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Dubbing lines in-game and within videos (e.g. for youtube as letsplay-scenes), also focusing on avatars to highlight a game or suggesting opinions about itch's gaming-page, its descr. or games' title.

While textplaying games could be done just on the browser if my device can handle its ressources than lagging, independent would be reviewing videos on youtube to see its feature or possible typos, etc. or up to being connected by an audioroom virtually on browser to see the game on screenshare and I'd guide which way I'd choose, why or where I'd think of heading next or how I think of its surroundings, font or other details.

I'd testplay it if it's a webbrowsergame, while the first look (of the images) lets me think of tetris-blocks stacking up? & the video sounds more exciting about reusing blocks onscreen, than filling lines by upcoming ones.

Sound fits to a calm game like that one, also grabbing a block can be just one of the most top line for a reaction to nearby blocks underneath/left/right ...than a "connect four"-gamingtype. I see no timer just a score which suits to no stress and its music in the background.

A question came in mind: when will a new grey line appear? Affected by the amount of vanished blocks/rising points or if just a few amounts of blocks being ingame somehow?

If you'd be cool with browsergames, maybe while being on voicechat (screenshare to see where/if getting stuck in-game being nice) to hear your thoughts why you click on which section or guessing this spot gets you progressing ingame or ...if there are bugs in it up to just saying if liking it, thinking it's boring pr how's the story/its avatar/description sounding worth playing or if rather stopping midway as there are too many alternate paths to explore?

My games are btw based on eastereggs/hidden moments (but no jumpscares), including neither audio nor graphics, while scenes could be funny in decision there. In case those types are a thing to see first expressions when playing & maybe part/game 4 being inspired by moments, anyway there's a similarity in the prev. one's as all of them are in two languages, best if playing with a keyboard and mouse to interact there.

SirynSueng ...I guess that I could code them into html adventures (seen an LGBTIQ+ gamejam on this platform recently but maybe it's the one where you entered?), would be nice to create some games, while possibly animators would transform them into 3D or musicians adding sound, voice-overs, etc.?

I've published 3 games where you could be interactions that I'm coding by just using a text-file, no phyton, c+ or apps, rther no html5/canvas/SVG, just scripts and mainly options that get texts re/disappear, changed in font, fading or replacing sections, other types of interaction. I could offer translating lines into german while playing games would rather lag my device, but just knowing its visuals gets more connection if the right meaning getting focused there.

White Box Gaming, just by the screenshot, I'd think of "white-font on grey-background" could be hard to see for e.g. vision-impared users (colorblindness, etc.)? Maybe black-font would suit better, similar to the bottom-left's line about reserved rights?

I like the turquoise adding more than greyish/white/black, gets it more colourized there & maybe an optional language-screen, "change background"-colorpicker menu or updating date/time-area?

centered-sections aka "news titles", hmm maybe  in bigger font? red/blue thumbs-up ...could be nice maybe one appearing in turquoise or the other one in black? (like greenish-blue for upvotes & black ones for downs), maybe a menu for user's thoughts or quotes of positive lines chosen by you? Or highlights as new features, upcoming events, etc. focused somewhere? categories "if including (word xy), then label it as (word xy)", for users to scroll through those keywords?

OL Games Stdio, maybe I'd focus on title first: sounds neutral

background-image on itch's game page: I like it's transparent look. while font-family suits just in grey colours like the game-background (before hitting "run"), could maybe differ? like: font being recoloured in white or bg in transparent/black? I like that there's a run-button than auto-start (white font on green-button, bit fits to the general "coding"-bg maybe just in purple text with white-button?), links e.g. "more info", etc. could maybe suit as white lines too? More into before starting the game, similar to highlights would be nice, also possible youtube-preview or just screenshots added there left/right-sided? 5 of 10 tags used, maybe more of them that fits to its storyline will be an option?

in-game: I like the added itch's fullscreen-mode button, while games generally lag my device so I guess same for downloads (oh, and I adore that your game's playable on itch)

Sounds exciting to be featured on twitch, especially about the player's thoughts than referred to views. I'd think of my ice-cream submitted game is quite narrowed in actions for now, "alley404" & "426th floor" sound more storybased and in case you'd be open for trying those to reach its end? I also like your "Memory Mix" and "Out of Darkness" sounds cool in its preview of your published ones, do you also stream your submitted ones for letting other developers sharing their thoughts that refer to your coded levels/scenes?

