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Moody!  I will admit I was hoping it was called a mood demo to lull players into a false sense of safety to then hit ya with extra effective spookings.

Thank you!  I'm not familiar with Cinco Paus but I will look it up now

Very Interesting take on roguelike real-time-turn based combat lol.  Sorta Risk of Rain meets Super hot.  I like the concept of rerouting power, and since the game waits for you to act it doesnt feel impossible like in other real time systems.  The base gun felt pretty weak though, for the size of the projectile it seemed to pass through enemies a bit.  Also aiming felt like a trap, since turning and moving caused the enemies to move at the same rate you were better off just moving & aiming at the same time.  The world is a little empty, but the smoke trails to denote item locations (especially cool seeing some coming down) helps and works well thematically.   I never found the rapid fire upgrade but the sniper felt underpowered, I was really hoping it would drastically increase projectile speed, cause long range shots were pretty difficult!  Oh a slight bit of air control would be nice, since trying to descend a hill might send you flying down further than you intended, even more so with the speed upgrade.  I did manage to escape though!  Took about 6 tries I think, mostly was 2 points in bomb ,1 in speed :D

Cool and very tactical game! Due to the nature of the main time travel mechanic it gets pretty deep.  The irregular pentagon terrain is one of the most interesting & natural looking tiles I've seen in a RL though occasionally the tile divides can be obscured by the units causing you to try to interact with a tile you aren't actually adjacent to.  It also controls really + the highlighting for targeting is very helpful. It's cool that the different types of enemies have different strategies needed to overcome them though at least with trasks(the green ones) it felt like you HAD to clone+taunt or you were dead, although I didn't realize I had a ranged spell to start at first :D.  The unit boxes are a bit large, sometimes they cover each others' life bars, but highlighting at least lets you check their hp at the bottom.  Sometimes it was easy to miss which was my main character and which was a clone, maybe a different color scheme like purple for them would help? I completed the challenges and the first 2 levels, but died on 3 trying to distract a fire guy and not realizing they arent melee.  I think a super simple "undo" one turn spell/action would help a ton when you are unsure of the enemy's behavior or just make a misstep and end up in an unwinnable situation while also fitting thematically.  Overall this is a really ambitious and innovative game! 

The travel projection is cool watch bend and curve as you navigate the asteroids, and the chain reactions of fuel detonating from missiles is awesome.  It's a really nice aesthetic.  The game is very hard though, I feel like a non-linear acceleration/deceleration would help (perhaps based on how far away the cursor is or you acc more when your vel is low, and decc more when your vel is high?)  I found myself spending most of my fuel trying to slow down cause if I got too fast you basically lost the ability to turn and there are alotta rocks in the way.  Large explosions might linger too long for the same reason, since there are no moving enemies to lead into them.   I beat the first stage a few times though!

Very clever use of emojis for your roguelike!   The optional difficulty of getting books was a nice touch and the ?s in the dark are a really good idea.  Is it a book or a ghost?  Who knows!   Some of the spawns were super tough to navigate though, I wish I had a "shout at mice to get out of the way" button once a level lol.

This was one of the most polished games I've play for this 7DRL.  Love the art, everything is very well explained and easy to figure out or look back up.  And being able to alternate control solves one of my biggest issues with mystery dungeon style games where it feels like you have to wrangle your allies.  I would like for simple pass turn button since sometimes whoever you arent controlling steps the wrong direction, and the difficulty scaling could have been adjusted (felt like a big spike when encountering the spiders and orcs for the first time, but after leveling some more they were all a breeze on the way out).  But the game was forgiving enough to make it through.  Also some indication when you can take your next action would be a nice QoL addition since the time between turns can sometimes be inconsistent leading to sometimes trying to take actions before youre able. Also 2 tiny things, sometimes the white targeting cursor was hard to see because of the white outlines, maybe have 3 different colors for Creatures/UI/Interactables.  Also 1 time when ascending there were walls on both sides of the stairs and dog spawned inside one they hopped right out though.  Over all really well done!

<.<    >.>   You didnt hear it from me, but maybeee there are a few in the works like beam and curse

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Really cool concept! The gravity changing was the best aspect (which makes sense since it's the focus :D ), and the time slowdown during it actually was useful for dodging and maneuvering while falling too.  I did encounter some wonky physics and collision though, often the melee just didn't hit because sometimes because I was too close.  Also fall speed is VERY FAST and you fall alot by the nature of the game, luckily spikes don't hurt too much.  That being said I'd classify this more as a puzzle platformer, especially since it felt the most rewarding to find ways to drop enemies into hazards.   side note: the jam version doesnt seem to change gravity with controller when you release the bumper.

well done!  It's very straight forward but the events help to keep things interesting.  I felt like I got really lucky with them, like getting 50 artifacts for 600, ended with 190k.  I wasn't sure what stashing was for, I felt like I had to always be moving cause there weren't alot of turns.

