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I haven't found a plant with more than 3 stars, have you seen one with more?


For creating a journaling game about contemplating gender and discovering how you relate with gendered identities and expectations, as well as providing several prompts to get you started on your exploration, I give this award to

Anti-Binary by Golden Abyss!

The game is thought-provoking but also very approachable. The rules  are as simple as asking and answering questions, but framed in a way that encourages you to be thoughtful and consider your relationship with gender. Congratulations on the award!

This thread is where I will be posting the awards for the Enbies 2020! Sorry it took so long, I have been busy but I feel ready to get this started now. Each of these awards are entirely subjective, and I'm not doing "best of" awards, but instead giving awards for things that I think the games do well. I will update this thread every time I have a new award figured out.

I haven't but I've had a stressful month so I've been putting it off, I hope to get to giving awards soon!

The deadline to submit your projects has been extended by a month. Your submissions must be games published in 2020.

just an fyi, "This game is intended for entertainment purposes only" won't save you from a copyright takedown or lawsuit. hopefully that doesn't happen because this game looks pretty neat and I'm all for abolishing copyright, but I don't see this staying up for very long if the Digimon team handle their property anything like the Pokemon team does

The character sheet is very cute! I really like everything about this game

This is very cute!

Thank you so much!

Being able to split revenue would be incredibly helpful!

Love this! If you want a set of random tables to make your own kobold warren, I made this free resource a while ago

The game works best with at least 2 players, and I have not personally run it for more than 3, but it has optional rules for 1 player. And it does require a GM.

I would like to submit my games

Joined Worlds Jam is solely for tabletop RPGs, read the rules of a jam before submitting your game please

The handler sheets are in the free “demo” section of the page, sorry for the confusion!

rating: ★★★★★

Before getting a chance to play this game, I was immediately struck by how nice it looked. The layout is great and easy to follow, and the little art in it is very cute. In terms of the content, it is also very easy to follow, and lays the groundwork for a great game.

In practice, this game is really fun, very cute, and sometimes sad. My game involved two kids falling in love, an artistic grandmother passing away and giving her mittens to her grandchild, and a kid taking inspiration from his great grandmother to become an artist, all told through the life of the mitten. It was a wonderful experience, and fun to play with a friend.

There were a couple instances where the wording could be a little more precise to avoid confusion (is the five hole rule per mitten or for both mittens? are we both supposed to describe a pair of hands together or separately and take turns?), but quick decision making meant those small issues didn't hold back this game from being extremely fun to play. I highly recommend this game for anyone that wants to play a cute game with a friend or partner.

I’m completely fine with this!

ConjuRat, a single-player game based on Belonging Outside Belonging, it's basically Ratatouille but you're a wizard instead of a cook

to anyone that wants to buy the game

no, you must charge at least $3

What do you mean by donation?

Beast Dream community · Created a new topic Changelog
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I should have started this when I first started the game. Sadly it won't be comprehensive because I've already forgotten when some of the changes happened.
The current publicly-available version is 0.5.

Free public release on my Patreon.
Added core rules and player sheet.

Paid release on itchio.
Added setting document, The Commonwealth: A Beast Dream.
Art by Cole Riz included in setting document.
Slight format changes in core rules.
SWORDDREAM description and concepts added.
Table of contents given its own page and expanded to include a link to each section.
Added ability to permanently transform monsters as an advancement.
Added a description of how each quality is used in action rolls.
Added the ability to make group actions.
Changed how tier works in battles.
Added section on Diversity and Inclusion.

Typos fixed in The Commonwealth: A Beast Dream.
Additional illustration by Cole Riz added to the monster Ravenglow.

