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I've heard of another user having trouble with the Steelseries Nimbus on Mac, it seems like it is an issue with Unity - I think it has trouble detecting its pressure sensitive buttons. Unfortunately, there's little information about the issue online and I don't have the controller myself, so it might be a while before I can get a fix for that case. I'm sorry for the trouble right now.

What do you mean about the left analog stick on the PS4 controller?

Hey! I've heard that it's an issue with verification. Contacting their support team is the right thing to do - you should get your key soon!

Hey! I'm sorry to report it, but the sitting scene was made especially for the trailer. If you've beaten the game, however, there's one spot where it happens automatically. 

Hey! I followed up on a forum post, and it seems like the issue should have been fixed in the version of Unity I'm using. Can you tell me more information about the problem?

> What happens when the game tries to launch? Are there any error messages? Does it open up and then crash?
> Have you had trouble with any other Unity software?
> Have you tried unplugging any unnecessary USB devices?
> Have you tried the latest version of A Short Hike? (I just updated the game to version 1.4)
> Is there any chance the username on your computer has non-standard characters in it?
> Are you using an app on your computer called Citrix workspace?

It might help if you could share this log file with me. It's overwritten every time a Unity game is run, so you'd have to run the game just before checking it:

I'm really sorry about this issue! If we can't get the game to run, you might have to try running it on a different machine or refunding it.

Wow thank you! I'm really glad you both enjoyed it together :)

Thanks for playing Hempuli!! :D

I had thought about disabling the silver feathers for races, but ended leaving them to give players a boost if they were having trouble with them.
After beating Avery once or twice, she'll start copying what you do - so she'll effectively be using them too! Although, the option to disable them in the inventory sounds like a good option

What type of crash was it? Did the screen pause and stutter, but the music kept playing in the background? Has it happened again since?

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it :)

wow! that is a small world :D thanks so much for playing, i'm glad you liked it!

say hi to him for me!

Does it work ok if you unplug one of them?
The game tries to use whichever controller has detected input last. Perhaps the deadzone on one of them is a bit off, which causes it two switch between controllers?

Hey! Sorry about the crash, I've never seen that before!
In case you haven't relaunched the game, it would be helpful to send me the log file! (If not, don't worry about it)
What OS are you on, btw?

Definitely let me know if it happens again!

Yup! You can get the fishing rod at Meteor lake :)

Thanks :)

Hey Ecin,

I don't know for sure yet, but I think it might be an issue with the FMOD middleware used by the Unity engine. It seems like Catalina is 64bit only and there's a 32bit dependency in FMOD. I might be able to fix the issue by upgrading Unity, but it will take some time to figure out.

I'm sorry for the trouble!

I'll take a look into this soon, sorry for the trouble!

Great! Did you have to contact them personally?

Really sorry about that! I promise I'll figure it out :)

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For some reason, some players have not been able to access the Steam key that comes with their purchase.
It seems like some sort of error, and I've contacted support.
I'll update this thread once the issue is resolved.

thanks so much for the glowing review :D

Thats good to hear! Hopefully it's just a driver issue, but I might be able to include better controller debugging features in a future build!

Hey, thanks so much for the report! I'll look into this...

In the meantime, you might be able to get the desired behavior by using the controller re-mapper on Steam.
Sorry about the trouble!

A Short Hike was just released on! To celebrate it's launch, it will be on sale for 10% off over the next week. Page:

A Short Hike is a little exploration game about hiking to the top of a mountain. It's a peaceful non-violent game where you can explore at your own pace and appreciate the world around you. You can find your own way to the top and explore in any direction you like! You can climb any wall in the game (after acquiring certain tools) and fly down from any of the mountain peaks! Along your journey, you'll meet other hikers and explorers who you may be able to help out!

I really wanted to capture the feeling of simply hiking through nature - it's peaceful and relaxing, but it's also exciting to see what is around every new bend!

Here's the trailer below!

I've been working on this for a while, so I'm both excited and nervous to put this out there! I hope you all like it :)

Ah, thank you!

I had done some custom styling so that an image from the description overlapped with the header image in a nice way. After the button showed up, the layout looked broken. However, having the button up there does seem pretty handy - I was just confused that it seemed like you could disable / enable it but I couldn't figure out how!

Hi! I noticed that some games have a buy button at the top of their page and some don't.

For example:

Is there a way to control this directly? I can't seem to find the option for my page.
It seems to appear or not based on the CSS rule: buy_on_top

I had designed the layout of my page without that button in mind, but once I released it, I had to change my layout to accommodate it.


thanks for playing :)

thanks! :)

I've been checking it every day! It's cool to see how they're whittling down the time and trading 1st place spots!

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Oh so that's awesome!!! Great time :D

That would be so cool!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for playing :)

That's a good idea! Maybe if we release an update in the future :)

Hi, it depends what platform you're on (Windows, Mac, Linux) but most likely is that you need to unzip the compressed ZIP file. 

Hey, thanks so much for playing and secret hunting! I can't remember the exact number of signposts, but there's at least 6 to find. I don't have plans to release any updates right now, since this was an 8-hour game jam game, but if we work on it again I'll consider adding a map!

Also, my game isn't a paid game, so I don't think it's waiting for review like the other posts have indicated.

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The same thing seemed to happen to the game I just  published too.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

OMG it covers all the best scenes from the movie A++

Thanks for playing! :)