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I came up with a workaround (though it needs a Windows or Mac computer). After copying the saves.sol file to a Windows or Mac computer that has Aground, I can export the files from there. (I have a network drive as well so it wouldn't be much hassle to do.) Since this is one of the only games I come back to from time to time nowadays (due to its unique gameplay style), I do end up exporting and importing these saves a lot. But thanks!

Hey, I switched to Archlinux a few months ago and recently picked up Aground, but I was having issues with importing and exporting. I quickly went around importing by dropping the save files into Aground, but now i have no idea how to export it. The instructions on the download page don't work for Archlinux since the AUR doesn't have these packages. Do you know of a solution for this? If not, I would like to know an alternate way to back up my files (other than using Aground Cloud since I would like some flexibility with my saves), or for perhaps to just export the save into the Downloads folder automatically without needing a file dialog. (I wouldn't want to mess with the Windows version in Wine or anything, of course.)

Thanks! :)

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You're welcome! :)

I tried the public room out and it seems interesting, lol. I played by myself since there was no one else there, of course, and the game is pretty simple but interesting, indeed.

The story is very interesting, lol! I think I can also grasp the rules fine, so it is great overall! :) So is the concept and gameplay, I didn't know that you can be very elaborate with a card game, xD. :D The only thing is I am a little confused about the concept of alert cubes. I think if a card has an alert cube it can go back into the draw pile but cannot be used? I think this is the only purpose the alert cubes have but I could be wrong. I am also wondering about the difference between the green alert cube and the red ones but that is it. This is a great card game, and unique, too! :D

This seems like a cool game, lol! Except I was stuck on the last lemon on the first part, xD. I am not sure where it is, xD.  Speaking of which, I got an exception, but I forgot how it happened. Maybe that has something to do with the last lemon?

The vibe seems almost pleasant with a hint of uneasiness (that has to do with the horror, lol), and the visuals and music are great, too! :) The hidden things are also cool, too (even though I am not good at hidden object finding, haha)! So overall it is a good game!

I think the visuals and the audio are cool, and so are the concept of the puzzles. The math puzzle part was also unique. :) I think that the key thing was sort of confusing to me since it has a hexagonal pattern and my keyboard is a square pattern, but it is still okay.

Well, it depends on the mechanics, I guess? For example, if it has to do with strategy, then it is fine. You can also try implement some sort of puzzle element if you want to.

The concept is really cool and unique! It took me a while to figure what to do exactly and how it worked, but overall it was great! Especially the visuals and the music. :) The puzzles were also good, too!

(Just a side note, I wonder if the boy and the girl are twins? Lol.)

Cool work! :D I don't think there needs to be any improvement since it is good enough for any project (of course, everything is good enough for me, xD, so I am not good at giving critical feedback). So I guess you can add more weapons? There already seems to be a lot, including staffs which are cool. I can also recolor them as I wish so these weapons are good for a future project I have in mind.

So maybe you can add claws? Claws are animals' weapons. :) And maybe a regular wooden stick/pole (if someone has a crafting system in their project? It can be useful). Perhaps a branch (I guess some nature people can fight with branches)? Angelic & demonic sword/dagger/stave etc. :) Vampire fangs? :D (Okay, I am probably straying away from the traditional weapons, lol!)

Don't worry, everything is working okay! :)

The puzzles are really interesting and complex, lol. I think the concept is also unique which adds to the complexity of the puzzles! (I think it's where for each penguin, every time you slide you can only slide one less block of distance than the last? And you can't cross the gray lines, either.) So this is an interesting game! :) The 3D UI also adds to the visuals, too, and the audio is pleasant, too. Only feedback is that maybe you can add more features to the game and more puzzles! :) Also I wonder where the undo button is (I just jumped into the game immediately, forgive me if it's somewhere obvious, lol).

This card game is cool! I don't have access to a printer right now so I can't play it on the tabletop but I can still judge based on the rulebook! :) The first game is pretty simple and I can understand the mechanic pretty well. The art and complexity are also good. And the concept is unique, too! :) The second game is a little complex but I think I can still grasp it! :) Pete Stachio is also a cool addition to the game. It doesn't have any audio, of course, so I won't judge that.

I think this is a great game overall! :D Only feedback is the second game is slightly too complex for my liking, but the concept is still good! :) Perhaps I can try playing it when I have access to a printer since it seems fun! Great card game overall!

Thanks! I spent some time with the levels since I wanted to make the levels tricky! :)

(Oops, posted 3 times by accident! Lol)

Hi! This looks like a cool game, but for some reason, I can't play it in the browser! So if it is possible, maybe a downloadable would be good? :) (You can still upload new versions during voting.)

