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Second Dimension Games

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Maps on graph paper are so cool

I think we all have projects like that, where you have to figure out what the past you was thinking!  Anyway good luck with it.

Hi, that's no problem.  It's your game so you can do what you want with it!  Ideally you would submit it and not make major changes during the rating period., but thats only 2 weeks anyway.  

Hi, no last year was the first jam and it ended on 1st February, so I've actually extended it a little.  If you can't do it before the deadline though then just let me know, I can do a late submission link for you.

Oooh Lovecraftian, cool. You're going to have a lot of fun trying to describe all those indescribable horrors! 😊

Yes you can!  Assuming itch.io let's you do that (which I think it does)

Sure, you can upload a build and then update it as much as you like after the judging period.  Some other people are doing that so they can do itch devlogs.

Looks nice, like a low rez snowy forest

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Oh right OK, well I already set that up.  There is a custom free-text field for the jam that asks how long you've been working on the submission (did the same in last year's jam if you wanted to have a look).  Will that work for you?

Hi, sounds like an interesting project. I'm not too sure what's best though, if you don't want to split the tracks then all I can suggest is some big bold text at the start of the game description. Just a sentence explaining that only 1 track is for this jam. Not sure itch offers any alternative to that.

This looks absolutely mad, some definite mad scientist stuff. Good luck!

I think you were the first to submit, you should get a badge or something 😊.

I like the graphics, will give it a play sometime before the jam is over.

Replied to ava in Share Your Progress

I played a bit of poker in the past, but not for a while. I think a free tool is a great idea though, generally there's a shortage of simple free tools for organising tournaments (poker and various other games). 

Some really nice stuff in your portfolio.  If you haven't already then maybe check out the Crowdforge site here: https://crowdforge.io/jams/ffs2018
It seems pretty good for connecting people and setting up teams etc.

Looks good, thanks for sharing

Looks cool, screenshot reminds me a minimalist Heat Signature for some reason.  Also I got really into Hoplite for a while, so definitely up for trying a turn-based dungeon crawler thingy.

Looks interesting, like maybe you have to catch colours like hoops or something?

Hey, the app ran on mine OK.  It was just a light blue screen in a frame but it ran with no errors

Created a new topic Share Your Progress
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This is a sticky thread to share your progress throughout the jam.  You can also use the hashtag #FFSjam on Twitter, or share in the Progress channel of the jam Discord (invite link is HERE).
Feel free to post screenshots and videos of your progress once you get going, or even post what you have now as a starting point.
If you're not sure how to host music, videos or images then you best bets are probably:
 YouTube for videos, Imgur for pictures and SoundCloud for audio.

No problem, but yes you can definitely work on it for this jam!

Excellent, happy to help!

Yes an updated version of an alpha, beta or demo is fine. Multiple projects are fine too if you have the time!

Created a new topic FFSjam Discord Channel

Hi all,

There is now a Discord channel for Finally Finish Something:


Nice!  Spot on for the LD theme.

Created a new topic Collaborations

Hi All, if anyone out there is looking for a team, a collaborator or a friend for this jam, then we have set up a page on Crowdforge for you:

You can create a team and list the skills you're looking for, or sign up to another team for the Jam.  Also if you'd prefer to discuss and arrange in this thread then that's OK too.

Hi, yes that is fine.  You can make something free or something paid.   You could enter a limited demo in the jam, or the fully paid tool.

Created a new topic Jam Details & FAQs
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Hello all, this is #FFSjam 2018 and everyone is welcome! The rules are explained on the main jam page, but here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn't covered then please ask below.

Why did you decide to host this jam? We ran the first FFSjam in January 2017, and everything went pretty well!  The original reason we started it, is because we find game jams are one of the only things that gets us motivated to actually finish something.  We had a few protoypes and half-started games that had been hanging around for years, and we knew we wanted to submit them to a game jam, but we don't like breaking the rules.  Most jams require you to come up with something new based on a theme, so submitting our existing ideas never seemed right. After a few years of looking round for a jam like this, in the end we gave up and decided to just start it oursevles

When is the deadline for the jam? Last year we stopped exactly at the end of January, but this time around we have added a few extra days.  The only reason we did this was to ensure the jam finsihed at a weekend, to give everybody one final Saturday to get things finished off.  So the dedline this time around is 00:00 GMT on the 4th February.

Is it OK if my game is mostly finished? Yes that's absolutely fine, one of the purposes of this jam is to help get you over the line on a long running project

Does that mean I can't start a new game for the jam? Not at all, the other purpose of this jam is to help you finish a game if you've never managed it. It's no problem if you want to start a new project or redo an old one from scratch

Can I just finish an Alpha or prototype? Yes, the final product can be whatever you want it to be. If you find it helpful to use the jam to create a prototype then that still counts as finishing something!  Alphas, prototypes and demos are all welcome.  You can also take a previous Alpha and work on it again to move it to Beta stage.

