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Worldbuilding Jam is for creating worlds or for creating games about creating worlds!

Submissions opened June 1st!

Submissions close July 1st!

Jam Guidelines:

  • Your submission must be a supplement for an existing tabletop game or an original tabletop game of your own
  • Supplements must contain an original world that the game is meant to be played in, or contain rules about creating your own worlds
  • Original games must focus on an original world of your creation, or on rules for creating original worlds
  • No hateful content (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.), but respectfully exploring or tackling these themes are acceptable
  • Feel free to work alone or collaborate with other creators
  • Multiple submissions from the same creator are accepted

I can't believe I forgot to post about my own jam when it started! Aaaah!

The Basic Kobold Warren

This is a collection of random tables you can use to build your own kobold warrens. Decide the size, leader, focus, defenses, and treasure of your warren, completely system-neutral and free.

Hey just so you know this is the forum for tabletop game jams, you're more likely to find the help you're looking for here


The Meta (Masks Playbook)

A fiction-bending playbook for Masks: A New Generation inspired by Marvel's Gwenpool

The Meta is a comic book geek from the real world spirited away to the world of their favorite comics. They use their genre savvy and deep knowledge of the world and how it works to become a hero despite lacking actual powers.

How many people are still playing?

BJK its' your turn! Let me know if you want to pass


by user: Hardly

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

I can’t say I get the glowing reviews this place has received or even the profoundly negative ones. My stay was thoroughly mediocre in every sense. The staff seemed confused when I said I wanted to stay and it took much longer than it should have to get my room, but once I was there the room was fine if not great. The bed was about what you’d expect, the singing was ok, and the pool was just a little too cold for this time of year. All-in-all nothing stood out as particularly good or bad and I can’t really recommend this hotel, but if you have to stay somewhere, you could do worse.

Hi! If you want to join in, please review the intro and read everyone's posts so you're caught up! If you want to play, after MxKit's turn you can go!

Lucian passed too so it’s MxKit’s turn

Contrarian passed, Lucian’s turn

What are your favorite moves in PbtA games? These could be general moves or playbook moves.

There's a few I really adore. In Masks, the Reformed playbook has a move What the hell, hero, where you call out a superhero for committing injustice, and potentially gain influence over them. It's thematically appropriate since the Reformed is a former supervillain and seeing a hero do bad things and get away with it would rightfully piss them off.

The Wizard in Dungeon World has Know-it-all, which allows them to be a source of advice for the party, for good or ill, and gives the wizard experience for calling the shots.

Finally, in The Sprawl, the Soldier has I love it when a plan comes together, which, first off, incredible name, but secondly it allows them to retroactively plan ahead to pull off the most unlikely things like have the exact item you need at the exact time, or to show up at a place you're needed at just the right time. It's a really fun move that lets you feel like you're part of the A Team.

I had an idea (feel free to steal it, I don't have the time right now to make this game) that if a FitD game was about underground gamblers, instead of rolling to resist consequences, play a game of Russian roulette (simulated obviously) and if it's an empty chamber then you resist normally but if  it's a bullet then you trauma out (or die if you want to raise the stakes even more?), and the MC would keep track of where the bullet is so every six resists it's guaranteed to trigger unless there's also some action that can spin the barrel

Esoteric Compendium
Six new compendium classes for Dungeon World

Deep One adapts to life in the depths of the ocean and becomes more like the monstrous creatures found there.
Divine Armor accepts strength and protection from a higher power.
Fey Touched transform into the creatures that once touched them, gaining their strengths and abilities.
Jotun Heart awaken the frozen heart inside them and gain the strength of giants.
Monster Hunter slays monsters and transforms their fallen foes into greater and greater weapons and armor.
Scrivener scribe magic scrolls and other powerful texts that change reality and inspire others.

