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Hey, sorry this is happening! If you DM me on the games' Discord I can try and see what's wrong, but I'm a little busy tonight so I might have to do it tomorrow

This game rules

Hey - really sorry to say this, but the server had to come down due to unexpected circumstances. I don't have an ETA for when I can being it back up.

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that's really sweet of you to say! yes, i think ive got a lot of work to do fixing up the errors

Hey, really sorry about this - I'm not sure if I accidentally introduced new errors into the algorithm this year, but it does seem to be happening more than I intended. I can only really recommend starting a new pumpkin if this happens too much, the pumpkin itself might become full of hidden errors. 

thank you! haha i update it every year

It's live now!

It's back!

Thanks for playing! :)

Aiming for 2 weeks before Halloween! Planning to do a lil update

nah its a silly game

send me an email! No problem :)

Did you get the game through one of the giant charity bundles? If so, keys weren't included for those.

Otherwise, I believe there should be an option to redeem the key on the download page.

Hey Matt - I haven't gotten that build to yet, but in the meantime, shoot me an email and I may be able to help:
hello [at]

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This is a known issue now - right now, NPC races with Avery will not function properly with the patch installed. You'll need to remove the patch to make them work again. I'll try and get a fix out for this sometime this week. Sorry for the trouble!

EDIT: This should be fixed in the most recent version of the mod.

Hey! Thanks for the bug report - just to clarify, this is with the mod installed, right?

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I'd recommend using the default server to play with everyone else (this only requires you to install the mod, not set up a server).

If you're certain you want your own server, it can be a little tricky to set up. I am renting a VM on Azure, used SCP to transfer the files, and executed it using SSH. There are probably some tutorials on the internet you can follow for things like Minecraft servers, which may be similar?

If you want to run it locally, you'll just need to launch the server application. You might need to change your firewall settings to allow listening on port 7777. If you're playing with people across the internet (not just a local network) you might also need to set up port forwarding. All of this can be very time-consuming and a bit difficult - it's a bit beyond my scope to help people set this up - I'm not very experienced with this myself. There are some good tutorials out there, but it may be easier if you have a friend familiar with any of this stuff to help talk you through the process.

Sorry it's gotta be so complicated! I don't have the resources to simplify or automate the process for you. Networked games are tricky!

Hey, sorry it's not working for you! The Epic version should work, and that error message is strange because it uses Unity not Unreal.

Can you tell me what operating system you're using? Did you find the "A Short Hike" data folder at this path:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\AShortHike\AShortHike_Data

The patch is supposed to overwrite certain files, but preserve the existing files from the Epic installation.

Thanks for letting me know, I don't use OSX often, so I wasn't aware of this problem.

The patch only includes files that need to be changed, the rest of them should be preserved, as you found out.

On windows, when you copy a folder into another folder, it doesn't delete anything in the folder, it just replaces any duplicate files - i didn't know that wasn't the case on OSX. Is there any other way around this on OSX? If not, I might have to change the patch to make it easier to install - sorry for the trouble!

If so, shoot me an email, I may be able to help.
hello [at]

Hey! I think the Humble version might be slightly out of date - is that only version you have access to?

thanks for playing!!

The folder structure is slightly different on OSX. You'll need to open up the package and replace the "\Contents" folder with the patch version instead.

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Steam: Use the Betas tab to install the patch. The password is: "ashortmmo2022"

GOG Galaxy:  See this page for help finding the folder. It's probably in "Program Files/GOG Galaxy/Games"

Epic Games: Probably in "Program Files\Epic Games\Games"

Itch App: Use this page to help you find the install location.

Have you tried this?

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Thanks for the log. It seems like it is some sort of hardware issue.

Three more things to try:
- If you're using a second monitor, try unplugging it and launching the game with only one.
- Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
- Try running the game with the command line arguement: "-force-glcore"

thanks for playing, glad you liked it! :)

thanks! :)

thank you for playing!! :)

thanks for playing! :)

I'm sorry to hear this! I haven't encountered this problem before.

Can you try sending me the Unity log file?
Windows: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\adamgryu\A Short Hike\Player.log
You can email it to hello[at] 

Also, just some general things to try - re-downloading the game / restarting your computer?

Actually, I just found the --fix-permissions flag! I guess this handles the issue? That's awesome :)

I've started using butler to automate build uploads.

One issue I've faced with OSX builds (for my Unity game), is that when I zip them myself on Windows, the +x (executable flag) is missing when they are unzipped by the user on OSX.

To fix this, I need to actually download them on OSX, zip them there (the OSX zipper preserves the flag properly) and then reupload them.

Just curious if butler might handle this case for me - which would be really handy!

Ah thanks for checking, I thought there might be something useful in the logs, but I guess not.

A few things:

1. Have you tried downloading the latest version? You should be able to download version 1.9. If not from the launcher, then from the page. Does the save file work properly in that version?

2. Could you share the save file (either by Google Drive or email: hello [@] for me to inspect?
The save file is located near the logs.

ok, I think I was missing the Linux flag on the build page, hopefully it works now?

Thanks for the update. One last thing, are you able to download the latest Linux build (1.9) from the webpage?

Hey! Really sorry you're having this issue.

Could you answer a few questions for me?

1. What OS are you on?

2. Are you playing from the launcher?

3. Can you check the version in Options > Info > Version?

4. Are you able to find the log file for me?

Windows: C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\LocalLow\adamgryu\A Short Hike\Player.log Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

If you can, can you search it for the word Exception and copy the text around it for me to see?