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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

macOS Catalina compatibility?

A topic by ecin created Jul 31, 2019 Views: 5,753 Replies: 36
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Hello! I'm on the macOS Catalina beta, and can't get the downloaded app to launch. Know if the app needs to be updated for this latest version of macOS?

Developer (2 edits)

I'll take a look into this soon, sorry for the trouble!

EDIT BY adamgryu:

> Since this thread is long, here's a link to the current workaround:
> I've also read that unzipping with the Unarchiver app will allow the executable to be run. (In addition to the two-finger click method)
> Sorry that these issues have to be worked around on Catalina for the moment!


Hey Ecin,

I don't know for sure yet, but I think it might be an issue with the FMOD middleware used by the Unity engine. It seems like Catalina is 64bit only and there's a 32bit dependency in FMOD. I might be able to fix the issue by upgrading Unity, but it will take some time to figure out.

I'm sorry for the trouble!

Hey @adamgryu, any update? Has Unity made a fix for Catalina yet?


Hey! I followed up on a forum post, and it seems like the issue should have been fixed in the version of Unity I'm using. Can you tell me more information about the problem?

> What happens when the game tries to launch? Are there any error messages? Does it open up and then crash?
> Have you had trouble with any other Unity software?
> Have you tried unplugging any unnecessary USB devices?
> Have you tried the latest version of A Short Hike? (I just updated the game to version 1.4)
> Is there any chance the username on your computer has non-standard characters in it?
> Are you using an app on your computer called Citrix workspace?

It might help if you could share this log file with me. It's overwritten every time a Unity game is run, so you'd have to run the game just before checking it:

I'm really sorry about this issue! If we can't get the game to run, you might have to try running it on a different machine or refunding it.

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FWIW, the latest version of the game switches to OpenGL by default, but OpenGL is deprecated since macOS Mojave.


Hi, is there an eta for when it will start working in Catalina? 

This appears to still be an issue. No Unity logs are generated in the path you provided above. Given the rave reviews, I'd love to play it-- could you provide further debugging steps?


I also had trouble running the game on MacOS. Here were my workarounds.

1. Double-clicking the app gives the error, "The application "" can't be opened." Open a terminal window, go to the folder containing, type "cd", then "chmod +x AShortHike".

2. Double-clicking the app gives an error that the app can't be opened because MacOS can't verify the developer. Instead, two-finger click on the app, then select Open from the context menu, then Open from the warning dialog.

3. The app has garbled graphics output. Wait a few seconds for the splash screen to complete, then type Z, down arrow, enter, enter, down arrow, enter, up arrow, enter, which switches the game to windowed mode, making the options screen readable.


Thank you, Mike! I didn't have the garbled graphics output issue. Mine started in borderless windowed, but I appreciate you writing out the steps. I was prepared to follow them!

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Hey! Sorry for the trouble everyone.

It seems like Mike's solution should work for Catalina. Thank you for sharing it!

Here are some more tips:
1. If you don't want to use the command line to change the permissions on the app, you can redeem the Steam key and launch it from Steam. It should still launch fine from there.
2. If you want to select the window / resolution settings before launching the game, you can:
  - Hold the option/alt key at application launch or...
  - Run it with the command line argument "-show-screen-selector"

Thanks! Ended up trying Steam download before seeing this and that worked a treat.

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A little chmod +x for the Contents/MacOS/AShortHike before worked perfectly on OSX Catalina, as also said by Mike above. Thank you for a very nice game :)

Sorry, but I can't play to A Short Hike in my MacBook Air (Catalina 10.5). I've tried your proposals and I dindn't have results. 

Please, I' ve paid for this game and I need some help!


I can confirm that as Mike above said:

1. Double-clicking the app gives the error, "The application "" can't be opened." Open a terminal window, go to the folder containing, type "cd", then "chmod +x AShortHike".

2. Double-clicking the app gives an error that the app can't be opened because MacOS can't verify the developer. Instead, two-finger click on the app, then select Open from the context menu, then Open from the warning dialog.

WORKS on macOS Catalina 10.5.5 on an iMac 27-inch Late 2013.


Hello, Im not sure what "opening a terminal window" means could you possibly break down the steps for me?


