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Second Dimension Games

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Thanks for that, I think it's very fair write-up. I hate the turning as well, I basically got it to feel quite nice for slight turns, but really bad if you completely change direction. Kept meaning to go back and fix it but just ran out of time. I'm a lot better at platformer movement than top-down shooters, definitely need more practice!

Probably fair. I rated 51 games I think, but that was mainly due to my hosting and trying to be a good example. Not sure how to get more people involved in that side of things, I'll have think about it

I don't think we have any control of those raw score calculations, but I agree about the Overall/Gameplay category. I must admit I didn't realise that itch.io was going to add its own overall category. Maybe the first category should be Gameplay/Fun?

Created a new topic Suggestions for Next Time
Hello Everyone!
I think the jam went pretty well, so I'm going to do it again next January. If anyone has any suggestions or improvements then let me know in here. Some things that I'm open to feedback on are:
  • Jam Rules / Guidelines
  • Jam Length / Timing
  • Ratings Categories
  • Community / Twitter
  • Anything That Could be Better

I have a question for you guys - I just noticed that 2 entries have disappeared, did anyone remove their game? It's fine of course, just interested in why

That's great to hear, exactly what this jam was for!

No problem, congratulations on your first jam game!

Created a new topic Late Submissions Here

Hi all, if anyone has finished their game but just missed the deadline, drop me a message on this thread. I'll be around for a few hours to help out and get your game submitted

Like this...

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Hi, when you go to edit the game here on itch there should be a sort of blank white picture box at the very top right of the page. If you hover over it then there should be a button to upload cover image (or replace cover image)

Sure thing, feel free to submit 3 games if you have manged to finish 3 this month

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It's a really fun premise, I'm a big fan of houmous myself. Will give it a try when our game is finished

Created a new topic Deadline Extension

Hello everyone, I have extended the deadline to the end of the 31st, rather than the end of the 30th. This was always the intention, but unfortunately I'm an idiot who can't tell the time. I only just noticed that countdown clock looked a bit wrong. So apologies for that, but hooray for having an extra 24hrs to work on our games!

If you would like to either thank me or call me names you can do so below.

Created a new topic Thanks Everyone

Hi all, I know there are still a few days to go, but just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has joined in so far. The posts here in the community have all been friendly and supportive, which is exactly what I wanted this jam to be. Good luck with the final push to finish your games!

Sounds like a cool idea, welcome to the jam!

I'm honoured!

Posted in The love jam

Would be great to do another jam but I promised I would spend some time with the family over the next few weekends, apparently our new baby is more important than game jams. One day when she's old enough I hope to combine the two.

I'll tweet about the Love Jam when FFS is over

Hey guys, don't worry about not submitting, thanks for taking part and joining in the community. Good luck if you decide to work on the game again

We've got a title screen!

I think I prefer the filled style, but they both look good

Some more enemy characters for our game (my favourite is the giant zombie potato with 3 hats)

Finishing 2 things is.... OK!

Just tried it, it works really well, definitely an addictive game! I found it slightly easier with Sam I think, as you have a tool which gets you out of a tight spot (although my best score was with Sara, so maybe I'm wrong). The little touches like the grass particles and so on make it feel quite polished and the platforming is good. I think the only thing I'd change personally is a more noticeable ghost jump after a platform, which will make it a little more forgiving. Overall great work though

Oh wow me too, you know what you have to do!

So is the game a philosophical piece, about how spending too much time focusing on the past will impact on the present? Like chasing memories will only lead you into trouble? That's very deep, I like it.

Also, something I wondered about the past version of yourself - if you stand still after you've collected the polaroid, would the ghost jump into you and kill you?

A background would be good I think, you have quite a few options there. You could go for something quite traditional, like a nice looking wooden table, or a miniature environment (like beach, forest, desert snow etc), or even something a bit crazier (like a floating rock in space or the back of a turtle)

We've been trying out a few characters designs. First the player:

Then a few enemies:

Also some dancing animations for the player (need to find way to include dancing in the game)

And finally whatever is happening here

Variable jumps look like they will help a lot with strategy. Is the dash just to get you around a bit quicker, or is there any strategic benefit in that too? Was thinking it might be cool if the ghosts disappear when they were dashing so you could make little windows for yourself, but that might make it too easy I guess. Anyway it's looking cool

Welcome! This is already looking pretty nice with the mothership and nebulas

Good job everyone, some cool stuff in the works. I've got nothing much to share tonight, spent all evening doing boring things like menus, pause, high score table, control selection etc. I think I've got all the framework stuff up and running now, so I can start to do something more fun over the next few days. The other 2 team members are trying out some character designs so will share some of that soon.

This looks cool, looking forward to giving it a go

I guess if you finished it recently and you're looking to get feedback then that would be fine. Or if it was something that look you a long time to get done that would probably be in the spirit of things too

Hi everyone, I edited my original post and turned this into a stickied FAQ, but feel free to keep asking questions if you have them

Posted in Resources?

Hi, a lot of people recommend FreeSound.org for sound effects and music, probably a good place to start. There was also another topic with someone offering their services for composing music, so check if anyone wants to collaborate

I'll kick us off, here is the first mock-up of our game, called Midnight Fields. It's going to be an arcadey top-down shooter set in a sort of weird underworld. Idea is mostly there but will probably be tweaked a lot over the next few weeks.

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Hi all, thought I would Start a thread to share your progress and screenshots.

For anyone who needs help embedding images, you will need it to be hosted somewhere. The easiest thing to use is probably Imgur, sign up for free and then upload your images. Once your image is on there you can just copy and paste it directly into your post here on itch. You can also use the HTML editor and enclose the URL in the IMG tags if you're comfortable with that.

It's hard to say, I think I have 80% of the idea, and maybe 90% of the music, but everything else is at 0%. Going to make a design doc and start everything from scratch. I've made prototypes for this idea so many times that I'm hoping I can get everything done properly this time.

Hey FibS, I know depression can make it tough to do anything at all, hopefully you have some good days and can get something finished. Keep us updated and good luck

Hi, that's absolutely fine if you want to restart. The jam is to help with motivation to finish a project or idea, so it's not a requirement that you already started your game

Hi, yes if it's successful I'd like to do it every January