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I like it!  It's like an interactive look into our imagination when scared.

Ahhhh that makes sense, I did notice the infinity but it sorta became a blindspot. After seeing it on most pieces, I didn't notice when cards didn't have it.

It's so cool how much personality you captured with 1-bit sprites, both in design and animation.  Also pattern based combat works really well, especially with many enemies having tells as to when they will attack.  After 1-2 floors I felt bad for the axolotls, spiders and snakes 'cause they were just dancing so I stopped attacking them... The entrance floor was a nice touch teaching you how to open the next level too.  Some of the later levels were abit large, they took awhile to travel around though.  Also 1 tiny bug, I jumped on a spike and got hurt, then passed turns by moving at a wall, but the spikes didn't deal damage when they popped up while I was standing in place.

Loved this game, quick and simple but with alot of strategy.   One helpful addition for new players would be to highlight what tile you'll end on while hovering over the directional arrow on the card.  This woulda helped to tell the difference between king and queen cards too (cause I kept mixing them up, thinking I could escape the death explosions on my first run)

The early levels were fun trying to precisely navigate the dangerous spaces.  Moving the player was pretty easy to do and very smooth.  Multiple paths through levels let you pick what you thought was best too.   The screen is very wide, and the character is pretty tall though so traveling vertically was much more dangerous, you didn't have as much time to react because obstacles weren't on screen as long.  This was really apparent on the level that introduced the magnet obstacles, I actually never got past the 2nd magnet above the first, they pull very strong and most of the room is deadly.  I'd suggest start of with an opportunity for the player to learn how to deal with them in a safer environment first, maybe have it be the only deadly thing in the room.  I also noticed on that level that spikes kill you if you touch their corners along the floor, their hit boxes are probably too wide.  Game concept and mechanics are fun, I just feel some balancing would help the overall experience as you progress.

Cool, pretty straight forward puzzle/matching game.  I like that there's different ways to clear lines, and you can build up and prepare for matches but wait til you really need to.  I couldn't get the Cross 2 lines to work at all though, and there were a few times where I would clear a line and more buildings would disappear too.  I couldn't really figure out the rules for why though.  If the starting tutorial was expanding, this would be a super easy to pick up game!

I can't believe I haven't seen more games like this, the mash up space sim and objective based battles works really well and makes even more sense thematically with the concept of warp gates.  It felt faster paced / had more freedom that solely flight sim games, although occassionally the physics seemed floaty, like I couldn't redirect my momentum that well.  Visually it was great, I love traveling with the battleships, as they launch barrages of laser fire off into the distance.  I don't really play flight sims much but I did find it a bit hard to local individual fighters, and differentiate between friend or foe.  I mostly played bomber cause it had the most obvious impact on the match.   Audio/Music was all good and fight the tension of the scenario, the warning sound was kinda annoying though.  Only thing from free space you are missing a massive shivan beam weapons :D

Everything meshes together so well, like the artistic and audio styles in this bright and fun sorta puzzly, sorta reactiony game.  I like that while you're slow you get to build a plan of action for how to reach the more difficult blocked off regions to color or powerups that help you progress.  Plenty of challenging and varied level designs, that also introduce new mechanics and obstacles as you go.  I will say there felt like a slight delay, or the timing was a little imprecise with turning but maybe that's just me.  The game is very charming though, I could totally see it being played on an SNES.

Oh and the main menu and its transitions were super stylish!

I like the real time approach to traditional roguelike design.  Timing attacks and movement felt like a skill on it's own which is nice.  The work on underlying systems was apparent, even little things like dragging items around the inventory(or out to drop).  More content will help a great deal! 

Cool sorta voxel rendition of the older FPS style.  Movement and weapons were fast and responsive.  Nice variety of weapons, although I think the shotgun could have used a wider spread.  Levels were a bit simplistic, the lab was the first that started to feel like I could explore, and did  a good job of hinting there was more to it than what is right in front of you.  I would liked to see some different enemy ai, the same strat worked against every encounter basically.  I did encounter 2 glitches, 1st: in the first room you encounter the flying bombs with the long walkways on either side of the room, I would get stuck bouncing if I tried to walk off them without jumping.  2nd: versus the big robot, I ran out of ammo so I quit the level and restarted the run and when I got back the ground was very shiny/washed out, and there were 2 robots (I suspect the light sources were doubled).  I think this is a good foundation for an FPS with some more balancing/variety and has alot of potential for interesting level designs (adding couching opens up lots of potential secrets!).

