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It's one animation per enemy monster girl. There are also animations with hostages that you have to rescue. All that is more than 20 animations.

Yes, I'm still working on that game, and it's going to be my main focus in 2024.

I'm not sure if I will add the MoGi animations here. If I do, many will get the animations from here and they won't care about getting the actual game.

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You are right. The .scr files I'm creating have the "Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.B!ml". I'm not sure what it is, but it's created by the program I use to convert .swf files to scr. There's nothing I can do about this, as I don't have any other way of making screensavers. It might be a false-positive warning because I never had problems with my files.

At least the .exe and .swf files are virus free and you can view the animations using these files.

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VampireBoobs is here in this page, currently the last screenshot and the last screensaver added. Check the dev log for details.

The giantess are not here, they are part of a game I'm making, named MoGi Origins. Here's a low resolution preview:

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I was considering of having the girls fall down unconscious when you defeat them, but I decided not to. They would have to vanish anyway, so that the screen won't clutter with fallen enemies. A simple explosion was the elegant choice and it was a time saver.

Hey! It took me a while but I added the interactive Breast Expansion I told you about. It's called "VampireBoobs" (the white haired girl in the screenshots). I don't have shrinking/growing stuff but I have a couple of sexy animations with giantess having sex.

You just reminded me that I do have another BE animation in my files. I will try to locate it and upload it at some point in the future.

Yes, you do need the other games, provided in the links. This is just a ,png picture file that explains in detail what to do in these other games in order to find any hidden content that you might have missed.

No, this game is completed.

It's been a while since I played the demo, but from what I remember, you get down from the tower and you get south according to the map. You meet Ucogi, then you go right (west), then north (through the labs at the top right corner on the map). The Beta ends when you get to find Alice.

The map should have red circles that tells you where to go next, but these objectives may change from time to time, according to the story. The new key card that you get from the tower is used on a couple of doors, until you meet Ucogi. It's not about the card color but about what level doors it can open. I think it opens doors lv2.

The save doesnt work that way. The demo and the beta are very different versions.

I don't think so.

The game is not abandoned but the programmer ghosted me a while ago and I'm struggling to find a new one. This, along with a few other problems have delayed the project. If you want to know more details or any news, you may visit the blog.

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My mind is not made up regarding the game's price and I don't want to mislead you. Ideally I would love to make several games in episodic format. That said, reality tends to mess up my plans! So, everything is subject to change.

The current version is going to be a free demo, once I get to work on the actual game. So far, the game has a good basis but I need to work on a better story and make it a more complete experience.

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Hey man. You have been ignoring me for months on Discord.

I'm still waiting for my rewards regarding this Jam.

Yeah some endings are meta and weird crazy xD
The bible as a visual novel?! haha thanks!

I dig the horror design and the secrets! the art is very fitting too!

Awesome, thank you! Bzzzt!

Nice gameplay, presentation, graphics and very polished!

Tough game. In a good way. And a bit meta too!

That's hard but challenging. I love it!

Very amusing little game! It made me laugh!

LOL very funny game!

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Oh wow! Yes, the 2 apple options got their... "roles reversed"! By accident of course. It's not a big deal, and it's too late to correct it, but thank you for finding my oversight! And thank you for playing!

Probably not. Unless I link it to a site that plays Flash, using the Ruffle emulator. Hm you got me thinking!

It's a false positive virus alert. You can check my files in VirusTotal.
I don't know what Windows version you are using, but try to ignore it.
If you get the following screen for example, press "More info" and then "Run anyway"

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Having a jam to motivate you finish a game, sounds fair. I guess I was expecting something more than that. Or it's because I have entered too many similarly anticlimactic jams. I just blocked the dude who made the One Year Jam just because I dont want to participate in any of his future jams ever again. Not sure if that would work, but yeah, I'd rather avoid similar jams. I dont think they do anything for me. At the very least I'm seeking feedback. Take my comment as a suggestion to improve any future jams. And I wish you luck.

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It's so boring when a jam ends and there's not a single post about anything. No comments, no nothings. It's just.. a tree in the woods that nobody hears. A sad waste of time and money as I needed t have my game be free for download. Host, learn how to be more engaging otherwise this is pointless.

Thank you so much for the stream and the detailed review! I agree with the points you made and I do think that the tutorial drags a bit as well. You just confirmed my suspicions! Your feedback will definitely improve my game!

Awesome! I will have that in mind!

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The game will get harder gradually, so I intend to put the really difficult ones at the end. New ideas and rules will be introduced as the player progresses and after each idea and rule is explored fully before moving to the next. I intend of making this in an episodic format, and this first demo is demonstrating the basic concept and its potential.

I update the game yet again, with more improvements.
V1.7 thanks you in the end credits ^^

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"A simple addition game"... This hurts a bit, but it is something that nobody mentioned until now, and it's an interesting subject for discussion. I was pondering about this a lot, so thank you for bringing it up.

This game is indeed more straightforward than Nonograms. I don't mind that, because some people struggle with the priority rules and math. Plus, I wanted to make an original game, not another Nonogram clone. I have ways of making the puzzles harder, and your suggestions are very close to what I have in mind. I intend to add new stuff soon.

There is also a way of making ambiguous which tile is correct. Check the following image. A and B are the same puzzles but they have different result. This brings the deduction aspect closer to Nonograms, but it would confuse and frustrate the players, as the correct answer should be only one. So, I intentionally removed anything like that from v1.7.

The game already has numbers that disorient the player. If the tiles can be ambiguous in a Nonogram fashion, then the game would be almost unplayable. CyphersGrids have a different fundamental philosophy as a game, compared to Nonograms.

I completed the survey a few days ago. I hope you got it and I hope it helps! Great event, keep it up!

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Took me a while to reply because I was working on updating my game. Thank you for your detailed feedback and awesome review here! You really helped me improve my game. In the latest version (v1.7) I have you on the end credits, with a link to your twitch channel!

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Took me a while to reply because I was working on updating my game. Thank you for your detailed feedback. You really helped me improve my game. In the latest version (v1.7) I have you on the end credits, with a link to your twitch channel!

The Jam ended... no announcement, no nothing. Very anticlimactic, especially for an One Year Game Jam.

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Hey! I just saw your Stream and is was a delight! You understood the game, the puzzles and the riddles perfectly! You were the fastest player to finish the game so far, and the only one to solve the Hack puzzle without losing any hearts! Most people need almost 1 hour to finish the game and it took you only 30 minutes, you are a pro! That's why you found the game to be short xD

I was trying to demonstrate different ideas and see what sticks, so I'm glad you mention the map and clock puzzles. You can use older passwords to go to earlier part of the game. All passwords work at all times. You just need to write them down, or remember them by hard. Thanks so much for playing! You and your friend were very amusing and you made me laugh a lot!