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Epic version of the game fails to launch patch99

A topic by restoretheday created Apr 01, 2022 Views: 384 Replies: 2
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Getting an error 'unknown Unreal application ...' that is after updating the game within the launcher, and launching it through launcher or by itself.


Hey, sorry it's not working for you! The Epic version should work, and that error message is strange because it uses Unity not Unreal.

Can you tell me what operating system you're using? Did you find the "A Short Hike" data folder at this path:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\AShortHike\AShortHike_Data

The patch is supposed to overwrite certain files, but preserve the existing files from the Epic installation.


aaaah thanks! I was renaming the original folder before overwriting, missing the point :) worked now! fun, though not many people at this hour we made a tower!