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Looking for Group (LFG) Sticky

A topic by casskdesigns created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,772 Replies: 12
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You can use this thread to find other community members to play some tabletop games. You can post to:

  • Find players
  • Find a GM
  • Post about a game you want to play to gauge interest

Please make sure to "reply" to the specific posting you are interested in to keep the threads organized.

Helpful information:

Name of game

What you're seeking

Timezones and/or availability


I want to get a group of players to play my game Yowl! What a Strange Hotel. It's GM-less, and there's not a set minimum or maximum number of players, but I'm thinking 3 to 6 players would be a good number. It would be play-by-post, probably at a slow pace because I've been burned out by fast-moving pbp games before. We can figure that out more once we have a group of players.


I'd be interested in this!

awesome! If we can get one or two more people we can work out more details

I'll be keeping an eye on this here subthread to see who else is interested! :D

I made a topic


I'm interested! 

Great! I'll give maybe another day to see if any more people are interested

I made a topic

I'm considering trying a run of Gazetteer, which is a casual game based on Atop A Lonely Tower, buuuut typically with longer replies and generally less questions.  Any interest?

I am looking for players to test this game with. You can check out the game here:

Let me know if you would prefer to use roll20 for maps and rolls or would you prefer to just use the stream itself: I can also make an app for dicerolling should you need it. Alternatively if you have other ideas let me know. Currently other than the docs I made a basic diceroller as a supplement,

And I've made a sort of prologue scenario which  hope to play with some people

There is no rush. Games would only begin whenever sufficient people are in the group that means about 3 to 4. Ideally people with timezones between GMT-GMT+3 would be preferred, That being said all are welcome as long as we can agree at a good time to play.

Games will be streamed and/or recorded. I am still working out the details. Feedback is apreciated.

If you have ideas or questions let me know.

Hello! I'm interested in putting together a wide and diverse cast for an actual play podcast of the Powered by the Apocalypse game World Wide Wrestling. While I'm looking for a core group to be consistent players, I'm hoping to gather interest from a wider net of players to act as the wrestling roster as fill-ins and alternates to keep the world diverse and interesting!

This is the form if there's any interested folk around: 

Yooooo, Hi im looking for players to play F.I.S.T.