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Really need better carving tools.

A topic by ahh_MONSTURR created Oct 09, 2023 Views: 318 Replies: 3
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How in the hell does anyone a make a rounded shape?  I'm not sure if its just MY computer or what but I tried for over two hours and could not make a round eye on a pumkin, so it kinda bummed me out. Why can't there be like a way of carving that your not flagged with errors constantly??

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for more calm feedback; i unironically would like the ability to just brush cut like how (i assumed) the carving uv brush works
maybe i'm misunderstanding how the carve affects the mesh, i'm assuming its just two layers of uv using pixel/vertex shaders
i tried opening the .pumpkin files in photoshop to do more complicated designs and etc but they seem to be stored as some secretive binary instead of a straight up-and-down ] texture UV format


The cutting is actually manipulating the mesh. I am working on fixing the bugs in the mesh-cutting algorithm, but it is challenging.
The pumpkin files are compressed (for bandwidth) so the files aren't really easy to edit.

so its even cooler then i thought

radical :o