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The Norwood Suite

A topic by Cosmo D created May 06, 2017 Views: 1,024 Replies: 2
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I've been working on the Norwood Suite since the fall of 2015. It's the sequel to my last game, Off-Peak (set in the same world) and really takes what I did there to another level in terms of scope, narrative and sound /music integration. (Hence why it's taken so long to make the game). I hadn't realized there was a devlog / blog on Itch until now, and I'll soon go live with my product page for the game. In the meantime, enjoy some gifs and a link to the soundtrack:

Right now I'm actively implementing music to the game, and that's proven to be intense... in a good way. As many of you might know, music has always been my primary vocation. Re-focusing on it after some time spent on other facets of game design has been like a return to the home base.

One thing I'll mention is that whereas Off-Peak's soundtrack was derived from Archie Pelago tracks that had already been floating around in some form on the ol' hard drive, Norwood Suite's music is, to a degree, more intentionally crafted for the game.

I say 'to a degree' because there's still an element of just making the music for its own sake, but now that process feels more purposeful and directed, with an arc in mind.

Here are the opening chords to one of the new pieces, just to give you a taste:

I'll be using these chords in a myriad of different ways, and in different contexts throughout the game. They become 'characters' in the game in their own right, and part of the world, helping reinforce the viewpoints people you'll meet, and provide wordless commentary on the environments you find yourself in. I won't say much more beyond this.

Knowing how I work, Summer feels like the most appropriate time frame and once I can get more specific with a date, I will.

thanks as ever for your support

-cosmo d

Note: this game has been created, in part, with a grant from the NYU Game Center Incubator and the State of New York. The folks there have been a great resource for me this past year and I've put what I learned from being around that orbit into my design.

So excited.


me too

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