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Yet, scrolling on the game's page without starting the adventure ...maybe be less flickery by black 'n white background?

(As opinion, just by the graphics)
The right-sided images look like crimestories as detective to adventure through levels, solving mysteries, with quests and maybe cutscenes to expect?

But I can't testplay download-versions, would a screenshare on opensource's "systemi"? That feat. texting but visuals or audio, like "zoom" or VC for discord too.

Sounds interesting in graphics by the screenshots, would be nice to see intros on youtube for Buccaneer too? Btw: downloadgames won't run on my laptop but  can feedback about its features & opinions if players letsplay/walkthrough desc.?

My device can't handle much graphics but by screenshare, I could like guide the protagonist where I'd have him try stuff or walk where it's maybe not planned to have collision-zones this game still up for gametests?

Playbutton won't react/be seen on white gamingscreen but other html5-games were playable somehow, is it just be or did the game got new features which my device can't display?

Nice background-music (vibes with first generations up to yellow/green-versions that are quite special in its way) & gameplay have bits of "snake" or "pacman" to find next bit for collecting?

I like the designs of poketballs, easy in easteregg-hunting for them but also collission-detection at the sign, trees & that building there. Flowers made it look less "just grassy" as tiled floor underneath.

Funny if secret "headbutt" just some of the trees either have none or one random ball out of it too?

Unity keeps loading, anyone who have it stuck there too? Loadingbar be empty, not even bothering to rise in process...

Is the ending-scene, a pun for Pikachu's sound by pronounciation (some have Pokemon Go, as Poke-A-Mango a way of similar spelled but with just a slightly hint in their title)?

Or as for Pokemon with heads like Girafarig/Wobbuffet which having a face or yes on their tail?

so, you didn't get "response.body is undefined"-error when loading this game? Just tried twice here... if dev. in 'godot' it would have issues on my side, but this one just refers to html5 somehow

'zigzag' in how to place those bubbles

& yeah maybe unlocking new coloured bubble or one's that float slower/faster (inspired by a pingpong-game which ha the bar&ball with different feature from sticky to multiple balls to catch falling items with)?

Have you tried PhotoFiltre 7 (it's an older version, prev.) had no layers but other features & as optionally portable software than casually downloaded? It's for 2D-art but can do shadows, texts, backgrounds, etc.

Do you plan that drummer to be like smooth (compared to pokemon movies) or pixelled (similar to pokemon-sprites in first gen. games), instead in chibi-style ...or which type of art in inspiration for the design?

Are you still or more people to work on Tiny Cat and Lanky Dog's game?

I haven't tried myself as composer yet, but  could think of edits for images (e.g. as youtube thumbnail, media's trailer intro as image, etc.) or especially if looking for writers who dub/subtitle by texts ...but I can't ASL (sign language) or translations by voice. Still can inspire by level-suggestions, creative nicks for worlds or objects to interact with, up to "alternate endings" where not only one way rather multiples can be explored, affected by gameplay's path to choose from & guided to sections that don't seem to be unlocked at least, in the first glance yet.

zigzag in lines but level 14 be much harder to stay unlittered underwater

Now those lines appear instead:

Downloading engine...
failed to asynchronously prepare wasm: CompileError: wasm validation error: at offset 58326: expected function bodies
The game aborted unexpectedly.
More information may be available in the browser console or contained in the log.
Aborted(CompileError: wasm validation error: at offset 58326: expected function bodies)

The background shows "now" loading & some chinese/japanese/korean/etc. lines?

It loads on fullscreen with just the top 3 icons & the pointer switching by two designs, one as if hovering over texts (is  touchscreen optional?)

Same error (response.body is undefined) but I think Godot maybe causes it as other ones were maybe designed in it & had issues in loading on my side somehow?

But the preview looks fun like "Fruit Ninja", etc.

'response.body is undefined'

tried twice, but other games still work least one's that are started on the browser?

error: "response.body is undefined"

when trying to load, but others (aside of adobe/flash) in webgames, are playable e.g. Meowmie works fine?

that table had something laying there & try the door next?

Personally even before each meow, I was stunned by the intro's music & later the story, same as realistic moments: litterbox, sweets, audio for walking, as the hallways remembered me of pokemon levels in red/blue/yellow with switching colours affected by which city you'd get into.

I like how the protagonist got a lantern out of nowhere but if looking down, the light's shape look like a keyhole to peek though, maybe just coincidentally but cool like in "Little Nightmares"-game, the door's sound in squeaks fits to its rusty key & environment, bit like Coraline's passages/Resident Evil moments to ascend to doors but also outdoor and the window be nice in graphics, its ending describes more of the game's moments with Meowmie, that I wasn't expecting...

Nice colours, backgrounds and fonts for itch's style, also the textwarnings what be in scenes & I like the interaction with the hallway with that light but interestingly the light wasn't unlit, but the paw-print made the game quite action than adventure-based ...had 5stars at the intro & after the game would say 7+, also some locked doors & walking in many directions got it cool just with paws maybe more timing to react, would be bit more perfect?

If the doors can have different words each level than being locked, like: nope wont budge ...or: still no key found yet, etc.?

Spoilers of the game but also
some german typos e.g.

