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How to install the patch on OSX Sticky

A topic by adamgryu created Mar 23, 2022 Views: 836 Replies: 5
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The folder structure is slightly different on OSX. You'll need to open up the package and replace the "\Contents" folder with the patch version instead.

I've had a quick go at this and got it working but not through the instructions above, overwriting the Contents folder seems to remove a bunch of stuff the game needs to run. Tried just replacing the Contents/Resources folder but that didn't work either.

Instead, I copied all the files out of contents/resources/data, and pasted them in the requisite folder in the app container. This will have overwritten any replacement files but left anything else. Then I just replaced the default preferences file in the Resources folder and the info plist in the root folder.

Then the game booted, but the opening menu screen with the car didn't display (but sound played as normal). I could load a save sight unseen, however, and from there on in the game seemed to be behaving normally (though I wouldn't rule out any other quirks) and I could see other players running around, hitting me with sticks while I connected my controller or congregating at the lookout :) Fun mod!


Thanks for letting me know, I don't use OSX often, so I wasn't aware of this problem.

The patch only includes files that need to be changed, the rest of them should be preserved, as you found out.

On windows, when you copy a folder into another folder, it doesn't delete anything in the folder, it just replaces any duplicate files - i didn't know that wasn't the case on OSX. Is there any other way around this on OSX? If not, I might have to change the patch to make it easier to install - sorry for the trouble!


Hey Adam I got this to work perfectly on my Mac. The trick to easily replacing all of the files in one go, is to drag the multiplayer mod Contents folder to the existing Contents folder for A Short Hike whilst holding the option key (⌥ /also known as the alt key in Windows-land), then let go of the mouse button and you’re prompted with a replace or merge window.

Merge the files and the mod is good to go.

Hi! I’d love to join the 99 event in 20 minutes but i can’t seem to get this working on macos monterey. I have tried fresh installing the game and then merging the mac patch onto it a couple times now. It makes the game take a while to load on a black screen before proceeding as normal, but with no multiplayer. I didn’t explore much but the pickaxes had respawned even though i still had three.

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Sorry to ask this question but did you check the options? 

You have to join the multiplayer server in the options, it’s not automatic.