Universal changes
Monster Master (MM) has been renamed "Game Master (GM)" for simplicity's sake.
Player characters have been officially dubbed "handlers"
Monsters are now "beasts"
Supplemental materials are called "dreams"

Core rules
Renamed Player Moves section to "Handler Moves," Monsters section to "Beasts," Monster Tags section to "Beast Tags," Befriending or Capturing Monsters to "Befriending or Capturing Beasts," Monster Transformation to "Beast Transformation," Example Monsters to "Example Beasts," and Monster Masters to "Game Masters"
Added description of handlers in the player section.
Simplified some language in the Rolling the Dice section.
Added Progress Tracks section.
Renamed Monsters section to "Beasts."
Added Skill and XP to Beasts section.
Slight formatting changes to Beasts section.
Rules change about Beasts performing action rolls (they now use Skill).
New section Trading and Sharing Beasts.
Removed the Example Principles and The World sections.
New section Running the Game.
Moved Diversity and Inclusion section.
New sections Dreams, Agendas, Principles, Themes, Settings, Characters, Unique Rules, and Beasts.
Expanded the Adventures section, including some example adventure seeds.
New sections Building a Dream and Dreams and Creative Commons.
Placeholder Building XYZ section.
Moved Building a Bestiary section to the end.

Handler sheet
Renamed to Handler Sheet.
Added Skill and XP to beast handouts.
New Battle track, Progress track, and Consequence track handout.

The Commonwealth: A Dream
"Beast" removed from title name.
New "What Is a Dream" intro section.
Expanded intro.
Credits given its own page.
Reorganized majority of the document.
New sections Agendas, The Commonwealth as a Setting, Handlers in the Commonwealth, and Rules of the Commonwealth.
Ten new beasts: Floofrel, Florrel, Zepperrel, Incinidrake, Conflagrouse, Swanflagration, Battric, Battive, Abbatsal, and Ivyhead.
New art.


Core rules
Formatted the entire book in Affinity Publisher.
Removed placeholder Building XYZ and Building a Bestiary sections.
Added in-play examples to most rules in Players and Beasts sections.
Minor updates to almost all existing sections.
Changed how beasts earn XP.
Added art to Example Beasts section.

Handler sheet
Update in progress.

The Commonwealth: A Dream
Update in progress.

Beast Dream

Befriend and adventure with monsters in this game inspired by Pokemon, using simplified Forged in the Dark mechanics (in early access)

That's a wrap on the jam! If anyone has a late submission, message me on Twitter and I'll send you a submission link!

If you're the only one, I can accept a late submission but I'd rather only extend it if there's more people that need it

Last call, if there's a couple people that could use an extension I'll gladly extend it

Some things never change...


Is anyone else running against the clock and could use another extra week or so? If I'm the only one, then I'll just end it on schedule, but if there's more people that could use the extra time I'll happily extend the deadline.

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Worldbuilding Jam is for creating worlds or for creating games about creating worlds!

Submissions opened June 1st!

Submissions close July 1st 8th!

Jam Guidelines:

  • Your submission must be a supplement for an existing tabletop game or an original tabletop game of your own
  • Supplements must contain an original world that the game is meant to be played in, or contain rules about creating your own worlds
  • Original games must focus on an original world of your creation, or on rules for creating original worlds
  • No hateful content (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.), but respectfully exploring or tackling these themes are acceptable
  • Feel free to work alone or collaborate with other creators
  • Multiple submissions from the same creator are accepted

I can't believe I forgot to post about my own jam when it started! Aaaah!

The Basic Kobold Warren

This is a collection of random tables you can use to build your own kobold warrens. Decide the size, leader, focus, defenses, and treasure of your warren, completely system-neutral and free.

Hey just so you know this is the forum for tabletop game jams, you're more likely to find the help you're looking for here


The Meta (Masks Playbook)

A fiction-bending playbook for Masks: A New Generation inspired by Marvel's Gwenpool

The Meta is a comic book geek from the real world spirited away to the world of their favorite comics. They use their genre savvy and deep knowledge of the world and how it works to become a hero despite lacking actual powers.

How many people are still playing?

BJK its' your turn! Let me know if you want to pass


by user: Hardly

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

I can’t say I get the glowing reviews this place has received or even the profoundly negative ones. My stay was thoroughly mediocre in every sense. The staff seemed confused when I said I wanted to stay and it took much longer than it should have to get my room, but once I was there the room was fine if not great. The bed was about what you’d expect, the singing was ok, and the pool was just a little too cold for this time of year. All-in-all nothing stood out as particularly good or bad and I can’t really recommend this hotel, but if you have to stay somewhere, you could do worse.

Hi! If you want to join in, please review the intro and read everyone's posts so you're caught up! If you want to play, after MxKit's turn you can go!