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You've really got things backwards... /does not require a launcher/. You don't need to download some other thing to connect your game. If you use 'add non steam game' from your library, it will behave exactly like a steam game... except that you won't lose it if you lose access to your account, you can play it offline indefinitely, or even put it on a usb drive to play it on any computer you wish. There is no DRM, be free and enjoy your game lol

I've played this game multiple times now. I make a promise each time, to not give up. Thank you for making this.

Thank you! I appreciate the reminder, I'll make sure the planets are no longer hit by asteroids later today before I work on their script. I could let you know when the fixed/completed game is put up if you want. :)

Hope you're still at it. Whether or not your idea turns out well, I hope you learn from it and grow!

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I remember hearing  once that, if your MVP(Minimal viable product) can't be finished in a month, you're probably doing it wrong(Believe it was a Youtube channel called "Extra Credits"). Working on graphics, or expanding mechanics, or adding music, etc. It's okay if you don't want to release your game without polish or nice a nice art style or such. But it's important that you get a jist of your scope, and can see your core machanics in action, before anything else. It's even okay to decide at that point that you don't like your game at that point, because you will have learned something, and gained new skills from the experience. Fail faster, and you will see improvement.

Hey all, I'm just coming from from my second game Jam. The first was kind of a disaster due to planning, but this one almost came together.. Until I deleted my most important script. I'd like to use this game Jam to help me have an excuse and a deadline for not only fixing what I couldn't before the deadline, but also expand my original idea beyond what a 24 hour scope could have afforded me. I'd like to polish it up, and finally have a full game published. Then maybe next year I'll come back to finally finish a long-term project that I've been chipping away at for too many years now.

As for actual progress. I've already re-added an enemy waves script to my game, and I made a lot of visual improvements. I'm part of the way through working on the Ai, and I caught a few bugs that unnecessarily ate up memory. Still a fair bit of work to realize what I'd imagined at the start, but I've got a much more reasonable scope than I've had in the past, I think.

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Thanks you! It was unfortunate what happened.. but I'll learn from the experience. There's an additional music track that'll be in the final version, and some more enemies and.. 'mechanics' that will show what I was looking to accomplish this theme. I think I can still make something fun, even if it won't help for the Game Jam entry.

I understand why you'd feel that way, because the enemy script was deleted shortly before the jam was over. '^^ I hoped the description would clear up that confusion. With me working to fix it up, I'm afraid I didn't have time to add a title screen or menu. That said, I am currently working on an update to the game that will fix the Ai, and I'll be sure to keep your suggestions in mind. Thanks for playing, and for your thoughts on what I should focus on!

If this is what you did, you can fix it by moving some things into a 'FixedUpdate' call btw.

This was a really cool idea, and I enjoyed the theme and the visuals/music. I was pleasantly surprised by both of them, and the story certainly didn't hurt either.
Where it fell short for me was the gameplay, which, while it seemed fun, the buttons only sometimes worked(and pausing to read the instructions didn't). My biggest problem was how the game ran though. It seems like everything the *player* does runs in an 'Update' script call, right? The problem with that is that, on the browser the game ran way too slow, andI couldn't do anything while human forces built up around me. When I downloaded the game, it ran much, much faster. For me at least. For the humans, they couldn't keep up as the mycelium spread like a plague, all while I wasn't doing all that much.

It's a shame these controls/the way the game ran caused me issues, because otherwise it was a fun game!

Definitely one of my favorite submissions. The combat is a bit repetitive, and could do with a couple different enemy types thrown in, but this game feels really nice. The menu flashed by before I could take it in, but the controls on screen stopped me from missing out. The different abilities kept me interested, and, overall, the game didn't overstay its welcome. The atmosphere/story of this game is what really made it for me, this was a pleasant experience.

Very fun use of the theme. It was interesting juggling between when you should use radiation or health drops and having enough arm length to fend off certain enemies and get a higher score. The random growth was pretty funny too. It might be a little *too* random with the mutation of the arms, but the randomness also kelp things fresh. The game might also benefit from some leaderboard of your highest scores. Can't say anything about the enemy variety because I peaked at around the introduction of the 4th enemy type, I kept slowing down too much to continue, but what I saw was a nice variety.

Awesome work on the project!

Something that bothered me was that one of the puzzles was obviously hinting at a certain cipher, but that cipher only partially worked.. maybe there was just something I didn't understand about it, but it felt like a mistake.

In any case, I thought the theme was amusing. The tonal clash between the intro/glitches and the.. 'creature' hunting you was pretty funny. I felt the horror was a little cheap though, because the glitches happened so often and completely obstructed what I was doing. Maybe I would have appreciated the game more if I liked jumpscares, but I liked the fact that I could toggle them off, because it's not my preference.(small note- the toggle persisting when you go back to the main menu would be nice)
I'm mostly picking at the negatives though. The UI was nice, I had some fun figuring out the puzzles, and the game is rather impressive for a jam. I also apreciated the fact that the game persisted when you came back from the menu, because having to keep my notes in real life to get back to where I was would have been annoying. Nice work on this!

It's not a bad game for this short of a game jam. It would've been nice to see a few more levels with new mechanics introduced, and maybe a little story/ending.. But this was a pretty cohesive experience, and that's an achievement in 48 hours.

I've never really made resources for a TTRPG- would a map drawn with locations be a good submission? I'm just not quite sure how you define an 'adventure map'.

Afraid something came up. A bit disappointing considering I was looking forward to this Game Jam, but thanks for the replies guys.

To certain kinds of people, this game has a direct and strong message. I would've liked to see the... "true?" ending to be developed a tad more so that one doesn't end up feeling like the "reward" for getting through it was a line or two, but overall that's a nitpick on an interesting game. Both the visuals and the story was well done, and I could easily replay it once or twice without the game starting to feel repetitive. Well made.

I have experience making 2D games. I've used Game Maker and variations of RPG Maker primarily, though I have access to and some experience with a few other engines like Game Salad and Game Guru. I've also done quite a lot of writing and plotting out mechanics for small projects with friends.

If push comes to shove, I do also have art and coding experience, as I have usually done my own work in those fields, but those are my weaker points and I would love to be able to work with a good artist or programmer. I've written for and created quite a few games over the last half a decade, and I'd be happy to show anyone interested examples of my work.

Heya. I came across your post and, though I know it's for an old Jam, I was wondering if you're still interested in giving one a shot? More specifically, I am thinking of entering the fantasy mini jam that starts in a week. You can see one of my works here . What you can see there is a bit dated I'm afraid, but I ran into several issues that made uploading a newer version somewhat difficult(Don't trust steam cloud :p). I have continued to work and improve since then regardless.