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im ready for the Web 1.0 aesthetic to wash over us already

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Here's a short list of links for visual or mechanic inspiration of the internet and Legacy OS's

Also i recommend checking out to organize ideas or notes.

I wonder if it'd be possible to add bots by modding? If nothing else its still LAN playable and the core mechanics and art style are snazzy and economical at the same time.

This game does one thing and does it well, what more do you want? Its a solid, low-size stick shooter, grab it!

Solid little game. 27:59

This is pretty goddamn creative.

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You've done it again, but ++ this time! Premium stuff.

Progress is slow but sure.

Making decent progress.

Promo idea

Might be picking up the project and making a finished start

Works with Questlink?

Pretty novel take and very well put together.

Excellent work.

This game connects with me on a new plane of existence.

Man people on this platform really act like this is their first shitpost indie.

Far Blade community · Created a new topic Water Shader

Im currently working on my own project and was curious how you personally went about making your cartoon water shader?

This is like literally one of the best creators on the site.

You dunce.

I totally forgot about Strangethink! Thanks for the extra info, ill keep pushing on

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Should the game traditionally  have an endgame? Or is this intended to be more of a explorable environment? Case and point, should it have some overarching objective, like finding ticket peices for a trainride perhaps? *wink wink*

So is it constricted to a modern times rendition of a modern urban scape or could it be some warpy fantasy city with modern elements as well?

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Legit excited for the release of a game. 

So excited.

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Okay, so im doing a project soon, and its been bothering me for like two years, what was the shading process you used to create the menu portal? Seamlessly spawn an enterable room in space like you did.

Lieve Oma community · Created a new topic Everything!
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The style, the message, and especially the animations, I'm making a lower-poly cartoonish style of game and i was wondering how you put those fitting animations together for their characters. And that UI looks so... crisp, unity has muddy text, but not this time.

Excellent game, heard a lot about it, this is a really unique little experience, hope to see what else you make.

Im really interested in the whole look to the game, especially the wind effect, white lines thing near the beginning, how was that done?

Zbrush huh? Ive been wanting to make a open world fps rpg involving such sorts of sky islands, ill have to give it a shot, thank for responding! =^● ⋏ ●^=

This was cool, thank you for responding, its just im making a game with this sort of style in Unity and found this game by swinging around. I look forward to your asset packs, or anything else you create.

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Regardless, its presentation and look is polished, and i think it would be a pretty successful concept if you went through with it.

Halcyon community · Created a new topic How was this done?

The low poly and shaders, everything looks pretty unified and overall cool, how did you make this?

Quick question, those sky islands, how did you make them?

Pretty cool, i likes the presentation.

Oh yeah, ive seen at least a dozen youtubers play it and at least 3/12 knocked the signs away before they could be read by accident. This game was more of test that anything, so if i realease a future game, those sorts of design issues won't be present. :3