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Better than ever with the new update, the revisions to some classes feel great, tons of stuff to find, and more variety.  Cant wait for the full release. 

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Thank you! It could be that you ran out of memory, you only have 100 and hacking costs 20.  You recover 1 per turn in the real world, but it isnt really stated anywhere D:

thanks alot!

This is a cool concept, though a bit difficult.  Visually I really like the palette, but I agree it can be slightly hard to internalize that you cant jump on the platforms if they dont match the background color (I think cause their interior color / borders are still solid, maybe a dashed border or transparent interior might help).  I'd love some indication for how many jumps are available too.  I like how the first level introduces you to the switch mechanic safely by forcing you to use it to get on top of the large box, but I think the difficulty ramps up quickly with all the wall jump puzzles (I only got to the T shaped one).  Some hang time or slowdown while wall sliding could help.  Theres 1 slight issue with momentum when running.  If you just let go of the direction you come to a stop really quickly which is good, but if you instead press the opposite direction, you slide for awhile before building up enough speed in the opposite direction to actually start traveling that way.  To combat this, apply that same no-button brake force when the input direction is the opposite the velocity direction.  That should make that level of control feel tighter.  When it comes to music I think chip tune felt the most fitting to me, I think it pairs well with bold colors and style.  I think theres alot you can explore with this project, and it already feels pretty good. 

This is a well made showcase of mechanics and style.  I really like the character, the animations and all the effects, especially the dash.  Everything was really clear and understandable which is a great start to a game, I had no problems figuring out how each control worked and how I needed to use it to continue.  UI was nice, especially displaying the interaction prompts above the player to inform when its possible (also that was a cool little alternate way to open doors by attacking).  The bloom might be a tad too high, just because at a glance it gives a perception of things being larger than they actually are, but that might just be my eyes lol.  Honestly the main thing is the attack didnt feel very satisfying to use compared to the dashing.  It wasnt punchy/animated and was kinda tiny & slow.  You definitely have a great foundation to start building levels, and lotsa potential to expand this, good work!  Oh there was one other tiny thing but when hitting continue on dialog that was still writing would skip to the next page immediately, I think it be nicer to instead reveal the rest of the current page, and only go to the next page if you hit continue while the entire text is visible.

This is a really cool and concise game, that had well executed concepts that surprised me multiple times.  I loved the pitch of playing the enemy responsible for stocking the dungeon.  Combat felt a little weak at first but you're a goblin so thats to be expected.  But wait! Then you amass a horde of dungeon denizens, which was awesome and thematic as well.  I only wish I had slightly more control or interaction with them, like a way to stun an enemy or partially maneuver them to avoid arrows.  Not only that but completing the levels modify your goblin because you are giving up the treasure, which was another nice touch to change it up.  My only real criticisms are it was hard to tell when I was getting hit sometimes and that since you dont have much control, it seemed like the monsters provided were tailored to sorta beat each encounter on their own.  Still really enjoyable game, mechanically and conceptually!  That last treasure :D  

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That could be a nice change, especially if there are multiple battles in a row.  The first time I beat a prisoner, I didnt realize my mana was still empty and I just died lol.  

Also I posted the correct version of my game's standalone build now.

Thanks! You can actually destroy or push objects with spells!  The walls definitely do obscure alot and I need to work on that. 

This is an interesting idea for a roguelike + jrpg style fusion.  It has a cool atmosphere, and really slick ui, with good exploration and puzzles where inspecting the world really mattered.  It did take me abit to realize I wasnt intended to fight the enemies really before getting the hidden sword.  I like this style of energy based combat, and I like that examining doesnt take a turn, though I think running out of energy is really punishing ie wait to attack ratio is 2:3 (without mana spikes active).  Will there be a way to see what attack the enemy will be performing next?  I think that will be really useful for when defend only lasts 1 turn, otherwise its basically just causing both of you to lose energy.  I think its a really good foundation that I'd like to see where you take it.  There's tons of cool possibilities for abilities and puzzles.  I did have one slight bug where after sparing a prisoner and looting it, I then killed it and the message for "the monster is still breathing" popped up immediately after. It was correctly saying they were dead after reexamining. 