Hi & nice to see you here after my feedback on your game too :-)

In my case you'd have to interact with textlines (words) in-game to progress, while there could be some one-ways on purpose, alternate paths & maybe differing in device/browser you'd use and I testplayed every of my published games to get rid of bugs, played it many times after adding new features or editing implemented ones, played it a firefox-similar (open-source) browser on my laptop while keys could appear different if using a phone for loading those textbased games, I guess?

Which lines do you spot on-screen, where you get stuck yet? bold (bit hard to notice) lines quite hint some sections, same with colours and visuals ...clicks varying on interaction if double or single clicked, it also offers german-translation if texts getting hovered some seconds.

Can't find it listed as title if searching for published jams in 15+ days ago, nor in sections like "has participants" with upcoming date or categorized as "date in-progress" there?

If submitted games refer to education or riddles but being textbased than drawn as comic/cartoon (art in general) or being based on voice, will those types being okay for submitting here too? btw: just noticed this one by browsing for a jam, "bit" late after it got created like a year ago & stunned that participants are still welcome.

I'm glad that I "just" noticed it by actually browsing for a specific jam, anyway that it still exists sounds cool. Are like the jam or the submitted games (with loops or many/unsolvable endings) able to get submitted by dev's?

I had some thoughts about a dark alley but it isn't a "room", rather an area there ...are textbased-games than the ones that include graphics, allowed to get submitted in general too?

Just heard of that released game here & I guess by the screenshot, it could maybe be like an astronaut/universe-themed scene or maybe taking place on earth just at night, exploring the sky or inventing like satellites / communicating with species in outerspace, etc.?

screenshots on game's page:

main-screen in-game looks wow, referring to sun & clouds there, not sure if "exit game" sounds useful, at least either progress being saved or lost but I guess users would just use the top-right's "x" for closing instead?

"objectives" in font screenshot 2 vs 3, third one looks more "focused" than blurried by the sky's background in graphics? While I adore that bit thunderstorm-atmosphere in the third screenshot's background (referring to its clouds & sky)

Surface generally looks aesthetic and not just solid or flat, suits to that planet and is there a fullscreen-button? I guess it would less distract the features outside of this game, e.g. by interacting with keys / turning in angles / etc.?

Hi ArctosGames & first I'd share my thoughts referring to game's theme, same as screenshots than downloading graphical parts (same as using older devices-issue), still sounds like me as first reviewer here after 37 days yet?

The faces in-games for textlines could vary, e.g. look less "stunned" in expressions? I'd think of emotions like: angry (in reference of that fox), or "excited/worried" (referring to "chose your faith") like if the protagonist could save the good ones, solving quests without failing, etc.

First two faces next to textlines in screenshots: looking bit mirrored in image, with similar shape of recoloured shirt/outfit, still hair being bit static (first person like split in half, mirrored to get its haircut?), bottom's screenshot: eyes in synchronized pose ...stunned look would let me generally think of tilted head or worried-look could vary in lip's appearance (biting), hands could be visible like "facepalm" if player/NPC being tricked?

pre-last screenshot: floor's tiles look bit copypasted in each squares that's places? The wall looks rather fancy: gaps in-between those images and mirrored balloons, uhm how about e.g. loosen stripes of wall to get it more unique too? I adore the seats there, (second&third walls/floors look nice in aesthetic), the font for spoken text looks more hallowwen-themed, maybe more roundy or handwritten-type could fit better?

I think bit of shadows could get your shaped look more 3D-ish? last screenshot possibly could use a lamp than another drawer on identical pose next to that bed? Maybe an added wardrobe or blankets/cushion looking more "worn out" than like woken-up next to bed in perfect shape?

