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The Norwood Suite

Journey to a hillside hotel brimming with odd characters, old secrets and head-nodding music. · By Cosmo D

Installation blocked by Windows 10 Smartscreen

A topic by wmterhaar created Dec 19, 2017 Views: 361 Replies: 3
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The installation of The Norwood Suite is blocked by Windows 10 Smartscreen. This is no problem if you download it from the site, because you can click it away (although it might make some people suspicious that the game is infected with a virus), but if you try to install it from the app it doesn't work, because the Windows 10 Smartscreen prompt is supressed and the itself doesn't give an error.


I'll get in touch with Itch about this.

I'm on Window 10 as well, and I had the same problem with installation.

Developer (1 edit)

Try running the app as an Administrator - any change?