Gotcha, that's good to know!  Im not positive on the boss but the room seemed smaller than the time I beat him, that coulda just been me panicking though lol.  I'm glad to hear you liked mine too!

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The 7DRL version was the one from the middle of last year to keep a record for people looking at the 7 day roguelike jam page! It looks like I accidentally uploaded an old build for the standalone D:  I'll fix that right away, sorry for wasting your time, that one was for testing thats why you couldnt die, and there were free items at the start.  

edit: ok the standalone build should be fixed now.  if you do decide to try it again, the title screen should say Demo Edition in yellow at the bottom 

Cute little fast paced platformer!  Has a good mix of level styles that give different challenges to overcome.  Its pretty punishing but levels are short and you get right back in so fast its not a big deal.  The collision detection for picking up pizzas or jumping on enemies was a little off, occasionally I would pass through them (it seemed liked collisions were more accurate on the right side?  not sure).  The music was great too.  I guess you could say... this game really delivered :D

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This is a great game, and might be my favorite I've played from this jam! It's a really cool take on twin stick shooter with the "health" being tied directly to the suit's parts, and your capabilities being reduced from taking damage.  The quirky style works really well, I especially like the forward facing animation for Capuchin hopping around inside the suit, and the sound effects are really fitting, theres a good distinction of ambient vs gameplay sounds too.  The variety of weapons, upgrades, and enemies made each room feel like a fresh challenge.  The enemy patterns really stood out, and the obstacles around each room gave the perfect cover to avoid danger while learning how to tackle them, without completely trivializing it cause they'd eventually find their way too you (or you'd have to go to them).  

One thing I was unsure of was if upgrades are lost when switching to a new piece of gear, I was a little more reluctant to try new weapons in my second run because I was worried about making myself weaker and you arent able to switch back.  Also one time when fighting the boss, I lost all my parts and he kinda just hung around the suit preventing me ever really repairing fully without losing more parts as soon as I tried to get it outta there.  My next attempt went way better tho, had 2 of the 3-shot burst arms, with tons of fire rate boosts.    They did make the screenshake overwhelming though lol, but they destroyed the boss!  Anyways this is a really impressive and fun game, especially for the time frame too, really well done.

Thanks, I really like that enemy :D glad you enjoyed it! 

First of all, this is really impressive for a first game, especially since its for mobile too.  The environments and characters look nice, and the music fits pretty well.  My favorite aspects are the level design, and movement.  It feels good to jump off walls and slide around, especially in saw rooms with the large swinging ones trying to time dodges and grab treasure.  I noticed a slight inconsistency where some bookshelves were platforms and some weren't and  It was a little hard to tell how long range the melee attacks were too, maybe a slight effect to visualize their hit area would help.  With the bosses, its possible to stand back and jump + shoot to kill them and they wont chase you, I think after their cool intro plays maybe they should always chase the player no matter what.  The overall presentation of everything was really nice, like the menus / ui  / the boss intros / dialog.  I was wondering what the meter on the menu screen represented,  I increased it somewhat (beat each boss twice).  Well done on this, has alot of potential for where you take its development. 

First off, this is really stylish and unique game.  I could totally see this being made into a board game actually, with the rolling phases, and something like an event deck you draw from between them.  It did take me abit to realize that the numbers used to purchase new scents was roll results and not like a currency total, and that some things carry over between rounds.  To compound on that, a few times I would hit the wrong button and progress to the next screen with no way to go back and basically forfeit a whole round.  I like the events, but they did feel like I needed a much better grasp on the mechanics to make meaningful choices.  I think if you were able to cycle the view between each of the screens before finalizing choices would really help alleviate the need to parse/memorize alot of info. ie being able to view the synergies before selecting purchasing, or being able to look back to tell which color scent was higher(now Im unsure if the colors were different).    I dont think Ive seen a pico8 game look this fancy before, its a really impressive game that I think asks just slightly too much of the player.  

