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Awesome.  When I put in the keyboard, I wanted something that was memorable and not just a mundane thing.   So cool you have the genuine article!



awesome  wow!  any specific takeaways or things worth noting?  I really wanted to reach the TTRPG lovers w this and I'm glad to hear it's resonated with you all!

Thx for letting me know - new keys are now available.

Have you tried downloading using the client?  Or running as an administrator?

Total coincidence - I think a mutual passion for tumbling dice is in the air.  :D

definitely more in store!

the game and it’s demo will return to the store on September 9th!


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Cosmo D here - 

Let me just say I definitely enjoyed this.  Unsettling and intriguing.  Lots of left turns.  I appreciate that you really went for it and used this RPG Maker format as a medium to express your ideas with clarity of purpose.  The photographic choice segment early on was genuinely unsettling.  

My early games were all about expression above all else - and no one can take your personal truth away from you! 

I suggest you keep following this path and keep following where you're muse leads.  :D

cheers!  glad to hear that.  More to come...


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Amazing filter but my mouse doesn't seem to work at all.  When I go to window-mode and hover over the DosBox window, the cursor gets pushed the right side of the window every time.  CTRL-F10 doesn't make a difference. 

Anyone have any ideas for dealing w this?

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You may need to override some settings manually.  This post in A Short Hike page might lead you to some useful tips.  Since ASH was made in an older Unity as well, techniques that worked for that game might apply here.

Yes, that's fine.

One thing you can try to do is install the game using the Itch.IO client.

This may allow you to bypass the Smartscreen protection. If this doesn’t work, lmk and I can also DM a Steam key to your account.

Email your issue, with a detailed explanation of what is happening, to and we will try to sort it out.

Just curious - what engine was this made in?

yes.  Sending them updated builds this week. 

Started with a one-shot and surprisingly turned into a wonderful multi-month adventure.  Gripping, innovative, and unforgettable!

@gardenhead I've uploaded a new build which runs using Apple's new Metal rendering engine.  It has some shader issues I won't be able to resolve currently, but either way, let me know if this makes a difference for you.

Cheers - glad to hear you caught the reference in real life!

Hi Gardenhead,

Do you have a list of resolutions available to chang by pressing the 'Escape' key?  It should give you a list like so:

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Hi Gardenhead,

Sorry you're having an issue here.  Out of curiosity, what resolution are you running the game at?  Does your Mac give you any more performance latitude if you lower the resolution?  

I'll mention I had to compile this in OpenGL to get certain shaders working, but I'll post a demo build that offers Metal as an alternative.  Once that's up, I'll let you know and you can give it a try.

Thanks for the tip!

Sorry you're having trouble - send your saves to support -at- and I can try to get it sorted.   Also, there should be an output.log associated with the game that could point to the source of the crash.


Yes.  I've notified Humble of new builds.  Will post update on that soon.

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Status Update: WINDOWS, Mac and linux Builds posted and functional.

BUG: You reach the quit menu once you go behind the pizza desk.  This is a bug and has since been patched.  Email if you have any further issues.

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This game is going live on the platform on May 15th.  Enjoy the new trailer in the meantime.  :D

64-bit mac version is up for real this time.  Let me know how it runs!

thanks for asking about this.  It's on the agenda while I finish Tales From Off-Peak City. 

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Check back in with me on this question once the game comes out on Itch and Steam. 

Right on -- thanks for playing!

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Responses to devlog below:

The music and sounds I added really helped create the theme and atmosphere I was going for. I'm proud of that aspect.

Atmosphere was indeed strong in this mid-term.

I was surprised by how much I genuinely enjoyed adding sounds to my game, something that has always been a non-priority for me.

We might not always notice it overtly, but good sound design + music always elevates the experience and I'm glad you felt that to be the case with your project, from the creator-standpoint.

I honestly have no idea, as long as I can work in 2D space and create art that I like, I will be fine.

Hotline seems like it ticks all the boxes there.

Yes.   Aiming for a cross-platform release.

Pretty fun.  Gave me that classic sneak / snake vibe.   I think if you really wanted to amp up the tension, make the lines of detection even wider ( more like vision cones) in the later levels.