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All participants should have received an email from me at my cosmod - at - cosmod -dot- net address with a long list of keys for both the OST and the game.  If you haven't received it, email me at said address, with verification that you were a part of the game jam and I should be able to sort you out.

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Hi Artie- I'm submitting all the city jam games to A.maze fest now.  If you'd like to have yours included, you can send me a standalone downloadable version the game at cosmod - at - cosmod - dot - net, or include one on your page.

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I'll be live-streaming all the games this coming Saturday.  Archived for posterity.

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The event is still ticketed (so not totally public), and from my experience, A.Maze welcomes adventurous and thematically bold work.    I'd say don't let your own ideas about content appropriateness for the festival affect what you're making.   I'd advise labeling it as age-appropriate and in the event that A.Maze does raise concern, we'll cross that bridge.

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Hi Jae,

This all looks / sounds great -- the one thing I ask is that you to label the version of your game that you're submitting for the City Jam as such and yeah, really go in and expand on the foundation of Dust-1.  You got time to do it!

good luck!

-cosmo d

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One of my fave independent games festivals, A.Maze in Berlin, has offered to host all the games submitted to this jam.  The festival will be held  on April 10-13 in Berlin and it is one of my favorite festivals!  And not just because they honored me with a prize last year.  They support creative, daring work, all while serenading you with great music and curating a great experience.  

More details are here:

We're working on a prize setup with A.Maze and will have more details on that soon!

-Cosmo D

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You heard it here first.  Everyone who participates will get a downloadable Bandcamp key to The Norwood Suite's audio files on the house.  Already have it?  Give it to a friend!  

The only requirement is that you have a registered Itch.IO account, so I know who to give the keys to. 

Happy city-jamming,

Cosmo D

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It's up to you, @Rearskyy.   Players' mileage may vary on how much they like an 'open' vs 'closed' experience.  Strangethink, for example, does a lot of powerful work with games that don't end.  Same for Connor Sherlock.   But I always like having my games end, or at least reach some sort of milestone.  

I'd say that as long as it's true to how you feel about the game and your intentions, that truth will shine through and players will respect whatever choice you make.

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cheers & good luck on the jam.

1.Are legally purchased graphic and audio packs allowed? I use rpg maker and try to use as little default things as possible.


2.Would mild nsfw content be allowed? I was planning on doing a dating sim along the lines of the older life sims I played as a young teen online.

Yes.  Just label your game as age appropriate according to Itch's ratings guidelines.

3.This jam is actually coinsiding nicely with the Strawberry Jam 3 (its a jam with a focus on mild to explicit nsfw, which again, I would only do mildly suggestive), and I was wondering if I could submit my game for both? I still haven't started it and would only work within the two time frames shared (yours actually ends a bit before the strawberry jam). I want to challenge myself with mashing city and mild nsfw themes in a dating sim :D

Given the thematic overlap between the two jams, I'll say you can submit your game to both.  My only request is that put some subtle indication in your game that it's a version for my jam.  It can be a part of the menu screen, it can be embedded into the content of the game itself, it can be just a graphic somewhere... just a token something really.

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Q. are assets allowed?

Yes, whatever you can use to get to your main idea.  But please honor whatever terms-of-use agreements the asset-creators have requested, whether it's mentioning them in the credits, cross-promoting their work, etc.    See this link for guidance.

Q. if so, are we allowed to make them for our games?

You can do whatever you want with assets you've made for the jam, but if you're working with a team, make sure everyone on the team is on the same page with how you intend to use the assets after the jam is over.

Q. Is  just me or is this a great jam idea???

I look forward to see where you take it!

It could be a warpy fantasy city with modern elements, absolutely. 

I'm proposing this jam in terms of the idea of the 'City' more broadly than just NYC.   For example, Thief's world is set in a place only known as 'The City' and you definitely get that urban vibe from those games - it feels like a mix of medieval / Victorian London and maybe even Boston since it was designed in the greater Boston area.

I'm inspired by New York because I live here and gladly let it influence my work, but all the cities I've visited, one way or another, have seeped into my subconscious and influence my practice.  

TLDR: cities more generally!

email me at with your receipt of purchase and I'll send you a special build!

I can look into a Steam key redeemable setup (like Humble) for those who would prefer to buy from itch but access the game through the Steam client.

ok, will fix for the next version!

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Try running the app as an Administrator - any change? along with four amazing games.  :D  Now til the 26th.

I'll get in touch with Itch about this.

To correct the record, it's not going to be on GoG for the time being.

You get a standalone version of the game.   Under what circumstance would getting a steam Key through itch be preferable to getting the game through Steam directly?

It's a slightly newer version of the game with some updated graphics assets.

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Thanks for catching that.  Just fixed for the next version.

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I've been working on the Norwood Suite since the fall of 2015. It's the sequel to my last game, Off-Peak (set in the same world) and really takes what I did there to another level in terms of scope, narrative and sound /music integration. (Hence why it's taken so long to make the game). I hadn't realized there was a devlog / blog on Itch until now, and I'll soon go live with my product page for the game. In the meantime, enjoy some gifs and a link to the soundtrack:

Right now I'm actively implementing music to the game, and that's proven to be intense... in a good way. As many of you might know, music has always been my primary vocation. Re-focusing on it after some time spent on other facets of game design has been like a return to the home base.

One thing I'll mention is that whereas Off-Peak's soundtrack was derived from Archie Pelago tracks that had already been floating around in some form on the ol' hard drive, Norwood Suite's music is, to a degree, more intentionally crafted for the game.

I say 'to a degree' because there's still an element of just making the music for its own sake, but now that process feels more purposeful and directed, with an arc in mind.

Here are the opening chords to one of the new pieces, just to give you a taste:

I'll be using these chords in a myriad of different ways, and in different contexts throughout the game. They become 'characters' in the game in their own right, and part of the world, helping reinforce the viewpoints people you'll meet, and provide wordless commentary on the environments you find yourself in. I won't say much more beyond this.

Knowing how I work, Summer feels like the most appropriate time frame and once I can get more specific with a date, I will.

thanks as ever for your support

-cosmo d

Note: this game has been created, in part, with a grant from the NYU Game Center Incubator and the State of New York. The folks there have been a great resource for me this past year and I've put what I learned from being around that orbit into my design.