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Thank you for this treat of a game, now available in french #leTTRPG :3

Thank you for creating this experience. Specifically, the long walk back home is intensely empty.

Indie RPG London seems like a nice place to try weird games.

Ah dommage !

Hey, I think I reinvented your game without knowing it : I also see we took part in the fractal game jam. Plus Bruno Bord talked about your SolarCrawl in my community ( That’s too much of a coincidence not to reach out : bonjour !

Hey, c’est super ce jeu ! Tu aurais pas envie de le traduire en anglais ?

Thank you! as always with light games, you need to create most of the content.

You’re right, Vapordruid did something beautiful. It gave me an idea: if I can get a piece of felt or some such material, that would be nice (and soft).

Have a good day!

Hey, Are you game for the late stage capitalism jam?

“In this day and age son, if you’re not the first you’re late.”


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L’idée part de là :

J’ai d’abord pensé à un flexagone, mais c’est très compliqué à faire ! ;)

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Hello, Thank you for finding FOLDS! And for the nice comparison :D And for looking at the game in the first place!

The next step would be to write variations for different “playbooks / setting elements” around these emotional “moves” (as in Apocalypse World / Dream Askew). But as for now the proof of concept is probably enough.

A good chassis, with 1 - focus on player agency over character agency for extra narrative reach 2 - focus on dramatic action rather than succcess/failure to make the game about players emotions rather than character success Answers an old question :

Bonjour angela-quidam, Vous parlez de la même chose : et mon coeur de serre en pensant aux …

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Bonjour Matthieu be et merci. Face à ton nombre ma volonté ne peut que plier. :p Mais regarde déjà le site de Josie. Si tu as des difficultés avec l’anglais, tu peux copier le contenu dans un traducteur en ligne ;)

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Bonjour Bruno Salvador, Merci beaucoup d’avoir signalé le problème ! Je suis confus, équipé d’une souris de secours défectueuse, j’avais cliqué une petite case “cacher ce fichier”. C’est réparé ! Vous pouvez lire en anglais les jeux urbains sur le site de Josie Giles. J’ai aussi les yeux sur le recueil de Game Poems d’Anna Anthropy. Miam…

Bonnes promenades !

A continuing tradition dating at least from Julio Cortazar and Thomas Pynchon’s subway games. I hope more such games are coming.

“Und so I did.” Traduction corrected :check:

If spam was that, I’d want more of it. ;)

Thank you very much! I received a similar offer, maybe it was you with another avatar… Anyhow I have already accepted that other offer but I want to stress how generous it is of you.

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I added resources to the database ;) Making a project for each collection^2 allows me to tag it. It can then be added to the database. Also, I like that curation is shared and distributed at 3 levels : network robustness, small bites workloads.

Hi, Leafo is the owner of this place.

I would like to make use of tools on, even if it means repurposing them some. When itch is down, your database will still be up and running, though…

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Hi, thank you for all the good work! The tag “worldbuilding” covers at least 50 projects. I don’t know if that’s enough to suggest it, but that would be great.

(Also, can collections be tagged?)

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What about the Yellowstone Magic? edit: nevermind

Much more useful, and that means a lot.

Hi, I can’t find MECHanics anymore. The world needs this game although only two people know it does.

Reminder: only the second Brise Coeur is Cermaic strict.

Hi, I didn’t know what to do with the Ceramic fields on the submission form. I read them as a check-list to ensure that the project was in line with the Cermaic guidelines.

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Hello, I’d like to translate the game in english. I’ll need your help to understand some edge cases with the tokens, and to replciate the layout. Where can we talk?

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Salut, J’ai créé un nouveau Brise-Coeur : Soins et Quartier-Libre, en 245 mots, autour des 4 mots-clefs. Attention, il ne s’agit pas du Brise-Coeur original (fragile et bizarre), disponible sur la même page, mais qui a été fait pour la confiture de jeux GNafron 2021-2022.

Thanks for your help and precision, both invaluable. I recognize my tradition in it, and it enables me to dig further. Btw, this tradition is most ancient. If you’re interested in storygames history, check Enfantin’s Petit savant de société. It goes back to 1800, so probably much earlier in oral form.

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Hello Groundhoggoth, glad we meet again, and for a happy event, such as the restoration of this precious work.

It was available in french for some time thanks to Gulix, but then who was I to bring it back to its mother tongue, i thought. At some point I found these scrupules cumbersome. To do it, do it, I thought. And here we are.

Can you help me link it to its greater ancestry? period? design scene?

Hi Gabes ;) Sorry, it’s short for Rock Paper Scissors.

Incontournable et glaçant.

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Bonjour, Dernier cours de l’année, j’ai fait joué mes élèves de 6e par groupes de 4 dans l’ordre : Le bingo puis Un truc que j’apprécie chez toi, et ils sont partis avec Tel un papillon de nuit dans leurs sacs.

Ça a bien marché.

Pour le bingo j’ai dit qu’au bout d’un tour (4x3=12) ils devaient avoir rempli les 10 cases. Tous les groupes n’ont pas réussi (!) Pour le groupe de 5, j’ai fait tirer au sort et seuls 3 élèves ont raconté.

Oh pardon. Je travaillais dessus. Le voici !

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… Je vois pas qui va m’en empêcher ;)

Merci pour les retours !

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Tkt il me suffit de traduire les autres en fermant les yeux. XD

Mais c’est bien l’esprit de se signaler, plus y a de demande, plus ça monte dans mes priorités. Après le scénario là il est tout bon, profite en attendant la suite !

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And it’s now available in french ! Thanks to all the team from the original game who gave their generous permission.

Open Office Writer is all I need for 1-7 pages.