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if you want to go for really crazy item stacking you can try the 5 chip replica strat xD 

so the def reduction is 100 / (def + 100), which at 999 is ~91% reduced.

I did miss those 2!  You may want to try dropping the wand and using more vortices and tornado, and maybe a windslicer.  It can deal alottttt of dmg on the 2nd or 3rd cast, especially when hitting a full team and you have alot of zephyr stacks.  

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  Shine thief would be +330%, +100% from overload, x4 from lucky.   the hardest part is figuring out how much mana is spent, counting mana regen.  so i just tested how much it would and its actually 110.   so 110 X 5.5% = 605% of 400 = 3660.25 dmg.  x4 from lucky = 14,641.  +100% from overload = 29,282.  +330% = 125,912.6 dmg to 1 target! as long as i didnt make any mistakes which is entirely possible lol 

thank glad you are enjoying it!  Chip is one of my favs as well.  Quests do not need to be equipped, though they will be lost if you are playing infinite mode loop if they arent equipped (if its not completed).  

it can!

thats alotta damage.

next target is 1 million in 1 cast :D

hmm thats new to me I will need to try test it 

it might be because ring of power deals ability dmg, so you are probably boosting it 

So the way circlet works is it refills your mana but it doesnt work with wands because it activates immediately when they start draining mana.   It does work with Vortex but depending on the order they activate Vortex might increase your mana after Acuity refills it so you will still need to charge up a little before the 2nd cast goes off.   Multiple Vortices + 1-2 Wind Slicers might be good too with Parras Cyclone


so slaggs ability only redirects the next attack after they get slimed, not every attack for the duration.   The buff counter is only showing the actual slime penalties (-spd / -healing)

Monsters gain 3 mana per second in battle, when they reach max mana they spend it all to cast their active ability (the last one on their description).  

Int is short for Intelligence which by itself doesnt do anything but many abilities' effects are based on its value.  

thank you! those 3rd bosses can be scary 

Monsters active ability automatically cast every time their mana fills (the blue bar).  

loop 20 already sounds like too many to me lol, and i know of people getting further than that

thank you!  slowly but surely im workin on more to come

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I definitely intend to have infinite have a bigger jump in difficulty with each loop (but not just stats).  currently it can go on for really long with little change and id like it to have more feeling of difference 

thank you for the kind words :D 

its not completely impossible but it would be alot of work and not a high priority for now

that would be a scary monster! 

working on a complete steam version with new modes / monsters / items 

some people do call coffee  mud hmmmm

would you like hints or the solution?

nope! that would be pretty op lol, sabo doesnt react to itself

he dont miss! 

sry never was.  Tho Seras with Hydrastrike and a Giant's Shortsword... 

nope, this is one of the interactions i need to find more clear language for but in general "On Attack" only applies to the primary target.  So like Ripper or Gravity Hammer will only affect the closest enemy (the primary target of Slam and most other attacks).  Items like Finisher or Unerring Arrow directly affect the damage of an attack so they do affect every target for Slam.   One of the main sources of confusion is that Stagger's wording is unclear, it does apply to everyone Krog hits with attacks

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thats even weirder lol ty for reporting

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hmm thats odd, there might be a mistake in adaptables capping thats affecting the wrong part, ill will need to look into it.  Was it always exactly 10,000?  Also its not guaranteed but adaptable should trigger first.  Still good tho! 

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hmm i should add more healing enemies lol

Fortune eater is generally more self sufficient, but soul renderer isnt too hard to get it to +15-25% dmg.  Many mons can apply debuffs so it is reliant on team composition but it can reach much higher levels with proper support

there are still some cheesy things you can do with Iron Will lol


sunder counts as a single debuff so it only triggers SR once,  Vorpal Blade triggers when a monster attacks so it is only 1 time with scutter.  An effect would need to cause another attack to activate it, such as merging it with a Giant's Short Sword or Sera with Hydra Strike.  I do actually want to clarify terminology more because it can definitely be ambiguous, confusing, or just flat out inconsistent so Im working some things out with that.   

yep! it even works with itself 

very nice, and on difficulty 3 too.  I like that theres a tropical island theme going with the team too :D

theyre doing their best

yea this is very strange it might be that the save process took too long and got interrupted