Can I charge for my game?  Yes you can, you can utilise any of itch.io's existing functionality so paid game can be submitted.  It would be great if you would consider submitted a demo or small slice of the project for free so everyone can try it, or perhaps a discount for other FFS jammers, but that is not a requirement.

Does my project have to be a game? No, you can submit anything you want, such as a tool, screensaver or interactive art piece.

Is there a Discord channel? Yes there is!  Permanent invite link is here: HERE

What's the best way to find a team? You can use the Crowdforge page we set up HERE, you can ask here on the community THREAD, or you can chat to some people in the Discord channel (invite HERE).  The choice is yours, but if you're serious about collaborating then the Crowdforge page might be best, as the site was set up to help connect teams.

Can I continue working on my game after the deadline? Yes absolutely, feel free to use this jam as a starting point for something even better.  Jsut post a demo or a alpha to the jam and then carry on improving it.

Can I used royalty free or creative commons assets? Yes you can, as long as you have the right to use something then that's fine. Just be sure to credit the original creator if they have requested it. There are a lot of Google results for free assets, but some good places to start might be FreeSound.org and OpenGameArt.org

Do I own all rights to my game or project? Yes completely. Neither itch.io nor any game jam host has any rights to your project, you are 100% the owner and always will be. This is confirmed in itch.io's Creator FAQ Here.

Will there be a ratings phase? Yes. Although the idea of one particular game 'winning' the jam doesn't really make sense, we thought it would be good if you could get feedback on your projects. This is good for both very long running projects and new game devs who complete their first game. There will be ratings for Fun, Visuals, Audio, Mood and Innovation.

The jam seems very relaxed, are there any rules? This is a mostly an 'anything goes' jam. One thing that is not really in the spirit of the jam is to submit a 100% completed game that didn't need any extra work, but even then you may have finished the game very recently, so we're taking a very relaxed attitude to things.

Are there any plans to repeat this jam in the future? Yes!  We had this question last year, and said if it was a modest success we would repeat it, and here we are!  We will do it next January if it there are people out there who find it useful.

How do I share my progress? There is a sticky thread HERE where you can share your screenshots and progress.  You can join the chat on Discord and put updates in the progress channel (invite HERE).  Or you can also use the hashtag #FFSjam to share updates on Twitter.  Feel free to follow the @FFSjam Twitter account, which will be retweeting updates throughout the jam.

Do you have Tiny URLs?  Why yes, we do have Tiny URLs! Look how tiny they are: 

Hey thanks for the video!  I think the game is a bit too tough sometimes, you just got to keep running between the engine and the navigation and fixing them.  Something that's not always obvious is your character has to be facing the thing you want to interact with, so you have to point the crosshair towards the light switch or the navigation console, thanks for playing!

Thanks, glad you liked it!

This was fairly simple, but the thing I enjoyed was burrowing in-between the shapes to escape the larger bugs, then running out to grab the little red dots. That was the part of the gameplay that was the most satisfying

This was very fun, I like typing game. I go into good rhythm, althuogh sometimes I think I was too fast for the game, or the game chose a differnt word to the on I was on.

I found this quite hard to control, but I guess it's just a starting point to test out the 2D movement?

This feels like an old spectrum platformer, which is something I like. All the different rooms fell like Manic Miner or something, and it gives the game a nice atmosphere. I wanted to explore all the different areas. The combat was a bit too hard though, it was difficult to get close enough to attack without taking loads of damage

It was quite an ambitious thing for a first finished game, so you aimed high! It seems to work mechanically as well, once you've figured out the camera pans.
There were choice to make, in terms of the units to spawn, but I couldn't see much difference between the different types - they all just seemed to explode when hitting an enemy, perhaps if the more expensive ones could take 2 or 3 hits that would have helped. It was tough to win, once the red guys got to the centre and started shooting then you could never catch up as your blue guys just died and there was no tactic to get out of that. Well done for finishing though and keep working on it if you want to make improvements

Cool idea, a nice innovation on the endless runner. I had fun with it and got into a nice little rythm. My best was only 71, not sure if that is good?

I think you said you were just starting out, so well done on getting something finished. It's a classic game but a solid version of it

I don't use GameMaker myself but hopefully some GM user will find this useful

It runs a bit slow but I think that was because of certain rules you were following. I had fun shooting the little pills, the swamp bit looked interesting but that tower was really tough to get past - I kept dying! Great effort for 2 weeks of work

Neat little golf game, I didn't realise you could fall off the edge until the second hole. I guess there are only a few levels? Be worth adding more