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Sorry to ask this question but did you check the options? 

You have to join the multiplayer server in the options, it’s not automatic. 

Hey Adam I got this to work perfectly on my Mac. The trick to easily replacing all of the files in one go, is to drag the multiplayer mod Contents folder to the existing Contents folder for A Short Hike whilst holding the option key (⌥ /also known as the alt key in Windows-land), then let go of the mouse button and you’re prompted with a replace or merge window.

Merge the files and the mod is good to go.

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Not sure this is working at all right on the Mac, just tried the demo after sorting out the quarantine issues.

All I see after the black main menu is another black screen with a a white accent whipping about which indicates your dino? The buttons for PS4 controller are mapped very strangely.

Also the resolution needs looking into, my CPU was getting fried instantly.

Any full Mac released planned? I know it’s not working here quite right but the concept looks amazing and I’d really like to support the game!

Resolution options would be amazing! I would love to play more or this game but the fans on my imac almost blast my computer into space even though I manually set the resolution as low as I possibly could.

The game does look beautiful, gutted I couldn’t play more, x

This looks so neat! Any chance of a Mac build?

Cool Job! I emailed you using the contact form on your website :)

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How would you like it sent over, I could just zip up the complete application (~161 MB, but of course that includes all the audio in WAV and OGG and Electron) or a zip of the particular macOS specific files you need.

I’m sure there are Mac users who don’t realise they need your game in their life ;)

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I’m sure a lot of other Mac users would love this game too, I could offer the developer my copy to distribute?

It’s 161MB zipped, please let me know if you’d be interested Job.

idotbubble, did you download the KoiTranslations and submodules from GitHub? The instructions don’t explicitly state they’re needed, but if they aren’t there the game won’t compile. Not knowing how far you got with this, I might be covering some stuff that you already know, forgives!

  1. In Finder, go to the Koi-master folder. Delete the existing “KoiTranslations” and “” folders in there.
  2. Download these two submodules, KoiTranslations and and put them in the Koi-master folder.
  3. Unzip them, they will create new folders, rename “KoiTranslations-master” to “KoiTranslations” and rename “” to “”.
  4. Have you installed Node.js and Python? Grab the Node LTS (Long Term Support, currently 14.17.0) and Python 3.9.5 packages.
  5. Bring up a Terminal window (command-space, search for Terminal), type in the following and then hit enter to run the command:
    npm i
    It will take awhile to install required packages – but we’re almost there!
  6. Once npm i has finished, in the same window type (or paste) npm run build-mac-64 and again hit enter to run the command.
  7. All being well, you now have a macOS version of Koi Farm! Yay!

For Mac users you might want to try this in Terminal to get the game to work:

Still an endless loading screen though when you get past this issue, looking forward to a fix!

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Yup, I’m also getting this bug, I thought it was ’the end’, glad to know that it isn’t an actual ending.

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Hi lum! So happy you replied :)

I dragged out my PS3, PS4 and generic controllers and the only inputs that seem to work is the left joy stick sadly. I know in your Devil Haunts Me game that this wasn’t an issue and any controller worked fine.

Would be awesome if you could find a fix, (as who has an Xbox controller? Bwuahahaha, very oddly specific!) ;)

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Just wondering if I could use anything other than an Xbox controller to play?

I get all fingers and thumbs on the keyboard ;) 

Ps I really love this game, and waiting for more releases on the Mac! The devil haunts me was superb and was what made me grab this <3

Great I’ll look out for it!

I love this game, it was absolutely worth the extra effort to make it run.

We’re not the fanciest fish yet, but we’ll get there ;) Thank you for creating this, it’s beautiful <3

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Thank you Job.

I’ve compiled the source code, and I bought it from here too. I had to install Node.js and a newer version of Python as my macOS 10.14.6 is stuck with 2.7.

It really does run great, thank you for making the source code available so anyone with a Mac can enjoy your lovely game!

PS There’s a very small issue with the game not quitting through the “Save & Quit” menu item. If I click that, the main window disappears, but the application is still running (in the menu bar and looking at the Activity Monitor, there’s the 4 processes still active). Command-Q quits the game just fine though.

Koi Farm community · Created a new topic Mac Version?

I need this game! Any plans for a Mac release?

Thank you :)

Same on the iMac 27 inch 5K retina screen, the CPU goes through the roof without manually changing the resolution to a low res 1280 x 720

If you dip down your display resolution you can get better performance but looking forward to optimisations for sure :) Love the game!

Mac user here too having the same issue :) I’m so glad to hear it is just coins!

Got it fixed by the itch team.

I made an account for your wonderful game as Steam controller support is awful, but felt I needed the key just so I could screenshot the game and let all my friends on the Steam client  know about it, worth the struggle!

I hope A Short Hike does amazingly well for you :)

That’s good to know, I hate wondering if I'm missing out on a feature/secret :o although that 20th feather still eludes me … 

Thanks for the response Adam :)

I’m also having the same issue, even though I have email addresses assigned to my itch account.  I have contacted and am waiting for a response. Great game, love it to pieces!

Upon rewatching the trailer, near the end of the video (0:36) I see that you sit under a tree whilst the runners trot by, has this animation been removed, or are their designated spots for sitting that I missed? I would love to sit and take in the atmosphere!

I love this game, thank you so much.