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You're very welcome, and thank you for playing my game! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Using the town you made in another rpg would be really cool!

It does work, it's just that all the copies have been claimed

If you have any questions about the jam or questions about making ttrpg content, ask here, or make your own topic if your question requires a discussion.

If you have any questions about the jam or questions about making ttrpg content, ask here, or make your own topic if your question requires a discussion.

Awesome, thank you a ton!

Could you please edit this page to include that? I wasted 2.5 hours trying to get this plugin to work before I saw this comment

Yes, I meant the leader spends 1 push, I’ll get that fixed


The wording's a little confusing so I figured I'll ask, is region 4 the final region or is the final region after region 4?

That sounds awesome, let me know when it's published if you don't mind!

Awesome, I'll link it in the game description!

I've extended the deadline of the jam a little over a week to give everyone more time to finish their games!

Your work has value! This jam's purpose is to encourage ttrpg game designers to charge money for their games. If you make a ttrpg and charge at least $3* for it, then you can submit it to this jam! The jam comes with an optional theme of SPOOKY GAMES, but you can submit any game regardless of theme as long as you meet the requirements.

Start Date: October 15, 2021

End Date: November 18, 2021 (technically til midnight of the 19th)

Jam Link

*Offering free or discounted community copies for your game is acceptable as long as the base price for your game is $3.

If you make a translation, you can put it on itch yourself if you want, just link to the original game in the description!

This is the tabletop gaming forum, ask here

The physical games category is for tabletop rpgs, putting this in the games category makes it only appear in video game searches.

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Sure! If I do a revised version I'll be sure to include that, but I'll answer it in a comment for now. Say you have a passage card.


Passage cards are basically the universal connector. You can put any kind of card next to a passage card, including another passage card. Cards can connect horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Blank PassageBlank
Blank Passage Object
ObstacleBlank Blank

Other cards are more limited. 

Blank Blank Blank
Blank ObjectPassage
Blank Blank Blank

If you wanted to place a card to the left of the Object card in the middle of the table above, you could only place a Passage card. But you could place another Object card above or below the Object card because that card would be connected to the Passage card on the right.

Transit cards are special in that if you place a transit card, you get to place a second transit card on the same turn. You can place your second transit card somewhere else on the map to show that the two points are connected, or you can place the transit card in the middle of nowhere away from all other cards to show that this transit point takes you to an entirely different location. If you place it in the middle of nowhere, another player would have to attach a Passage card to the Transit card in order to continue going that way because none of the other cards can connect to a transit card.

If an object card is connected to multiple Passage cards, you can decide whether the card applies only one of the connected passages or to more than one.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Yay! I'm really happy this game was a success!

I haven't found a plant with more than 3 stars, have you seen one with more?


For creating a journaling game about contemplating gender and discovering how you relate with gendered identities and expectations, as well as providing several prompts to get you started on your exploration, I give this award to

Anti-Binary by Golden Abyss!

The game is thought-provoking but also very approachable. The rules  are as simple as asking and answering questions, but framed in a way that encourages you to be thoughtful and consider your relationship with gender. Congratulations on the award!

This thread is where I will be posting the awards for the Enbies 2020! Sorry it took so long, I have been busy but I feel ready to get this started now. Each of these awards are entirely subjective, and I'm not doing "best of" awards, but instead giving awards for things that I think the games do well. I will update this thread every time I have a new award figured out.

I haven't but I've had a stressful month so I've been putting it off, I hope to get to giving awards soon!

The deadline to submit your projects has been extended by a month. Your submissions must be games published in 2020.

just an fyi, "This game is intended for entertainment purposes only" won't save you from a copyright takedown or lawsuit. hopefully that doesn't happen because this game looks pretty neat and I'm all for abolishing copyright, but I don't see this staying up for very long if the Digimon team handle their property anything like the Pokemon team does

The character sheet is very cute! I really like everything about this game

This is very cute!

Thank you so much!

Being able to split revenue would be incredibly helpful!

Love this! If you want a set of random tables to make your own kobold warren, I made this free resource a while ago

The game works best with at least 2 players, and I have not personally run it for more than 3, but it has optional rules for 1 player. And it does require a GM.

I would like to submit my games

Joined Worlds Jam is solely for tabletop RPGs, read the rules of a jam before submitting your game please

The handler sheets are in the free “demo” section of the page, sorry for the confusion!

rating: ★★★★★

Before getting a chance to play this game, I was immediately struck by how nice it looked. The layout is great and easy to follow, and the little art in it is very cute. In terms of the content, it is also very easy to follow, and lays the groundwork for a great game.

In practice, this game is really fun, very cute, and sometimes sad. My game involved two kids falling in love, an artistic grandmother passing away and giving her mittens to her grandchild, and a kid taking inspiration from his great grandmother to become an artist, all told through the life of the mitten. It was a wonderful experience, and fun to play with a friend.

There were a couple instances where the wording could be a little more precise to avoid confusion (is the five hole rule per mitten or for both mittens? are we both supposed to describe a pair of hands together or separately and take turns?), but quick decision making meant those small issues didn't hold back this game from being extremely fun to play. I highly recommend this game for anyone that wants to play a cute game with a friend or partner.

I’m completely fine with this!

ConjuRat, a single-player game based on Belonging Outside Belonging, it's basically Ratatouille but you're a wizard instead of a cook

to anyone that wants to buy the game

no, you must charge at least $3

What do you mean by donation?