"bild" (image/picture-frame) should be a noun with a capital letter, in the main-bedroom

"Ich muss Medizine finden" (day two after fourth feeding of Meowmie)

Blue room correctly spelled it "Medizin", while interacting to feed note 'Medizine", same as day 3 with "Medizine" too.

Day 4 "Es ist so es warmer Tag gewesen, es war natürlich für mich das Fenster zu öffnen", sounds quite odd maybe rather as: "Draussen ist es so warm, deshalb öffnete ich gleich das Fenster"? (same meaning just described in different tenses)

"Ich sehe immer noch deinen Körper im Graß liegen", while grass only needs one "s" in there as translated "Gras"

"Ich hallte deine gestallt im meinem Gedanken fest.", but it's "holding" = halte & "Gestalt", same just one L for each of them (guessing ghost or creature in english storyline there?)

"am ende" (in the end), but ending be a noun with capital letter...

Nice to refill/restock the inventory & having the chosen pet be interactive (moving), following where the protagonist taps either on banana, waterglass or ball & even having some soundeffects added.

The butterfly as third pet, nice to have a variety of flying creatures but it's face look less realistic compared to bat & parrot's species?

I like the agetimer going up, as food & ressources lower during gameplay there, sounds easy to navigate, lags not a bit as it maybe be less graphics' based ...also he background looks awesome

I like its switching background & icons when reloading, would prefer a "run"-button than having the game start (possibly lag, affected by the device) as I just scroll through other player's opinions first?

Nice to play it on "fry"day, also cool if players can match wih npc, also nice font & background in red for the outside place with the comments & images in how to play...

Is one player muted in grabbing-sound, just slaps be acoustically dubbed? Awesome graphics & music fits to action/speed-rhythms too

I reached Jungle Islands but still had that boat restarted after being at the marked "X"-spot there?

Still easy controls and nice background.

Some other games had an Godot-error too, but this one's look nice in the preview with transparent-background of the "run"-section & same for graphics nearby of how the game looks like, also cool nailpolish for the protagonist (hardly seen that details things covered but yet I played just a few novels around here)

Interesting title and colours for the gaming-page on itch, in green & white with black font

Screenshots in the comments sounding cool in gameplay too, yet loads with just an error ...but maybe it can be fixed, in case of other players noticing the same line in aseprite or godot?

Somehow a similar error (response.body is undefined) showed up, like earlier ...but the thumbnail sounded interesting to try what's about the squares in-game & how to interact, etc.

The title sounded fun, also that it's non-download in type, cards are nice to compete with, generally match3-games too.

That basilisk-browser I'm using, usually loads unity & webgames but this one just showed the error "response.body is undefined" on screen?

There seem to be a CompileError somewhere, when starting the itch-game, yet I didn't try if the downloadversion works better?

And also cool to see it being texted in 3 languages...

Collecting pause 'n play-buttons sound interesting, maybe with " replay level"-question after solving ...or instead or forward-button to skip to the next lv?

nice screenshots of that game, btw I think in guessing the player needs 100 point in score to enter that door, at least "100" in texts sounds like a hint for one's who read english (easy gameplay & cozy graphics within that game too)

Tried to load but maybe it got moved/renicked as title?

Either indie or tabletop, rpg, etc. maybe it's about if progressing or being stuck too quick in how to unlock something or preferring it to be for multiplayers than solo-game?

(1 edit)

Quite a late guest who walks by after 4 years after it got opened at this place & stands infront of the entrance, yet to enter or looking for signs if they have rooms open at those hours & if the hosts offer a variety of languages to greet new customers or ones who be in for about weekly bookings?

The gaming-page looks interesting in graphics (while my device mostly) lags when playing/watching too hq-videos or games but maybe a youtube-video can be nice or optionally to have me viewing some scenes to add my opinions about them? Maybe features which can be cool, btw: cardgame sound awesome in details ...guessed it more like in 'papas pancakeria'-style, but that one's with no cards there.

creative writing sound stunning, yet I've just seen one screenshot but I like its realistic environment, same as the introtexts sound relateble with coffee for mornings or being a barista, rent being in focus of daily life & ofcourse customers with possible less easy orders to serve?

Sure, I could try with sounds that way (affected if the audio suits to its expectations or being too casual?), in mp3-files would be okay? Maybe I could find an opensource text/chat-place to send them than after discord-friendsrequests? An for discussing about credits/nicks f that's a thing too, as here seems to be no pm-feature yet...

Still open, for people who also think of textbased-games with suggestions for plots, up to chooseable interactions, endings or just translations of preview-videos on youtube, etc. too

Either in dubbing texts or a preview-video on youtube or in describing lines at the game's itch-page or even within the game itself. Also to get the right meaning, maybe I could translate them as list of every line or by being on e.g. discord's screenshare on your side to view each scene, pause/screenshot, subtitle by meaning than just casual 1:1

Rather to find words that get players interested in knowing more levels or if they reach one ending (awaiting more to explore) or if it's more of a mystery or sound-based interaction, where creators look for dubs & voice-actors but translators to have others speak each line for others to progress/skip/think of what to expect if continuing later?

Maybe as a "welcome back"-greeting or time/datecounter or having each menu's button appear by sound in question of what the protagonist hovers currently or even tapped? I could offer from/to english & german language, also suggesting ideas in storyline than just translating an existing version, if people starting from scratch an being cool with collaborating with multilanguage scenes in their games