Thanks man!  I was considering different severities of shake on the enemies based on damage, but didn't know how to scale that at the time.  I think giving feedback for damage is the toughest thing, cause I'd really like to avoid floating numbers.  Maybe a dmg/power indicator on the spell itself and then some way to examine monsters or a compendium... hm.  Maybe one day :D

Thank you!  I really needed more info / feedback in game and just... less dangerous outcomes lol.  Hopefully in a later update there will also be more interesting combos :D  

Thanks for the kind words :D  It's funny you mention that because that was totally the planned progression but balancing the drops and getting enough damage to deal with the later enemies was taking more time that I didnt have.  I'm going to try to work in a system of gaining runes / slots in the future as well as more interesting combos (chaos is just not fun atm)

Your effects were definitely art!  Like, I don't think Ive seen a RL with reflects before, and the soft edges on the darkness were really atmospheric! And yea I get that about sizing, I hate trying to setup resolution stuff on my projects there's so many ways it can turn out.  

Cool little puzzly game!  I got to 45 but Im not quite sure how lol.  I figured out apples let you cut down more plants, torches cleared the 4 tiles around you, and carrots delayed their growth?  but there were alot of other symbols that I couldnt figure out.  I think a quick explanation of each would really help.

Tileset looks great, the game plays very smooth, and has interesting tactical choices. The fire and lighting looked great when a room was glowing and flickering from a good hit. And having the visual indication of turns is a good feature. I did have a few sticking points though, some things are so tiny!  Doors and rats in particular were tough for me to spot.  Also the enemies felt really resilient, like if a rat didn't die from the initial hit they'd usually be right on top of you. I wasn't sure if I was taking my turns correctly. 

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This is an awesome game, it really captures the sense of speed in a rogue like that I didnt think was possible.  Weaving in and out of trees and rocks while blazing past regiments of footmen.  It's also surprisingly brutal.  Chasing down a fleeing messenger that split from their group or circling slow lancers to pick them off one by one.  I really like that you keep moving when taking other actions like firing your bow so you must be aware of where your horse is facing before.  I am terrible at dealing with cavalry though, and half the time I would end up alerting more trying to take out the first one.  Made it to 50% a few times, but boy does it get overwhelming.  Does a good job representing charging through a warfront that's for sure. (EDIT: I forgot to commend the hoof pun!!)

This is a very cool concept especially thematically with the buttons on screen.  It plays out almost like a puzzle every encounter since the movement is intrinsically tied to the attack.  Pulling of a good Math was very reward but often times I felt like I was fighting my own actions more so than the enemy.  Usually the best bet for me was to try to wedge myself against multiple walls to cancel out the movement needed to get to the target value.  I'd love to see the system more fleshed out. 

Cool game!  being able to react to the enemy actions a turn early was very fun, and not as op as it sounds due to the deck-like style of att and defense.  I will admit I wasn't really sure how defense played into combat, and teleport was really disorienting being instant.  I did manage to beat it on my 2nd run though!  Was starting to get really low on attacks until I got some lucky drops from the spawn of the first boss (a 57 vs the 2nd full hp boss did wonders)

Thank you :D

Thanks for playing and taking the time to reply!  I agree there isn't much incentive to diversify your play style currently.  I had planned resistances on enemies to force that abit but didn't have time.  Also a tooltip on each rune to say how it affects the outcome (for instance force, the white rune only adds aoe & knockback but no dmg, where as stacking multiples of one of the elements deals more damage.)  

I really appreciate a game that has Bedlam as a spell :D

Good luck and have fun at the expo! I bet Teocalli will be the *life* of the party. :D

More so with the faster ships and the slower weapons.  Like the machine gun and burst felt the best because they were the most forgiving for me with hitting.  (I love the beam laser but since I am bad at aiming missing a fighter or planet missile could be very dangerous)

The first time I crashed, I started as the ship with the shield and transferred into one with a Drone ability.  The second time I started as the shuriken ship, and transferred into one with the shield.

Awesome game, love how the weapons look and the friendly ships flying between planets you can trade with.  I found it some what hard to aim, especially when you and the enemy are both flying pretty fast.  It would be nice if there was a "Slow Speed" button, to let you aim while still being able to strafe(since you can't while stopped).  That or let the player strafe/reverse when not moving forward.  As for bugs, the game did crash when I died, and trading with a friendly ship for gas/minerals plays the pickup sound very loud because you get all of them at the same time.  Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out, its got tons of potential! 

I like it!  It's like an interactive look into our imagination when scared.

Ahhhh that makes sense, I did notice the infinity but it sorta became a blindspot. After seeing it on most pieces, I didn't notice when cards didn't have it.

