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Andy Noelker

A member registered Jun 29, 2015

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The product filters are cool! Do you think you could label this more clearly and make it more clear which filters do what? I saw the tabs but didn't realize that they were filters and was a little confused by them. Particularly early game when you only have one or two products unlocked, the tabs don't actually do anything so I thought they were broken. You could provide some tooltip text when you hover over them that says "Show legal products only", "Show unlaunched products only", etc. Alternatively you could remove the tabs and provide a dropdown select with the options that is clearly labelled "Filter Products". I like the folder tabs as I think they match the visual style of the game better, but a dropdown might be more clear and reduce UI clutter a little bit. Not sure about that.

I'll second this. It would be nice if the email just had a simple breakdown of which new employees just got hired and how many.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I don't see my own company's share % listed, like I do with the other corps. I can get a rough idea from the pie chart but I would like to see my own percentage because that's really the number I care about.

I see that in the newest build you renamed the integer number to "Stocks" which I think does reduce confusion a bit. However, I would actually like to propose that you simplify this system even more and only the percentage to players. I haven't reached the late game to know if there is more importance to the integer "Stocks" value, but right now the 2 numbering systems seem redundant and not super reflective of how the stock market actually works.

Whenever you buy shares in a company you are always buying them from someone else. This means that other shareholders stock numbers should decrease proportionally. It's uncommon for a company to release more shares on the market as it dilutes the value of each share (although they do it from time to time). So there is always one specific total number of shares and those are divided between investors. I've noticed that when I buy shares, the other investors number of stocks remains the same instead of decreasing. That gives the appearance that new shares/stocks are just created as I buy them, instead of me buying them from someone else. I suppose in the fiction of the game you could say that I'm buying these shares from outside investors that aren't the companies listed, but I'm not sure if you gain much from that.

It seems the number that players actually care about is the percentage of the company that they own. So why bother exposing an additional number to us that we should keep track of, when it seems to only inform the percentage number? Thoughts?