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Hi all, I was uploading my Game Maker Studio 2 HTML 5 game and playing around with the browser settings, and noticed after debugging that when you click the "fullscreen" button, the display width and height are set to 1536 and and 864 respectively, rather than my monitor's width and height of 1920x1080. Is there a way to change this, or something I'm misunderstanding? Thanks!

What happens after day 28?

no problem! Hope you enjoy the game!

Ahh, yeah they can be tricky. The mushroom guys are created when food (plant or meat) is left out too long, not on any specific day. Make sure you have the right people on your island to consume all the food you create!

haha glad you like it!

well i always appreciate youe feedback!

Thanks as always! Just out of curiosity, did you see this game somewhere that incentivized you to download it? It's been getting more attention than usual and I'm not sure why. Thanks again!

thank you so much! I gotta check out steamworld quest now lol

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

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hey everyone! I've been having a great time playing and rating everyone's games, and my own game is just 2 ratings shy of eligibility! Any help putting me over the finish line would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Cool puzzle mechanics an slick graphics!

Nice atmosphere and sense of place!

Very nice visuals and easy-to-grasp controls. Nice work!

Really cool sci-fi concept, wrapped in a very relaxing visual style. I'm a big fan of the pastel colors and simple control scheme, as I think they do a good job highlighting and reinforcing the tone of the story. Nice work!

Nice work, simple but fun!

Nice controls and smooth vfx. Good job!

Really strong entry! The simple graphical style is evocative and made me want to explore the game thoroughly, and the sound complimented these visuals as well. Nice job!

Nice job! Music can be a bit grating but aside from that great work!

Nice job! Solid puzzle mechanics and a charming visual style!

Really cool exploration-heavy game! It's nice to play a game like this in a sea of games that demand quick reflexes and puzzle solving lol. Really chill and atmospheric!

Definitely one of the more atmospheric endless runners I've played. Nice work!

Nice work! The art has a ton of personality and I think the controls mesh very well with the core mechanics. 

I like this a lot! The enemy designs are all sufficiently unique and the gameplay feels snappy and responsive. Nice work!

Nice job! I really liked how the camera manipulation informs the player!

I think this is really interesting, and the signal aligning sequence was quite atmospheric. Nice work!

thanks for playing! The mushrooms are something I'd like to make eadier to deal with haha. As of now, the only potential way to handle them is having Doomsayer, who kills half of your population

thanks so much! Yeah the mold man infestation could use some balancing haha

Really charming, especially for a meteroidvania made in only a week. I feel like the uber-aggressive enemies kinda detract from the exploration, but I can see why you'd include them to fit the theme. Nice work!

Nice work! I really liked how snappy the UI feels.

Really nice job! There's a great sense of tension here, and a really clean system that encourages risky play. My only note would be to maybe map the different tools to the scroll wheel rather than the number pad, but other than that great work!

Cool concept, really well executed. Nice work!

I think this concept is really well executed, and its a type of challenge I can't recall seeing before. Nice job!

i like the idea of iterating on the same level over and over, adding new challenges while keeping the base geometry the same. nice work!

Nice work, I really like the art and sound!

Really neat little game, with a genuinely interesting melee combat mechanic. I thought it was super cool that your sword swings knock around your enemies, which can be good or bad depending on which direction your facing. Nice work!

I like how well communicated the game mechanics are, even without reading the description. Nice job!

Nice atmosphere for such a short game. Great work!

Nice work! super clean art style and responsive controls!