Just some suggestions about aesthetic because of facial/graphics, maybe they sound inspiring somehow? I guess the third screenshot offering shadows for its walls, which look way realistic & nice, same as different font in text.

The video's preview looks bit as fast winning/looking-scenes, bit "blurry" in style when effects fading to next level/part there ...I like the added text in size/colours/etc. looks fancy, same as added audio, but maybe could include e.g. "costumizing your player" or "collectable points to trade-in for upgrades" or "if there's a highscore to list your ranks as top-week/day/year of alltime"?

I guess NPC's could join? Possible difficulties selectable? Tutorial-mode for beginners or skipable / campaign-mode available?

The title could maybe start then ending in scenes, because it could be an intro than just outro, I guess? Maybe with additional-features, bonus-stages or unlockable char's there?

I can try, at least graphics kinda lag my device, that's why I also code textbased games & I also shared one o my games on a jam, I guess the FFS-one of this title, so am I basically in it or where do I find the "ASV"-version you're referring to?

I adore 3D-games & nice in a way of non-human protagonist (I prefer referring to screenshots & youtube-scenes than downloading because o limited space), I like the clouds in the second-top screenshot compared to the sky of the video's preview, while the main-screen looks nice: a dog within a big city, collecting bones, sounds clichee but looks cool.

Third-screenshot with mainly referring to the floor's tiles: maybe bit indifferent in shape looks more realistic? like fragments places higher/lower than just drawn on a solid surface only? 4) I like the reflecting shadows of objects there, e.g. that tree against that truck.

stage-lights? possible encounter or boss least just by looking at those scenes, I'd get curious if Lucky could trade in his collected bones?

video's music (instrument-type) & title sounds french, while I like the cars/street-scene in aesthetic (graphics), same as "plaza" bit inspired to vegas-signs, I think? Or as it refers to theaters on broadway? Having a hollywood's touch, even the game refers ti the location of Texas there.

The video could refer to those stage-levels, where I guess some bosses, maybe Veerus battles Lucky there & let's see who's the "lucky one" that's stepping out of this city?

Just one reply within 40 days, I guess I'd have to add mine, in addition of more variety of opinions too?

Cool background & font for the itch's theme there, while the text's style (as darkblue/white/gold) bit looks inspired by a beer's brand?

I'd share my thoughts referring to the screenshots from top to bottom next:
1) video's preview, looks like an antique hangman-game/level, I guess.
2) ship-adventure? maybe with pirates, battles & about treasures?
3) hangman like in the first game's screenshot? I like the varying background's colour & not like a simple one, rather with graphics looks nice there, same as white/blue-ish/black suiting to the game
4) skull, book, frankenstein, looks like a bit scary adventure-part (e.g. that hint about "sacrificing" too)?
5) like files in crimi-movies, aesthetic & authentic, I like it

I guess as webgame it could suit to mac-users too? & I like the youtube's video-scenes ...that "solved"-stamp is awesome & fitting to cases, files, sculptures, especially riddles or quests. I adore that music & browsing through those 5) screenshot's categories, but just two genres for "Prose & Codes"? in-development sounds nice, uhm will you plan to translate it in other languages too? I'd be honoured to assist with german-lines, in case you'd be open for?

Personally I'd refer to just comments than threads for game's feedback because they look easier for browsing by and scrolling through before clicking each of them, or having to find a title that gets the whole post comprimized in just a few words

I like the option of exchanging options, Ellisjames20061 & personally my laptop hardly handles like 3 youtube-tabs or connecting as twitch-viewer (graphics will lag it down), anyway as minimized video I could add feedback if your game being preplayed as trailer, at least I personally prefer it than just viewing a detailled let's-play version instead? I guess maybe not every linked game in the comment being your perfect match in interests, same as differing if user's games are playable on browser/as download/for free /etc.? I personally script textbased games, anyway first to your theme, game's youtube-scenes (easier with no lags on my side)

So ...the title first sounded neutral when hovering to this thread, before clicking it's game yet. While "neon" being actually bright in colours, quite unexpecting still background (aka itch-theme) & description's titles fit in aesthetic, not sure if white or e.g. black/darker text-font looks better there (btw: white fits to the in-game's score too)?

