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Constant errors carving

A topic by djforgotten created Oct 22, 2022 Views: 172 Replies: 5
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After some point in time, I can carve no more elements into a pumpkin. I keep getting a "programming is hard" error.

My pumpkins are not very complex so I am unsure why this is happening.


Hey, really sorry about this - I'm not sure if I accidentally introduced new errors into the algorithm this year, but it does seem to be happening more than I intended. I can only really recommend starting a new pumpkin if this happens too much, the pumpkin itself might become full of hidden errors. 

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Hello, Adam. I was wondering if you will you be adding additional options for the pumpkins this year? For example, a customizable light? (like choosing between a candle and a flashlight, and choosing colors, etc.) (Not to sound entitled or anything) (A mirror option would also be amazing)


Thank you for the quick response! I will try again with some different pumpkins. My son was really enjoying running around viewing all of the creations yesterday.

I def get more errors this year than previous years, but not so many we can't carve.  But I just want to shout out how amazing the interaction design of those errors is. One gentle, non-judgemental modal box that explains it's not your fault, and you feel predisposed to read, but then if errors occur again on the same cut, you just just a little gentle apology that guides you to undo a bit further without stopping you doing stuff. Multi-billion pound software companies still haven't figured out that this is how to talk to your users.

Basically what I'm saying is thanks for another fun year already - my little one has been carving virtual pumpkins for Mayor Bones three halloweens in a row, which is to say every one she remembers!

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that's really sweet of you to say! yes, i think ive got a lot of work to do fixing up the errors