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Can I still use the game after the server goes offline?

A topic by csilverman created Nov 03, 2023 Views: 195 Replies: 3
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Is it possible to access the world after Halloween? I get why the community side—submitting pumpkins, seeing other players—wouldn't work, but can I still open the game and visit the places? What disappears when the servers are offline?

This is, weirdly, one of the most calming virtual places I've found in a while; I could see myself coming back here throughout the year.

- Chris


Thank you for playing! Unfortunately, while the servers are offline, the world becomes empty. So you can still carve pumpkins and explore the empty space, but no multiplayer features will work.

Got it. Thank you. I assume that means the pumpkins other people carved are gone also?


Yeah, unfortunately they're all stored on the server, so you can't access them with the server turned off.