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Share Your Projects: Belonging Outside Belonging Sticky

A topic by casskdesigns created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,660 Replies: 12
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Please note: this thread is intended to be the place for self-promotion.

Please keep blatant self-promotion out of the other design threads.


This thread is for you to tell others about your projects using the belonging outside belonging design framework by Avery Alder. 



A road trip game of angels on the run in a fascist dystopia, based on Transangelic Exodus by Ezra Furman; 2-4 players

Exodus is a role-playing story game about being on the run in a society that has turned against you. It's a story of angels on the road, making community as they go, and trying to find somewhere better. It's a game rooted in a time, an autobiography and a plan and a dream and a fear all in one. 

Play as one of four playbooks:
The Guardian: When they came for yours, you had the plan, the escape route already mapped. Your bags were already packed. You knew that this world is no place for a creature like you. And when the time came, you hopped in your vehicle and you tried to get the people who matter to you to safety. 

The Traveler: You've done this before, a dozen times, a dozen ways. You've been fleeing your whole life, ever since you could fly. This is the last time you'll run, if you have the strength for one last journey. You may never reach a promised land, like the one you tell stories about, but you'll find a home, if you can make it one.

The Artist: For a while,  your art and your charm kept you safe and commodified. But when things started to get bad, you knew whose side you needed to be on. But you couldn't just give up your creativity - you took it on the road with you. You'll need art, where you're going, but more importantly, you need to show the world what this is you're going through, even if some people won't understand.

The Dreamer: For years you've dreamed of wings. One day you'll spread them, you say. Other angels, they know, they recognize their own, but they would never presume to carry you skyward before you're ready to fly. But you couldn't stay where you were, could never spread your wings there, and when the time came, the angels had a seat for you, too. 

After our successful Kickstarter, The 1.4 Update is due in April, featuring new art, bonus playbooks (by Nora BlakeSasha ReneauRiley Hopkins), and a companion PDF with quickstarts, essays, and more bonus content!


Heaven in the Dust

A game about flawed Greek gods struggling with scarcity and mortality down in the dust and dirt of a hostile world; 3-6 players.

Heaven in the Dust charts the gods' messy relationships and decisions as they attempt to build community and find happiness on a foundation of shifting sand.

It gives us lonely roads and towering smokestacks, empty bellies and heavy hearts, fireside camps and strangers' barns; old grudges, swift infatuations, messy loves, precarious community; lilting folk songs and raucous jazz, and always The Fates singing in the back of your head, asking "what are you gonna do now?"

Play as one of 9 playbooks:

  • Persephone - Queen of Flowers, Queen of Fields.
  • Hermes - Friend of Ramblers, King of Roads.
  • Hades - King of Iron, King of Steel.
  • Ares: Knight of Judges, Knight of Jails
  • Hestia: Queen of Cookfires, Queen of Camps
  • Apollo: Prince of Lyres, Prince of Light
  • Dionysus: Queen of Pleasure, King of Pain
  • Aphrodite: Queen of Beauty, Queen of Bonds
  • The Fates: Maker of Trouble, Framer of Scenes

Is Heaven in the Dust at all dustbowl/great depression inspired? Or inspired by other similar events around the world? The description feels like Greek Gods in the Grapes of Wrath and that idea interests me. I mean I'm interested even if not, but I was curious.


Absolutely! Grapes of Wrath is even on the mediography list. 

That sounds amazing.

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They howl and grow claws

You're a queer group of friends, you're on one final vacation together, and there's a monster in the woods; 3-6 players.

They howl and grow claws is my attempt at making a Belonging Outside Belonging game that's meant to be played as a one-shot, over the course of only one or two sessions. You play as a queer group of friends who've just graduated either high school or college, and are all about to move away to different places and go your separate ways. It's the last night of your last vacation together, to a cabin in the woods that you've all been to plenty of times before, absolutely love, and feel at home at! Except this time there's a monster.

The game is meant to be played in two halves: One outside, around the campfire/bonfire at sunset, and one after the characters have retreated inside the cabin to get away from said monster. The monster isn't actually dangerous, though; this game has no combat and no risk of death. By the end of the game, some or all of the characters may even wish to join it and become like it. Because this game was also my attempt at capturing that feeling of wanting to embrace feeling inhuman...

Play as one of six playbooks:

  • The Fool, who is heading semi-blindly but optimistically off to the big city to follow their dreams
  • The Empress, who is pooling resources with some other like-minded people and getting a cabin to homestead
  • Strength, who is struggling with an injury, mental illness, or something that is holding them back, but persevering
  • The Hanged Man, who is staying here at home because this is where they're needed, and they're okay with that
  • The Devil, who is dropping everything to move long-distance and live with someone they love
  • The World, who feels fulfilled by their graduation and is taking some time off for globetrotting

(This game was made for the belonging outside belonging jam; go and check out everyone else's games, too!)



a cosmic card game of belonging outside belonging in a spaceport bar, far from home. 
by Pretty Radical Games.

Maybe it’s not a bar. Maybe it’s a bowling alley, an arcade, a library. Either way, it’s the place everyone on the station comes to relax, to blow off steam, to connect. To leave their worries at the door and find a moment to themselves amid the endless cycle of work, rest, repeat.

Out there, through the windows and past the door, the worlds keep turning and the stars burn themselves out, just like the people. But no matter who you are or what your deal is, you won’t be alone here.

Space Bar is a three-page game for 2-4 patrons. Content warnings for alcohol; the assumption was made that the setting is a bar, though you may choose to play in a setting that is not.

this game was created for the belonging outside belonging game jam.

Did Space bar get removed or just moved to somewhere else? 


Sanctuaire is a Belonging Outside Belonging game about fantastical nuns in an isolated religious community, for 3-4 players.

In Sanctuaire, you play as a group of women cloistered in a religious community, hidden away from the outside world. There are petty quabbles; doctrinal disputes; the nearby townspeople, waiting for you to falter; the Divine, ever-present; sorceries, petty and high; asking, What do you do next? 

You have all come here for your own reasons. Perhaps you were committed to the Sanctuary as a child–or perhaps you’re on the run, a penitent, looking for a fresh start. 

The town at your borders wants its taxes. The temptations of sorcery gather at the edge of your mind. Things, large and small, break and need mending. The Divine is beyond you, remote--but although you've given yourselves over to your Divine, the life that you make here is yours to build together.

ConjuRat, a single-player game based on Belonging Outside Belonging, it's basically Ratatouille but you're a wizard instead of a cook

I love this idea.

Révolution is a Belonging Outside Belonging game of political intrigue, dark magic, and uprising in Paris during the French Revolution. Spearhead a faction instead of a setting element, and use your strong moves to gain a foothold in the chaos.

Cultural & Thematic touchstones: Assassin's Creed: Unity, Game of Thrones, Les Miserables, Faust, The Dark Knight Rises

Game is currently in Beta, but purchasing the game now will get you access to all future updates and $10 off the final product.