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… for tabletop you would need to look at poker dice or other existing games combinations that can be read easily (like sequence, full, even or odd numbers, etc.) If you don’t do it maybe I will and tell you then. Good luck!

It’s a fascinating game. I believe it would benefit from a faction system or some sort of setting to make it shine. Will you make a longer form of it ?

Hi, the french translation of your game is frothing on a french Discord server : they collectively thank you for the accessibility of the game, compatible with the schedule of personal life and so easy that people don’t doubt in “jumping in”. It’s a lot of fun. I insist you should make a site for the game : the world needs to know its goodness XD

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Bonjour, Excellent Wirusu !

Je vais étendre tes remerciements à l’auteur, qui ignore à peu près le succès de son jeu ;)

Monter une page, un discord, et d’autres formes pour le jeu, on en parle sur CestPasDuJdR. @+

Hi, it sounds cool but I would like a preview, please.

Hi, I’m interested but I need to see a preview before committing to anything.

Thanks !

You can specify the way you like it when you submit your games.

The translation got a hundred views in a few hours, maybe you saw an increase too ?

It makes me want to put up a site for this kind of mockumentary reviews. That would be a kind of PbP x SCP. I think it would be cool. What do you think ? Do you know such sites or would you like (and know how ?) to make one ?

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Here you have : Youhou

You tell me what you think.

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Hi, I like finding nuggets like your game. I had to open it because the description doesn’t tell (enough?much?) about the system. I’m glad I did because I found Expression tokens. Is it your idea or have you seen it in another game ? It looks like a distillation of BoB. Anyway. The game is clear, content astonishing and the Expression mechanic is excellent.

Hi, I’m explanding the D1-verse here

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No worries. It proved a good opportunity to check some nuggets I had missed. In the end, it’s not “everyone”, only those who specifically ask to know about such updates.

I meant for the other games I saw popping on my feed.

I’m proud that I brought Orion Canning’s game to your knowledge.

The pervasive LARP factor in both your games is strikingly beautiful. Notably “Your GP are valid in other games too. Show this to an other game’s GM as proof” is deeply hilarious and clever designwise. It drives your Game Lamprey point home, only with comic lubricant. Everybody gets it.

Nice thing you did to your game illustrations ;)

Think of it, not as a 2nd edition, but simply the continuation of the first, for all the people that, like me, missed the missed the jam jam. ;P Pleeeeeez ?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to play Sanpo Shimazaki as an ork. Will definitely try it!

Nice! This reminds me of, as it’s both funny and pervasive.

Vraiment bien, la forme, le ton, l’univers, et même le petit bout de pagne qui sert de mécanique de résolution. Ça vaut le coup !

And here it is : Abusé ! my own take on your controversial pop stars game.


You could do a first pass and someone and me could proofread it. ;)

Hello, Is the game a series of prompts ? short bursts of witticisms ? or … what ?

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Hello, Can you adda bit more description about the game system ? Is it improvisation within a narrative structure or… what is it ?

This system of yours looks really cool! Flavourful, low brainload, there’s a lot for me to like in here…

Simple systems allow great clarity of design. The Realms you define nail a great deal of Cyberpunk and nine-inch-nail what Shardowrun is about.

Thank you for this work!

That’s right !

The secret conspiracy joke was too easy to let it go untold, but I didn’t want to pull your leg neither. Sometimes owls are just owls.

They didn’t tell you yet ? XD

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They’re just “flavours” but they can guide you if you are not sure about the way to go. For me I gathered all the monsters I wanted, plus the modifiers, and that got me a game. If they were real requirements, I’d say I didn’t hit them all hard enough. Like, players share candy, but that’s not really something precious. And I called the end of the game “sunrise”, did a garish colours version, but that’s kind of Halloweenwashing.

In the end, the costume thing did stick. So I’d say it’s more like throwing onigiris to the wall and see what sticks.

In the land of creativity, you do what you do, and that’s OK.

Nice! I suggest you add the game description above at the beginning of the game text.

Abstract level design (/ dungeon design) needs MBIII, even if they don’t know it yet ;)

You may not get many views for the game itself, but I believe its ADN will travel through cross pollination.

I get it : the choice is made knowingly by the player. If I were to design around this, I’d use a few secret cards, appart from the deck, that sometimes lead to a Lead (!) and sometimes are just “nothing special” flavour text. I picture this for investigations, where the asking questions too much questions could trigger some unwanted pushback - but you never know for sure…

I’ll try to oblige you and flesh this idea out before 2023.

(Piste = Leads… bon sang mais c’est bien sûr !)

Could your two games benefit from a cross-over ? I don’t know, but the link is obvious.

Could your two games benefit from a cross-over ? I don’t know, but the link is obvious.

Hello, The game looks cool! It communicates clearly the setting and ambient. No influence probably, but similarities with Muse : As torytelling game by Jonathan Benn

(I spotted two typos on the same page : they had just threw > thrown and all eyes them > on them)

Good luck on your funding!

(I have read the document in french) Out of sheer curiosity : From the document, I gather that the player knows when their choice will open the possibility of a “Piste”. I mean, the instruction of adding the cards from this Piste must be visible on the card, right ? There’s no way, like in a gamebook, to separate the choice of following the Piste from the realization of this consequence, that new cards will be added to the deck. If that is correct, (how/) does it affect player choice ? If that doesn’t make sense, just jump to the end of the message.

In any case, thank you for the good work !

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Hello, One or two weeks ago, I stumbled upon a product on itch. Can you help me find it ? it’s :

  • free or PWYW
  • pdf
  • packing around 6 games
  • full of funny mechanics like

snakes and ladders with a twist

a race game with the option of switching between 2 different modes that make 123 results do this and 135 results do that, but if you land on a mud tile, you’re slowed for 1 turn

These game mechanics are awesome, but I have lost the reference… And as I have a habit of going back dozens of pages in the darkest corners of itch search results, it could be anywhere…

That’s great! Thank you.

Thank you ! Given the conditions you state, here’s what I’ll do : I’ll hack the game with a different Improv seed, probably a different picture, publish it on itch with attribution etc. and remember not to sell it (I usually put a price tag on games just as a reminder a fun job is still a job).

If it makes you happy, I’ll double down on it : “Thank you for your games !” Anybody can make games, but you did, and do well!

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Played this game last week at Octogones in a group of 5, beginners and more seasoned players, boys and girls, younger and older people : we had a blast. It’s very classic Descended from the Queen, but the setting and the tone just clicked. I’m surprised it’s free though… you worked for it. Well, it’s your game, you do what you want.