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The Norwood Suite

Journey to a hillside hotel brimming with odd characters, old secrets and head-nodding music. · By Cosmo D

Game keeps crashing my PC, items stopped working, can fall through the level

A topic by Andy Noelker created May 29, 2020 Views: 790 Replies: 2
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I'm not sure if anyone else has run into this issue but after about 10 minutes of play the game causes my PC to blue screen and restart. This keeps happening. I have been able to play it by saving and exiting every few minutes. This has made my progress incredibly slow as the game takes a long time to exit and restart, but I usually get about 10 minutes of play time before I need to stop or the game crashes my PC. However my game state seems very messed up after the last time it crashed. There might be slight item spoilers ahead.

I am not able to use locker key #29 to retrieve the monocle. I got it before the crash, but then since I lost my progress, now the key does nothing and I can't get the monocle anymore. I am also not able to add the A key to the piano. I hold out the key but it doesn't create an outline like the previous keys. Strangest of all, when I enter room 206 there is no room at all. Instead it is like the room is chopped off and I can see outside as well as the interior of other rooms. I am posting a screenshot. If I step through I start to fall down through the level and it eventually warps me to the front lobby. I know the game is surreal but I'm assuming this is not intended.

As I am unable to get the monocle or use the last piano key I believe I cannot progress forward anymore. Has anyone else run into any issues like this and know of any fixes or workarounds? Considering I have to segment my play in small chunks anyway I am about to give up on this game entirely. I was very curious to see what happened but might just have to rely on walkthrough videos at this point. I was trying to play through all of the works of Cosmo D in preparation for the new game but Off-Peak would also crash my PC (less frequently than this game). I might just have to accept his games don't work for me which makes me very sad.

I am on the Itch Windows desktop app if that is helpful. Playing on Windows 10 with a PC and a GTX 970  graphics card.


Sorry you're having trouble - send your saves to support -at- and I can try to get it sorted.   Also, there should be an output.log associated with the game that could point to the source of the crash.

I really appreciate you reaching out and doing it so quickly! I've just sent you an email.