The visuals look pretty good, though, and so do the puzzles and the concept! :)

This is very interesting! :D I like how it is well thought out although it was sort of confusing to me, lol (I am not good at looking past the beyond). This definitely needs five stars! Hopefully, you will update it soon! :D Overall very great game!

I think the concept and execution are good! And there are a lot of features, too! Cool that there is a level editor. :) Maybe you can add more levels? Overall great game!

Well, the minecarts are pretty annoying indeed! xD I think this is a great idea and execution is nice, too. I only found one bug (or problem, idk, xD), the minecarts trapped my current piece and prevented me from touching the rest of the tetris pieces. But overall it has potential! :D

This was pretty interesting since I had to figure out the concept! Great game!

No, not yet, but I think I will consider it.

Lol, this is so me. I have so many projects that I think about that I can't ever seem to get time to execute them all. And this isn't limited to games, but stories, too. I have decided to multi-task since my interests always drift from one thing to another when working on something for too long. So working on multiple projects at once is a workflow I am trying to experiment with! :D

In my opinion, I usually don't look at trailers, instead, I look at the description! :D I don't judge books or games by covers, lol. So you can publish your Steam page right now if you want, some people like me might not notice if you don't have one. This is just me speaking, I don't know if it is more common for people to look at trailers or not but yeah!

Wow, they look cool! I can use them in a future project of mine! I don't think you need to update the current ones as they are already great enough for any game! :) You can add new ones, though! :)

Lol! You're talking about May 4th if I am correct? :D

You're welcome! :D That is good! :D Improving the game is always good! :)

It will start on May 4, 6:00 AM in CDT time, the same time this jam will end! It will run for thirty days until June 3! So yes! :D It has something new called features which you can use in your project! :)

You're welcome! :D I would like to see your game once you finish it! Hopefully you can get a good ranking but if you don't it is still okay! :D

This music pack is cool! I am listening to the song Forward over and over again! xD

You're welcome! :)

The music is so good! Thank you for making it free! :D

This is just for my games and videos! :) I don't plan on becoming a full-time music artist, haha.

Okay, then, that is fine! :) As for game jams, I have seen an awful lot of them where you have to start from scratch and follow a specific theme, but not enough jams where you can submit older games. I think that is okay, but sometimes people only want to focus on working on one game like me (which is why I am hosting a game jam, lol, to give more people options in terms of jams). So if you want to submit Astro Guard to a game jam perhaps jams with no theme are the most likely to accept your game. Unranked jams are also more likely, too.

Once you submit a game and the voting period starts then you should try rating and commenting on games for the jam. They will most likely return the favor! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback! :) I posted a tutorial so that should help! :D There are two different ways to complete it.

Lol, I rushed the levels too much. Originally I wanted to finish it by the Finally Finish Something 2021 jam but since I started in early January and the jam ended in late January, that really wasn't enough time, xD. I also made levels depending on what ideas I had, so the difficulty is also out of order. I rearranged them once when I was only on Level 11 but since I wanted to finish in time for Improve My Game Jam #14, I couldn't rearrange the last nine levels.

That is a good idea, lol! I don't think I will change the original levels but I can add new levels based on your ideas, sort of like a level pack. I only added scrolls to make it more interesting, though, and to fit more platforming content.

That would also work, haha. I will make new levels, though.

Hints are a good idea, too. I might include them on the most puzzling of levels.

Someone else asked for the delay, too, which I think I will add. Me personally, I don't really want to have a delay especially while speedrunning or something, so I will make it an option in settings! :)

Again, thanks for your feedback! :)

The concept was very good, and so were the levels! :D

Wow, I love the art in this pack! I think I can use it in a future project of mine! :) Thank you for making it free! :D

Thanks! :D

Hmm, were you using a phone or a tablet? I tried playing it on my tablet (which came with a keyboard) and it didn't work, haha.

That is an interesting idea! I will keep it in mind! :)

Thanks! :D It is fine if you aren't good at platformers! I did make the levels spike in difficulty in the middle so it is hard even for me, haha.

Thanks again, lol! I did follow a few tutorials about how to make a platformer and I got a few level concepts from my brothers and other people, but the rest was mostly my idea! Especially the level editor! I thought it would make my game stand out more since it had a level editor. :)

I will take these suggestions into consideration since I am bug-fixing right now. :) I did add an option to mute, though, which should be good enough for now. Lol, the player looks exactly the same as the tiles, I know, xD. I used the player sprite without the sparkle for the tiles which is why they look the same. I did try to differentiate between them using the sparkle but I will try to add more contrast soon. I also will improve the graphics, but I did some basic editing with the sprites to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. :)

Thank you again! :) And you too!

I am glad this stable branch came out! :D