The screenshots look nice, bit curious why every level seems to be added in yellow border (or by just yellow font on itch's theme, rather than turquoise or in pink)? maybe like fading to next colour of rainbow, if progressing a level, could be visually a nice feature? Its centered screenshot's bits off that wall & explosion looks cool in pixels, if I'd describe the rest in bright colours, I'd think of: futuristic.

At least the way of those designs look futuristic in style, shapes of obstacles to interact with...

5 tags out of 10 possible ones, I guess neon very much fits which is btw also added in title (I think the search-feature browses for title/descriptions with the searched keywords there?)

I like that user jsbarrios posted a video, so I could rate your game in more details:

play/exit-buttons with just white font & border? I'd think at least hovering or clicking could fade its text or border's, than just filling the space inside with the opposite colours there? Why are many dev's designing a "exit"-button if the game wasn't even started?

Nice font & size for the letters/countdown after each level, same for the graphics when defeating a level, remembers me bit inspired by some fireworks? I see the yellow border makes more sense to stay in same colour while ...maybe the outside's shapes/colours bit distract from the in-game ones if not being played on fullscreen-mode? top-right corner with three yellow icons next to each other (as perfectionist, I'd suggest to differ in shape's angle & aesthetic e.g. triangle or circle fits but no identically-shaped one added ...uhm, just noticed that there are just squares only), why aren't there like different shapes like in-game too? maybe they could be bit less bright as border's icons?

Cool sound and is there a fullscreen-feature added by you or as clickable button by itch somehow? Maybe depending if playing on phones or bigger screens, I guess? After "wave completed", maybe there's an auto-pause after the player hits a key on the keyboard next? Will progress staying saved after closing the browser or clearing browser's cache/cookies? No highscore-timeline with optional nick? No buyabe udates for the gamer for spending their earned points? hmm, anything similar being planned or rather arguments why they don't sound fitting in that case?

Hoping those thoughts won't be too accurate, if you just expect shorter versions, like "nice levels" etc.? I prefer to add stuff like why or suggestion how I'd imagine them vs. after spotting them in-game? If you'd like to test one of my games, I'd be curious about suggestions about this second upload: (my games suit rather on devices with pointer & keyboard, also because of the fact about translated lines as hovered texts, while clicks are fading in/out other fragments in-game)

Referring to the screenshot of this thread: I like the maps' font for regions (looks authentic like a reallife-map) & images for its mountains there.

Banner of the game's theme-page: the face's expression looks more 'staged'/for posing or quite bored than realistic/frighten to get into fictional war, etc.? First guy's right hand looks unusual how to get hold of that weapon, I guess? (even it's greenscreen or added in CGI, photoshop, etc. the clothes and accessoires look cool, same as transparent background is nice in visuals)

Nice font on that theme ...still outside of the game, maybe black on gray could be bit more adventurous in colours? I like the houses' background, gets the feeling of being within a city. But are those mirrored-scenes to get it as water reflection image (which could maybe get bit different opacity or darker colours for differing, whch looks like out-of-nowhere, starting within the building, like a cam photographic those buildings underneath a bridge looking from down-below, upwards next to a nearby lake or that it's pictured close to the water's surface to get this scene?)

I'd prefer testing webgames/viewing video-scenes than downloads, so I'd add opinions for the screenshots at itch's game-page first:

The second pic of its bottom looks cool in outfit, maybe his pose as crossed-hands gets him more confident or referred as leader of a troop? Optional stars or pins for his rank added. Similar to the female character in next screenshot there.

She looks cool, I like the shading of her outfit, just added on face/cheeks & arm sounds okay if there could be like a background or tree that connects a possible shadow, while for a transparent background her still looks more realistic if it's rather smooth than in type of fabric like the clothes? I like her facial-expression like she just defended her city or won a match against enemies.