Wet and Noisy

by user: JuliaMott7

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Before I air my grievances I just want to say that my partner had a much better time at the motel than me and that I thought the staff was very friendly. With that out of the way, I had a miserable time. There were several water leaks that led to the floor of my hotel room being damp, which being a carpet floor made it incredibly gross. As if that wasn’t enough, all day and night there was really loud singing coming from the swimming pool. I never went swimming but my partner did and she said she didn’t see who was singing but that it sounded much more pleasant up close. Whatever it was, it kept me up all night. It wasn’t so bad during the day when I could drown it out with my own music but it was just so loud and the rhythm was so erratic that I couldn’t fall asleep to it.

I guess if you don’t get any leaks and they stop who/whatever is singing, then this could be a nice place to stay. However, I just can’t bring myself to recommend it based on my stay.

Sorry for the delay! I’ll try to have my post up tonight sometime

Lucian passed so it’s MxKit’s turn

You’re up, Lucian

You’re up, ContrarianQueen

If you get it done in the near future, I believe I’m able to allow late submissions if you want yours to be included! I’m glad I was able to inspire people!

Excellent Service

by user: S0ccerM0m

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have never been as impressed by a motel than I have by Eternal Panorama Motel! From the moment I stepped foot inside the place, the staff were there to take my bags and help me pick out the ideal room for a very reasonable price. The cleaning staff was very prompt, and the concierge always answered the phone within two rings. The pool, which was much bigger than I’d expected, had the friendliest lifeguards attending, and they saw to my every need. I honestly felt like royalty. I never saw the kitchen staff (the breakfast bar was pretty good for motel standards), but I have to assume that they’re just as friendly as everyone else.

The room was spacious, well heated, and the shower setup was exquisite. The bed was comfortable and I slept like a baby.

There were a few small mix-ups during my stay, but they didn’t really impact my enjoyment. The first was that I ended up in a room with two beds even though I traveled here alone. They promised me that it wouldn’t cost me anything extra when I pointed out the error, so that worked out. Also, when I was leaving I asked the concierge to help me pack my suitcases. When he was helping, he handed me a soccer ball and insisted that it was mine. Despite my insistence that it wasn’t mine, he kept insisting until I just took it. He’s really too cute to fault him for this though. Who knows, if I ever have kids I could give it to them.

Good Vibes

By user: Colin44454

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I stayed in room 26 at Eternal Panorama Motel for three days for a work conference and my experience was mostly positive. The room was always clean, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the singing was soothing. When the song kicked in, I relaxed so much that I fell asleep almost immediately. In fact, after I fell asleep I woke up and I’d missed the rest of the conference and my phone was full of increasingly desperate inquiries about my whereabouts from my boss, but the singing was so soothing that I just put my phone down and went back to sleep. My only complaint was that the swimming pool was closed for maintenance during my stay. That was a shame, but I’m not sure I would have made it out to the pool when I was so relaxed in my room.

My first roll was a 5, so a 5 out of 6 star review. I'll get started on that now

I'm fine going alphabetically. I'm at work and have some free time now so I guess I'll go first, then it would be BJK's turn

feel free to join! Let us know if there's anything you want behind lines or veils and otherwise that's really all we need until it's your turn!

Glad you're back!

We should pick someone to go first, then they roll dice to see what rating their review is and they write the first review. I’ll probably be mostly away from my computer until late Sunday so if one of you wants to volunteer to go first, feel free!

it works for me!

I think I am too

So the name suggestions I've seen are Panorama Motel, Comfortable Breath Motel, Reliably Hotel, and Eternal Politeness Hostel. I like Panorama Motel or Eternal Politeness Hostel, what does everyone else think?

Should we just vote on a name and move on? It's been 6 days since MxKit's last post

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Bereavement, a young hobgoblin man who was the runaway, adopted son of the Raven Queen. He was killed as a baby and the Raven Queen chose to adopt him and return him to life rather than send him on to the afterlife, and he was raised in her court. He was unhappy with the impartial nature of death and decided to run away from home so he could take death into his own hands. He stole a sword and ran off into the realm of the living, but his inexperience in anything but the Raven Queen's court led him to become lost very quickly. Though angry about his betrayal, the Raven Queen still thought of Bereavement as her son so she granted him powers that helped him stay alive on his adventures, and through this bond Bereavement became a warlock.

