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Thanks for the video, it was fun watching you figure out the best way to  play.  You landed an amazing shot on hole 16 and I cheered out loud :)

Nice work, I think my best was -11 on 9 holes, although I did have a ridiculous amount of practice :)

Thanks, I was really pleased with it for the short development time.  Any recommendations are very welcome! Thanks for playing

Thank you!

-32, nice!  I should probably put in a backspace button, as some people seem to have that issue with the backspace key.  It seems fine for me though, which is weird.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing, we're still really pleased with it a year later :)

Thank you :)

Thanks, I wasn't sure about it at the time, but looking back on it I really like it

Thanks for the video, I may actually go back to work on this game again one day.  I will probably start from scratch though and try to do it right

Glad you liked it, I thought I had fixed all the issues with walking off the level, but I guess you found a way!  Once the judging for Ludum Dare is over I will fix that gap so you can't fall out of the world.  Thanks for playing.

Hey, thanks for pointing this out.  We don't usually go back to our game jam entries, but I will try and look into this at some point, as it sounds like it could break the game.  Sorry!

That was a fun FTL video, we watched it too.  We'll aim to make a browser game every Ludum Dare game jam forever!

Forgot to say thanks for the video.  The full release is still happening, getting closer now so should be before the end of the year.

Thanks!  Be even better if the developer didn't take a year to reply to comments!

Thanks.  When I was testing it I got so bored trying to think of different names for the leader, so I called myself so many random things

Thanks, and it only took me 222 days to reply!  You're right about the easiest way to win the game, although I always found it funnier to die whilst attempting to discuss art with an angry bee.

Secret Developer Fact:  I made the monster noise by recording the sound of the milk frother on my coffee machine.  I put my phone next to it, set it to record and then made myself a  cappuccino.  Threw a bit of reverb and distortion effects onto the recording and put it in the game!

Thank you! Glad you liked it

Hey,  I did read this!  Glad you enjoyed it, although most people we tried this on said it was too difficult!  You are right that it's easy to  play the system though, and there does need to be a reason to move around the ship more.  As this was made for a game jam we probably be going back to it though, as we have too many other things we want to work on.

Believe it or not Edge is my middle name.  People often ask me if I like U2.  I do not like U2.

Hey that's weird, I have tried it and it's OK for me.  I wonder if it's a browser thing, I know Firefox sometimes has issues with controllers.

Forgot to reply to this at the time, so here's a very late "thanks for the nice feedback"

We've actually spent nearly a year working on a super polished version of this, hoping to release it soon!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback!  This isn't a game many people seem to play so haven't re-played it myself for ages.  I think all your points are valid, but we're probably not going to do any more on this - we just have so many other projects we want to work on!

Hi, thanks for playing.  The 2 blue keys should both open houses.  You need to walk up to the door of the house and press interact to unlock the houses.  There were a few areas I didn't have time to do much with, but the game can definitely be completed.

I think the ones with a bit more fun or action are probably these:

Glad you had fun!

Hey thanks for the video! It's easier if you use the platformer side-to-side movement wherever you can.  Some courses are designed to upset you though :)

Yeah sorry, I made in in 48hrs for ludum dare, so didn't get time for a free look mode

Nice! If you want a challenge then I think the best score it's possible to get is -32

Thanks for letting me know this, will have to investigate

Haha thanks, but pretty sure they're not all amazing... you should see the ones I don't upload!

Hi All,
The jam is over, so a big thank you to everyone who took part! I'm really glad this jam helped some people get motivated, especially glad for those who managed to finish something for the first time.

I've done 2 of these now, with the second being roughly double the size of the first.  My plan is to do another one next year, but as always I'm open to suggestions.  This year went pretty well, but not perfectly, so please let me know your thoughts below.  I'm open to suggestions on the following things:
  • Community here on itch
  • Twitter (hashtag and account)
  • Discord (did it work, how to make it better etc)
  • Time limit for jam and for ratings
  • Voting and voting categories (how to get more people voting?)
  • Collaborations and finding people to work with
  • General vibe of the jam (aim was to be relaxed and encourage people to get something done)
  • Anything else you can think of

Thanks again for participating!

Very nice atmosphere and mysterious world.  Reminded me a lot of the Witness.  My only small problem is that it was a bit fiddly to control sometimes, so a few times I had figured out the puzzle and the correct path, but I'd just be slightly in the wrong place and fall off.  It's a very nice idea though

I agree with the other comments, the audio/visual experience was immediately exciting, but I was really quickly defeated by the controls.

This was completely insane, but in a good way! Felt like a strange other world and I wasn't sure what I was going to find.  There are a few things that needs polishing, things like the music stopped whenever I went inside a building and out again.  But this is a great effort for your first game.

Great atmosphere, really cool game.  Would love to use a controller to play this (with left and right stick), I think that would  feel really natural

This was excellent!  Would love to get this on the PS4 or something for those couch-multiplayer gaming sessions

I was considering a  smaller'Tutorial' difficulty level actually, although the casual levels are easy if you use tile-locking.  I think my biggest challenge is how to explain the locking mechanic to players and make sure they understand.