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I made a kinky game a while back, that I would like to submit.
Here it is:

Please let me know I can enter the jam with this game.

It is not specified, but Adobe Flash should count as a retro platform. Can we make games using Flash?

You may get the game from here, once it is released. You can get the current beta on Patreon. The game's updates are inconsistent because my programmer works part time on this project.

True, but the amount of work required to do that, would be astronomical.

Well, spoilers:

Short answer, no. Long answer, it's open to interpretation. Some girls get scared about the teaching of the nuns, regarding hell and devil. But that's not on the religion, but on the nuns, as their teaching are kind of abusing. Which is something that happens in real life. As a story doesnt contain much text, but some text provides context regarding each ending.

I guess that if you are fragile about religion you can demonize pretty much anything, even Pokemon. But no, this game's story doesnt contain religious commentary/criticism in my opinion.

Lovely art and character design! This page's presentation is also very impressive! Very well done!

Thank you so much! Your page is very impressive, so I do trust your taste!

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Indeed, the music doesn't loop, and I will fix that in the next version. The fact that you liked the music enough to loop it yourself... I take that as a positive comment!

Transgender people don't play a big role in the quiz mode, but they play a bigger role in the multiplayer game. I spend a lot of time making all 12 characters looking different between before and after, so it's unfortunate that this felt a bit problematic. On the bright side, like you said it is not a big deal (or wrong for that matter) and I'm relieved that this is the worse thing you found in the game. Actually I'm glad that you could tell who is transgender because of their earlier appearance, because that answer requires memory and attention. 

Creating this game while trying to avoid any misrepresentation, it was like walking on eggshells. But I did my research and so far it seems like it paid off. Thank you for your feedback!

Would someone play the games and give us feedback?

Or something?

the link has expired again

Nice art, concept and title.

There are rules as to what to do, and a video with the basics. I guess the game needs some kind of solo tutorial, which I didnt had time to do. Thanks for the honesty.

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I got 3 games to submit, but before I do, I want to describe them and see if they actually fit in this jam.

1) Orphanarium: this is a story based game, that has no dialogue. It is about a girl who struggles with the teachings of the Bible and tries to find ways to save her horrified friends. There's also a side story about what happened to a missing girl. It is a story about conquering fears, about the struggle between being a believer or a delusional and copying with grief.

2) EnigmAttic: This is not a story game but a mass-multiplayer activity. If you have a big enough screen, 12 players or ever 12 teams can participate. It is a communication limits game, where the players place icons on a board, trying to describe simple words to their teammates, similar to games like Taboo, Pictionary, Concept and Dixit.

3) High School Crush: This is also not a story game. It is an LGBT+ inclusive strategic puzzle game that can be played by 2-4 players. The players try to earn points by matching students that like each other. These matches depend on the students' gender identity and sexual orientation.

All these games have promo videos in their pages. Take a look and let me know if any of these games feel relevant, so that I can add them in the Jam.

thank you so much!

Only 5 ratings? Such a shame. Your 8 bit game looks amazing.
And I'm glad you had dice mechanics without actual dice.
Which is what I did with my game as well. Good job!

Finally, someone who understands and appreciates my entry in this Jam :)

Mark Brown? He does allow that, as my game is here, right? Or am I missing something?
Also I love that you called "culture games" my game! Thanks!

Neat game and concept! And the title made me laugh xD
You are mad!

Cool  graphics and animations :)

LOL your game made me laugh! good job!

Pretty good. Not my cup of tea but I appreciate the concept and effort.

Such good animation, so few votes, that a shame! All my love and good luck!

Sweet puzzler, well done!

Nice concept!

Neat puzzler but the dice mechanic was superfluous. If the "random" number was a choice it would have worked better.

Hehe, a StarWars reference? Neat concept!

Neat animations!

Love the dark style!

Ow nice graphics!

Love the style and the concept.

This is pretty good!

Nice animations!

ow no votes or rates so far?

Well I do like the art! Good luck!

mm sweet! I got a PvP board game too for this contest!

I'm glad I could vote for you!

hahah! Ok the title made me laugh!

aww no votes yet?

well here I am to help!

I like the concept of your game, reminds me a lot of Pokemon, but with dice!

I like the visuals. Weird but unique :)

Very decent game :)

I love the cover too.

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The game has the "Emotion effects" that get shuffled in every turn, or you can use Emotion points to shuffle them yourself. This is like crazy dice that creates randomness in each turn. So sometimes, someone may brake up, get obsessed over someone else, swap partners or even decide that they are bi-sexual, trans, bigender or asexual.

Some of these effects have their own randomizers. They can either tell the player which student gets the effect, or how many times to click on a button. And every time you click on someone's Gender Identity, their Sexual Orientation also changes by "the roll of a die".

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Pretty crazy huh? xD