I was also confused what was going on at first too, lol.  I really like the way you made the screens and how you traverse them sorta like a speed run adventure game :D, but yea it was somewhat hard to tell where to leave a screen or how to access some that have multiple adjacent ones.  Maybe a border on the map tiles that is open on edges that are connect, and maybe the red tiles could have a question mark to indicate they have something to investigate there.  I was able to find Ghost Face, but wasn't sure what to do after that, I explored the whole map but must have missed the coin the other npcs were mentioning.  The audio cues were great to inform something was special on that screen though!  Overall I think this was a cool take the classic adventure game genre, that just needs some more work on the game flow.  

I really liked this game, art is really nice especially paired with all the little animations.  Sounds and music are fitting, though would like to have a sound for killing an enemy.  I like that each enemy behaves completely differently, so you have to learn what they do to best react to the level.  The game controls smooth, I'd consider moving pickup to maybe E, but that's just me.  I did feel myself defaulting to specific ammos because it was hard to remember all of them, and a few seemed way better, ie. the triple ice shot, and the huge explosion.  Maybe a little name above the ammo bar saying what the current one is.  Also the HP sprite was sorta hard to discern how many hits I actually had left, but that didnt really matter because there wasnt anything to do about that.  Other than that, some more variety in level layout would be cool, like different starting locations / obstacles etc. It was still really fun,  got to level 52 for my best run, that all slime room caught me off guard cause I didnt use a powerful ammo first :C. Well done on your game, and I think it has alotta potential for even more stuff! 

thank you for including me in your video!  yea, my game is much slower has more complicated controls than some of the others here lol.  

Thanks, and thanks for the suggestion too, I'm gonna give it a listen! 

This was a charming little platformer.  It really made me root for Aidan (and I'm glad it was ultimately light hearted :D) There was a nice variety of challenges too, you are continuously dealing with new obstacles, and even the return trip incorporates a whole new layout.  The shadow segment in particular looked really good, and I like some of the little touches like Nolan's portrait changing to the box.  A few parts it was a little unclear what to do, and some of the steeper slopes prevented me from moving or jumping until I just fell to my death though.  Overall it looks like your team had fun with it, like the very last stomp being self-aware-ingly silly.  Well done!   

Wow, thank you for the very high praise!

This is a really charming little roguelike, and it's not often you see one with actual story.  Not only that but the interactions are entirely handled through gameplay which is cool.  I was kinda surprised (in a good way) it wasn't combat based and more movement/timing puzzle but I probably shoulda guessed that from the title lol.  I love the personality and animations all the sprites have, the sounds and music fit perfectly for the vibe of the game, as well as the character introductions.  My only small criticisms would be I'd like to see more ways to interact with the flow of a level, maybe more actions that enemies could take that are predictable such make Gekes start charging horizontally until they run into something if you stop in the same row as them.  Just some more controllable options to lure the enemies from blocking the exit cause sometimes they would just crowd around it hard.  Also a separate animation for when they are idle and about to take a their turn would be great for planning, its not a big deal early but later levels when theres 4+ enemies moving on different turns it can be hard to remember who is immediately dangerous.  I'd love to see some more level variety too, atm it was most weighing your choices of going to extra energy or making a break for the exit which is good, but something to break up the strats would really add to it.  Other than that the freeze effect didnt have any visuals, I think it was a real power up but I couldnt be too sure with the narrator.  You got a good game here (with check points even!), I hope you continue developing it!  Oh and I got the coward ending, but Im interested in what else there was.  I didnt want to hurt them :c

Thanks!  Yea another person mentioned a tutorial too, I like the idea of it automatically starting you in it the first time playing.  Actually it could even skip character select for that first time and go straight in, hmm.  Also I actually already have yours open in my chrome tabs to try haha.  I may not get to it tonight, cause my hands hurt from the platformers I was rating today, but I definitely will give it a go.

This is a fantastic game, the music is catchy, the art and sounds are really well done and has alot of personality, and unique levels and style.  It was fun trying to puzzle out how to reach the next platform, or where to push a rock to create a new position to rotate from.  The background design's helpful clues like details for lining up falls were a really smart choice.  I was a little disappointed when the focus started to shift from puzzles to reflex though, I just couln't keep up.  The level that completely fills with lava I felt like I just got lucky beating it.  The farthest I got was the sky level with 2 wide platforms that rise out of the spikes, with a small platform inside each them that throws you into the air.  The few times I managed to time the 2nd one correctly I still wasn't how to reach the top without hitting spikes.  The game is still really good, just the later part isn't for me. One tiny thing I'd like to see is a camera pan left/right similar to the up/down ones, since many levels you travel way more than 1 screen's distance sometimes straight into unseen hazards.  

