ Cubert!!! It is 2d platformer with no jump Mechanich. Main charachter is RigidBody cube which can only move left and right. for climbing and jumping you can use Force of Bounce. There is screenshot.


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I hope you like my game! I'm so glad I finally managed to finish it. Please rate it!

im building my game engine for team survival! The engine is for the building parts of the game! Im building those parts to pc and Nintendo switch specs so i can do a pc and Nintendo port. This game will take 3 more years to finshes