First and third landscapes look aesthetic (the mountains quite too watercoloured in style), I adore the destroyed region & other pic of fog, both of them being my fav. of the non-people focused images of the added screenshots.

How about a trailer on youtube of failing/succeeding in missons, playing different characters or levels, how texts would look like in-game & if there are custom clothes or ranks for teams, etc.?

As controls, I'd prefer text or itch-selections and if there are translations (also choseable as itch-section) & 'multiple ending'-tag sounds cool, maybe refer to that fact as highlight, e.g. which features are included? Like boardgames or food-packaging refers to stuff, there could be either screenshots or texts:

  • for updated lines or fixed bugs?
  • if player could just choose 'the good ones' or even play as 'bad sided enemies'?
  • are there saving-features or sound added when downloading?
  • mins for reaching something? are there inventory with max. weight is it single-player or with narrator-voice in first-person but against NPC or irl-players?

I prefer testing webgames or referring to gif/pics/videos on youtube for adding my onpinions on games ...uhm I like the light-effect around the player, maybe gaps as narrowed paths ("frameless doors") could be bit more widen to get the circle around you player at least fit through it too (looks more aesthetic in perfection there)?

Are those ...train's tracks or a lowered 2D-fence when passing those recent gaps?

"to still paint press left mouse button on red circle" could maybe get just lowered or capital letters? I'd prefer the first one in visuals. Spraying graffiti sounds like in saints-row game still cool in scenes, maybe by user's pointer to actually guide the image's outlines? Or that he have to re-draw a quite opacity pic/fonttext, depending if hitting the lines or failing? With optional passing by people, so they could get caught if keep interacting (while not clicking the spray-button keeps them safe, but mind the timer to complete that graffiti)?

Cool timer, does it prefer to 'progress' like a countdown?

you're welcome ...uhm, I don't use a wishlist. I adore the graphics & could just react with arrow-up / textlines as compliments here, optionally following your itch-profile for news there :-)

Cool banner (I adore its authentic clothes) & screenshots (like the item-menu with that nearby paper looks realistic in a stunning way), the banner sounds like japan in aesthetics, same as the clichee of collectable fans as items. I like that there's a preview of the game as visuals on youtube too.

I generally like tycoon-types, same as your graphics/animation & the park's same as building's style, also the floor-tiles look nice too. Similar to sky/clouds, just referring to screenshots yet. btw: I'd use windows8.1 as platform on no-mobiledevices too, just in case of worries about the fact if players would prefer android, linux or other types instead?

Cool feature of date/time & detailled environment, same as banner's font vs. background and bg-theme here. Looks awesome like that flashlight-vision in the dark (is that 'paper' on left side & right-sided 'door' placed on purpose for every moment in-game within those screenshots?) & the theme's font fit to the game-version's one.

Nice banner and polyshaped kittens, I adore the screenshots (e.g. animated with better graphics for cats) & cool nightsky, tree-leaves, reflection of the moon and lights outside. Would be cool to get a preview playable a webversion too?

Cool graphics, screenshots & polariod/MADiSON's image as pic referring to that cam. Amazing details in rooms & people's skin in animation too.

I've got like a dragon & bittersweet-nectar tea, each with just three leaves only (as first two tries).

Same for that barber that gets his changed, you get asked if you like it (there's still his casual one)?

(2 edits)

I've ruled that kingdom on another platform & awesome game, just noticed a bit of bug here:

result: people are sad, the city is shrinking (-1 humans)

I had minus in all of them for day1, but day-two seems quite like rising ...what's up with that result's line/calculation there?

result: people are happy, the city is growing

top-left (green) arrow seems bit broken, while rotating that NPC bit blurries parts of the environment in its fragments too?

