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Second Dimension Games

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I think the ones with a bit more fun or action are probably these:


Glad you had fun!

Hey thanks for the video! It's easier if you use the platformer side-to-side movement wherever you can.  Some courses are designed to upset you though :)

Yeah sorry, I made in in 48hrs for ludum dare, so didn't get time for a free look mode

Nice! If you want a challenge then I think the best score it's possible to get is -32

Thanks for letting me know this, will have to investigate

Haha thanks, but pretty sure they're not all amazing... you should see the ones I don't upload!

Hi All,
The jam is over, so a big thank you to everyone who took part! I'm really glad this jam helped some people get motivated, especially glad for those who managed to finish something for the first time.

I've done 2 of these now, with the second being roughly double the size of the first.  My plan is to do another one next year, but as always I'm open to suggestions.  This year went pretty well, but not perfectly, so please let me know your thoughts below.  I'm open to suggestions on the following things:
  • Community here on itch
  • Twitter (hashtag and account)
  • Discord (did it work, how to make it better etc)
  • Time limit for jam and for ratings
  • Voting and voting categories (how to get more people voting?)
  • Collaborations and finding people to work with
  • General vibe of the jam (aim was to be relaxed and encourage people to get something done)
  • Anything else you can think of

Thanks again for participating!

Very nice atmosphere and mysterious world.  Reminded me a lot of the Witness.  My only small problem is that it was a bit fiddly to control sometimes, so a few times I had figured out the puzzle and the correct path, but I'd just be slightly in the wrong place and fall off.  It's a very nice idea though

I agree with the other comments, the audio/visual experience was immediately exciting, but I was really quickly defeated by the controls.

This was completely insane, but in a good way! Felt like a strange other world and I wasn't sure what I was going to find.  There are a few things that needs polishing, things like the music stopped whenever I went inside a building and out again.  But this is a great effort for your first game.

Great atmosphere, really cool game.  Would love to use a controller to play this (with left and right stick), I think that would  feel really natural

This was excellent!  Would love to get this on the PS4 or something for those couch-multiplayer gaming sessions

I was considering a  smaller'Tutorial' difficulty level actually, although the casual levels are easy if you use tile-locking.  I think my biggest challenge is how to explain the locking mechanic to players and make sure they understand.

Hi, thanks for trying the other builds.  They are  pretty experimental as I did no testing whatsoever (I had no way to test either of them).  I am hoping to get some testers on board to try and figure out these issues before we move past the demo stage.   I was sort of expecting the Linux build to fail, but was hoping the Mac one would be OK.  Back to the drawing board I guess!

There's a countdown timer on the main jam page, but the deadline is midnight on Sunday

Loved it!  Nice progression and the extra mechanics were added in a good pace.  Just a super enjoyable box puzzler.  Also liked the slight air of mystery, would have been good to explore the island more.

This was hardcore, I was expecting to use the mouse to aim, but I guess the keyboard controls did add an interesting challenge to the game.  Ultimately I found that I was defeated by the controls before the difficulty of the game,  I like the mood of the it though, for some reason it really made me smile (and the shotgun sound made me laugh).

I think this actually has real potential, I enjoyed the core mechanic.  Sometimes one line of fish got really long, and it felt like there was no way back from that, so some tool to combat that would be good.  Also I did have to mute the sounds as it was a little grating.  I think for something made from scratch in a month it's fantastic though

It needs more polish, but actually it could work - the idea of a 3D pong game that plays up the comedy effect of the physics.  I would have like some kind of indication when a point was scored (normally the game resets and the player who conceded gets to serve again).

I enjoyed your adorable animal-based carnage

It was cool that you could choose what kind of level to generate.  I never found much mana though, would have been nice to explore for a bit longer

I like the idea of this, but I was so bad.  Anyone have any pointers?  Like did you only get 1 dash and 1 jump, and you had to hit a blue circle to recharge it?

Well implemented puzzle, and great that you got so many levels in there.  It did make me slightly enraged a few times, almost like you put the red areas in the most inconvenient places...

