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Got it fixed by the itch team.

I made an account for your wonderful game as Steam controller support is awful, but felt I needed the key just so I could screenshot the game and let all my friends on the Steam client  know about it, worth the struggle!

I hope A Short Hike does amazingly well for you :)

That’s good to know, I hate wondering if I'm missing out on a feature/secret :o although that 20th feather still eludes me … 

Thanks for the response Adam :)

I’m also having the same issue, even though I have email addresses assigned to my itch account.  I have contacted and am waiting for a response. Great game, love it to pieces!

Upon rewatching the trailer, near the end of the video (0:36) I see that you sit under a tree whilst the runners trot by, has this animation been removed, or are their designated spots for sitting that I missed? I would love to sit and take in the atmosphere!

I love this game, thank you so much.