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This is a thread for sharing your creations! :)

Hey, sorry about this! Did you get the game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? If so, those games didn't include Steam keys, as mentioned on the bundle page: 

This was really cute and fun! I loved all the fun color palettes too :)

This was really cute and fun! I loved all the fun color palettes too :)

This is a really cool concept! It's a fun variation on this time of shoot em up. I got to 400 points!

Cool game! I struggled with the first level, but after that I got the hang of it :)

Cool game! I struggled with the first level, but after that I got the hang of it :)

Hey, really sorry about this issue! Could you send me your log file? This may help me figure out the problem:
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\adamgryu\A Short Hike\Player.log

You can email it to:
hello [at]

Hmm, not sure what the issue is. It takes a bit to load after pressing Z - did you give it enough time to load?

Also, it only saves after every death right now. If you want your file to be saved you need to die first - sorry! Although it's a very short game so you might not even need to save

While I was working on my jam game, I borrowed some bits of code from older projects.

I feel like most of the borrowed code was library-type code (Timer library, Input Management, Serialization helpers etc), but I did borrow these Unity components I wrote previously: TakesDamage.cs and DamageOnTouch.cs (they basically label GameObjects as good guys or bad guys and allow them to damage each other if opposite sides touch)

Would reusing this code disqualify my game? If so, that's totally OK, I'll just post my game outside of the jam.

Really cute! The pixel art was really nice :)

thank you for playing! ^_^

Hey, really sorry about this issue. Do you know how to run the game with command line arguments?

If so, perhaps try -force-metal

No there is no decapitation in A Short Hike! Glad it was still fun though, I hope you got some laughs out of it haha
Maybe it's worth giving it another run with the original dialogue tho! 

Let me know how it goes! Although it might be more enjoyable with the original dialogue (I hope so!)

1. Hopefully!

2. That's a multiplayer feature - the servers are a little empty right now.

3. There's a max of 3, but you can remove one of your older ones to free up slots.

4. Reserved spaces are for unresolved reported pumpkins.

5. Not for this year!

Thank you for playing!!

Those signs usually mark pumpkins that have been reported by users but their status is still unresolved

Ah I'm really sorry about that! I'll see what's going on...

On the menu there's a screenshots button, which will open the folder! It's somewhere a little obscure, where app data is saved

You need to connect the final dot to the starting dot - if the cut crosses over itself or is too slim, it won't allow it. If it's red it means it wont work

Yes! You can use photo mode to zoom in and out.

You can't crouch but you can shrink... Look for some special mushrooms :)

It should be up really soon! I'm uploading a new build right now that will work. About 3 more mins!

I'm still not sure what my long term plans are. I'd love to re-open this each Halloween.

I may be able to share the server executable for private servers, but I'm still not sure if I should do that yet.

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Sorry, it says they're placed - but they're not actually. You can "remove" it and re-place it, though!

Nice boo! :D

I'll try and get a fix for this soon. I need access to an actual Mac to fix it, which I don't have. Sadly Apple has made it difficult to release games outside of their ecosystem.

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For this to run, you'll need to do one of the actions below:

  • Use the Unarchiver app to unzip the ZIP file.
  • OR download the game from within the app.
  • OR execute the following on the command line:

cd [to the directory where is located]
chmod +x Pumpkins

After this, you need to hold control + right-click on the application, and select Open.


For this to run, you'll need to do one of the actions below:

  • Use the Unarchiver app to unzip the ZIP file.
  • OR execute the following on the command line:

chmod +x Pumpkins

Sorry that I wasn't clear! The save data is stored somewhere else entirely - so you could delete the entire directory and redownload the game, and your save should still be there.

That said, it's probably best not to mix and match files from different versions, since it could have weird side effects.

If you download the new EXE, it should automatically pick up your old save data. Note there is one bug (I'm working on) which will cause one treasure chest not to open when using an old save file 

Thank you! :)

Sorry about this! This is an issue from migrating a save file from an older version. If it makes you feel better, there was only coins in the chest! One of the other chests in the world has closed again (also part of this bug) and has the coins you're owed!

I updated the mod for the newly added lines in Version 1.8.

Sorry about this! What platform are you on? What happens when you unzip the file?

Hey, everyone. Really sorry about this! I'm actually releasing an update very soon that includes autosave. Hopefully it should be out sometime this week!

Yes! Mark Sparling sells the soundtrack (+ bonus tracks) on his bandcamp!

French and Spanish are coming soon!

Unfortunately, there are issues with the Switch Pro Controller on Unity. If you add the game to Steam as a non-steam game, you might have luck turning on 360 controller emulation.

You need to right click on V2 and select Open from that menu. It will then let you bypass the verification.