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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it

Ah sorry, always try and think about supporting different preferences and layouts, but not so easy to test!

Only took me 7 months but I watched that short film you linked, I really enjoyed it.  It's actually similar to a separate idea I had that I never did anything with.

I'm not sure we really wrote much of a back story on this one, so it's open to your interpretation.  The general idea was the classic sci-fi storyline of waking up from a deep sleep on a ship, but everyone is dead and everything is broken.  Where did the alien thing come from? Who knows.

Also, I don't have a lot of time to give away, but if you need any advice then all our games are made in Construct (been using it about 7 years), so if you have a question then fire it over on Twitter and I'll try and help (I might not be quick but I will get back to you!)

Hey, thanks for all the nice comments on our games, it's really appreciated. I like the idea of a football mgmt game like this.  As a fan in real life then I'm quite into the stats side of football, but don't find it interesting in a gaming sense, so this is something I could be in to.  Good luck with it!

Hey, sorry for the long delay, had quite a tough time in lockdown with kids etc.  We don't currently give away Steam keys with purchases I'm afraid. 

Thanks everyone,  we only do this in our spare time so really nice that people like our games

I think that's a fair comment, but we tend not to update games we made for game jams. We tend to leave them with all the original problems! Thanks for playing

It's actually one hell of mess behind the scenes,  only just holds together!

Sorry no it isn't possible. it was thrown together for a game jam so it doesn't have any saving. 

Thanks, that's really nice to hear

Hey that's great, glad you liked it!

Hey, we used Construct to make this one

Aw my little girl is only 3 so a bit too young, this is a great idea though!

Played this during my lunch break and it was a fun distraction, it responds really well to the controls

Haha, yeah difficulty is a tough one - you can never please everyone!

Very simple and fun idea, I played so many times because I was sure I could do better, I think that's a sign it would be a great mobile game.  I think the theme, mood and music all go together really well.  Final note: the coin sound is amazing.

Congrats on publishing the game, it's good that it helped you through some stuff.  The soundtrack is really great!  The UI and idea of the game is fun, although it reminded me of real work a bit too much in places (I guess that was the idea).  Top marks on the game's title too, solid pun work.

Strong Nintendo vibes here, looks and sounds great!  The jump springs were a bit broken, once you fell off you couldn't get back on, but other than that the platforming was solid.

I am a big fan of the simple aesthetic and the arcady movement, I think I would genuinely be into a tennis game like this if it had tournaments etc.   I guess it feels like there's a trade-off between arcadey fun and precision/skill-based gameplay, and maybe the game doesn't know which one it is yet?  I'm definitely in the arcadey fun camp myself, but I can see it working either way.  I do think the controls need tightening up a bit though, I have always struggled with that clash between moving in the direction to get to the ball and setting the direction of your shot, I guess that's a tough problem for any tennis game.  Something I have considered in the past is having different buttons to hit in the direction you want and leaving the arrows just for movement, not sure how that would work in practice though.

I like the idea, the trees are cool and the whole thing with the letters works well!  I wasn't able to get very far, and I believe it was due to one of the following factors:

  1. Your game was difficult
  2. I am terrible at games

I'm leaning towards number 2

This is genuinely a great puzzle game, I loved it and I will come back and play it again.  Nothing negative to say!

This was a fun little block breaking game. I think it shares some similarity to Peggle, which I love as a casual game.  I think some lessons you could take from Peggle are working on the backdrop or level surrounds to make the game environment a nice place to be, and also some feedback for the player when they do something cool.  By that I mean something like a small firework effect or a sparkle when you do something like getting 2 blocks with 1 shot, or  pull off a very long bounce or something (not sure if you're going to work on it more, just a few ideas!)

Took me a while to get used to it, but once I did it was very fun.  Actually just having to choose a position is much better, and the powerups were a nice touch.  I would quite like a version where you maybe click to move, but that's just personal preference really

Really great look to this, looks very professional!

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 I enjoyed this, I think the low fi graphics gave it a lot of charm

I am a big flag fan so definitely enjoyed this, got a score of 24 which was respetable I think?

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Obviously I'm lying 😋

I came across that wiki page while looking into this puzzle mechanic. It was a useful way to make sure the levels were all possible to complete.

No, never heard of them, definitely didn't use that exact maths problem as the entire basis of my game!

Hi, there's no reason why not, if it applies to 2 jams.  Quite a few people did that last year.  The jam is mainly for motivation, so not too strict about rules.

Hi, that's not a problem at all - improving and finishing off something existing is one of the aims of the jam!

Hi, yes it is a remote jam, people from all over the world are making games over the whole month. At the end of the month there's a week for playing and rating games. 

I enjoy a properly surreal game, good luck with it!

Hey no problem, that's exactly what this jam is for!

Sure,  just let people know all that in the submission and it should be fine!

A lot of people did that last year so it's not a problem

I think it's OK as long as you are open about it, the jam is here to help motivate you to move something forward, so using a tutorial and adding you own art is fine.

Hi, yes you can submit more than 1 game!

This is a sticky thread to share your progress throughout the jam.  You can also use the hashtag #FFSjam on Twitter, or share in the Progress channel of the jam Discord (invite link is HERE).
Feel free to post screenshots and videos of your progress once you get going, or even post what you have now as a starting point.
If you're not sure how to host music, videos or images then you best bets are probably:
 YouTube for videos, Imgur for pictures and SoundCloud for audio.