Honestly, I actually got really into this.  I liked the contrast between a totally normal journey home and the random casual grave-robbing

I spent way longer than I should have done trying to win...

Wow, loved this.  Used to play this at school every day, and still a classic.  Really nice implementation of the rules as well, all works and is solid.  I appreciated the chance to switch up the cards, as English East Coast rules say the 4 is invisible.  Would love to play against 3 other computer players (unless I missed a way to do that?).  Also my only small complaint is that the fullscreen didn't work so well.

Had a cool atmosphere for a low rez jam game, love the home-made sound effects!

Such a solid entry, so impressed!  It really looks the part, and absolutely nailed the audio (seriously I am pretty jealous of that music).  It all works really well together.

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Hey really nice, the story mode was well done in terms of the little snippets of text and pictures etc.  Once I did the tutorial I had a lot of fun taking out the portals and using all the different weapons.  It was genuinely fun!  I think the camera shake was fine, but the automatic zooming was the only problem, when it zoomed right in you couldn't see what was going on, I'd say vastly reduce the difference between the max zoomed in and zoomed out view - seeing more of the screen was much better.  When I survived for the 2 minutes, I was really expecting for the little picture to become coloured in to tell me I had finished the level, as it was it just kicked me out and I wasn't sure if I'd done it or missed something.  Really nice game though!

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Very nice 80s vibe, definitely good marks for mood.  I know that the skills were meant to offer a progression, but I think I would like some smoother movement up front,  the 'jumping' between rows was a little frustrating at times. 
Some suggestions that I would make (just based on my own preferences)... The collision was a bit too accurate, I think it would be very satisfying and fun to  move to the correct lane and very closely miss a box (like you made it just in time),  but in reality you would always just clip it and end the run.  These near-misses would feel pretty exciting, so allowing the player a bit of an error margin could be good.
The other thing is to have couple of special collectibles, that maybe shot you up onto the ceiling, or jumped a box?  Just to mix up the possible movements you can make.
Overall it is a very nice and polished runner game though, good work.

Feels great to play, pretty hard but that's probably because I'm terrible at games.  The whole thing ties together nicely, in terms of audio/visual and mood.  I ended up just holding down the spacebar, so maybe an autofire option would have been cool, but not essential.

This was very engaging, I spent a long time playing it and really enjoyed it.  It's a simple concept in a way, but well executed and very satisfying 

I think maybe you have a fair point that a lot of games are not the highest quality, but I think the relaxed rules encourage people to submit who maybe would have been a bit scared to do so for a bigger jam like Ludum Dare.  So probably a lot of young/inexperienced people, or those getting something done for the first time.  Sometimes getting something a bit crappy out there and having a few people play it can mean a lot if you've never done it before, so I'm happy to help with that!

I think there are a lot of jams out there that are much stricter with the rules, so I always felt I wanted this one to be more relaxed.  Maybe that translates to more half-finished things, experiments, toys and betas etc?  I don't think I necessarily mind though, as quite a few people have said "I didn't get it finished by I got further than I ever have before".  I would call that a win.

I'd like to keep doing this jam, but I am more interested in it helping people to get motivated and achieve something, rather than it becoming a well known or big thing.  Not sure if that is noble or naive, but either way it probably means  that the games won't all be amazing, and we maybe need to be a bit lenient when judging. 

Was good once I figured out the controls, I like the colour palette too. Would be cool to have a bit of exploration between fights.

Nice game, my only complaint is the controls for driving the truck were quite difficult. It's a pretty crazy idea though and good fun.

I like the idea, and I'm a fan of Hoplite.  I wasn't quite sure how some of the enemies would react though.  Think some more visual indicators would really help.  I feel like with this kind of game there should be no surprises from the enemy behaviour

This was super fun, really good work!

My best time was 836, is that good?  Only thing is, I had to do the whole thing in reverse, because the steering seemed to be the wrong way round

Great result for your first project, and I love the idea!  You should work on this more, it needs some balancing I think, controls and difficulty need a bit of work.