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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.  I agree the white designs are harder to see, may try and change that at some point

Thank you!

Garbage can is a good idea, I might add that in if I do an more work on the game

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it

All these are now fixed, will put out an updated build soon.

The cherry harvest must not fail!

That's great news, glad you like it!

You mean you used the itch app to download it, rather than the website?  I guess the app doesn't give you the choice of which version to use, I will look into that with itch themselves.  You can try downloading the 32bit version direct from the website, which definitely does give you the choice.  Ultimately if you can't get it to work then of course you can have a refund.  Details for both options are below:

To try downloading from the website:
1. Use Chrome/Firefox and go to
2. Make sure you are logged in with your itch username
3. Click the arrow by your profile name in the top right of the screen
4. Select 'My Library'
5. You will see a list of all the games you own, find Cherry Creek and press the 'Download' button
6. You should see a 64bit and 32bit version of the game, you can download and try both
7. If neither work then it may be something

For  refund:
1. Email the itch support address on
2. We cannot give you a refund directly so you will need to use that email
3. Let them know the issue, and point to this thread as confirmation if needed

Another very common cause of issues are your graphics card drivers, if you can make sure these are up to date then that could help.

Hi, sorry to hear you're having trouble.  Are you running the game on Windows or Mac?  If you are running on Windows, there are 2 downloads for 32bit and 64bit.  You need to make sure you download the right one for your operating system (if in doubt try both of these).  If this doesn't help then let me know.

Cool, thank you!

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We're a small team from the UK who make games in our spare time, and we've been making free games since about August 2012.  We mainly participate in game jams - we've done the past 22 Ludum Dares, a few LowRez Jams, a ProcJam and we even host our own here on itch called Finally Finish Something (or FFSjam for short).

For the past year we've been polishing one of our LD games called Cherry Creek, and we were finally ready to release last weekend.  Of course that means we did what every indie game article tells you not to do; release during a big event like GDC.  We talked about delaying it, but decided we'd waited long enough and we were just going to carry on.  Releasing this small game is the end of 6 year journey, from making our first browser game to making something good enough to actually sell, so even if nobody notices/cares about it then we're still proud of it.  It has also been an invaluable learning experience, so hopefully we'll do better on our next game (e.g. not announce it the same day Half Life 3 gets confirmed)

GDC itself looks kind of amazing and terrifying at the same time, I think we're always going to be a small scale team making small games, so it's probably not the place for us.  The only thing I envy is perhaps meeting some new people in a similar position to us - in real life at our full time jobs we tend to get blank looks when talking about gamedev!

If anyone wants to take a look at our game you can find it here:

If you made a note of them then that's useful, but don't worry too much - I can find them from just the difficulty.

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This is a sticky thread with some details about the game, and some of the common FAQs.  If you haven’t purchased the game and want to know what it’s all about, we will give a brief overview in the first section.  If you already purchased then you can skip to the details and FAQs.  If you have more questions please create a topic in the community and we'll answer as soon as we can.

What is Cherry Creek? 
 Cherry Creek is a small puzzle game, the main gameplay mechanic involves rotating tiles to line up a river and help grow cherry trees.  It has some similarities to Pipemania, but with more of a focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere. We think it is a great game to play when you want to switch off from other more stressful games, or just relax during a coffee break.  There are 8 different difficulty levels, all available from the start. We would like players to just enjoy the difficulty that suits them best, without having to ‘unlock’ things. There are a number of scores recorded, such as time taken and tiles moved, so if you want to challenge yourself you can try to beat your scores.  These scores can be turned off if you want to enjoy the puzzles without any pressure. Steam 

Future Development
Cherry Creek is our first game, and we’re a very small team - we wanted to make sure we could release a quality game with the resources we had, so we decided to launch without things like online leaderboards.  If the game proves popular, then we may look to add achievements and online leaderboards in a future release.

FAQ: Are the Levels Random? 
The puzzles themselves have been designed by us, but there are a lot of them, and the order you play them in is randomised.  The randomisation ensures that you will always play through every possible puzzle layout before they repeat. The chances of you noticing or learning a particular puzzle layout are very small, you would need to be playing hours every day!  If the game proves popular enough then we may add even more puzzle layouts in a future update.

FAQ: Are there Multiple Solutions? 
Each puzzle only has 1 solution, and every river tile should be used.  However, a few of the puzzles can actually be completed without using 1 or 2 of the tiles.  These puzzles aren’t broken, and can still be completed the correct way, but we will fix these small glitches in a future update.

