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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

macOS Catalina compatibility?

A topic by ecin created 21 days ago Views: 181 Replies: 5
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Hello! I'm on the macOS Catalina beta, and can't get the downloaded app to launch. Know if the app needs to be updated for this latest version of macOS? 


I'll take a look into this soon, sorry for the trouble!


Hey Ecin,

I don't know for sure yet, but I think it might be an issue with the FMOD middleware used by the Unity engine. It seems like Catalina is 64bit only and there's a 32bit dependency in FMOD. I might be able to fix the issue by upgrading Unity, but it will take some time to figure out.

I'm sorry for the trouble!

Hey @adamgryu, any update? Has Unity made a fix for Catalina yet?


Hey! I followed up on a forum post, and it seems like the issue should have been fixed in the version of Unity I'm using. Can you tell me more information about the problem?

> What happens when the game tries to launch? Are there any error messages? Does it open up and then crash?
> Have you had trouble with any other Unity software?
> Have you tried unplugging any unnecessary USB devices?
> Have you tried the latest version of A Short Hike? (I just updated the game to version 1.4)
> Is there any chance the username on your computer has non-standard characters in it?
> Are you using an app on your computer called Citrix workspace?

It might help if you could share this log file with me. It's overwritten every time a Unity game is run, so you'd have to run the game just before checking it:

I'm really sorry about this issue! If we can't get the game to run, you might have to try running it on a different machine or refunding it.

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FWIW, the latest version of the game switches to OpenGL by default, but OpenGL is deprecated since macOS Mojave.