Well thought out puzzles!  I especially liked the ones with the entangled player, the one with 6 drag blocks.  A few QoL improvements, and a visual overhaul and I could see this being a great full fledged game.  Things like if there are multiple objects that have different entanglements, maybe color code the ones that are linked.  Anyways I had fun all the way through.

Very well done, simple idea with alot of polish.  Little things like the subtle color gradient changes, and the extra bits bouncing off the tower below are nice details.  The perfect match bonus is really helpful.  Honestly can't even think of any suggestions, looks like it achieves everything it set out to do.

Cool prototype, I was surprised how well it ran considering how many asteroids were around.  The effects and textures look nice, and the sound design was pretty good too like the asteroid explosion sound was very satisfying.  The ship has very precise and responsive controls.  Trying to track down the smallest asteroids was difficult though when they go flying, sometimes I couldn't catch up or lose them among the other asteroids.  Also the enemy ships were realllllllly fast/small/maneuverable, and were similar colors to the asteroids .  I think I only killed 2 because they flew into my line of fire.  Maybe some form of lock-on based seeking missiles would help there.  Definitely a solid proof of concept though!

Good prototype of a shmup.  I liked learning that I could lure the enemy ship into my own shots and that it created a different strat than fighting the other little ships.  Visually the style is nice but I would change it so the enemy shots are a different color than the player's to be more recognizable, and adding some effects like being hit or picking things up.  You have a good base to keep updating this, and I think a little polish will go a long way!

I loved how you used the ingame elements to display the health of your side and the opponents, that type of polish is my favorite.  I didn't even know there were cross hairs though, lol I will have to go back in a check it out.  Also good luck on your full release! :D

Great game!  The visuals work really well both aesthetically and to easily identify what enemies are.  Once you start figuring out how to get you crystalbot to do what you want, combat gets much more rewarding.  Pulling off a perfectly timed samurai/joust-like maneuver or high altitude leap slash feels great.  The movements were smooth but I felt like the camera acceleration might have been too high, cause I would frequently whip around usually spinning to far when I tried to change directions.  Also getting your sword stuck on opponents can get frustrating, I almost wish there was a sort of bounce-back when your strike is blocked or doesn't kill, to get you back in the action quicker.  One last thing, I would love 1 different type of motion for attacking to give some variety, like a thrust.   Still, was a fun physicy fighter.

Great game, the competitive break out works so well and with the 2d movement you can really be more strategic when setting up or intercepting shots.  I especially love the style like with the soldiers shifting back into place after getting hit, or marching up to take over the walls you were just fighting against.  Also how it adds elements of pong too when there is an enemy robot present.  I like that your army is preserved between levels so it incentivizes you to keep protecting them.  I will say I got a bit confused when it came to switching weapons, at least with walls you got a preview of what was selected so you knew.  With weapons I usually just left clicked when I lined up with enemies and hoped I had ammo lol.  Also when selecting a powerup a tooltip or name before picking them up would be helpful I think.  My game did crash when I started a new level though, maybe a level or 2 after the death fog level (30ish?  I wish I saw).  Anyways great game, fun, stylish and a novel idea!  

Cool concept for an asteroids-style game.  I noticed it actually plays a random song on startup which I haven't really seen other games do.  The music, fit well with the retro sfx and the style of the game.  I also liked how you started with 2 pretty good feeling weapons, although it was pretty hard kill enemies because of how small they are and how quickly shields recharge.  I couldn't figure out how to buy items from space stations though, I was able to sell what I collected but couldn't use my money anywhere.  I'd recommend displaying the ammo for your 2 equipped weapons on the HUD, and adding in a braking button that slows down your momentum regardless of direction.  There were 2 reproducible bugs that I encountered, one after respawning enemies no long were hostile, and two using a warpgate after I died (or maybe just the 2nd warpgate) caused the game to crash.

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No prob, your game is great and a cool idea to boot!  Off the top of my head I could remember a small spinner that I had immediately went for.  Ok I replayed to remember (also got a new high score of 180/54.9 lol).  But yea It was a gear looking object with a + shape in the center.  I wasn't really sure what they do, it seemed like subtracting score and maybe removing a CMND?  The first time I hit one I remember going for a jump and realizing my sequence wasn't the same so I missed the platform and died, thought I might have accidentally hit up.  Also the gems, does the color they are when I grab them matter like the cycling CMND pickups? 

Lighting is definitely hard, especially when its integral like in a horror game but you did get a good balance.   I especially liked in the beginning caves the contrast of pure black and well lit, it gave it a void-y feel that made me further question the reality of the area.  I hope yours does well too, thanks! 

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I actually saw that right after I beat it lol, it did seem useful but I was more thinking of panning to make sure I wasn't heading down a dead end (never did end up getting stuck though). 

