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Nicaragua historic SL is not ASL. Are you from Nicaragua? I think your spite is overreaching for a target.

Hi! I made this attraction for Here we used to fly last year and played it, and it was a touching sort of fun. The battle sure was messy, but this other kid, that really mowed us like flowers.

I’ve made a page for the Spanish version. You’ll find it here:

I’ve made a page for the Spanish versions. You’ll find it here:

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Speaking of which, how would you feel about a french fa’ translation? You’ll find my mail on my itch page ;) I’ll also propose a GMless adaptation, rotating GM actually, in under a few months.

This is an excellent game! The layout is clean and the mechanics are both accessible, skillfully tailored and witty. As with all comedy, it works because it’s just truth - with a drop of exaggeration that’s sure to make a big splash.

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I love that there’s no win condition and that the Bomb must be used. Too bad I threw my old Monopoly

Nice story weaving. It works for solo play too. The young-cop-old sequence doesn’t need to be repeated. I’ll try picking the time before taking a card

Je vais pas lancer une bataille de mercis, je me contenterai de jouer à Scandale :b

Super bon ! J’ai rigolé en le lisant et je sais que ça va être bon à jouer. L’écriture est un délice, avec le rôle d’avocat tellement bien senti comme comble de la cruauté.

Excellent, thank you.

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Hi! Nice teeth they’ve got. The narrative one I had to put it to sleep, it was beginning to gnaw at board games after decimating my storygames.

Hello, can you give an idea of the gameplay? Is it mostly prompts? Map drawing? Dice and stats for resolution?

Je suis sorti du cadre par le fond en profitant d’une diversion au premier plan. Ensuite, il m’a suffit de remonter les encoches jusqu’au début de la bobine. Partant de là, vous prendre sur le vif était un jeu d’enfant.

Salut, alors comme ça on joue au garnement dans le quartier ? Tenez, je vous fiche une vidéo si c’est comme ça. Ronteudjeu.

I love this format! I’ve got some questions: How do we determine market value? How do we bridge the gap between card value and, say gold piece value in a RPG? What if there’s only 2 players and they don’t want to concede a +2?

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I’ll tell about the house rules we use here. We keep our Rusalka deck all along and adapt the number of petitioners to duration and intensity we want. Also, we tend to accept Refusals on top of other offers, so that the player gets to narrate their memory. It’s true what Mr Walid says, that the memory is like a pause in the story. But we like it that way. In some occasions, we forgot to play the passing of time (but it was there, with various generations of mortals). This is more storytelling tonal variations but the game delivers in any case.

Thank you!

Hi, what gameplay is this game? Prompt and journaling? With a twist?

Thank you!

Hi, how does this game play?

Hi,I’m a like-minded game tinkerer and interested by a collaboration. Also, I speak French English and Spanish. Contact me at utopianchronicles at free dot fr so we can see where to hang out and devise a project. Cheers!

Well thank you, this arrangement is very good for me!

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O Luiz! Praised be your heart! A shower of kawaï sparkles on your name!

I’ve spotted some mechanical changes. I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t like the changes but you’ve managed to make it just… even easier to play.

If it’s ok with you, I’ll update the french version too. In case of a yes, let me know some day if you’d like to publish it on your page instead of mine (I’m good either way). No hurry though.

For the printable play aids, what would help me a great deal is if I had access to modifiable files. I could keep the layout and change just the text. Could you please send them to me? Or I’ll inflict a layout of my own doing XD

Thank you.

Not anymore ;)

Love and power to you!

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Hello! Me and my game partner can’t stop singing praises for the game! I had sworn I wouldn’t get into a campaign ever again, so I naturally play as the Oathbreaker. We are on a quest and game friends drop in and out as they please. We’re not merely playing in a fantasy setting, but for the first time making epic fantasy. The playbooks are solid, I rest on them and moves activate effortlessly. Playbooks are inviting, poetic and precise. Sometimes, we read from our sheets for more impact! We regularly bring in techniques from other games, having our cake and yours, and eating to our souls content. I liked Dream Askew, but your game simply clicks with us, and even beginners joining us “get” BoB like with no other game. This is a love letter to your game, and when you feel like it, ask and I’ll write a dozen more. Also, I’d be glad to take part in a french translation.

Idk but. I can’t delete a game people have already bought, only “restrict” it from new access. And I can put a restricted game in a collection. From this I suppose the answer to your question would be no.

Let us take some of the burden. What do you need?

I’m not saying tag exclusion is unnecessary, but the way my network of community is organized precludes the need for search: we follow a dozen of “scout” accounts who look through what’s coming out, others dig in the archives, and putting that knowledge in common, we are like a review media leviathan hooked up as several collectives. If the interface doesn’t do it, work around is something you can do right here right now. #dont-flail-against-the-world

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I’m glad you are willing to make the best of this discussion, which others have failed before. Note that what you are saying is that the devs of have an interest in adding this feature. That has nothing to do with owing something to users. I already addressed this aspect: the people asking obviously have that interest. I trust Leafo that he knows what their best interest is. They’ve heard you, they just don’t agree with you. For me, that’s the point where I would think about the leverage I can find or drop the case. In a way, this thread is sort of this leverage: showing your number, I just want to remind people that being rude is not how you get people to agree with you. A handful of mere “+1” would do more I guess than 1 good, reasonable point made. I wish you success in your endeavour.

Meilleur jeu ! On l’a glissé dans une histoire en cours, et ça ouvre des voies. Mais surtout, la forme est trop classe !

Nothing much, the d100 scars set the tone beautifully. Cyber “firsts” typo? I think the RAM is not a typo, more probably an Easter egg. I won’t say more, this is already a big clue.

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The easy way for people who are afraid they’ll forget is to make sure to follow you ;) Can’t wait but have to, so I’ll just do (wait).

That’s great! Exactly what I have wished for.

That’s a user perspective. I have no idea what that would entail on the dev side.

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+1 Easter egg Cranky dragon shoutout: check

My favourite encounter is the loveable people teaching you cool tricks on the road. <3

Could this help?

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To conclude, I find it healthy that people ask for features, I just find the strategy and entitled tone of some messages here are bound to miss the mark.