This was a pretty well made platformer.  It controls well the level art looks really nice and most of the audio fit well too (although the sound for jumping on an enemy sounded way more realistic than the video game style sounds for everything else).  I think what stands out the most is the level design, I could really tell the paths and challenges were thought out.  The boss was a good design, like a scarier version of an early enemy, but I think the shooting phase could be faster, at first I thought I needed to do something to him because nothing was changing.  I like the introduction of new harder enemies in the sand zone, but it seemed like the levels were the same as the previous zone, but I assume they are still being worked on.  Oh also I only speak english, so I'm not sure if I missed anything with the dialog at the beginning lol, but it didnt seem hard to figure out what to do.  This has alot of potential, good work!

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Really interesting take on roguelikes, the level gen surprisingly diverse and vast.  I liked trying to learn the biome patterns to plan out the most likely route to the next treasure (and what areas to avoid that might be death traps).  The use of the tileset works really well, and the ambience fits perfectly for exploration/running in fear(is this the same one DCSS uses?).  The stone background / first biome / fog of war colors did blend together abit making it hard to differentiate paths from walls.  I do wish the compass gave a little more info, like estimated distance (maybe it could grow/shrink or get lighter/darker to indicate) or show what color treasure its pointing at.  Out of my 3 runs, best 21 treasures 26609 points, I never unlocked a second teleport.  So a way to help acquire more would be welcome.  Also some more ways to interaction with the world would be cool too, maybe like traps you have to avoid but could lead enemies into too, etc.  Over all the presentation is really nice, it controls well, I like the little QoL features like the zoom and the fact that getting spotted holds you in place for a moment so you accidentally dont take more moves.  Well done! 

thanks these are a nice collection!  Im still not sure if Im going to go with 8-bit style but this will be great to test with a consistent style to find out

No problem, and I totally understand about limited time.  It's great you were able to identify what you needed to do to make a complete game too!  Also no pressure to play mine. 

This was a really interesting idea for a game, especially that you have to use your enemies against each other.  I also like that the enemies changed forms, both visually and offensively, and that the ice and fire attack patterns for the spirits and the cauldrons(?) were different from each other too.  I will say the reflection did feel very random and it was hard to tell if the 3 mirror shapes did anything different though, which made it very difficult to aim at something specific.   I'd love to see a little more variety and reliability, for instance if you are upagainst a single level 3 ice spirit sometimes the cauldron blasts would only send 1 or 2 fireballs towards me and then those when reflected wouldn't even travel towards the enemy.  Maybe something like reflected shots always travel where you are aiming but you can only refect 1 element at a time, which you can cycle instead of shape.  Or possibly other things to interact with in the level, like a turret that shoots explosive shots you can reflect. Not sure just brainstorming, because this is a cool and really unique game!  

Thanks, Im glad you had fun!  There's actually no audio at all haha, so thats very fair, but one day that will change! Maybe once I get the game controlling completely with mouse, it will be easier to try to make it mobile.

Thank you!  These are all things I definitely want to improve on, for instance when targeting a spell Im going to try to make the target start on the nearest enemy instead of on the player.  Also I've already changed static charge to only work for 3 moves after casting a lightning spell (but I'm waiting until ratings are over to publish more updates).  Audio is definitely a big undertaking I want to tackle too, hopefully in a satisfying way.

I saw the little Red Bird sprite and knew I hade to try this one, and Im glad I did.  Everything looks really pleasant, charming and cohesive (even if there is alot of bird death going on lol).  The movement was really unique, getting the hang of it was almost its own puzzle before the dangerous winding caves.  I do think it would help if you are introduced to the flight in a level with no danger, that still required a little bit of mastering the physics to complete, just a sort of playground space after the tutorial explanation.  Some of those levels are really punishing, even if they didnt have spikes everywhere. Possibly a slow mo power might be good for making those precise turns, especially in the last 2 levels.  I did manage to beat it though, and got all but 1 of the eggs, I have no clue how to get that last one and still be able to get high enough to get back on the tree.  It was a super nice touch how the menu changes after you finish the game too!  There were honestly alot of nice details that make this feel complete, like the visual indications for the traveling at lethal speeds, automatic saving, and level select.  I'd love to hear a few different sound effects for the bird and maybe a unique one for the egg pickup but those are really minor points.  Amazing game! 

