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Spinnortality is a cyberpunk management game where you run a megacorporation. · By James Patton

[FIXED] Product Filters

A topic by Inquisitor023 created Feb 18, 2018 Views: 81 Replies: 4
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A small suggestion I can think of for the mid-game and vague Quality of Life could be the ability to use filters for products when viewing them within a Nation. Examples could include Type (Social, Human Rights, Business, etc.), a Legal/Illegal view, sort by estimated income, etc, etc. 

It's always good for a player to have more information, where possible, so filtering and sorting would be a pleasant thing to have (assuming it's not too much extra work).


Most useful would be a filter to reduce the product list down to only new products and those generating less than 1.00 income.
In this way the player can more easily identify which products need attention - which is very time consuming during the later stages.

That sounds great! So, these filters?

  • Legal only
  • Ordered illegal list (so you get illegal product groups)
  • by est. income (rising or falling)
  • unlaunched only
  • old, relaunchable products only
  • "needs attention" products (unlaunched + old together)

These are done!

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The product filters are cool! Do you think you could label this more clearly and make it more clear which filters do what? I saw the tabs but didn't realize that they were filters and was a little confused by them. Particularly early game when you only have one or two products unlocked, the tabs don't actually do anything so I thought they were broken. You could provide some tooltip text when you hover over them that says "Show legal products only", "Show unlaunched products only", etc. Alternatively you could remove the tabs and provide a dropdown select with the options that is clearly labelled "Filter Products". I like the folder tabs as I think they match the visual style of the game better, but a dropdown might be more clear and reduce UI clutter a little bit. Not sure about that.