Loved the atmosphere/environment of this, you really managed to captured the feelings of claustrophobia and being stranded on an island at the same time.  The use of space, motion and view too were really well done, as was just the general look of everything.  SPOILERS:  You also get to meet a fun tippy tappy ceiling friend.  I will say the bloom was pretty aggressive in some spots though, and the forest friend I wasn't too sure of. 

I thought blew up my cargo by throwing it or hitting walls at first lol.  The laser guided line up mechanics were really neat and unexpected, definitely made it feel more like a simulation of a more realistic vehicle. Plus the squares to line them up worked well, the main mechanics were pretty rewarding with 3d movement.   Took me abit to understand the green lines were telling me distance, but I got there.  Cool prototype!

This is a very cool game that I am absolutely terrible at!   I really like how you get different powers but each has a bit of variable control too so you still have alot of options with very few combos.  It can be very punishing though, missing a jump or hitting an enemy pretty much always sent me right to my death(I probably got too cocky with my jump double boost strat though).  From the gifs I thought it would be visually distracting, but it surprisingly still pretty easy to tell where I was.  A few of the objects in the level were hard to tell their effects the first few times I encountered them though.  Great job overall, pretty innovative game.

Neat little game idea, I wish I had more control over what was going on though, went around 2 times and only got 4 wood, then the opponent destroyed all 3 floors of my monument :c.   I also seemed to have a glitch where the "Its your turn" banner was popping up even when it wasnt my turn.  

I loved this, it was fun trying plan ahead and try decide if I should hold those turn and gun  cards or hope for better movement to sprint past.  I never did find any new cards though, but the potential for different maneuvers  is promising!  One issue I had was 1 move space was actually 2 ground tiles which confused me for basically the whole first stage til I realized.  I also would have liked to look around the level more before choosing my cards but it didn't really mess me up.  Great job, would totally like to see further development on this!

Solid chess game, was pretty responsive and easy to use.  I thought I was doing well but then the enemy king got all slippery... Im not good at chess.  I suggest tweaking the colors abit, the yellow pieces on white tiles / blue pieces on purple tiles did hurt my eyes abit / made it harder to differentiate the back row piece types, but it wasn't game breaking.

Despite the technical issues I had, I really like the idea, and style.  Especially when I noticed my blood on the patrolling enemy was visible so it created its own sort of progress as you play.

Oh no, I've been trying to track that bug down.  It literally only happened once before for one of my friends. I'm glad you liked it though, luckily it will be much easier to catch all of em!

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Thank you! Hopefully I can add even more effects in future updates.  Also great pun in your username

I was surprised the first time I lost to the ai lol, it didn't take long.  I really wanted to make cards feel unique, so that means alot that you liked that.  I do intend to keep working soon :D

That's high praise!  I will definitely keep an eye out and do some more rigorous testing to try and catch what caused that crash, thanks for letting me know.

I'm glad you liked it, I was hoping people would find it strategically rewarding :D

I agree haha, thanks

Thanks! Triple triad and tetra master were definitely influences on me.  I would like to add more lower level cards so I can fill out early encounters better, ideally soonish lol.

Well done and congrats creating a fully complete game!  The art may have been simple but it was also really easily recognizable what things were and the cohesive style goes a long way.  I will say I would have liked more variety in silhouettes of the npcs, I had a hard time remembering who was who. Overall the presentation was good, lot's of attention to detail too.  Impressive how many objects had descriptions, and I like mix of direct dialog and overheard-summarization.   The puzzles actually presented a challenge but weren't convoluted or impossible (figuring out the passcode for me was a bit time consuming because I had to keep rechecking objects that had multiple steps to get to the info I kept forgetting though).   The action sequences did a good job of creating tension and a change of pace too.

Pretty well designed environments, Variety of characters.  I was alittle confused by the specific mechanics of the battles that were mentioned but the difficulty curve was low so I didn't feel like I was at a disadvantage for not knowing.  I might have been using them wrong but all the specials seemed weaker than attacking or using magic though.  A few areas were missing collision like the tents, but that's probably a quick fix.  I would suggest adding a Flee Battle mechanic if possible, or lowering encounter rates.

This game is very well done!  I could easily see it being expanded into full fledged puzzle game with some more time.  Pacing is great with how levels are broken down into a series of self contained puzzles. Music was pleasant and upbeat, never got annoying and theres even multiple tracks!  Variety of mechanics that give you a few ah ha moments (that also few rewarding to make progress).  I'd love to see some more variation in the level art itself, but overall its great, Good Job!  (I didn't beat the 4th level though, I lost track too easily, and there's more jam games to play!)