FAQ: How to Report a Puzzle Glitch?
As discussed above, a few puzzles may allow you to complete them without using every tile. If you let us know we will add these to our fix list.  To find the ID of a puzzle, press and hold the I key on the keyboard. A box will appear giving you the puzzle ID (something like Casual_AE). You can post the details on the community and we will add to the fix list.

FAQ: How to Hide Scores by Default?
If you just want to play the puzzles with no scores, you can turn them off on the Select Difficulty screen at the start of each game.  If you want them to always be unticked, you can set this in the options screen. Select Options from the main menu, and untick the ‘Record by Default’ checkboxes.

Thanks! We're really pleased with how it turned out.

Great thank you, those are on the list

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Hi Mark, technically this shouldn't happen. This is a slight failure on our part to test every puzzle iteration. If you press and hold the I key it tells you the ID number of the level, so if you see this then let us know the level ID and we'll fix it in a future release.  Thanks for playing!

Hey, we're only planning to do it every year in January.  If I see anything similar then  I'll try and post it though.

You have the same game name as ours, but quite a different subject matter!  Fun idea though, those dogs had to drink a lot of water

This was a good polished entry, and so super adorable!

Could do with some audio and feedback, but the gameplay works as a good starting point.  I liked how you slowed down when firing, and having the rocks to use as brief protection was good too

I liked this one, it stood out a bit as an endless runner too.  It gave me a few fun moments of going "I can make it!" and running through tiny gaps.
(I didn't make it)

It needs a little bit of polish, like some indicator when you've hit the alien planet for example.  But it was fun to play, I especially enjoyed using the little black holes to bend the signal round things - that was very satisfying 

I like the name and idea behind, seems like a unique spin on the pinball idea.  Personally I like it better than a standard high score, because when you mess up you always get another chance!

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Really cool and interesting game. I loved the slightly odd music and sound effects, went really well with the style and graphics. Very nice entry.

I love the artwork too and thought James did a great job :) thanks for the comment.

Thanks Adam! Yep, back again. Yeah we could do with a few more iterations on it, there are a lot of ways to die... I've got a few ideas about the respawn, got it on my list to speed it up and maybe add in checkpoints so you don't have to go all the way back to the level start when you die. I should probably make it so you can just blow everything up... and I like the idea of building up the number of shields. Hopefully we'll have some time to keep working on it.

Glad you enjoyed it! We appreciate the feedback.

Really enjoyed this. A fun and slightly creepy take on pinball. Really liked the odd audio and style.

Thanks! If we get around to working on it any more, then I've got some ideas to make the training levels a bit more interesting.

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Thanks for the feedback Mark. It's good to know about the speed, I had it running quite a bit faster in my initial tests but bottled out and slowed it down, as I was worried it would be too difficult. With the helipads and an out to exit the levels early I was hoping it would keep the pace up a bit, but I appreciate it could be a bit more arcade-y and faster paced.

It has given me an idea about adding in compound radar dishes, so the more you collect, the bigger the radius.

Thanks for the positive feedback, we're glad you liked it!

Thank you for sharing this, I wasn't expecting it and enjoyed reading it (especially the story behind it)

This feels like a prototype, but I'm glad you put it out there - you could definitely build on it.  The main character and the feather magic shooty thing look cool.  Also, every single time a monster came on screen I was like "what in the **** is that!"  (but in a good way!)

There is a lot to like here, I really love the voxel style graphics.  Even though it's a simple idea I think you've shown some good polish, and I was especially impressed by the feedback - sounds effects, particles and screenshake all used really well to make it 'feel' nice.  Made me laugh how the intro screen was so sinister and then it was all bright colours and honky-tonk piano!

This was something a bit different, I liked all the puzzles although was not 100% on the word axis game.  One thing I personally would have preferred, is no hard time limits - it would have been nice to think about my answers and then get some feedback on why I was wrong.  Also, considering I write the music for my games and play a few instruments, I was so so terrible at the perfect pitch game!

This was good fun, I thought I had won easily until the Dragun went mad and grew an extra gun.  It was a small game but it's a fun idea and all fits together nicely. 

This was so much more polished than I expected, the car and driving physics feel absolutely spot on to me, so cool!  This was going to be a 100% positive comment, but then I had to try and drive those articulated lorries, and now I hate you!*

(* I don't hate you)