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Thank you, I will do that

Oh man no I didn't know about, that is outrageous :(

Will try and add touchscreen support for future games, not likely to go back to these older game jam entries though.  On a bit of a break due to covid :(

I'm afraid there isn't, not something we got round to in the competition time limit

Hey, no sorry you can't . We made this for a competition over a weekend so there's a few features like that missing.

No just local high scores sorry, I made this in 3 days for a game jam

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you, I have been trying to make a bigger version of this game for the past 7 years, and I'm still working on it!  Maybe one day I will finish it...

Glad you liked it!

Yeah local leaderboard only, but -14 is a pretty good score!


Yes it is Falco from Starfox!  Thanks for the video, found it quite relaxing to watch you play through it.

Did you manage to get out submitted OK?

You should still be able to submit something yes, either a demo or a beta  version of the game.  You can upload the game so only those with the link can see it, which would just be people rating games in the jam (if you're worried about making it public in an unfinished state).  Then you can get some feedback and continue updating it after the jam.

There are no restrictions on what engine or codebase you use, totally up to you

Hey, welcome! If you're interested we also have a discord server for the jam, link is  There is a music/audio channel just started on there, plus a help/collaborate where people are helping each other out

Hi, the ratings phase is 2 weeks, so the first 2 weeks of February basically 

Yes that's OK, a few other people have done that in the past (like just got super motivated and made 3 prototypes!)

Answered in your thread too, but not officially no.  I do it as a new year's resolution thing once a year, to try and kickstart motivation

Hi, we usually do it once a year in January.  I know some people have done a demo 1 year then aimed to finish the full game the year after.  Hopefully if it goes well then you can just keep updating your game all year though, the jam can just be there to help you get started

No, as long as the license allows you to use them then that's no problem at all.

It's your game so you can do whatever you want with it after the jam, the only thing you may want to do it leave it as-is during the 2 week ratings phase, and then carry on with improvements

Hey looks good, hope it goes well!  I'll definitely check back on this one as I can test it out with my daughter (who is 4).  If she can learn to brew me a nice craft beer then even better.

If you want to do something for the jam then a demo might be best, and more achievable.  Lots of people do demos or prototypes then continue working on them afterwards.

I think it's fine, you have done work on it during January so if you want to get some feedback then go ahead!

Yes that's fine, taking a prototype/jam game and polishing it up is very much encouraged!

I think you can upvote a post with the little arrows, a bit like 'Liking'

Any time in the 31 days is fine

There is no official theme, the theme is just to finish something.  Someone else did ask and I gave a few suggestions though (just if you want some ideas).  The list of suggestions was:

  • Make a Friend
  • Islands
  • Candle in the Dark
  • Lost in Space
  • What Does this Button Do?
  • Make the Best of It
  • How Did I Get Here?

No reason why not, the only rule or thing I'm against is just submitting games that were already finished a while ago. If you do any work to finish something, polish or tidy it up then it's fair game to submit it!

Yes you have to finish and upload your game to itch as normal first, once you've done that then return to the jam main page and press the big 'Submit your project' button at the top.  That should give you a list of all your games, just select the one you want to enter.  Don't forget you need to make the game public as well.

Voting lasts for 2 weeks after the jam, and bug fixing during ratings phase is fine 

I think if you make all that clear then there's no issue. It's fine to use this jam as a learning experience. The rules are some of the most relaxed around,  to help people at all different levels and stages in their process 

None Whatsoever

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If you join the jam but don't have anything to submit that's fine. You'll still be able to view and play games, as wellbas post comments, you just won't be able to rate them.  Last jam we had over 860 people join but only around 280 games were submitted 

You can submit 2 games if you want to, if you work on 2 games during the month then that's fine

Yes to both, we've had a lot of novels & text games over the past 4 years.  You can submit an alpha or work in progress too, if you've added a lot to it and want some feedback then go for it