EDIT:  I didnt realize there were more levels, I stopped after saving the first blue bird, I'll have to play some more haha.

Well done!  I agree with everyone else the day cycle is really cool, especially how it almost serves as different "levels".  I also think you did a great job with how the game controls, its really responsive and doesnt require alot of precision.  (The first thing I tested was if I could just click in a direction :D )  As soon as I started playing I would immediately forget which mushrooms were good though.  The effects they had were also a little unclear besides the magnet effect.  Also I dont know if its my monitor or eyesight or what but the rainy segments were basically impossible for me to tell where the flies were before it was too late.  The menus were really polished too, I love that its an animated scene, the credits were super detailed, and the transitions and buttons just felt nice.  Really solid and complete game! 

Hey really well done, there's alot in this game for such a short time.  I got to the Beholder on my 2nd attempt but I couldn't beat it, alot of its effects looked awesome though.  I especially like that enemies telegraph that they are going to attack, it was perfect for learning how to deal with each ones unique challenge.  I think maybe 1 more basic enemy would have been great to introduce before the mages, just because when you start encountering mages & shields it can be really tough to find an opening to attack, so maybe a simple enemy + mage would be a nicer introduction to dealing with multiple enemies before the more difficult groups.  Shooting didnt feel bad, but the way it stopped you felt slightly jarring, but jumping and dashing felt good.  I think it'd be cool if there were more combat options, like crouching and shooting, or if grenades stunned enemies. Just little things to give the player different ways to interact with situations, if you plan to keep working on it.  Also I'd consider reducing the size of the hitboxes abit, it felt like I hard to dash very early and only when there was alot of space behind the enemy.  There was a little bug with grenades, if you were standing still they throw in the direction you are facing instead of the mouse direction.  Overall great job!

It's simple, but it's great you've made all the working parts of a complete game (Multiple menu screens/UI/Game State/End state/etc), and shows a clear understanding of the structure of a game.  It controls well, although I noticed I couldn't fire if I wasn't moving.  It's a good foundation that just needs some more content and polish.    

Nice little game, you really captured the spirit and style of old atari/nes games.  The gates being so adjustable was a really nice touch, it was cool you could open them outwards to catch the sheep or inward so to not block them.  The fixed distance they would run was alittle hard to work with, it'd be nice to have more control, maybe they ran less if you are farther away?  Also more than a few times a snake would spawn right on top of a sheep so I had no chance to react, a little indicator where enemies are going to spawn would be really helpful.  Other than that though it really does feel like a complete game, well done!

Yea mine was deleting it too, I was trying to look into the reason and it might have been related to pygame?  I'm not sure, but if you are switching to godot you shouldn't have any problems with that anymore! 

Cute little game, that's a great little bird and I love that it has a special animation to start the game.  Controls are pretty tight, but the jump is a bit floaty, would be cool to be able to control the jump height cause that sneaky Elmo would always jump out right as soon I jump a rock and I'd just slowly glide down into his path of destruction(Also his animation is great too).   I couldn't figure out if there was a way to restart after a game over too, but yea this was a nice little project.

Well done for your for your first game jam in such a short time!  I love the sprites for the characters, theres alot of variety in them and a surprising number of environments.  I like the idea of collecting a bunch of different weapons, but I definitely feel like they could have had more differences in play style, for instance the starting weapon felt stronger than the spear.  The pirate zone I think stood out the most, it introduced ranged enemies, had a new type of terrain (water blocked movement but not shooting which was a nice change of strategy) and the boss had a nice set of new challenges.  I did have a few bugs, mostly related to switching weapons, such as having no weapon equipped when entering a new floor, but nothing game breaking.  I really like the style though, especially the main character :D!