It's so cool how much personality you captured with 1-bit sprites, both in design and animation.  Also pattern based combat works really well, especially with many enemies having tells as to when they will attack.  After 1-2 floors I felt bad for the axolotls, spiders and snakes 'cause they were just dancing so I stopped attacking them... The entrance floor was a nice touch teaching you how to open the next level too.  Some of the later levels were abit large, they took awhile to travel around though.  Also 1 tiny bug, I jumped on a spike and got hurt, then passed turns by moving at a wall, but the spikes didn't deal damage when they popped up while I was standing in place.

Loved this game, quick and simple but with alot of strategy.   One helpful addition for new players would be to highlight what tile you'll end on while hovering over the directional arrow on the card.  This woulda helped to tell the difference between king and queen cards too (cause I kept mixing them up, thinking I could escape the death explosions on my first run)

The early levels were fun trying to precisely navigate the dangerous spaces.  Moving the player was pretty easy to do and very smooth.  Multiple paths through levels let you pick what you thought was best too.   The screen is very wide, and the character is pretty tall though so traveling vertically was much more dangerous, you didn't have as much time to react because obstacles weren't on screen as long.  This was really apparent on the level that introduced the magnet obstacles, I actually never got past the 2nd magnet above the first, they pull very strong and most of the room is deadly.  I'd suggest start of with an opportunity for the player to learn how to deal with them in a safer environment first, maybe have it be the only deadly thing in the room.  I also noticed on that level that spikes kill you if you touch their corners along the floor, their hit boxes are probably too wide.  Game concept and mechanics are fun, I just feel some balancing would help the overall experience as you progress.

Cool, pretty straight forward puzzle/matching game.  I like that there's different ways to clear lines, and you can build up and prepare for matches but wait til you really need to.  I couldn't get the Cross 2 lines to work at all though, and there were a few times where I would clear a line and more buildings would disappear too.  I couldn't really figure out the rules for why though.  If the starting tutorial was expanding, this would be a super easy to pick up game!

I can't believe I haven't seen more games like this, the mash up space sim and objective based battles works really well and makes even more sense thematically with the concept of warp gates.  It felt faster paced / had more freedom that solely flight sim games, although occassionally the physics seemed floaty, like I couldn't redirect my momentum that well.  Visually it was great, I love traveling with the battleships, as they launch barrages of laser fire off into the distance.  I don't really play flight sims much but I did find it a bit hard to local individual fighters, and differentiate between friend or foe.  I mostly played bomber cause it had the most obvious impact on the match.   Audio/Music was all good and fight the tension of the scenario, the warning sound was kinda annoying though.  Only thing from free space you are missing a massive shivan beam weapons :D

Everything meshes together so well, like the artistic and audio styles in this bright and fun sorta puzzly, sorta reactiony game.  I like that while you're slow you get to build a plan of action for how to reach the more difficult blocked off regions to color or powerups that help you progress.  Plenty of challenging and varied level designs, that also introduce new mechanics and obstacles as you go.  I will say there felt like a slight delay, or the timing was a little imprecise with turning but maybe that's just me.  The game is very charming though, I could totally see it being played on an SNES.

Oh and the main menu and its transitions were super stylish!

I like the real time approach to traditional roguelike design.  Timing attacks and movement felt like a skill on it's own which is nice.  The work on underlying systems was apparent, even little things like dragging items around the inventory(or out to drop).  More content will help a great deal! 

Cool sorta voxel rendition of the older FPS style.  Movement and weapons were fast and responsive.  Nice variety of weapons, although I think the shotgun could have used a wider spread.  Levels were a bit simplistic, the lab was the first that started to feel like I could explore, and did  a good job of hinting there was more to it than what is right in front of you.  I would liked to see some different enemy ai, the same strat worked against every encounter basically.  I did encounter 2 glitches, 1st: in the first room you encounter the flying bombs with the long walkways on either side of the room, I would get stuck bouncing if I tried to walk off them without jumping.  2nd: versus the big robot, I ran out of ammo so I quit the level and restarted the run and when I got back the ground was very shiny/washed out, and there were 2 robots (I suspect the light sources were doubled).  I think this is a good foundation for an FPS with some more balancing/variety and has alot of potential for interesting level designs (adding couching opens up lots of potential secrets!).

Well thought out puzzles!  I especially liked the ones with the entangled player, the one with 6 drag blocks.  A few QoL improvements, and a visual overhaul and I could see this being a great full fledged game.  Things like if there are multiple objects that have different entanglements, maybe color code the ones that are linked.  Anyways I had fun all the way through.

Very well done, simple idea with alot of polish.  Little things like the subtle color gradient changes, and the extra bits bouncing off the tower below are nice details.  The perfect match bonus is really helpful.  Honestly can't even think of any suggestions, looks like it achieves everything it set out to do.