Eventually Bereavement found his way to the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep, but once he entered he discovered that he had been transported to another world, built to look like the Yawning Portal, and run by a powerful magic being disguised as Durnan, owner and bartender of the Yawning Portal. He and several other adventurers were forced by NotDurnan to go on a series of adventures for him with the promise that they would be returned to their lives if they completed these adventures. They were tasked with retrieving a series of magical artifacts which NotDurnan planned to use for unknown ends. Bereavement and a group of adventurers, including his new friend Twig, a Goliath ranger who constantly kept Bereavement out of trouble, explored the Sunless Citadel where they slew a dragon and befriended the kobold Meepo, though none of Bereavement's pleading would convince Meepo to join them on further adventures. Bereavement constantly attempted to befriend monstrous enemies because to the eyes of many, he was also a monster because he was a hobgoblin. This had mixed results. After retrieving the magic item there, they were sent on the next adventure to the Forge of Fury where they skipped the majority of the dungeon and were severely underleveled for the fight against a bigger dragon at the end of the dungeon. However, through sheer luck they managed to slay the dragon, but were double-crossed by the duergar that lived in the dungeon and because they were still wounded from the fight with the dragon, the entire party perished.

In death, Bereavement had a vision where he was confronted by his mother and forced to choose between saving his friends and becoming even more powerful. He chose to save his friends, and then awoke in the hut of an old woman with the rest of the party. She revealed herself to be NotDurnan's sister, and that NotDurnan was using the party to accomplish a dark task that would result in great destruction (which was not really surprising, we all knew NotDuran was shady). She wanted to prevent this, for both the good of the realm and because of her sibling rivalry with her brother. She told us that NotDurnan would become vulnerable once he possessed all of the artifacts he required, but only until he could finish using them in a ritual that would bring ruin to the entire Forgotten Realms. She gave us a choice: we could be brought back to life with her magic, retrieve the magic artifacts for NotDurnan, and then slay him as he prepares to use them, or we could pass on to the afterlife, knowing that NotDurnan would just get another group of adventurers to accomplish his goals and end the world. The entire party chose to return to life and fight NotDurnan. We were warned that if we died again, she would not be able to resurrect us, and then we were returned to life.

From there it was a simple series of adventures and hijinks, and Bereavement grew more powerful as he bonded with his friends and eventually the party collected the final artifact. When they returned, NotDurnan took the artifact and revealed himself to be a powerful fiend, and offered to let us live while he destroyed the world. We could not let that happen, so we fought him. The battle was tense, and while we did not deal the killing blow, we forced NotDurnan to rush his ritual, and he destroyed himself in the process.

At his death, a doorway appeared and the party passed through it. NotDurnan's sister appeared and revealed that she had lied through omission. Her power could only keep us alive for a while, and that our time was up now that we had fulfilled our purpose. We must pass on to the afterlife. Bereavement happily passed on to the next life, where he spent plenty of time with his friends and made up with his mom.

Do you have anything to add, MxKit?

The jam has started!

one name I liked from spamming a name generator was “Panorama Motel”

I've never run a PbP game before so if there's anything else I should cover before we begin, you'd probably know better than me

So before we begin we have to decide a few things.

First, we have to name the hotel. I don't have any particular ideas at the moment, and if we have trouble coming up with one I'm sure there's a good random generator.

Second, we should cover safety tools. We should establish lines and veils so we know what kind of content should be handled "off-screen" and what content should not be handled period. I'm going to go ahead and say no sexual assault, even off-screen, as that has the potential to trigger or upset many people. Anything else is up to you. Also, if something in a post is making you uncomfortable, we can use the X-card. Comment an X under a post and we'll stop and work out what's the problem together.

Finally, we should decided the frequency of posts. I work nights, so I will likely be posting at a different time than the rest of you, which has the potential to get me left behind if we post too frequently. I'm thinking we do a post a day per person at most, and if we need to ask questions or whatnot use replies to handle that so the feed doesn't get cluttered. We'll go in turns, and I'd be happy to go first but if anyone else wants to go first I'll concede.

I made a topic

I made a topic