Could there be some upgrades like: faster/double click-counts for trading-in some ingame-followers? Or other features like: getting each 10 of them comprimized to a big-fan, etc. so -10 clicks for current amounts of fictional users in next level. And quite some more lines added to the comment-section there, just noticed this post referring to feedback too. & tested on windows8.1-laptop with basilisk-browser, that's similar to firefox.

title-screen: lenguage-typo?, in-game nick's leaderboard limited to 10 char's only & each nick just works once there?, how to get to e.g. 100 counts just by 2 buttons (I'm like clicking space + D / left-mouseclicks in-game) btw I likw that prev. followers getting added, so amount have to be them and additional ones in-screen.

(1 edit)

I adore that drag&drop packing-feature & text updating depending if donated or packed in suitcase (prev. maybe every keyboard-buttons seems to type the existing text, still cool interaction which won't start just on leftclicks only).

Just donated like each accessoires, maybe that NPC should just take their books and undies to hamburg there? Actually sounds like an usual trip yet. And legit phone-users ...sends every line than a whole paragraph, lol.

'two monster suitcases' when heading to the station? If I'd technically donate all selectable stuff, I guess that line being just a casual one, but would be cool to refer to affecting parts, if there was none or all chosen recently (or just taken their undies, won't refer to the same amount than packing clothes/etc.)?

Cool (dragging)-suitcase & station-interaction too, bit lags in dragging somehow yet?

adored by it's gif-preview, I like that grabbing the soap, turns in that sinks hot-water?

if trying to locate those arms on bottom edge of the screen, they bit appear on the white-background underneath the floor's tiles, same if grabbing e.g. that towel?

I could even just wash the left hand, right one grabs a towel still both getting clean & placing towel onto sink's metal-part, gets cold-water's faucet adjusted?

*me placing soap on shoes*, way better than casually located on sink xD

left-hand being in background in order to soap vs. towel? how to place soap on towel just for fun? nice bird's icon on soap but why I can't grab that soap it stored on shoes x-P towel can be grabbed out-of-screen there too?

Would be perfect to choose person facing there (I adore different actions after smalltalk, like hug/kiss ...depending on dragged angle there) ;-3

Cool screenshot, I'd adore if there could be more screenshots/youtube-trailers or lets-play/walkthrough-parts, optionally that game available on browser could be possibly handled by my device (slightly even lags in webgames too).

Nice game, music, intro (looks legit still a 'skip'-button could be cool there?), interaction with objects ...btw on basilisk-browser which is similar to firefox, it loads perfectly, I guess maybe my laptop could get its graphics work less smooth e.g.if heading to a room, etc.

(8 edits)

Purrfect graphics, cuteness, adoreable that it's playable on browser (I'm using basilisk that's similar to firefox there), uhm I like thepawsome references in words while in "tasks", I'd recommend to stop the timer if users still read the texts/intro of this section?

For this theme on itch I'd prefer just the right-sided screenshots than bigger images unterneath that game (takes a bit to scroll down), do you plan to add some language-screens somehow? I'd be amazed if users could submit suggestions for translations referring to furry/paw/etc. creative nicks that are similar to the words in-game still not actual words in dictionaries?

Those texthints on lower-screen are skipping to its next lines if clicking anywhere on screen, it would be cool if just a direct click there, could interact with it? (currently I was changing the volume of the game and it showed the next texts instead).

It would be wow, if there are some 'throwback' hints like re-reading passed tutorial-texts. PersonAlly I'm bit lost in tasks, accepted a mail, switched to that tab, clicking save+done but looks like it's wrong?

& I'd prefer a fullscreen-button, either itch's option or a custom one like with paws or in kawaii-style?

AuthentifiCATion just spins slow & in one direction (way less time for completing without pawazon-update in lifeline added & it wont react even if it's identically with inner and outer-shapes of that lock-icon just depending on third layer's angle & some parts move automatically there too, before they get clicked), while all accepted tasks starts its timer than just the active selected one?

Dragging app's nodes (itself or connected lines) keeps bit of data floating in nowhere.

If buying most-expensive type of an item, lowered ones are still unbought yet. Still cool game but too short in features/upgrades?