  1. Right click on A Short Hike and click "Show Package Contents".
  2. Inside the Contents folder, you'll find one named "MacOS", and inside of it, a file named "AShortHike".
  3. Open Terminal (you can do so by pressing command + space, typing in "terminal" and hitting enter).
  4. Now that Terminal is open, type "chmod +x " and drag the "AShortHike" file into the window so that it will add the file path to that line you just typed. Your line should read something like "chmod +x /Users/...", there MUST be a space between "+x" and the file path.
  5. Press enter in Terminal and you should now be able to start the game!

Thanks for explaining this! Unfortunately, Apple has made it difficult to distribute apps outside of their ecosystem lately.


Another thing that may be relevant. A user in another thread mentioned this to me:

"i just extracted the zip using the unarchiver app instead of the default app and it worked just fine. even with the new catalina update"

Perhaps the default unzipper strips the +x flag? It might be easier for some users to use a different unarchiver app to workaround this issue.


I can second this claim! I don't really know how it works, but using Unarchiver to extract the zip file seems to be a more easier solution to the problem than the one with the Terminal. This also worked with one other game that initially wouldn't open on Mac Catalina for me. Also, if anyone needs more help or steps with this method, I can make a new comment explaining the whole process over.

yes please, I seem to be unable to open the file with Unarchiver

Ah, here's the new comment explaining the whole process in case you didn't see it yet!

Thanks!! It works!!


Hi! I followed this breakdown, but when I hit "enter" in terminal, it says 

"-bash: chmod+x: command not found"

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Thanks for including the exact error message; that helps to diagnose the problem. You're almost there.

There is a space missing in the command you tried. You have to type chmod +x /Users/...  with a space between "chmod" and "+x" in addition to the space between "+x" and "/Users/...". 

Thank you! Finally got it up and running :) 

When I hit enter in terminal, it says

-bash: /Applications/ Permission denied

I think I'm doing something wrong. If you could please help, that would be swell. <3

Try it again, but type sudo before chmod (with a space in between). It will ask for your password - only works if you’re an admin user.

this was super helpful! Thanks! Works for me now.

My error message was: "No such file or directory" , and the unarchiver tells me "The contents of "" cannot be extracted with The Unarchiver, what should my next step be?

This worked for me! Thank you. 


Another workaround to this problem that might be easier is to use Unarchiver to extract the game's zip file instead.

  1. First download Unarchiver, which is free on the App Store
  2. Set Unarchiver as your default for opening zip  files, which you can do by following this tutorial.
  3. Download the MacOS file for the game
  4. If it has worked properly, when opening the game you should get an error about MacOS being unable to verify the developer, which you can get around by two-finger clicking/right clicking on the app and then clicking  Open and then Open again from the following warning dialog.

This method doesn't seem to work for Safari for some reason, but there's a workaround for it I can explain in a reply if anyone needs it.

I tried to follow that tutorial but the Open With option didn't even appear.

Did you use a zip file when following the tutorial (for example, right-clicking on a zip file and then clicking Get Info)?

If that doesn't work, or you don't have any zip files on hand, you can instead manually extract the zip file with Unarchiver without setting it as your default, it just means a couple more steps depending on the browser you use.

For Safari and I think Google Chrome also, it will automatically unzip the file with the default app (which probably is Archive Utility). You can stop this process by right-clicking wherever the download process is being tracked on your browser, and then clicking Stop. Make sure to do this after the actual download is complete, so as soon as it says anything along the lines of "decompressing the file". If done properly, you should be left with just the zip file of the game, which you then can open in Finder. Right-click it, click Open With, and then choose Unarchiver. 

If you use Firefox however, you can choose from the start which application to open the zip file with, so you can just skip all these steps and just download the game normally, but this time choosing Unarchiver instead of Archive Utility.

This worked for me. Thanks!

thank you so much for this tip! It really works if you keep getting "application can't open".

Hey there,

I couldn't find my bug / trouble anywhere, so maybe one of you could help me. I can start the game, but after the Unity-logo I'm instantly in the game and the controls feel whacky. It's all the same, starting it via itch-app, as standalone app or via terminal. Also when I go to the feather trader I can't walk away anymore.

Running on Mac Catalina 10.15.5 (19F101)