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Fantastic visual design and animations, really impressive!

watchmojo top 10 scariest moments in games: number 4 - appearance of the bridge troll

Really great take on the souls-like boss format, and really well-executed for the timeframe. Nice work!

Nice work! Very atmospheric for such a small game

Really expressive visuals and responsive controls. Great work!

thanks for the detailed feedback! Been a fan of yours on Twitter for a while now, so this means a lot to me!

Really clever idea for a central mechanic, and a great use of theming to contextualize it as well. Great work!

Absolutely fantastic visual design. I'd really love to see a full game employing this aesthetic. I think the game would heavily benefit from a bit more player feedback regarding when they've taken damage, and how long after taking damage they're invincible, but overall great job!

Great visual effects and animations! Everything works well together to create a strong sense of atmosphere. Nice work!

Excellent work, really impressive for such a short timeframe. I'm definitely interested in any FPS projects you have coming up down the line!

Great, solid work here! All the animations are simple but really convey what they're meant to, and I think you made the right call simplifying combat so players can focus on avoiding enemy attacks. Nice job!

Really nice work, super solid boss design and simple but effective combat mechanics. Great job!

wow thanks so much! Glad to hear you liked it, I really wasn't sure about it when I published it at 4am lol

Very novel idea, switching between bosses mid-fight and having your progress saved. I wasn't quite sure how that would help me, but I think the idea has a lot of potential. Nice job!

Great work designing the bosses here, I'm genuinely impressed by the breadth of their move sets and animations. Also, nice job managing to convey a bunch of different types of attack using such a limited color palette. 

Really great concept, and super well-executed as well! I think I personally might prefer this as a puzzle/strategy game as I had a hard time balancing planning my shots with dodging quick attacks, but that is definitely a personal preference thing. Great work!

I really like the design of your bosses here! their attacks are very well telegraphed and animated, and their visual effects are super striking. I might suggest increasing the contrast between the floor and wall colors to make the game a bit more readable, but great work nonetheless!

Hello! I was wondering if we MUST use an asset from Game Developer Studio, or if it imply an option. I'm worried the aesthetics of those assets might clash with my own art style. Thanks!

Wow thanks! I'm glad your liked it! I'll be sure to play and rate yours as well!

Fun idea and, great art style! The jump from menu to gameplay is a nice touch, too

Really cool idea, and very cleanly and clearly presented! I'm a big fan of how you need to intuitively figure out which quests should be given to which characters. Great job!

The voice acting is a really great touch that I now think is greatly underutilize in jams! Makes the controls, mechanics, and tone immediately understandable. Great job!

Glad you liked it! Yeah I definitely should put up some kind of warning about the escape situation lo

This is so cool! Everything comes together really well, and I think this is a great interpretation of the theme. I especially like the little visual and audio cues when you switch from bandit to chuck and vice verse. Really sells the whole thing

I love this art style, and the music as well. Generally top notch presentation, and the concept is super cool too!

Really neat concept, though I think this idea could really be fleshed out were it to use a custom scripting language or visual scripting, so as not to alienate players unfamiliar with python or c. For the time frame though, this is awesome!

A great concept, well executed! I think I might've encountered a bug where the game never exited slow motion after the "Scale" tooltip, but overall nice job!

Nice work! Really like the art style and animations!

Really great work here all around, but I think the visual effects really tie the whole thing together. Great work!

Love the art style and the clean presentation! I think the rules can be a bit complicated at first, but its really fun once you get the hang of it!

Thanks for playing! Honestly I did not remember this game had multiple endings lol

Really well-designed puzzles and clearly communicated mechanics! Nice job!

Nicely executed little puzzle game, with super satisfying implementation of sound and visual effects!

Nice work! I really liked the look of all your assets, and the suspense was definitely there from the start.

haha, I'm hesitant to spoil the secret but I will say there is *something* to be done with the boxes, and it involves the game's core mechanic

Thanks for playing!

glad you liked it! While I totally agree the game doesn't really fall in line with the jam's theme, I can assure you I made it within the allotted 10 days! Hence why I forgot to include the controls in-game lol. I wasn't struck with anything particularly interesting by the theme, so decided to just make a metroidvania sort of game cuz ive always wanted to.

ah whoop, should've included some instructions on the menu screen. You can navigate the menu by pressing the arrow keys, and C to select!

glad you liked it! Yeah, that first encounter is meant to be difficult so you explore and then return, but I definitely could've signposted that better