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The Master's Sai I feel might be a little underwhelming/uninteresting for a Legendary.  It sounds like it might just also be the weakest.

EDIT: wow its stats are even lower than what I had thought too.   I might rework it or tack on 15 Spd. 

I had actually been considering preventing legendaries from appearing in zone 1 lol 

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Give 'em the ol' Snap & Zap combo :D  also Harvester on Mud is scary.  Has anyone managed to merge 2 legendaries yet?  Also do you remember what version of Wyrm's Latent Power you went with?  

With pyris you can see all the little numbers popping up at the same time :D, but yea theres a few named effects that come from different sources that are still the same.  Ex Dragon Scale is the same type of Ignite as Pyris' so it can help with the explosion ability.  The other big one is Windslicer which applies Zephyr stacks that Parra can use for their abilities too.

Very impressive, especially with the squishier aggro monsters.  I like heart + vial to make a spammy healing item.  So the merged number is incorrectly counting each time it displayed a merged item preview in the forge instead of when you actually paid for it (this is already fixed for the next patch).   But think of all the cool treasure you get from Strig opening those boxes :D.  About the debuffs, both of those do not stack with themselves, instead they refresh the duration.  Atm I dont have a good way to indicate which debuffs stack and which dont.  For instance Gheists curse is also a refresh, but Karakais -Def stacks independently without refreshing duration.  I did try to word the Tulwar in such a way that implied it didnt stack, but I dont think thats possible with everything.  

Skim has a bit of exponential scaling because high spd = more attacks, but also for him it means more damage as well :D Also about the final boss rewards, it was easier to just leave it treated like a normal battle atm since it doesnt really impact anything.  

I think its somewhat necessary for every build in calamity to not be viable.  The main challenge of it becomes more of your build, since there arent as many ways to interact with the game compared to say action game.   I think one way to help would be more diversity in useful items for other strategies, but finding the right ones is a whole nother problem on its own. 

I havent actually done a ton of runs with the newest monsters too.  Mabek was feeling like they might be alittle too clunky to make "work" atm but maybe not!  Woads biggest drawback in my eyes is actually his low speed.  Alot of my perceptions are in the context of no items too which isnt completely accurate.  Also calamity's most punishing aspect is only having 2 wounds at the start, it might be too low cause it means you cant lose even 1 fight.

One run I had a Whispering Skull and Circlet of Acuity on my Woad, he would almost instantly kill the whole party lol.  It was actually pretty strong but couldnt hold out vs the end boss 

Ok so this is a quick list of my perceptions of strength, though this is mostly based on normal mode and often around testing a specific monster.  I do feel like they might be weak, or at least not up to their full potential. 

As for fun combos, most have already been talked about, even a few I never considered but theres a fun one with Scutter (Stealshell) + Seras (Slippery) to stack up a ton of Def on scutter and give him a Shattershard to deal tons of dmg with it.  Also Bone Ring on Slagg, plus can include another healer like Hydrim.  His decent health can be converted into alot of damage.   

The "combination abilities" are called Synergies :D

Wow this is a very comprehensive post! It definitely shows how you've been getting all those calamity wins.  I also like that you picked up on some of the subtle strategies I hoped would be useful such as Mabek can sit in the back and eat ranged enemies that hit it.  Im actually surprised to see Krog and Urso below the birds, though I definitely havent thoroughly tested every strat on the higher difficulties.  Really good read, could almost be used as a quick guide :D

theres one in the options menu, its just fullscreen messes up the ui abit atm

He's becoming too powerful, I need to add a harder mode lol

lol jk, Im already working on a new mode

I really like how different every team you post is :D

Yea Ive been thinking of putting an encyclopedia type tab on the compendium that just lists out all the mechanics, stats, terms, etc. 

Currently its not displayed anywhere since it rarely changes.  Everyone, allies and enemies, have a base of 3 mana per second tho.  

This is correct, Mana Regen is set to 0, even from other items.  You can still gain mana through items and abilities that directly give it though.  Like Energy banner says all adjacent monsters gain 2 mana, that is unaffected because it is not regen.  

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Ill look into it!  There technically isnt anything stopping it from rolling the exact same items, though extremely unlikely lol

EDIT: ok the update that buffed the Sealed Tomb rewards is actually what broke it, rerolls dont do anything atm, but will be back in next patch

Well done, and not the type of team I was expecting for Calamity!  None of the items were OP but they were all solid which I think is just as good

congrats, also spooky teams I think have a fun dynamic to try to play to.  Seems like they might be good too :D

ahh that was an old bug I thought I fixed, I think I got it now

So with Chikia, 2 of his abilities lend towards larger teams.  Both the active and the tier 3 abilities are stronger the more monsters you have on your side.  Whether or not that is enough to make him feel as strong as the others Im not sure though :D

oh no you are absolutely right, it was incorrectly doing -20%..........

no plans atm, we're still pretty small 


but yea tusk is in my sights for nerfs lol get those op runs in while you can lol

Yea, you will not cast while using silent vow unless you have other effects that generate mana such as Hydrim, or Energy Banner etc.   That's a combo I had not considered but it sounds really awesome 

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So yea the general trend or meta atm is 3 tier 3 monsters.  Im considering further buffing 4-monster synergies to open up the potential of larger teams, cause the sheer stats of tier 3 monsters is hard to pass up.  Also Im glad to see magic teams too, theyre a fun challenge :D 

yea I havent worked out appropriate adjustments for resolution yet so it breaks the ui. Its playable, just wrong and bad atm lol 

ty for the report, I'll include the fix in the next patch.  Ive been considering adding a way to see the map at any time, may have to finally do it 

Im glad you picked up on Mabek, theyre inspired by Ammit in egyptian myth :D.  Swap team is one of my favorite concept builds, but Seras is def weak in its first stage(maybe too much).  

that's ok, I get frustrated by it too, also thank you!

sadly those are part of itchio and I cant control them.  You full screen the game (in the options menu) or download the standalone version to avoid them though.

sorry but yea for the moment since theres no progress between runs the saves are temporary between updates

Just did some quick bug fixes and just made a discord.  Link at the top of discription.

The main thing Im noticing you guys agree on is that Tuskal is op and Gheist sucks xD also Tzizik is a solid 2nd place which makes sense. 

yea one day I'd like to put a larger on steam.  In regards to mac, I dont have one to be able to properly make a build for it.  

Im glad youre enjoying it! :D

I may finally have to make a discord, I am very interesting in what mons people are favoring, and I suspect a few which might be too strong/weak

hmm ill look into that, they already should update in response to using items (for instance if you eat all your food during the Help the Old Monster, it gets locked out).  this is a good time for me to finally buff this event at the same time since the requires feel like they should warrant a better reward 

Well done, could this be an end of the Aggressive meta? O: Which boss btw?