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Yowl! What a Strange Hotel

A play-by-post game of review-based storytelling · By Zargo Games

french translation

A topic by DeReel created Oct 09, 2021 Views: 108 Replies: 7
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Hey, How do you feel about me translating “Yowl!” into french? My idea is you could put it up on itch and it’d be easier for me to reference it when I’m talking fun short games for high schoolers.


If you make a translation, you can put it on itch yourself if you want, just link to the original game in the description!

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Here you have : Youhou

You tell me what you think.


Awesome, I'll link it in the game description!

That’s great! Thank you.

The translation got a hundred views in a few hours, maybe you saw an increase too ?

It makes me want to put up a site for this kind of mockumentary reviews. That would be a kind of PbP x SCP. I think it would be cool. What do you think ? Do you know such sites or would you like (and know how ?) to make one ?

Hi, the french translation of your game is frothing on a french Discord server : they collectively thank you for the accessibility of the game, compatible with the schedule of personal life and so easy that people don’t doubt in “jumping in”. It’s a lot of fun. I insist you should make a site for the game : the world needs to know its goodness XD

Hello, It’s on ! I started a blog to play openly with anybody on the web. I’d be glad to collapse it into a bigger site, with multiple language options and such functionalities.