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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

Problem Accessing Steam Keys

A topic by adamgryu created 22 days ago Views: 296 Replies: 8
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For some reason, some players have not been able to access the Steam key that comes with their purchase.
It seems like some sort of error, and I've contacted support.
I'll update this thread once the issue is resolved.

same problem here :(


Really sorry about that! I promise I'll figure it out :)

solved by support - thanks :)


Great! Did you have to contact them personally?

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Yes! "Hello, We have corrected an issue where no email address was attached to that purchase, and it is now properly linked to the email address on your account. You should be able to claim a Steam key. ..." btw: the game is really a gem :)

I’m also having the same issue, even though I have email addresses assigned to my itch account.  I have contacted and am waiting for a response. Great game, love it to pieces!


Hey! I've heard that it's an issue with verification. Contacting their support team is the right thing to do - you should get your key soon!

Got it fixed by the itch team.

I made an account for your wonderful game as Steam controller support is awful, but felt I needed the key just so I could screenshot the game and let all my friends on the Steam client  know about it, worth the struggle!

I hope A Short Hike does amazingly well for you :)