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The Read Me Sign Says I can submit 0 pumpkins this year.

A topic by SurDerpy created Oct 31, 2022 Views: 273 Replies: 1
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For some reason, this happened to me last year as well, I couldn't place any pumpkins, I have 2 I have made and it lets me do the placing option but never uploads them to the spot where I wanted to put them. I have never placed a pumpkin but it says I have 0 pumpkins to place this year. I'm not sure what to do but its still really fun to play and see what others made but I have some goofy carvings I wanted to share also. Does anyone know how to fix that or am I just too late to placing them? I'm not really sure what to do, this happened twice to me so far sadly. 


Hey, sorry this is happening! If you DM me on the games' Discord I can try and see what's wrong, but I'm a little busy tonight so I might have to do it tomorrow